Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 120


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 120 of “The Almighty Archmage”

“If I cannot have it, I will destroy it.”

The determined tone of the Crown Prince seemed to ease the tension of the Flame King Teron slightly.

“Yes. That’s the way it should be.”

Flame King Teron himself was astounded at the development.

A supreme being without match on the surface of the earth.

Has he, the king of all mages, ever been so wary of someone?

No, not even when looking back on his entire life.

He had always been the best and a king.

But now, he was wary of ‘Ruin Ardell.’

And it was a profoundly deep wariness.

The reason is particular.

‘The Fang of Kunkan.’

An absolute artifact that does not respond unless it’s to a being worthy of becoming the king of mages had reacted to Ruin Ardell.

This meant that Ruin Ardell had the potential to grow strong enough to challenge his throne.

And might threaten the succession.

Moreover, the speed of that growth was exceedingly fast.

“What are you doing right now?”

As the Crown Prince, unfamiliar with magic, pointed towards Ruin Ardell and asked, Flame King Teron replied as if it was absurd.

“He’s running around holding a fireball.”

“…..Excuse me?”

“More precisely, he’s surrounded his entire body with flames.”

“That sounds insane.”


A ridiculous method that only the exceptionally skilled would dare to attempt.

The bizarre sight of someone running with fireballs all over in the ultimate, glacial zone, which could freeze even sweat on the spot, was almost laughable.

“Is that even possible?”

Flame King Teron was silent.

As the Crown Prince’s question implied, it was a nonsensical method.

The combat power to resist the utmost cold with fire, to instantly neutralize traps, and to lash out at the leaping glacier monsters.

Class 8.

Compared to himself, who had transcended the human realm and was close to the realm of gods, Ruin Ardell was but a small thorn.

However, if pricked by that thorn clumsily, a person could die.

Look at the growth speed of Ruin Ardell.

First was curiosity.

Second was intense admiration and wonder.

Third was caution.

Now it had reached a point where it was uncomfortable to leave him be.

“Ruin Ardell has broken through the glacier challenge! 2… 2 minutes 11 seconds! It’s so astonishing that I’m lost for words.”

How much more Ruin Ardell would grow was unthinkable.

That is why.

‘It must be destroyed.’

Flame King Teron’s gaze was unmistakable.

After all, Ruin Ardell had reached the threshold of Class 6 at the age of 16.

At the same rate of the unprecedented genius that he was.

♦ ♦ ♦

Class 5 and Class 6.

It’s only a difference of one circle to be drawn on the mana heart.

However, it could take 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 years to draw that one circle.

Or never.

It might be a realm unreachable for a lifetime for some, requiring profound wisdom, relentless effort, continuous research, and, for some, an understanding that couldn’t be taught.

It’s the benchmark for a ‘high’ mage, and the average age of mages entering Class 6 is over 40…

Well, that says it all.

But then, I had a sudden thought.

The formula I’d been memorizing.

I understood the heating method of Class 6 magic but had never successfully cast it.

This time, I wondered if I could pull it off.

That’s right.

Though it was just a thought, my mind was already visualizing the entrance magic of Class 6 called ‘Death Knell,’ and my hands were materializing it.

“What is that?”

Death Knell.

A dirge mourning death.

The invisible, intangible magic that penetrates the target so fast that it is imperceptible tears apart the essence of objects.

The giant stone wall that stood in my way after breaking through the glacier challenge.

There are countless ways to ‘destroy’ it.

But in front of everyone, I cast ‘Death Knell’ as a kind of symbol.

“My eyes are seriously deceiving me! Class 6! Ruin Ardell has reached Class 6! At 16! The youngest in the kingdom! Even equal to Flame King Teron, the boundary mage!”

To everyone who came to see me.

To the friends who supported me.

And to the Flame King and the Crown Prince who were still casting uncomfortable glances.

I perfectly controlled the turbulent, intangible ‘Death Knell’ ready to burst forth at any moment.

I approached the stone wall that obstructed me.

And then, I effortlessly touched it with a single finger.


Then, the shaking Death Knell.


It echoed a strange noise along my finger, surged upwards, and the sound wave began shredding the giant stone wall perfectly.


The stone wall split instantly and crumbled from the top, turning into dust in just about 5 seconds.

In the graduation exam hall, only silence lingered.

The commentator, who had been narrating the student challenges, struggled to speak with a choked voice.

“….2 minutes 57 seconds.”

He doubted his own words, repeating them two or three times before finally shouting out.

“2 minutes 57 seconds! Ruin Ardell of Group 7 successfully completes the three challenges in 2 minutes 57 seconds!”

“Hooray! The future of the kingdom! Long live Lord Ruin!”

Breaking the silence, the person who abruptly stood and cheered was none other than the First Prince.

Inspired by him, the Second Prince, who sat on the opposite side, also stood up and shouted competitively.

“Hooray! No, ten thousand hoorays!”

“Hoorays all around!”

“A hundred thousand hoorays!”

With the princes going all out, clapping and cheering, what surrender could the seated nobles make?

Clap clap clap clap!

Cheering and applause naturally erupted.

“Begin the music!”

The First Prince snapped his fingers at the musicians he had readied in advance, and music fitting for the beginning of a hero’s tale resounded.

He then rushed to the front row and spoke to me.

“Lord Ruin! I truly congratulate you on your graduation.”

“Your Highness. Even the musicians are a bit much…”

“Ahahaha! Don’t worry about it. It’s a small gesture prepared to celebrate Lord Ruin’s new beginning.”

Oh, I see.


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