Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 117


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 117: The Mage of Full Strength

In Ardel, there were neither mana trains nor any Grand Magic Masters.

Therefore, to receive news from Ardel in the capital, one would have to request information from the nearest trade city, Monzo.

The half-day wait to hear news from Monzo about Ardel might have been the longest time in my life.

“Everyone is safe. Lord Delrin of Ardel was vigilant against potential assassins and Sir Bolvar Peyton, the commander of the knights in Ardel, perfectly subdued five assassins who infiltrated the manor.”


What a relief.

My legs buckled from relief at the news that everyone was safe, and I collapsed on the spot.

“Furthermore, they’ve discovered who ordered the assassination.”

“The one behind the assassination? Isn’t it clearly Jorsh Gerihil?”

“Yes. However, there were accomplices. The commander of the Golden Knights, Sir Bengrass Gegen.”

“Bengrass? Damn it. They’re all thoroughly rotten to the core.”

This moment might just become one of those inscribed in the history of the Radiant Kingdom.

Sword and magic.

It was the moment when the two pillars of the kingdom’s power tumbled at once.

“Using my authority, I hereby dismiss Bengrass Gegen from his position as commander of the Golden Knights and, furthermore, strip Jorsh Gerihil of all his positions as a member of the Magic Tower’s executive council and guardian rights.”


“Your Highness, the positions they occupied were of great importance. If we leave all positions vacant at once, it may lead to chaos. We also need to appoint someone to temporarily exercise authority.”

“For the commander of the Golden Knights, let the deputy take over for now. As for the positions and guardian rights held by Jorsh Gerihil…”

The eyes of the first and second princes turned to the Dean.

“Dean, could you assist us for a while?”

“Your Highness. I am but an old…”

Despite the Dean’s reluctance, the princes, with their exceptional eloquence, proposed in such a way that he could not refuse.

“Yes, I am well aware no one desires politics more than the Dean. However, as you can see, the situation is not favorable. You are the only one I trust. I ask you to help until a new successor is appointed.”

After much consideration, the Dean agreed, “Only until a successor is found.”

Regretfully accepting, the princes celebrated out of the Dean’s sight.

It was a well-known tale how much effort the princes had put into trying to bring the Dean to the capital.

But the Dean had rejected every offer until now.

He believed it was nonsense for an educator to engage in politics.

However, the princes, seizing the opportunity presented by the crisis, had created the ‘chance’ they had long desired.

Evidently, a new ‘successor’ may not appear for years.

“Has everything concluded with this?”

Jorsh Gerihil was imprisoned in the dungeon, and a bounty was placed on Bengrass Gegen.

Most of their followers had turned their backs.

All the ‘Gerihils’ were dismissed from high positions as they sought their own paths.

As the kingdom’s power crumbled, the princes smiled.

“Brother, haven’t we more to discuss?”

“What affair?”

“About the vacant position of commander for the Golden Knights, I was hoping someone from our side could fill it.”

“We’ll talk about it separately.”

For power should never remain unoccupied, not even for an instant.

As soon as one power falls, another lurks to snatch up the place.

History has repeated itself time and again.

The authority shared by Gerihil and Bengrass Gegen would surely be divided between the twin princes.

Of course, this wouldn’t be bad for me.

The princes, despite their political nature, were not as corrupt to their very roots.

At the very least, they carried the pride of royalty.

They wanted the country to function correctly.

Moreover, the princes were ‘on my side.’

“Lord Ruin, I deeply regret involving you in such unfortunate matters, especially when you’ve graced the capital with your presence.”

“I share your sentiment, brother. I hope we can soon shake off these unpleasant memories and share a light-hearted drink together…”

“Wait. Drink? Lord Ruin is still 16, isn’t he?”

“Brother, did you not drink at 16? Do I need to vividly remind you of sneaking over the palace walls, drunk at dawn…”

“You scoundrel. Shut your mouth.”

Though a bit noisy at times, it’s nothing serious.

In the capital of the Rainak Empire, deep within the luxurious pinnacle, within the residence of the Crown Prince, Moran Palace, a disheveled blond man entered.

The moment he set foot in the palace, he prostrated himself and cried out,

“I beseech an audience with His Highness, the Crown Prince!”

He prostrated with his head hitting the floor, but the man remained lying there, paying no heed to the pain.

That man was none other than Zackil Gerihil, the eldest son of the Gerihil family.

He had fled to this remote region of the Empire to escape the bounty on his head.

Zackil Gerihil struggled to open his trembling lips and said,

“To be graced with the presence of Your Highness, the Crown Prince, is the greatest honor for the Gerihils…”

“That’s enough.”

But the Crown Prince, with a gesture of disinterest, raised his hand.

Seated on his throne, wielding absolute power, was the Crown Prince, Shomeritan Rainak.

“So, you seek asylum in the Empire?”

“Yes, yes…! Indeed. Along with my incompetent brothers and the mages of our house, we, more than 40 in total, seek asylum in the Empire…”

“For what reason?”

“To lend even the smallest strength to the great Crown Prince’s side and for the boundless glory of the Empire’s future…”


“My apologies.”

Shomeritan Rainak, the assured next Emperor, sat at the heart of all power.

Of course, flattery like this was nothing new to him.

What moved him was not such banalities, but something that could satisfy the curiosity of an autocrat.

That one unique boy who said what needed to be said despite knowing who he was dealing with.

“Like that Ruin Ardel.”

Annoyed, the prince, scratching his ear, asked carelessly,

“What crimes have you committed?”


“Why has the great Gerihil, once a powerful family of a small nation, fled and now seeks asylum here in such a state?”

“An assassination attempt.”

“An assassination attempt? Is the Gerihil family resorting to treason over such a trifle? You didn’t attempt to assassinate royalty, did you?”

“That’s not the case.”

When Zackil Gerihil hesitated to respond, the Crown Prince spoke dismissively,

“For a small nation like the Radiant Kingdom, it would be disgraceful for us to grant sanctuary to a criminal like you who fled justice. It seems much more beneficial to my reputation to seize you here and offer you back to them. What do you think?”

Zackil Gerihil, frozen in the moment, couldn’t respond.

The familiar reaction.

“It seems I have no reason to accommodate your family’s asylum request,” said the Crown Prince with a gesture of dismissal.

“Leave. I won’t grant asylum, but I won’t detain you either.”

A complete rejection.

Then, with nowhere left to retreat, Zackil Gerihil hesitantly spoke up.

“Ruin… Ruin Ardel.”

Instantly, a glimmer of interest flashed in the Crown Prince’s previously bored eyes.


An unexpected name.

And it was one he was quite curious about.

“You mean the same Ruin Ardel I know of?”

“Yes, exactly.”

Zackil Gerihil, by the mere mention of the name Ruin Ardel, had succeeded in piquing the Crown Prince’s curiosity.

He had earned himself a little more time.

“Gerihil failed to kill Ruin Ardel? And for just that reason, it collapsed?”

“Yes, yes. Ruin Ardel is currently receiving great favor from the kingdom’s first and second princes…”

“…The princes’ favor.”

Shomeritan Rainak narrowed his eyes at Zackil Gerihil’s response.

The Crown Prince, Shomeritan Rainak, had a hobby of collecting jewels.

There wasn’t a jewel in the world he couldn’t possess.

If there was a gem he couldn’t obtain, it would be destroyed.

And now, he was filled with a peculiar jealousy.

‘Is he something I can’t have after all?’

The jealousy he felt resembled a child who had his candy snatched away.

The Crown Prince mused quietly, looking at Zackil Gerihil prostrate on the ground,

“I think I’ll have some tea.”

Despite initial hiccups, the tour of the capital, which was rumored to be canceled, decided to continue as planned.

So, I stayed in the capital for a few more days.

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“These past few days, there’s a strange rumor.”

“Michael Gerihil is withdrawing from school.”

“Withdrawing? Is that true?”

“Yeah. All the paperwork is done.”

“That can’t be. How could he withdraw with graduation so close?”

The rumor was that Michael Gerihil, who had been absent recently, had withdrawn.

Though it’s a pity with graduation so near, it seemed an understandable decision.

His father, Jorsh Gerihil, was imprisoned.

All the trusted Gerihil family mages have dispersed.


Zackil Gerihil, who was leading the family as the eldest son, had vanished without a trace.

“They say he joined the Ferna rebellion?”

“No, I heard he was spotted on a mana train.”

“What are you talking about? I heard he was dead.”

“My father said he fled as far as the Eastern Majeros Sea.”

“What’s true then?”

Gerihil had disappeared without a trace.

Rumors of him surrendering to the Ferna, seeking asylum in the Empire, or even his death circulated, but nothing was confirmed.

The only certainty was that all Gerihils, except for Jorsh Gerihil locked in prison, had fled the kingdom to go into hiding somewhere.

The rumor swiftly spread across the entire kingdom.

“Did you hear? Gerihil is ruined.”

“Now it will be Ardel’s time.”

Defeat of Gerihil.

The rise of Ardel.

These phrases began to appear everywhere in the capital, and the news spread to the entire kingdom.

What mattered now was this moment.

As they said, it will be the advent of Ardel’s era.

And so, three months passed.


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