Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 111


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 111 of “The Mighty Sorcerer”

“How about ‘Ruin and the Children’?”


“Not bad, eh? It’s a killer name.”

“I think you might lack a talent for naming, what do you think?”

“…Ahem. Okay, I got it. Just wait a bit longer.”

Jason Daemon.

He was earnestly focused on coming up with a ‘team name.’

There had been countless suggestions so far.

The Guardians of Ardell, Ruin and the Children, Friends of Ruin, Sixteen Mages named after the commonality of being 16 years old, and so on.

“Blegh. I feel like throwing up.”

While Strang felt it was embarrassing enough to spit out such childish names, Jason didn’t give up.

He would have been much better off if he had dedicated this much effort to his studies. He frequented the library, filling his notebook with potential names.

After two days,

Jason, with weary, bloodshot eyes, suddenly clapped his hands with a revelation and exclaimed,

“Ah! This is it! This time it’s the real deal!”

“What is it now?”

“The team name! How about ‘Angra Azi Antis’?”

Strang and I simultaneously furrowed our brows.

“What’s that?”

“It’s the name of a legendary three-headed dragon. The first head is Angra, the second Azi, and the third Antis.”

Angra Azi Antis.

The three-headed dragon was said to spew three distinct breaths, bringing destruction to the world in myths.

Jason continued excitedly,

“It fits us too, doesn’t it? There are exactly three of us! What do you think? Isn’t it a cool name?”

“Oh well, I don’t know about that.”

“Why not? It’s the name of a legendary dragon! If its evil nature is a downside, it’s still incredibly cool, right? We could shorten it to ‘Team A-A-A’!”

“AAA sounds fine, but maybe with a different meaning.”

“Different how?”

“Wishing that your remaining grades all receive ‘A’s… How about ‘AAA’?”

“Hey! Ruin!”


Anyway, that’s how our team name was determined.


The full name was Apex Area Ardell.

A sense of meaning, if one was insisted, could be that we hoped Ardell would reach the ‘apex.’

Composed of just Jason, Hanson, and me, the three members, it was just the beginning.

“Team AAA? What’s that?”

“Ah, it’s kind of a ‘military unit’ formed under Ruin’s leadership.”

“…Military unit? What does that mean? Is Ruin gathering magicians after graduation?”

“Not just magicians, but also knights. You saw him before, right? The peasant knight who took down the famous trainee knight Maltive Gegent in one stab. He’s also on the same team.”

“Whoa! That’s impressive!”

The trainee knights of Foldren and the graduates left the academy.

The bustling academy grounds seemed empty, but upon closer inspection, it was heating up more than ever before.

All because of ‘AAA.’

“After graduation, Hanson and I will follow Ruin to Ardell.”

“To Ardell? Why there?”

“I can’t be recruited by any prestigious place with my skills… I want to work in Ardell with Ruin. You know? I think Ruin could do something amazing.”

It wasn’t about money or famous archmages.

Currently, Ardell held no charm that would make magicians give up everything and head there.

However, the name ‘Ruin Ardell’ alone created a trust among peers, a place to bet their lives on.

“I want in too! I want to join.”

“No, you can’t. As the name implies, AAA is an elite team, and we can’t just accept anyone.”

“I have better grades than you, Jason.”

“…Ahem. Anyway, we can’t accept just anyone. You have to interview with Ruin directly.”

Most of my peers who had always trusted and followed me hoped to descend to Ardell.

The recent full-scale war with Garyhil had been a catalyst for this change.

They had seen with their own eyes that the coveted title of ‘Chief Royal Magician’ was nothing more than an illusion created by the selfish ambitions of those in power.

Additionally, a ‘rumor’ the dean had shared with me also played a part.

“Ruin won’t ignore us or use us like Garyhil, right?”

“Correct. And my father also said… The political atmosphere in the capital is quite unstable these days.”

“Did you hear it too? My father said the same thing. They told me to become close with Ruin.”

Next year, when the future head of the Ardell family comes of age, Garyhil will fall, and ‘Ardell’ shall take everything.

“Ardell’s financial situation has significantly improved. There’s talk that Ardell has opened trade with Eight-Lake.”

“The maritime trade city of Eight-Lake in the Empire? Is that true?”

“Yeah. It’s just hearsay, but it’s almost certain.”

“My goodness… Does that mean Ardell is growing? That rural backwater?”

“Looks like it. The twin princes promised to support Ardell… In addition, my father is in charge of military operations in the capital. He said there’s a plan soon for a major southern campaign using 200 knights and 3,000 soldiers.”

“Why? What’s the sudden campaign for?”

“Ardell seems to be expanding territory.”

“…Wow. That’s big.”

The trade agreement between Eight-Lake and Ardell and other concrete outcomes like the major southern campaign plan began to emerge, completely quenching the unsettled atmosphere of the academy.



“I’m sorry for insulting you in the past… At that time, I was caught up in the mood… Ha ha, you have a big heart to forgive me, right?”

“And you’re getting to what point?”

“Oh, um… That ‘AAA’ thing you’re creating. Is there a place for me?”

When I first became the academy’s representative, after winning the Grand Competition and receiving countless negative attitudes, now everyone was trying to stick by me.

History was changing.

A shift in power was inevitable, naturally.


“There’s no place for you.”

I had no intention of accepting just anyone.

♦ ♦ ♦

One of the key events of the second semester was the capital tour.

The reason why magic school students ‘visit’ the capital was none other than for the Mage Tower and the court magicians.

The Mage Tower, needless to say, is the core of that nation’s magicians.

And the court magician is the dream job that every noble-born magician aspires to.

Draped in robes with the royal seal, the court magicians who walk through the palace are symbols of ‘wealth and power.’

A kind of ‘field trip’ to experience the environment directly by visiting the Mage Tower and the palace and seeing the working magicians with their own eyes.


The goal of the lesson was good.

However, there’s always a problem because only the ‘goal’ is good.

“Although I’m not keen on it…

The dean didn’t view the trip too favorably either.

There was nothing particularly to learn upon visiting the capital, but the students would likely be intoxicated by the ‘glamour’ of the magicians.

However, this lesson had been repeated long before the dean was a student, and it wasn’t something he could just cancel.

“Oh! We get to enter the Mage Tower!”

“The court magician…! Ugh, it must be so cool!”

Although the authority of the court magician had declined considerably due to the recent Jackil Garyhil, there were still many students eagerly awaiting this particular lesson.

Of course, from my perspective, it was not an appealing lesson.

“Jorsch Garyhil? Finally, I’ll see that jerk face-to-face.”


Like Strang said, it felt like entering ‘enemy territory.’

Into the mouth of the Supreme Commissioner who had been delegated all authority by the ‘Flame King’ Theron to lead the Kingdom of Redian’s Mage Tower and who held all court magicians under his control.

Into ‘Jorsch Garyhil’s’ jaws.

I boarded the ‘mana train’ heading to the capital and sat next to Strang.

“What’s the plan?”

“What do you mean? There’s not much we can do without marching in and throwing a punch unannounced.”

“We can’t just stand by, right?”

“Right. That’s why you need to be prepared.”

“… Preparations?”

“Yes. There will be a surprise attack, undoubtedly.”


They were sure to attack me.

Since he couldn’t face me directly, maybe he would hire mercenaries or order his magicians to assassinate me.

Various methods could be considered.

Strang asked,

“Why do you think so?”

“This tour of the capital. It’s Jorsch Garyhil’s only chance to neutralize me.”

The academy was protected by mana guardians.

Mana guardians are not merely keepers.

‘Summoned with the three keywords of ‘Pact’, ‘Protection’, and ‘Judgment,’ mana guardians cannot be destroyed by ordinary means, an invincible shield.

Thus, targeting me within the academy was impossible.

So, the only opportunity would be when I’m outside the academy…

Which would be right before graduation.

Isn’t it the perfect time?

Strang frowned, strangley, contemplating, and stroked his chin, saying,

“That makes sense. Is that Jorsch Garyhil fellow strong?”

“Hard to say. According to rumors, he’s a 7th class magician, on the same level as the dean… but I don’t know for certain. I would have to see him.”

“7th class? Hmph! With my old body, I could have squashed him with a single finger, hardly worth the concern.”

“And now?”


Although I am uncertain how powerful Strang was when he traveled with Draka, a 7th class mage was not to be underestimated.

It’s virtually the ultimate level a human can reach.

In the case of the same 7th class magician, Dean Tyrion Ignit,




《This information is currently unavailable for viewing.》

A player like me would be unable to access any information, exposing our level gap.

Hence, the need to also prepare for the worst-case scenario.

‘What if Jorsch Garyhil targets me personally?’

Instead of using mercenaries or subordinates,

If Jorsch Garyhil himself comes after me, my chances of winning decrease significantly.

While I was contemplating this,

[The next stop is ‘De Redian.’ The capital of the Kingdom of Redian.]

“We’ve arrived!”

Upon reaching the capital,

The grand ‘De Redian’ could be favorably described as a miniature ‘Reverdine,’ boasting the epitome of splendor.

An opulent façade unsuitable for a minor nation, all bark and no bite.

Ironically, my first impression of the state capital was not a pleasant one.

But there was no time for various impressions.

“Dean. Long time no see.”

Inside the station, men were waiting to greet us as we arrived in the capital.


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