Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 112


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 112: All-Powerful Sorcerer

It was very easy to identify who they were.

Specifically, Jorsh Gerihil and the court magicians.

Caught off guard by the unexpected wait, the dean asked in a slightly annoyed tone, “…What brings you here, Commissioner Jorsh?”

Bright blonde hair and slitted snake-like eyes.

A man with skin so white that it could be described as ivory.

Jorsh Gerihil.

He began to speak in a shameless voice, “How could I, a guardian of this nation, simply stand by when the buds that will lead our kingdom in the future come to the capital for a tour? It is only right that I come to meet them.”

“It is strange. You normally do not show your face much… Couldn’t you have sent a message that you would come?”

“The dean still enjoys making such trifling jokes, I see. Are we in a position to be sending messages to each other?”

Then, he looked straight through me in the crowd and asked, “So. You’re Ruin Ardell.”

He looked me up and down, and I could feel an oppressive presence, as if a snake’s tongue was coiling around my body.

And then, my gaze met Jorsh Gerihil’s head-on.

But then…

Something was off.

《Jorsh Gerihil》

《6th Class Sorcerer》



《Access is currently unavailable.》

The discrepancy was significant between the truth my player’s eyes could see and the rumors milling about.

‘A 7th Class Sorcerer like the dean?’

Unlike the dean, whose name I couldn’t even confirm, the information about Jorsh Gerihil was laid out in significant detail.

《Jorsh Gerihil》

《6th Class Sorcerer》

Exactly, a ‘6th Class Sorcerer.’

Of course, I couldn’t say that being a 6th Class was a low level.

However, this was a realm unfitting for the patriarch of the Gerihil family (家), a family proud to be known as the greatest name in magic.

Even Professor Heidel is, after all, a 6th Class Sorcerer, right?

But how could they deceive people?

My gaze shifted to the ‘hand’ of Jorsh Gerihil.

Just like how Jakil Gerihil appeared wearing six artifacts, Jorsh Gerihil was another kind of figure entirely.


One, two, three, four…

Just how many are there?


They’re all artifacts.

I could count more fingers without rings than the number of artifacts he wore.

He was disguising his true abilities with these objects.


But nobody here knows the fact that ‘Jorsh Gerihil’ is actually a ‘6th Class Sorcerer.’

No one is even thinking of suspecting it.

No, they couldn’t possibly suspect such a person.


The only ones who know the truth are me.


It seems only the dean might have a vague suspicion as well.

The youngests, the eldests, the patriarchs…

Are all Gerihils the same after all?

The corners of my mouth naturally rose into a smile.

Perhaps sensing ‘mockery’ in my laughter, Jorsh Gerihil narrowed his eyes and asked, “…What’s so funny?”

“Ho ho… No, it’s nothing.”

As I waved my hand dismissively and kept smiling, Jorsh Gerihil became visibly displeased and asked again, this time in a slightly colder voice, “I asked what’s so funny.”

Instantly, the atmosphere around froze.

No, not just the atmosphere.

A faint stream of mana had actually turned the surrounding air ice-cold.

It was nothing more than laughter.

For any other student, it would have been a ‘trivial’ matter that could be easily overlooked.

But not for me.

Different standards apply to me.

My face stiffened at the action that bordered on a blatant threat, and just as I was about to speak, the dean stepped forward and said, “Commissioner Jorsh. He’s still a student. Let’s leave it at that.”

“The dean should stay out of this. You may be the head within the academy, but now that the students have set foot in the capital, their supervision is my jurisdiction.”

“If the authority you speak of is used as a tool to intimidate an innocent student, then I cannot recognize that authority. I will take the students back to the academy immediately.”

“…Ha! You will return?”

At the dean’s declaration of leaving the capital, Jorsh Gerihil snickered mockingly, “Always the same, our exalted Dean Tiryion. Self-righteously claiming that your own teaching philosophy is justice, while denigrating our ‘Gerihil’ as if we’re villains to be struck down. Did you think I was unaware? That it was your idea to lure my son with the title of ‘special professor’ and humiliate him in front of the entire student body? Let me ask you something. Are you still resentful that I was appointed ‘Guardian’ instead of you? Such petty jealousy…

The one most uninterested in power is you, Dean.

Even against the ceaseless courting of the twin princes, you did not blink.

Yet, you’ve tarnished the honor of such a dean.

“Jorsh Gerihil!”

Suddenly, the dean shouted at Jorsh Gerihil.


Simultaneously, a massive wave of mana, only producible by a ‘7th Class Grand Sorcerer,’ began to envelop everything around.


“Uh, what sort of wind is this…”

Even though it was merely mana, it created a gale force that made robes flutter and forced people to step back.

Indeed, it was the power worthy of being called a ‘Grand Sorcerer.’

But Jorsh Gerihil didn’t even flinch and instead scoffed, “Hmph! To display such personal emotions on such a fine day. It’s not a good look in front of the students, is it?”

As the infuriated dean was about to say more, I stepped in front of him and spoke to Jorsh Gerihil, “Out of curiosity.”


“The reason I laughed. It was out of curiosity.”

Interrupted by me, Jorsh Gerihil furrowed his brow and asked, “What’s so curious?”

Pointing at Jorsh Gerihil’s hand, I said, “Rings. I’ve never seen someone wearing so many rings. Even the fanciest ladies wouldn’t dare show off their jewelry in front of you.”

With my pointing out the ‘rings,’ Jorsh Gerihil’s eyes narrowed.

“…You laughed at my rings?”

“Yes. Senior Jakil also seemed fond of jewelry, wearing two bracelets and as many as four necklaces… But it seems the patriarch likes jewelry as well. It made me think that, indeed, the wealthy do resemble each other.”


Everyone knows that Jakil Gerihil’s two bracelets and four necklaces are all artifacts.

In this context, to connect Jakil and Jorsh…

Is akin to openly asking, ‘Are the rings you’re wearing also artifacts?’

This was an unmistakable challenge.

A flash of ‘intent to kill’ flickered in Jorsh Gerihil’s eyes, but I feigned innocence and hastily bowed my head.

“Oh, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention. It never crossed my mind that you, Commissioner, would be adorned with artifacts. I was merely curious if it was a family trait. If I offended you by any chance, I’m truly sorry.”

However, Jorsh Gerihil wasn’t fooled by my true intentions.

He knew I was giving him the finger with a smile.

Maybe he even thought, ‘Does he suspect?’

That I’ve realized his abilities are overstated.

Despite perfectly grasping my intentions, the reason he couldn’t push the matter further was that an earnest apology from me had been obtained. If he were to react seriously now, it would raise ‘suspicions.’

‘Jorsh Gerihil is not a 7th Class, but actually a 6th Class Sorcerer.’

If this fact were to become known, the entire name of Gerihil would be on the line.

The most appropriate response is to let it go as quietly and nonchalantly as possible.

“I’ve heard enough of those kinds of stories. Nothing special. The Gerihil family has more than enough of these trinkets to go around.”

“Ah, I thought so.”

“Regardless, Dean Tiryion, please remove yourself from this ‘capital tour.’ Starting today, under my authority as the kingdom’s guardian, I will be conducting all the classes for the students.”

Jorsh Gerihil announced his unilateral decision and turned away.

Although it was his back, why could I sense his trembling?

I’m sure he wanted to kill me on the spot.

Pleased with myself, I was about to move on but the dean caught hold of me.



“Why did you do that? Why provoke him?”

It seems I can’t fool the dean after all.

“…Was it that obvious?”

As the students walked ahead, the dean warned me, “Jorsh Gerihil is a dangerous man. If you think of him as just another sorcerer…

“I couldn’t stomach it. He’s pretending to be a Grand Sorcerer when he’s not.”


“Dean, you knew as well, didn’t you? That Jorsh Gerihil hasn’t reached the 7th Class.”

“…How did you?”

The dean widened his eyes, and I replied as if it was nothing, “Don’t worry too much. I’m well aware that I need to be careful. Besides, I have the gift you gave me.”

The gift the dean had given me.

It referred to everything I had gained from my encounter with Kinggram.

“I’m not fighting alone anymore.”

In response to my words, Strang clung to my side and smiled.

“Of course! I’m here too.”


Strang in human form.

And in times of real danger, Kinggram and the ogres would come to my aid.

Isn’t that enough to put up a good fight?

Of course, the best outcome is for nothing to happen at all…

“You’ll wear out your eyes.”

Seeing Jorsh Gerihil in the distance, giving orders to his subordinates while glaring at me, I knew something would happen.

Let’s see…

When would be the best time to attack me in such a situation?

Inside the castle?


It’s too easy to raise suspicion there, and a fight in the castle could escalate into a major incident.

Therefore, the best time to strike…

Is the ‘first day’ we arrive in the capital, amidst all the chaos.

Lastly, after all classes have concluded, at night.

Inside our lodging, ‘the inn.’

“Tonight’s the night.”

Tonight is the night.


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