Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 121


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Powerful Sorcerer Episode 121

“Though I’m not usually one to search for the reasons behind actions, this time I’m curious. Why is it? Is it patriotism, or some sort of loyalty to the princes? Perhaps something along those lines?”

“No. I simply want to live my life.”

“Live your life as Ruin Ardell… Well, that’s fair. At your age, it’s normal to chase adventure rather than stability, to yearn for ideals over reason. However, this land lacks the romanticism you imagine. You’ll soon realize that only a relentless reality exists, Ruin.”

The Crown Prince had a point.

I, too, have felt that dreams and ideals were once out of reach, especially during my five years at the academy.

But, I witnessed a miracle at the end of a dark cave.

I always told my juniors not to be complacent and to keep striving.

If I were to give in now,

I wouldn’t be able to face them out of sheer embarrassment.

“I do not wish to be the Crown Prince’s sorcerer, but merely Ruin Ardell.”

“……It seems our conversation is going nowhere.”

The Crown Prince looked disgusted at my firm tone.

“I warned you before. There’s no gem that I cannot possess.”

“Yes. And you said that if you can’t have them, you’d simply break them.”

“I could destroy you right here and now.”

My gaze shifted to Demon King Theron behind the Crown Prince.

It is said that a boundary wizard can kill with just a glance.

That gaze was now pointed directly at me.

Without resistance, I nodded in agreement.

“You could, I suppose. But I don’t think you will.”

“What makes you so sure I won’t?”

“The Crown Prince I know wouldn’t stoop so low as to hide his status with a disguise spell to sneak in and order a great boundary wizard to kill a mere sixteen-year-old student.”

“……Are you just a ‘sixteen-year-old student’?”

I responded with a wry smile.

“For now, yes. My graduation is tomorrow, after all.”

By attacking me, he would become the ‘vile person’ I spoke of.

Yes, it was a gamble.

A risky play that could provoke him further.

But my words weren’t spoken thoughtlessly. I was confident that the Crown Prince and Demon King Theron that I knew would not resort to such methods to squeeze the life out of me.

And it turns out, I was correct.

“Whether you’re just brave or perceptive.”

The Crown Prince, amused, smiled and turned his back on me.

“Retreat for today but look forward to our next meeting. We’ll be enemies then.”

And then, he disappeared into the darkness with Demon King Theron.

♦ ♦ ♦

Demon King Theron, having swiftly scaled the academy walls and heading east towards the Rynak Empire, asked the Crown Prince.

“Do you truly intend to let him go?”

The underlying question was whether to kill Ruin Ardell or not.

The Crown Prince, grinning, replied.

“Yes, my lord. I don’t wish to kill him today.”

“Despite the current peaceful relations between our empire and the smaller nations, if emotional attachments lead to sparing him, it might become a problem later on. It’s best to remove a potential threat early on…”

“Yes, that could be the case. My lord, have you ever been in love?”

“……Are you in love with Ruin Ardell?”

Demon King Theron’s eyes narrowed, and the Crown Prince burst out laughing in disbelief.

“No, of course not. You know well, my lord, that I like women. Beautiful women.”

“……Then why do you ask?”

“Well, the feeling I have now somewhat resembles the regret of an unrequited first love. It’s a bit bitter.”

“……So you were in love.”

“No, definitely not.”

“I don’t even know why I’m explaining this.”

As the topic of the conversation became somewhat awkward, the Crown Prince coughed and continued.

“Anyway, for most people, a first love is an unforgettable tender memory… But for me, it’s a little different.”

The desire for possession and jealousy he once felt for Ruin Ardell were gone.

Only the instinct for ‘destruction’ filled that void.

Erase the history of rejection?

Eradicate it.

He must be a perfect Crown Prince who allows not even a single thread of dissent.

Crown Prince Shometan Rynak smiled at the academy behind him.

“Soon, a good justification will arise. Until then, I’ll leave it as a memory of a bittersweet first love.”

Then, they vanished once again from sight.

♦ ♦ ♦

Returning to the graduation party, I was immediately struck by the hot air that washed over my face.

And then…

“Ruin! Where have you been, man?”

Being faced with Strang, reeking of booze and clinging to my shoulder was far from pleasant.

“Have you been drinking?”

“Just a little bit. Why? You judging?”

From preaching about the divinity of strength…

He can’t handle his liquor, can he?

Why is he drunk at my graduation?

“How much did you drink?”


“Just one drink.”

Ah, so the mighty incarnation of power becomes a drunk from just one drink.

However, once I spotted the bottle in Strang’s grasp, I nodded in understanding.

Demon Dragon Kiss.

I remember well the disaster that followed after drinking that during the grand festival.

I recall all too well.

Even the label serves as a warning to steer clear of that drink.



I threw a blanket over what now appeared to be a lifeless Strang and entered back inside.

The party’s atmosphere was already at its peak.

“Oooh! Ruin! No, no, not Ruin! Mr. Ruin!”

“Heyyyyy! Ruin! Where have you been hiding when you’re the star of the party?”

I barely survived,

yet here everyone is wasted.

Among the crowd led by the twin princes, Jason stood closest to them.

“Our princes have been searching desperately for you!”

Already at ‘our’ princes?

His sociability knows no bounds.

Surely Jason will go far.

Ah, indeed.

“Come on, let’s go drink.”

Pushed by Jason, I found myself next to the princes. Before I even knew it, there was already a mug of ale in my hand.

Hard liquor and women, and debauchery!

Oh, wait. This isn’t it.

A lukewarm ale, employment contracts for mages, and the aroma of ink wafting through the air.

“Drink up!”

Despite that, it’s not too bad.

Caught up in the mood, I gulped down the ale.

Hmm, it’s been a while.

The lukewarm yet sharp and refreshing taste of ale…

“……Why is it like this?”


It’s strong.

The bite of alcohol goes deep into my throat.

Though the mug definitely contained ale, I was getting hints of ‘that drink’.

I looked around, wide-eyed.

My father and Luina were covering their mouths, shaking their heads disapprovingly at my behavior.

Irin and Seta Malkiri, who had seen me drunk before, were bracing themselves for what was to come, saying,

“Ah, it’s starting again.”

“Somebody stop him, please.”

What’s going on?

Am I missing something?

Finally, my eyes landed on Jason.

He let out a sly chuckle and produced the infamous bottle from behind his back, ‘Demon Dragon Kiss,’ saying,

“Alcohol is best enjoyed when mixed, don’t you agree?”

“……Oh no.”

Lord above.

Please punish this alcoholic.

And with that, I planted my head down onto the table.

Ouch, my head.


How much time had passed?

When I opened my eyes, early dawn hadn’t even broken yet.

“Feeling a little better now?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

Most of the nobles had departed from the academy, and the students had returned to their dormitories at this late hour.

Only a few remained, still drinking in the party hall.

And I was still face-planted on the table.

“Spit… You have drool on your face.”


Swiping my face with my coat sleeve, I looked up to find Irin Prius sitting next to me.

But what’s this squishy thing under my feet?

“Why is he like this?”

“……Don’t you remember?”

Lifting up the tablecloth, Jason was clinging to my leg, snoring loudly like he was just another lifeless body.

What on earth happened?

Just as Irin was about to speak, I hastily gestured to stop her.

“No, it’s okay. You don’t have to tell me.”

I’m not curious.

Not about such an episode.

Sighing, I lightly pushed Jason away with my foot.


“How dare you poison my ale.”

“To be precise, it’s not quite poison.”

“For me, it might as well be.”

Why was Irin here until this late hour anyway?

With a mild buzz, her cheeks flushed red, she gulped down her mug of ale and asked,

“You’re going down to Ardell with your friends, right?”

“Eh? How did you know about that?”

“I heard it from Jason. He seemed really excited about it. Called it ‘Team AAA,’ I think.”

“Hum, hum.”

Why do I feel a sudden bout of embarrassment?


“That’s right. Jason needs someone to look after him.”

“Really? To me, it seems like Jason is taking more care of you.”


“Just now, when you were drunk and causing a scene, Jason was the one who grabbed your legs and tried to calm you down to the end.”

Was that the case?

Suddenly I feel guilty about the kick earlier.

I got up and covered Jason with a blanket.

He’s sleeping so soundly.

During this time, Irin asked.

“Should I go down too?”

“Huh? Go down where?”

“To Ardell. It was such a pleasant place when I visited before.”

Irin, going to Ardell as well?

With her abilities, she could easily become the empire’s top sorcerer.

To have such a cascade of favorable offers yet choose Ardell…

I felt like asking her why, but I refrained.

I felt like I slightly understood the reason.

Instead, I nodded and offered a faint smile.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. I’m going purely for my own selfish reasons. I need to become stronger so I can beat you, Mr. Ruin.”

Ah, so that’s the reason?

I thought it might have been something else.

“Well, you might find it tough to keep up. I plan on becoming much stronger than I am now.”

“Stronger than you are now? Who else would chase after you?”

“No. I need to chase.”

“If Mr. Ruin is chasing, there don’t seem to be many ahead…”

Irin Prius.

From her expression, she seemed to understand who I was referring to.

Yes, Demon King Theron.

Not right now, but eventually, an inevitable confrontation awaited us.

Moreover, to stand against them, with the Crown Prince’s power included, I’d need to become stronger, faster.

They were both frightening and intimidating foes.

But I resolved not to be afraid beforehand.

“It’s getting chilly; shall we get up?”

“Shall we? But is it okay to leave Jason like this?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s used to this.”

“Hmm… You guys drink without me. I wanna… Hmm…”


“Pffft. Even in his sleep, he drinks.”

I’m lucky to have such good friends.


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