Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 116


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 116: Illusion Field

This magic creates a kind of fictional world.

Beyond the reach of regular citizens, it contains barriers they cannot access, so what unfolds within remains a mystery to the outside.

However, this field is not infinite in size.

Even the mightiest of mages have limits to the scope they can create through an Illusion Field.

A space barely 30 meters in diameter is the best that even eight sixth-class mages can muster.

And it cannot be perfectly concealed.

Skilled mages could detect the dissimilar mana spread throughout the capital.

As Academy Dean Tirion Ignit has done, locating and entering the Illusion Field.

Most critically, it is easily dispelled or destroyed by higher-level magic than that of the caster.

Just like this.

“Jorsh Gerihill!”


Crack, crackle!

At Dean Tirion Ignit’s command, the Illusion Field began to disintegrate without a trace.

Simultaneously, a massive hurricane erupted from the ground, with Jorsh Gerihill muttering in panic amidst its merciless might threatening to sweep everything away.

“Uh, uhah…! Tirion Ignit! Do you plan to destroy the entire capital just to capture me?”

It was literal chaos.

As the Illusion Field broke, an enormous hurricane raged through the heart of the capital.

Tragically, though…

“No one else will suffer but you, Jorsh Gerihill.”

There were no casualties as Tirion Ignit had prepared a massive mana protective barrier before invoking the hurricane, shielding the entire capital.

An outstanding feat beyond the capabilities of anyone but a seventh-class grand mage.

Where the eye of this storm headed, only one place was in its sights.

“…To dabble in vile black magic, and to harass my student no less.”

Jorsh Gerihill.

Filled with indignation, Tirion Ignit controlled the hurricane’s movements with a gesture of his hand.

With his command, the hurricane engulfed Jorsh Gerihill in an instant.

♦ ♦ ♦


A hurricane emerged from nowhere in the middle of the capital.

Its immense strength seemed as if it could wipe out every living being.

“Screams of terror!”


This caused the citizens to run outside in panic, the streets quickly turning into chaos.

Yet something was odd.

“…What’s going on? Why is there no damage?”

Nothing was happening.

Hurricanes are mighty; they should be upending homes, flipping the river, swallowing all life in their path.

But this hurricane caused no harm, as if it were merely an illusion.

People then realized.

“A protective barrier? This is a shield?”

“Magic! Magic is protecting us!”

Realizing a thick protective shield created by a seventh-class grand mage enveloped the entire capital, citizens who had fled stood still, lost in awe at the sight of the great magic.

Amidst the towering hurricane that pierced the clouds and seemed impossible to look away from, suddenly a citizen shouted.

“But what about the guards?”

“Yes, where are they?”

The soldiers meant to protect the capital were nowhere to be seen.

♦ ♦ #

The best place to view this towering hurricane in the center of the capital was without a doubt from one of the tallest buildings, the royal palace.

At the same time.

As the frightened citizens were fleeing, Prince Crosster Redian witnessed it from afar and exclaimed in frustration.

“You mean to say you don’t know what’s happening? What nonsense is this?”

“Well, that’s… None of our soldiers are currently outside… “

“No soldiers in the capital? What rubbish is this?”

“The details are uncertain. We’re looking into it… All we know so far is that the guards today were assigned by Gerihill…”



Prince Crosster Redian struck the table with his fist.

“So Gerihill is plotting something again.”

His anger wasn’t entirely about a prince’s responsibility or sense of justice but courageously because he, of all people, needed Gerihill’s power in the struggle for the crown against Prince Foster Redian.


“Does Gerihill think he owns this country?”

As a prince, this challenged his honor.

An incident taking place in the heart of a capital watched over by the king and princes.

And with the mention of “Gerihill,” Prince Crosster Redian calculated the situation swiftly.

“Ruin Ardel is in danger.”


“Send the elite knights immediately! No, I shall go myself.”

“Your Highness, you cannot! It’s too dangerous! We should first investigate…”

Prince Crosster Redian decided to go himself, realizing the opportunity within the crisis.

If it’s Gerihill’s target, obviously it’s Ruin Ardel, who came to tour the capital that day – an obvious conclusion.

By saving Ruin Ardel from peril and earning his favor…


“As a future ruler, I must be the one to save them. Who else if not me?”

“A grand gesture, Your Highness!”

His gesture as a prince to comfort panic-stricken citizens and gain their respect and affection was an extra benefit.

One more thing.

“This time, we weaken Gerihill’s power and reinforce the monarchy.”

A double, no, triple victory.

“Let’s hurry. We must get there before my brother.”


Though this was entirely a ‘calculated’ political move.

Regardless of his true intentions, it was an undeniably crucial duty for a prince to perform.

Proud, Prince Crosster Redian readied to set out.



The equally magnificent Prince Foster Redian in armor emerged, and they met in the hallway.

The first prince asked with a displeased look,

“Where do you rush to at this late hour?”

“As a prince, I have responsibilities. May I ask where you are headed?”

“The same.”

They were twins with similar thoughts.

“Perhaps heading the same direction. I suggest you stay; I can handle it myself.”

“You should rest. I, Prince Crosster Redian, will personally address those who tarnished the royal honor and threatened the capital under Gerihill’s lead.”

“A transparent attempt to gain Ruin Ardel’s favor.”

“Not going? Then, I’ll go first.”

With sparks flying between their eyes, both princes mounted their horses, heading in the same direction.

The fake cannot defeat the real.

Fake seventh-class mage Jorsh Gerihill stood no chance against the real seventh-class grand mage, Dean Tirion Ignit.

“Is that the dean?”

Students fleeing from the dorms were left speechless at their first glimpse of the dean’s true prowess.

It was different.

As a fifth-class master, I thought I could take on sixth-class mages.

Maybe even stand a chance against a seventh-class mage, but that small glimmer of hope was utterly shattered.

I felt strong.

Yet, behind his warm, caring facade for students, an immense power hid.

“That person… our dean? The dean I knew?”

The confusion among the students mirrored my own.

“Didn’t the dean suppress Jorsh Gerihill effortlessly? Weren’t they both seventh-classes?”

Tirion Ignit had completely overpowered Jorsh Gerihill, binding the unconscious man in a mana binder.

Bound by a mana binder, all mana flowing from the mana heart is controlled – akin to taking a mage’s life.

Still unsatisfied, the dean used an unbreakable advanced bondage spell, Solid Rope, due to Gerihill’s use of black magic.

After securing Gerihill, he approached me.

“Ruin lad. Are you unharmed?”

“Yes… I am, thanks to you, Dean.”

“Didn’t I warn you of the danger?”

The dean upheld his promise, personally intervening amidst the peril.

And he put his hand on my shoulder.

“It was nearly a great misfortune.”

He even dispelled the poison consuming me with detoxification magic.

Then came a call.

“Make way for the first prince!”

“The second prince arrives!”

Soldiers rushed from the palace towards us, led by familiar faces.

“The, the Lord Ruin!”

The twin princes, who hurriedly approached me as soon as they arrived.

So hastily that…


Prince Crosster stumbled and fell.

Seizing the opportunity, Prince Foster approached and asked,

“Are you well, Lord Ruin Ardel?”

“Yes, I am fine.”

“Worry clouded me as I rushed, fearing for you. Touch here. Do you feel it? My heart beating furiously?”

Prince Foster pressed my hand to his chest.

Not to be outdone, Prince Crosster ran to me, knelt, and recited a prayer.

“Dear Goddess Prelia, thank you for protecting my most precious vassal.”

The prayer seemed a bit much.

Nonetheless, it seemed the night’s commotion was settling.

Both princes vehemently cursed the bound and unconscious Jorsh Gerihill.

“How dare he target my precious Ruin in the heart of the capital… These rotten scoundrels. This is a challenge to the royal family, treason. I shall tell my father to arrest Gerihill for conspiracy immediately.”

“No better reasoning than that, brother. It’s undoubtedly treason. Moreover, the confirmation of forbidden black magic practice mandates the arrest of all Gerihills in the land.”

However, something remained unresolved.

I stood up with a dazed face.

“Lord Ruin. Where are you off to?”

“…I must inquire about Ardel.”

I need to confirm the news of my father and Luisa.


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