Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 114


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Force Mage, Episode 114: Ardelle


The once quiet countryside estate of Ardelle was now encountering rapid changes.

Over half of the construction work to open up a trade route to South Mountain had already progressed. Simultaneously, the first deal with Eight-Lake was successfully struck.

The primary goods produced in Ardelle were being traded at much higher prices through the representative of the Eight-Lake: the Valtraze family.

In fact, it was a high amount that reached 1.8 times the usual earnings.

Furthermore, the number of visitors to Ardelle had increased exponentially.

First, the neighboring trading city Monza bowed its head and came to Ardelle, followed by high-ranking nobles from the capital who came down with their carriages filled with gifts.

As more and more people began to visit Ardelle, the previously languishing city economy, including the inns and restaurants, started to revive.

“Never thought I’d live to see Ardelle thrive like this before my death.”

“It’s all thanks to our young lord. Who would’ve thought someone so young could accomplish such amazing feats?”

“Aye! And how about our lord who entrusted everything to such a young lad? Ha ha!”

As a little financial stability began to emerge, the faces of those living in the estate shone brighter by the day.

However, the lord of Ardelle, ‘Delrin Ardelle’, was taking these rapid changes with even greater caution.

“Have you heard, my lord? It’s about the young lord defeating the eldest son of the Gerihil family.”

“I’ve heard.”

“Even the princes from the capital hope to establish ties with Ardelle. It’s a great opportunity for Ardelle to soar.”

While Delrin Ardelle implicitly agreed with his administrator Beginz’s words, he shook his head, seemingly uneasy.

“…Isn’t this too peaceful?”

“Is there something troubling your mind?”

“Gerihil. The George Gerihil I know wouldn’t so easily give up the control he’s grasped.”


Beginz nodded at Delrin Ardelle’s comment.

“He’s a dangerous man. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill to maintain his power. There have been many families that have fallen out of Gerihil’s favor and faced ruin. But something is too quiet.”

“Among the visitors to Ardelle, were there any suspicious individuals?”

“I will check again. And I will inform Lord Bolvar as well.”

“Thank you.”

Beginz immediately conveyed the lord’s intentions to Bolvar Petten.

Upon receiving the lord’s order, Bolvar Petten intensified the security checks throughout the estate and took another look at the visitors who had come to Ardelle.

Eventually, he found some suspicious individuals.

‘Wandering merchants…’

Five merchants had entered the estate, but not a single local claimed to have seen them.

They vanished without a trace soon after entering the state.

Moreover, it’s common for merchants to carry swords considering their constant danger of being robbed by bandits.

All five were reportedly armed with swords.

In other words, disguising themselves as itinerant merchants was the easiest way for assassins to enter the estate without arousing suspicion.


The ‘Tiger of Ardelle,’ who was on the cusp of reaching the strength of the 8th order.

Bolvar Petten’s eyes flashed fiercely.

Any trace of his previously affable and loose demeanor was gone, replaced by a visage reminiscent of his glory days.

The enraged Bolvar Petten rushed over to the residence where his lord and the lord’s second daughter Luina Ardelle were staying.

The sun had already set, and only the faint light of the moon illuminated the darkening night of the capital.

Stepping out from the lodging into the street where even the streetlamps had been extinguished, he couldn’t help but laugh mockingly.

“Quite the feat. You’ve gone to such lengths just to catch one man?”

A streetlamp enchanted with continuous light magic would never go dark.

The darkened streetlamps implied that even those in charge of capital security had been bought by Gerihil.

Meaning, should anything happen here, there would be no one to come to my aid.

“Luina Ardelle.”

As I willingly stepped into the Illusion Field, the familiar old mage clicked his tongue and remarked,

“As a life and magic senior who has lived five times longer than you, I advise you that sometimes it’s better to blend quietly with others rather than stand out too much. Ah, of course, you won’t have time to heed my advice and reflect upon it.”

“Senior my foot.”

“But now, an unexpected accompaniment has turned up. A fellow traveler to the other world, perhaps?”


This was in reference to Strang, who had followed me into the Illusion Field.

I shrugged nonchalantly and replied.

“Don’t worry. I have no intention of dying here.”

I would not die willingly.

Regrettably, the situation was much worse than I had anticipated.

“Not dying willingly… It would be nice if everything in the world went as one wished… but having lived a long life, it doesn’t always seem to be the case. People who think they own the world, oblivious of their limits, can face ruin over a single misstep. Such is life.”

No sooner had the old man finished speaking than I started to sense movements behind him.

Shadowy figures, roughly seven in number, slowly approaching.

An overwhelming mana emanated from all of them, indicating that they were mages.

And not just ordinary mages at that.

At least three or four of them were of the 6th class magician level.

As these mages revealed themselves, the old magician once again started his babble.

“People often regard me as a great seer with a vision for the future. Foolish junior, do you know why?”

“I can see the future of people.

So shall I try to predict what will happen to you in the next 10 seconds?”

Proclaiming himself a seer, the old man closed his eyes and then abruptly opened them wide, baring his yellowing teeth in a violent laugh.

“I see it! I can see it! Death is in sight!”


Suddenly, a blast of light magic shot up into the sky, illuminating the once-dark street.

The seven mages, hidden in the darkness, began to cast their magic targeting me.

Fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, light.

An array of various incompatible magics, powerful enough to blast away an entire city if necessary, were launched at me without hesitation.

To dodge or…

Even to fend off with a mana barrier would be difficult; it’s a kind of ‘bombardment.’

If I were to be hit by that, I would disappear without a trace.

However, I stood my ground, unmoving.

“Leave it to me.”

Before me, Strang surged forward.

Bang! Popopopop!

Strang spun in the air a couple of times, breaking physical magics with her head and absorbing aetherial magics.

Simultaneously, the old mage let out a distasteful curse in surprise.

“That wretched girl! How could she not die!”

“She won’t die.”

“She won’t die? What nonsense are you speaking? Immortal beings do not exist in this world. Even the great boundary mage dies of old age.”

“Yeah. I found one, though. Such a being exists.”


She is the ‘Incarnation of Power.’

Immortal, unvanishing.

The only way to render her incapacitated is to kill me, her binder.

Should I die, Strang would be sealed like a soulstone, falling into a deep slumber until another player came along.

However, such an outcome was nearly impossible.


Because I have no intention of dying here.

With a grin, I asked the old mage,

“But what about grandfather?”

“Are you really such a great seer? Ten seconds have passed, and yet?”

“This… Kill him! Kill him now!”

The mages once again began to cast, but I had no intention of giving them time.

I invoked the skill ‘Chieftain’s Will’ and called forth Kunkan, charging forward.


Utilizing time refraction, I surged behind the mage in the blink of an eye and landed a punch.


Spurts of crimson blood flowed from the mage’s mouth.

A critical hit.

I intended to rush at the next mage, but I couldn’t.

“Cackle… Got you!”

The mage I hit, bleeding profusely, still grabbed my leg tightly, refusing to let go until the very end.

As he clung to me desperately, purple smoke began to rise from the palm of the mage’s hand.

I knew this magic all too well.

“…Mul’s Mark.”

Mul’s Mark.

A kind of black magic, taboo among magicians.

Powerful yet addictive, driving the caster’s mind into madness. Practitioners of this black magic were known as ‘Warlocks.’

Mul’s Mark, contrived by the very first warlock, Mul, is a powerful black magic that never releases its grasp and absorbs all ‘vitality.’

As I uttered the name of the magic, the old mage muttered in apparent shock.

“Oh, you know this spell? Quite clever. You must have studied a lot.”

He then swiftly approached me and cast the same black magic.

Mul’s Mark.

The palms of the eight mages, including the old one, were stained with purple as they firmly clasped my chin, arms, legs.

The touch of their hands felt like my skin was burning up, with no way to struggle against Mul’s Mark sapping the life out of me.

Strang tried to detach the mages from my body, but even her 5th level was insufficient to overpower them completely.

Black magic, damn it…

I hadn’t expected it to be this bad.

The warlocks using black magic knew better than anyone the fate that awaited them.

Their minds torn, wasted away, desiccated.

Soon to become hollow husks, dying with their vitality consumed by ‘evil.’

Yet, as if such outcomes were a concern for later, they looked at me and laughed with glee.

“We got him. We’ve captured the future mage.”

“Let’s kill him. How shall we kill him?”

“Let’s put worms in his head. Eating away. Crunch, crunch. Kekeke.”

Holding on to my fading consciousness, I glared at the old mage.

He found my reaction amusing and let out an insane laugh, asking,

“Though I’m senior in life, you’re senior on the path to death. How does it feel to be dying?”

“Don’t be too resentful. Your journey won’t be so lonely.”

“…What are you saying?”

“By now, your father and your sister. All of them dead. Didn’t you know?”


Father and Luina?

“Ah, of course, you wouldn’t know. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Why did you oppose the Council? Did you think you could win? Just because you gained a bit of fame?”

The sensation of blood rushing backwards; was this what it felt like?

For the first time in my life, I felt what’s known as ‘murderous intent.’

I had the overwhelming thought that I needed to kill these bastards.

Like possessed, I reached out forward.


The Mul’s Mark that was gnawing at the vitality in my right arm dissipated.

My hand firmly grasped the face of the old mage before me.

Without hesitation, I declared.


If touched, it explodes.


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