Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 110


Mightiest Melee Magician

“Cousin’s younger sibling.”


Jason’s eyes widened as he alternated his gaze between me and Strang.

Then he muttered as if he were under a spell.

“You have such a cute cousin like this?”

What could it be?

Which part of it surprised Jason exactly?

That I had a cousin? Or that my cousin was cute?

Tch! What does it matter now?

All that matters is that he believes it.

“Oh, she transferred to our school today…… and she’s in the same graduating class as us.”

“The same graduating class? But you just said she’s your younger sibling?”

Huh? Now that you mention it, something doesn’t add up.

Oh, whatever.

“……She skipped grades. Skipped them. She’s a genius.”

“Wow! A genius!”

Jason exclaimed, his eyes sparkling as he looked at Strang with a cheesy grin.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jason Damon, Ruin’s one and only friend and roommate… What’s your name?”

“ae랏스e랏아e뎈” “- O • ■’ —11 — O I — S •

“Ruin. I wasn’t asking you, I was asking Miss Strang.”

When I clamped my mouth shut, Jason asked again with a more ‘provocative’ expression on his face.

“If you haven’t had a chance to tour the academy yet, I’d love to show you around…… how does that sound? The baguettes they sell at our cafeteria are absolutely to die for.”

“Haha! Don’t feel too pressured. I’m not that difficult to be with. Just treat me like your own brother.”

Like a brother?

He’s saying things he doesn’t mean.

That look in Jason’s eyes.

Though he seems to think his gaze is lethal, it’s just incredibly cheesy.

I recognize that face all too well.

It’s the same one he wears when he looks at Irene Prius.

It seems as though he automatically makes that face whenever he sees a pretty girl…

Sorry, Jason.

You and Strang are simply not meant to be.

Up until a few hours ago, that ‘pretty girl’ was not even a girl but a ‘female body.’

But how can I bluntly tell him, ‘You’ll never be my brother-in-law’?

In the end, it should be Strang who rejects him directly.

It’s only by experiencing it firsthand that you truly learn a lesson, right?

I quietly closed my mouth and waited for Strang’s response.

Then, the awaited answer erupted out.

“……Are you telling me to eat bread? Get lost.”

Nice one, Strang!

She spat out an embarrassing curse, much to the surprise of Jason, whose eyes widened in shock.

Swearing with such a cute face…

I thought that would cool his interest in Strang……

But I was wrong.

“Wow, I love it! That’s great!”

“What do you love?”

“Just treat me that casually. Feel free to swear at me, too.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Great! Say it again!”

Jason turned out to be a lot less ordinary than I had imagined.

And his technique for seducing girls was also top-notch.

“So, which would you prefer, milk or herbal tea?”


“You like milk? Well, the warm milk they sell at our cafeteria has a really sweet charm to it that makes you keep drinking. How about it? Shall we go and have some together?”

Yes or no.

Instead of pressing for one clear answer, he was proposing both milk and herbal tea, effectively forcing a choice between the two, such persuasive techniques.

It’s a pity really. If Jason had put this much effort into his studies, he would have already become a 5th class magician…

What a waste of talent.

“……Ahem. If it’s milk, then that’s a different story. Let’s go.”

“All right!”

Strang, who had been easily swayed by the mention of warm milk, strode off, and Jason patted my shoulder with a blissful smile and said.

“Ruin. Why didn’t you tell me you had such a cute cousin until now? I’m really hurt.”

Oh, is that so?

Why would you feel hurt?

“Don’t worry. I’ll treat her like a sister and show her the true taste of our cafeteria.”

“Go ahead.”

I nodded slowly, and Jason cheerfully rushed after Strang, who was ahead of us.

“But Miss Strang. How do you know the way to the cafeteria? Have you been there?”

“I’ve been often. It’s my first time walking there on my own, though.”


“There is such a thing. Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Ah, haha! You’re good at making jokes too.”

Sorry, Jason.

I lied to you.

That cute cousin of yours is not 15 years old, but over 3,000.

But I couldn’t bring myself to shatter Jason’s happiness with my own hands.

……Be happy, my friend.

♦ ♦ ♦

The ‘Knight Connection’ classes that had the academy buzzing over the past few days had ended.

The trainee knights from Folgren will return to the training center, going their separate ways.

We will graduate from the academy and become magicians.

And the trainee knights will become knights who protect the kingdom after swearing their allegiance.

Hanson, who had shown the most rapid growth and proven his talent during this class, felt particularly sad about the farewell.

“Ruin. Will we be able to see each other again?”

“Of course. I’ll come visit sometime.”

Of course, not everyone felt the same.

Maltive Gegen got on his horse first, hiding his face with a helmet, as if he couldn’t wait to leave the academy.

I pointed to Maltive and told Hanson:

“Don’t let that guy there bully you when you get back to the training center. You’re stronger than him. You know what I mean, right?”


I suddenly recalled the very faint red aura that had surrounded Hanson’s wooden sword at the end of our duel.

Red certainly signified 5th class knights, but unfortunately, Hanson said he hasn’t been able to handle the red aura since then. However, he could freely wield the blue aura, meaning he had indeed become a perfect 4th class knight. If he maintained this rate of growth, I’m certain he could soon reach 5th class.

A 5th class knight in his teens……

Maybe, comparable to Sir Bolvar Peyton, a legendary knight might emerge.

‘This is going to cause quite a stir, isn’t it?’

Maybe the Golden Knights will make a fuss over him.

Perhaps even a larger kingdom or empire than Ledian will try to lure Hanson.

Whatever the case, it’s a good thing for Hanson, and for me, having him as a friend.

While I was imagining this, Hanson spoke.



“I’ve been thinking these past few days if…… after I graduate from the training center and fulfill my knight oath, can I go to Ardel?”

“To Ardel? Of course you can, come and visit whenever you want.”

“No, not just to visit…… I want to stay in Ardel with my sister……”


I briefly pondered the meaning behind Hanson’s words.

“Do you mean, you want to become a knight of Ardel?”

“Um, yes. Is that too much?”

“No, not at all…… But there could be better opportunities for you. If you continue to achieve like you are now, you could join the Golden Knights or even have an even better path.”

“Even if that’s possible…… that’s not what I want.”

“As you know, my sister and I don’t have a place we call ‘home’. We’ve been wandering around because we didn’t have money. But once I become a knight, I’ll probably have to roam around aimlessly again. I don’t want that kind of life. I want to protect something worth protecting. And I owe you one, too.”

“There’s no debt between friends. I helped you because I wanted to.”

“I feel the same. I just want to help. I want to protect Ardel, the place you’re trying to protect.”

“So, please allow me.”

Hanson becoming a knight of Ardel…

The mere thought was overwhelming.

If Hanson receives training from Sir Bolvar, I can only wonder what the outcome will be. It’s extremely exciting to imagine.

Although I was internally thrilled, considering Hanson’s future was at stake, I took a moment before replying.

Meanwhile, Strang, who had been listening to our conversation, spoke up.

“What are you waiting for? Just give your approval already.”


“You know it too, right? There’s something about that guy. When a young tiger rolls into your lap like this, and someone who’s going to be the next head of Ardel is hesitating so much? You should be working hard to attract even one more talent, much less worry.”

But Strang,

I appreciate the advice, however…

“Could you perhaps save those words for another time? I don’t know if you’ve forgotten, but everyone can hear what you’re saying now.”

“Oh, right.”

Strang quickly covered her mouth, and my gaze shifted to Jason, who had been clinging to Strang’s side. But Jason just shrugged as if it wasn’t a problem.

“So what if I hear it? Isn’t it the truth? Hanson is strong, so he would surely be a great help to you, Ruin, right?”

“That’s true.”

“That’s why, how about I also head to Ardel after graduation?”

“What? You too?”

“I’m weak, so nobody will call on me anyway… I’ll follow Ruin and Strang to Ardel. Since I don’t have the conscience to take a high salary as a magician, I’ll help with the dishes, cleaning, etc. What do you think of my idea?”

“They’re going to hire you to do those things?”

“Hey. Are you really going to be this harsh?”


At Jason’s true-to-life act, Hanson and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

My friends are going to graduate and come down to Ardel?

Well, it’s bound to be fun regardless.

Then, I suddenly had another thought.

‘Maybe it’s actually a really good idea?’

To simply dismiss this as a playful notion may be an understatement, considering it might actually be a very good idea.

The nobility gathers talented magicians and knights for the future of their families and territories.

And there’s no reason Ardel can’t do the same, right?

Until now, Ardel’s finances may not have been sufficient, but the future Ardel can change that.

Jakil Gerihil had made such comments when he criticized me.

‘Do you think Ruin Ardel would even care about you after graduation?’

But what if rumors spread that Ruin Ardel is gathering companions to commit to a shared future?

I have no doubt, the academy would get noisy once again.


Gathering talent.

That is an essential investment for a territory to grow.

And that talent is already close by, around me.

I extended my hand to Hanson.

“Won’t you regret it? Ardel is still quite rural and changed little, with neither fancy restaurants nor places to see.”

But Hanson responded without a second of hesitation.

“Of course not.”

“Then, I look forward to working with you.”

As we shook hands, Jason barged in with a nagging voice.

“What about me? Is it really just between you guys?”

“Jason. There isn’t much to entertain someone who likes fun like you in Ardel; I bet you’d be terribly bored. And we probably won’t be able to pay you much at first.”

“I’ve got plenty of money at home, so just spend away. If I don’t receive any scout offers after graduation, my dad might actually faint. ‘My son turned out to be such a blockhead…..’ he might say.”


Jason’s vivid impression made everyone laugh.

“How about we form a group too?”

“A group?”

“Why not? Like those famous magician or mercenary groups with their own names. Let’s make our own. How about ‘Guardians of Ardel’?”

“Ugh. The worst.”

“Ah, why!”


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