Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 113


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 113: All-Powerful Mage

“This damned bastard dares to try to consume me?”

Jorsh Geryhill dismissed his students and vanished somewhere as soon as he arrived at the palace.

He made his way to a hidden conference room, the most secretive place within the mage tower.

Seeing the number of people gathered in the conference room, Jorsh Geryhill sighed and asked, “Is this everyone?”

“Yes? I mean…”

Although the large table in the room could easily seat twenty, there were only four people seated before it.

Not long ago, when he called for nobles, at least forty always crowded in promptly.

No, what’s forty?

There would have been no seat left unfilled in the conference room.

But only four now?

“I asked if this was everyone,” he pressed.

“Well, they’re deliberately avoiding the meeting…”



Jorsh Geryhill slammed his fist onto the table, grinding his teeth.

“Damn it… Because of that cursed son of a…”

“What’s happened?” they asked.

“It’s fine. Have the tasks I mentioned been taken care of?”

“Yes, yes! Tonight, the capital’s guards are all our people. No matter the disturbance, they won’t react, so you have no need to worry.”

Jorsh Geryhill spoke to Commander Ben Grass Gegen of the Golden Knights.

“How about the matter I entrusted to you?”

“Last night, we confirmed the arrival of five assassins at Ardel’s. Once dawn passes, the assassins will infiltrate the mansion and take the life of the head of the house, Delrin Ardel.”

Jorsh Geryhill.

And Ben Grass Gegen had prepared their spearheads aimed perfectly towards ‘Ardel.’


“At least the father and son will die on the same day, not so lonely after all.”

“Father and daughter, too. Delrin Ardel has a daughter.”

“We might and likely have to kill them all later on, considering the future troubles.”

“I’ve ordered exactly that. After tonight, there won’t be a single person with Ardel’s blood left in this world.”

“Well done.”

The assassins prepared by Jorsh Geryhill were for Ruin Ardel.

Those by Ben Grass Gegen were for the head of the house, Delrin Ardel, and Louina.


“Volbar Fetton will have to disappear as well. After all, there should be only one sun in the sky.”

“Yes. He won’t live to see tomorrow’s dawn.”

Volbar Fetton too.

A perilous assassination plan, aiming to kill all key members of the Ardel family.

Even if the plan succeeds, it comes with great risk.

The fact that these five people had ordered the assassination, would, after all, come to light.

Still, they were not the slightest bit scared of that part.

If Ruin Ardel dies…

The name ‘Geryhill’ will regain its irreplaceable dignity from before.

They could escape the punishment.

No, rather…

“Make sure to pass on the message to the nobles who missed today’s meeting. Geryhill will remember everyone clearly.”

“Chairman! Please, remember me too!”

Just like before, everyone will prostrate before him.

They’ll fear them far more than ever before.

So, this plan must succeed, no matter what.

The least desirable scenario would be if the plan were to fail.

If Ruin Ardel survives, the furious twin princes would surely not leave ‘Geryhill’ alone.

However, Jorsh Geryhill was certain of the plan’s success.

His gaze settled on the mages standing in a corner of the conference room.

“There’s no failure in this plan. Make sure he dies.”

“We heed the lord’s command.”

Who are these people?

Not green chili peppers like Jackil Geryhill.

All were high-ranking mages who grew under the favor of Geryhill.

Chosen from the elite among the elite, they each surpassed 6th class, handling the magic affairs of the Radiance Kingdom both in the palace and the mage tower.

It’s rare to see them move unless the fate of the kingdom hangs in balance…

But tonight, they all gathered.

To kill Ruin Ardel.

So, there’s no room for failure.

Jorsh Geryhill clenched his fists so tightly that they might crush, trembling with anticipation.

“That smiling face will be extinguished after tonight. Ruin Ardel.”

The field trip to the capital was conducted with utter insincerity, not at all fitting the word “tour.”

Jorsh Geryhill, who declared he’d take part in all trip schedules, disappeared into thin air the moment he reached the palace, not showing even a shadow thereafter.

We were led by an old mage looked advanced in years.

Yet, despite the poor content of the tour, the atmosphere wasn’t all that bad.

“Wow…! This is the mage tower!”

I have been to Raynack Empire’s capital ‘Reverdin,’ which boasts the highest mage’s tower, but…

Most students are visiting a mage tower for the first time.

A door without a handle.

Endless corridors to face.

Rising to the top floors not by stairs but mana gates and so on.

As it was full of novelties for the students.

But, without much emotion, I stood silent at the back, just looking around.

What truly captivated me was something else entirely.

“You felt it too, right?”

“There’s nothing to feel. That guy’s been blatantly watching me since earlier.”

The old mage leading our tour.

His big eyes grew wider as he gawked at me openly.

“Is there something on my face?”

Without answering my question, the old man just stared at me for a while and then turned his head away, feigning indifference.

For a moment.

Feeling another gaze, I turned and saw the same old mage, once again staring intensely at me.

As if he collected every little detail of my movements.

His protruding lips and bushy black beard made his expressions eerily grotesque.

“What’s with that, seriously.”

This sticky and unpleasant gaze kept pestering me all the way to the lodging after the tour.

From my second-floor inn room, I could see the old mage staring up at me with the same intensity.

“Is someone outside?”

“Huh? That mage from earlier? Why is he looking at you, though?”

I spoke to Jason, with whom I shared the room.

“Jason, sorry, but could I have the room to myself for tonight?”

“Huh? Just you? Then where should I…”

“There’s an extra bed in Hankers’ room. Sleep there, will you?”

After a moment’s thought, Jason squinted his eyes shrewdly and gave a sly smile.

“Got it! You… Trying to fool me? You can’t fool me even if you can fool ghosts. Heh heh heh… When did you become a ‘real man’ amidst all your busy training?”

This guy…

What on earth is he thinking?

“I knew the day would come when you’d ask for such a favor. Heh, I’ll graciously make myself scarce for tonight. So feel free to do your best.”

What am I supposed to do my best in?

Jason, still wearing that cunning smile, patted my shoulder and opened the door.

And then froze upon seeing Strang standing outside.

“St, Strang? Oh no…! Don’t do it, Ruin, he’s your cousin…”

“…What nonsense are you spouting? Move aside.”

Strang casually pushed past Jason, who simply collapsed on the floor mumbling, “No, can’t do this…”


It’s not what you think, so relax.

Strang entered and pointed at Jason, asking, “What’s with him repeating ‘can’t do this’?”

“Well, it’s nothing.”

“The kid’s an idiot.”

“Look at that.”

I pointed outside the window, and Strang peeked out carefully.

“That guy from before?”


“What’s he doing standing there?”

“An illusion.”

“…An illusory magic?”

I directed my finger towards the corner of the window.

Strang squinted for a better look, but shook his head, puzzled.

“Ugh. Hurts my eyes. What are you seeing? I don’t get it.”

“The surrounding mana is faintly pulsating. He’s casting an illusory spell to create false images around here.”

While they might seem like real scenes and people passing by to the perpetrators, if you look closely, you can see the edges of the land slightly distorted.

All the scenery and passersby you see are fabrications, illusions.

Moreover, a magical barrier isolates this area completely from the outside world.

Meaning, they’re targeting me tonight, just as I suspected.

《Heizen Geryhill》

《6th Class Mage》



《Not available for viewing yet.》

The mage’s level is 6th class.

I could handle one person, but a deception spell of this magnitude isn’t a one-man job for a 6th class mage.

“There are at least two of them.”

Two or maybe even three.

Perhaps more than that.

Right now, that unpleasant old mage Heizen staring at me is a ‘6th class’ just like the rest of them; if so, my chances are slim.

Adding to that, if Jorsh Geryhill himself steps in…?

It’s dangerous.

My gaze drifted to a corner of my skill list.

《Invoke Kinggram》

《Active Skill》

《Usage Limit 0/1》

《As a one-time effect of the title ‘Ogre Lord,’ you can summon the ‘Ogre Mage’ Kinggram. The duration lasts for 10 minutes. Once the duration ends, Kinggram will return to a statue form.》

Kinggram summoning.

I planned to save it until the very last moment, but now I’m considering I might have to use it.

That moment.

“Where is he going?”

The old mage outside the window started backpedaling as he watched me.

It looked as if…

“Trying to run away?”



“He’s luring me outside.”

He’s baiting me out.

I had expected a surprise attack, but they didn’t choose that route.

Instead, they boldly dug a trap, brazenly inviting me in.

Perhaps they knew I would suspect this and have been sending signals for me to catch on, or maybe they expected me to notice.

If I fought in a confined space like this room, it would be advantageous for me, but I couldn’t risk injuring the other students quietly sleeping next door.

I didn’t have much choice, and they knew it.

I stood up.

“I need to go down.”


It might just turn out to be a longer night than expected.


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