Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 115


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 115: Bolvar Fatten

He was Bolvar Fatten, who had stayed in Ardel for a long time, exchanging his spear for a fishing rod. Thus, most of the territory’s residents assumed that his skills had deteriorated due to his prolonged inactivity. However, they were gravely mistaken. As a 7-star mage, he had reached the pinnacle of martial prowess and had long surpassed the limits of humanity. His ability did not wane simply because he didn’t continuously practice his spear techniques. Moreover, the reason he had put down his spear was that the achievement of the 8th star was not about martial skill but enlightenment.

And today, for the first time in a long while, the protector of the ‘Ardel House’ had taken up his spear.

“Come out,” Bolvar Fatten said in a low voice.

Although the corridor was steeped in darkness, five shadows suddenly appeared from within it.

“What the – how did you know?” one asked.

“Who are you? How did you discover us?”

“Wait. Isn’t that Bolvar Fatten?”

“Yes, it is. We had to kill him anyway.”

“This works out better. It means we can get this over with quickly.”

Yes, they were assassins from the ‘Shadow Corp,’ a group of at least 6-star experts who had snuck into Ardel, all adept at concealing their presence. It was a tremendous task to find such skilled individuals in this country, and hence, it did not take long to deduce they were foreign mercenaries.

“If I ask you why you’ve come, the answer is obvious. And even if I ask who sent you, you won’t tell me.”

“Hehe, look at us, all the cards on the table.”

Bolvar Fatten gripped his spear.

“Then, come at me.”

“Bolvar Fatten, the ‘Spear Star Knight’. I heard you were quite the legend… but that was decades ago, wasn’t it? Let’s see how much of that skill has decayed.”

The five assassins adopted what seemed like a perfect formation, charging at Bolvar Fatten from the front, back, left, right, and above. Like experienced hunting dogs, they made sure there was nowhere for their prey to run or hide.

But Bolvar Fatten remained immovable, just glaring at them. A boiling rage within him akin to unstoppable, searing lava.

Ten years ago, he had failed to protect the mother of the Ardel territory and Luin Ardel, Meria Ardel. The guilt of not having protected her weighed heavily on him. Though he knew he could never fully atone for it, he had to defend this corridor to alleviate some of that guilt, even if just a little.

Perhaps that was why there was no mercy at the tip of Bolvar’s spear.

Shiiing! Shiiiing!

Slicing through the air, Bolvar’s spear almost instantly beheaded two of the assassins. Hot blood spattered on Bolvar’s face, but it did little to quell his fury.

“Heugh, hah…!”

A third assassin, having lost not his neck but his wrist, recoiled in terror, horror etched deep within his eyes.

“7-stars… How can this be?”

A 7-star knight was indeed formidable, often capable of taking on four to five 6-star knights. Yet, those norms didn’t apply here. These assassins were part of the infamous ‘Shadow Corp’, a special group only accepting contracts for high-profile assassinations. They had faced numerous 7-star knights, even claiming the lives of over ten from the empire alone.

Was Bolvar Fatten not a relic, long past his prime? How then could he dispatch two of their own with a single strike?

The answer was clear as dread twisted the assassin’s face.

“…8, he’s an 8-star!”

An 8-star knight transcended human limits, an existence no assassin would dare target with impunity. Who would be foolish enough to order a hit on an 8-star knight?

Blasphemy spilled between the remaining assassins.

“That cursed Bendgrass, how dare he lie about the target’s strength?”

“That contract, even if the payment was quintupled, should never have been accepted!”

An assassin, in his panic, blurted out the client’s name. Bolvar nodded as if he understood completely.

“…Bendgrass? Bendgrass Gegen, so it was him.”

“There’s nothing more for you to tell. Die.”

Though not widely known, Bolvar Fatten had achieved the status of an 8-star long ago. He simply didn’t feel the need to advertise it. Advancing a step, he plunged his spear deeply into his foes. A tempest burst from the tip of his spear, silently ravaging the remaining assassins.

However, Bolvar left one – the very assassin whose wrist he’d severed. He had a message for Bendgrass Gegen, the man who had ordered the hit.

Gripping the assassin by the hair, Bolvar whispered lowly.

“Tell Bendgrass Gegen, clearly…”

“…I will return to repay this debt soon.”

The terrified assassin scrambled to comply, nodding even as his throat threatened to shatter.

Bolvar tossed the assassin outside the estate and said sternly,

“Never dare near Ardel again.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Upon touch, it explodes.

The twisted face of the aged magician, grasped firmly in the grip of a frustrated young man, burst like an overripe fruit.


Blood gushed as the headless form of the leader collapsed like a felled tree, causing the Warlocks to retreat in alarm.

In that moment, my mind was void of thought, save for a single intent; destruction.

Just as the World Destroyer Drakka had done, I felt a compulsion to annihilate them all.

I instinctively unleashed a skill I had seldom used, creating a summoning gate rivaling that of Kunkan in its vastness.


A living artifact, Kinggram appeared with two giant iron axes in his hands and asked.

“What is your purpose in summoning me?”

“To kill. All of them.”

Without further ado, Kinggram charged toward the magicians with a speed unfit for his massive size.


His swinging iron axes mercilessly began to slaughter the magicians.

Like dead leaves in the wind, the magicians could not put up even a semblance of resistance before being beheaded by Kinggram’s axes. I did not hesitate to kill them, unlike when I faced the Wicked Mage in front of the Sky Mountain.

‘My father and Luina.’

They had touched something they should have never dared to tamper with. They enraged me, leaving me with nothing but venom in my veins.

Thus, I resolved to kill, but then I seemed to lose all sense of time, unheedful of what or whom my fists broke, of who perished by the magic I unleashed.

In the next instant when I blinked, I was slaying someone else.

This frenzied killing spree was what Strang had to stop.

“Stop. That’s enough.”

Looking around, I saw that all of the Warlocks were dead, save for one, who was still alive, bleeding profusely.

“Cough, cough! With this lunacy… cough! Isn’t it just the same? You or us?”

As I was about to smash my fist into his face, Strang grabbed my arm again.

“Let go,” I insisted.

“But we need to ask him questions first, not kill him.”

“There’s nothing to ask. Just kill them all and…”

“Why behave like this? Nothing has happened to Ardel yet. Let’s trust Bolvar Fatten. He’s much stronger than you think.”

“Come to your senses. If you are consumed by this power, you will end up like Drakka. Are you unaware of how Drakka’s last years were?”

The World Destroyer Drakka, consumed by infinite power, had destroyed his own world. But, I was different.

“I understand.”

I pushed away the virulent rage clouding my mind and snatched the last Warlock by the scruff.

“Tell me everything you know. What has happened at Ardel?”

“Cough, cough! What I know? Cough… Are you sure you want to know? It will only bring sorrow.”


“Cough, cough! Have you heard of the ‘Shadow Corp’? A top-notch assassination group composed only of elite experts above 6-stars.”

Aimed at the Warlock’s back, a dark spell arrow from an unknown source pierced through his chest, bringing an instantaneous death.

Turning to observe the direction from where the spell originated, I saw the mastermind of all this chaos.

“So, you’ve come…”

Standing there was Jorsh Geryhill, the man behind the attempted assassination of my father and sister.

“Jorsh Geryhill! How dare you lay hands on my father and sister…”

Enraged, I was about to charge at him when an unexpected strike caught me off guard. Could it be due to the high level of artifacts created by a 7-class magician?

An arrow, too swift to dodge, grazed my shoulder.

Poison Arrow, another dark spell used by Warlocks.

“The poison will probably incapacitate you for about half a day.”

His words rang true as the arrow dulled my senses, making my steps feel awkward and my grip numb. Kinggram, having served his ten-minute limit, had vanished.

Grinding my teeth, I struggled to move, but my body defied my will.

Damn it.

Being so close to him, helpless to act, was maddening.

“Die, Luin Ardel.”

From his palm, a purple smoke rose into a dark spell spear, intent on piercing me.

I clenched my eyes shut, thinking this was the end.

Yet instead, an unexpected barrier appeared before me – a massive mana barrier I had only read about in books.

“Ah, the dean…”

The last pride of the kingdom, Archmage Tirion Ignite, glared at Jorsh Geryhill with fury.

His arrival caught Jorsh Geryhill off guard as he muttered to himself.

“…Tirion Ignite? What brings the dean here—”

Without a moment’s delay, the dean raised his staff, and a tempest fierce enough to shake the entire capital erupted around us.


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