Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 118


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 118 – Full Power Mage



“So, you’re really not going to do the meeting?”

This guy must be obsessed with women.

“To think… the beautiful knights from the royal training academy… With swords, hit me harder! Just imagining it fills me with such excitement……”

“Shut it, will you.”

It’s already been three months since we returned from the capital to the academy.

During that time, the power dynamics of the kingdom changed, the world shifted, and the tables have turned.

Yet, his obsession with women hasn’t.

It’s almost admirable.

The only change in Jason over the past three months seems to be that his hair got a bit longer.

“Jason. The graduation exams are right around the corner. You don’t have time to be leisurely ranting about girls.”

Once the graduation exams are over, we’ll graduate right away.


Oh, how bittersweet.

Whether long or short, our six-year journey at the academy is coming to an end.

The mere word ‘graduation’ makes me feel uneasy, but Jason just shrugged it off as if it was nothing big.

“Graduation exam? That’s just a self-promotion spectacle to impress the nobles. I’m going to follow you down to Ardel anyway, so what does the exam matter to me?”

“I haven’t given you a definite answer about that.”

“Ruin! Are you really doing this to me?”

“Heh heh. So work even harder. You can be strong enough if you just put in the effort.”

Well, Jason’s not completely wrong.

The nature of the graduation exam, although it varies slightly each year, essentially remains the same.

It’s an opportunity to showcase one’s skills in front of many nobles from the kingdom.

After this exam, numerous ‘scouts’ from the nobility will take place.

It’s when one officially becomes a ‘mage’ and steps into the world for the first time.

In a way, it’s more of a ‘PR event for graduates’ than an actual test.

But to me, it doesn’t hold much significance.

I have no intention of accepting any offers from anyone.

On the other hand, it’s a rather important exam.

‘The next generation mage, Ruin Ardel.’

With Geryhil in decline and the dean being elderly,

it’s an occasion to announce the magic lineage of ‘Ardel’ to the world.

Especially with people from Ardel, including my father, visiting the academy.

It’s clear that I need to leave an impressive mark.

“Great! Then let’s treat this exam as special training. Ensure you get a good score so that Ruin will ‘take you with him.’ Hehe.”

Oh, if you say so.

Though it seems pretty unlikely that will happen.

Strang was an example of that.

No need to shatter a friend’s fantasy, I suppose.

Suppressing my laugh, I patted Jason on the shoulder.

“Give it your all.”

“Got it!”

The weather is getting colder.

Winter is approaching rapidly, bringing with it the scent of graduation.

The fast-approaching winter.

And the new year that has already come.

As the cold winter poured down its white snow, many nobles sought the academy.

From the capital, east, center, to the south.

Without distinction, nobles from all over the kingdom came.

Their purpose varied.

To find skilled mages to work for their domains.

And then,

“That’s him. The genius mage that Geryhil tried to assassinate.”

“Ah. Should go and greet him.”

“Desist. Even the princes address him as ‘Lord Ruin’ and have sternly warned us not to ‘bother’ him.”

“Hmm. That’s how it is.”

To see me.

But maybe it’s because of the princes’ orders not to bother me.

Putting all reasons aside, I could focus entirely on the last reason.

The nobles come to the academy to watch the final exams of their sons and daughters.

Ardel was no different.

I spotted the owl insignia representing Ardel and waved widely.


“Shh. It seems it’s Lord Delrin Ardel.”

Everyone gathered at the academy’s main gate turned their attention to where I was looking.

The carriage entering through the gate wasn’t as ornate or sturdy-looking as the ones other nobles arrived in.

But that humble carriage was carrying faces more welcome than any other.



Luina, who had grown quite a bit taller again, leaned out from the carriage, waving her arms,

and as the carriage stopped, she ran towards me.


I lifted Luina into my arms and then turned to see a slightly awkward figure stepping off the carriage.


“Ruin. Are you alright?”

I ran and hugged my father.

And then.

“Aiyo! Young master, you’ve grown stronger in just a short while.”

“Ehem. I’m here too, thanks to you, young master. I enjoyed the sightseeing in the academy.”

Sir Bolvar Fetton, the steadfast Knight of Changseong, and Beggin, the officer, were faithfully behind my father.

I smiled warmly at them all, and apologized.

“I’m sorry. It’s because of me.”

Referring to the assassins who came to Ardel.

There is no denying that I put my family in danger because of me.

But father just held a light smile as if it was nothing.

“It’s alright. I’m proud that you didn’t compromise with the bad traditions.”

Father’s words of ‘proud’ –

I hadn’t felt this way even when winning the Grand Tournament.

A lump of emotion rose in my chest, and I held back forcing a smile.

“And, Sir Bolvar. Thank you very much.”

“Young master. I just did my duty.”

While we were talking, Luina asked.

“But brother. Who is this lady?”


I turned to see Strang standing beside me.

Unable to lie to my family about her being ‘a cousin,’ I laughed awkwardly with an ‘Ahahaha.’

Luina squinted with a doubtful look.

“Brother. You haven’t got a new girlfriend already, have you?”


“How could you like that? Even if you are my brother, I’m a little disappointed.”

“It, it’s not like that! She’s just a friend. A friend.”

This little one’s already saying whatever she wants.

“Is that so?”

I nudged Strang in the elbow, and she forced a nod.

However, Luina narrowed her eyes even further, as if still not believing.

Ah, this is tricky.

Always being by her side, I didn’t think of it, but how could she pinpoint Strang so accurately?

Luina clearly has a remarkable talent.

Then, suddenly, a dark shadow sprang up from the side.

“Greetings! I’ve heard a lot about you, father!”

“Ah, and who might…?”

“I am Jason Daymon, Ruin’s best friend. Yes, from the well-known brewing Daymon family. Haha!”


With his unmatched sociability, he was suddenly calling my father ‘father’ and showering him with flattery.


“So, you’re Ruin’s little sister, right? Your name was Ruby, right?”

“It’s not Ruby, it’s Luina.”

“Ahaha! Right, right. Luina! Luina Ardel!”

“You sound stupid.”

“…So, she really is your sister.”

Jason seems to have failed to win Luina’s heart.

Nevertheless, just as my family came to the academy,

all the students greeted their families happily.

The graduation exam, unlike other tests, wasn’t so stiff but felt more like a gathering to celebrate the end of the year.

This gathering included some very welcome, unexpected faces.

“Ruin. Hello.”

“Huh? Hanse? What happened to the training center that brought you here?”

“We finished a week ago. I stopped by to see you.”

Hanse and his sister, known for their modest culinary skills, came to the academy.

Sporting the seal that marked him as an official ‘Knight’ after fulfilling his vow, to his chest.

I pointed to it and gave him a smile, and Hanse scratched the back of his head looking bashful.

“Well, I’ll be in the audience watching. Good luck with the exam.”

“Yeah, see you in a bit.”

Not just Hanse had come to find the academy.

“What? You’re Seta Malkiri?”

“Hey, how’s it going?”

A connection built by the Grand Tournament.

Despite the initial bad feelings, he became a friend eventually.

Seta Malkiri, from the Oyota National Magical Education Center, was also here.

“How did you get here?”

“How else? Rode the mana train. I’m not a ‘student’ like you but a graduated ‘official mage’.”

“You graduated? When?”

“Heh, three days ago.”

The connections the Grand Tournament formed didn’t end there.

“I wasn’t alone.”


“Irene Prius came with me. She’s the one who told me your graduation exam date.”


Behind Seta Malkiri peeked out Irene Prius.

“It feels just like the old days. At the Grand Tournament when the three of us were in the same team…”

“Irene, how did you get here?”

“Hehe, I told you I would come.”

“…Are you guys even listening to me?”

This was unbelievable.

Even Irene was here.

This was a total gathering of the few connections I had.

Suddenly, I felt a huge surge of pressure.

And to add to that.

“Lord Ruin! You’ve been here. Ever since I arrived at the academy, I’ve been searching for Lord Ruin…”

“I had a bit more trouble than my brother. I hope you acknowledge that.”

Golden hue, blue hue.

The twin princes appeared as flamboyant as ever with their extravagant carpets.

“Now, who might these people be?”

“…Greetings, Your Highnesses.”

“Delrin Ardel, the Lord himself! Please stand up. You shouldn’t have to kneel on such a dirt floor.”

“Perhaps we should go somewhere warm and have a chat over a cup of tea… Where would be the best? Ah, my carriage is spacious and comfortable enough for ten people…”

“Ah! Brother. I am in the middle of an important conversation with Lord Ardel.”

“The one being intrusive is you, brother. Not respecting me even though I was born a minute earlier doesn’t mean you can disregard me when you’re speaking.”

“Damn it?”

Really, it’s a total assembly of Ruin Ardel’s connections.

One wrong move here and I’d become a laughingstock for ages.

“In a moment, we will begin the graduation exam for our senior students!”

Then, a representative fifth-year student shouted with a loud voice, and

all the nobles gathered at the gate began to enter the Arena Hall where the exam would take place.

“Then, see you in a bit.”

“Ruin! Prepare yourself, if you mess up, I’m going to tease you for life!”


Although I felt strange and awkward about this situation, I couldn’t help but smile faintly, feeling somewhat excited.


The final exam.

There’s no need to be nervous just because everyone’s watching, right?

I’ll just do what I always do and head back.

I was about to enter the Arena Hall with a light heart when…


I caught someone’s eye.

Two people staring intently at me from a distance were clearly faces I didn’t recognize, but for some reason…

Why did they feel so familiar?

One middle-aged man.

And a young man, who looks about 20 years younger.

At a glance, they looked like father and son.

“Could it be.”


I also know these people.


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