Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 109


Mightiest Melee Magician

Episode 109: <* Title *>

<* Ogre Lord *>

<* As a passive effect of this title, all ogres in this land become your kin and will follow you. *>

<* As an active effect of this title, you can open 'Dimensional Gates' allowing you to freely summon ogres who have become your kin. The duration is 10 minutes. Once the duration ends, the ogres will return to their original land. *>

<* As an active effect of this title, you can summon the 'Ogre Magician' Kinggram once. The duration is 10 minutes. After the duration ends, Kinggram will return to his statue form. *>

<* You have acquired the skill 'Dimensional Gate Summoning'. *>

<* You have acquired the skill 'Kinggram Summoning'. *>

The Ogre Lord.

A unique and unparalleled power to ‘summon’ and command all ogres of this land.

Does such a thing… even exist in this world?

“…What is this?”

“It’s the ogres’ respect that even Draca could not earn. While receiving the authority of the chieftain, you also gain the privilege to handle all the ogres of this land.”

“Ah, no, my question isn’t that… why would you give this to me…?”

“You are the incarnation of the World Destroyer Draca, my benefactor, and the chosen successor of the will of the first chieftain, Kunkan. On top of that, you are the only human the ogres of Sky Mountain trust. You’re more than qualified. No, it’s unimaginable that anyone other than you, could be the lord to earn our respect.”

Right. I’ll take that as it is for now.

But the real problem is, this isn’t the end of it.

<* Due to the passive effect of 'Ogre Lord', your strength increases by '1,000'. *>

Originally, my strength was 6,490, but with the passive effect, it has increased by 1,000, making it now well over 7,000.

Thanks to that…

<* The incarnation of strength, Strang, has become a 5-star. *>

<* As an effect of the unique skill 'Companion', your strength permanently increases by '500'. *>

<* You can now transform into a human. *>

Strang, whom I’ve longed for, has reached ‘5-stars’.

With an additional bonus of ‘500’ more strength today, that’s a whopping 1,500 gained just today.

I hurriedly checked my status window.

<* Ruin Ardel *>

<* Incarnation of the World Destroyer Draca *>

<* Strength: 7,990>*

Good heavens.

7,990, is it?

By tomorrow, I’ll surpass 8,000, won’t I?

Strang had said that my growth rate would continue to accelerate like it had gained momentum. That was indeed true.

For I was becoming stronger in the blink of an eye.

“Burp-! That was delicious.”

Strang, who had feasted heartily after a long time, lightly burped and patted their swollen belly.

Then, nonchalantly scratching their belly, they said…

“There’s no need to make such a fuss over being 5-stars. Compared to my old ability of 31-stars, this is still ridiculously weak.”

“But you must be happy, right?”

“…Well, reasonably. It’s much quicker than I expected. Eek-ha!”

Strang jumped up from where they were sitting.

Bringing their paws together with as much effort as to make their cheeks turn red.

“This baby bear form… how tiresome it has been until now.”

What Strang was doing now was transforming into the ‘human form’ they had so long yearned for.


A red smoke rose from where Strang’s paws collided, soon enveloping their entire body.

Before long, the smoke began to grow larger.


A startlingly perfect ‘human’ shape appeared before my eyes.

“…What, what is this?”

As I staggered back in surprise, Strang, with their hands on their waist, playfully asked…

“How about it? Impressive, right?”

Rub rub.

Surely, I must be hallucinating.

Rubbing my eyes, I asked with a bewildered voice.

“Eh? No, other than that… were you really a girl?”

“…What did you see me as until now?”

“Obviously, a male.”

“I told you several times that I am a female!”

“…I thought it was a lie.”

With strikingly thick eyebrows and pale skin.

Small in stature, barely reaching my shoulder, yet with a face too pretty to believe it was the same Strang who’d been a baby bear.


A female.

Or should I say, a female form.

In any case, I narrowed my eyes and asked…

“It’s hard to believe. Provide proof that you are the Strang I know.”

“On your left hip, there’s a mole. 3cm below that, in a rather private area…”

“Enough. I get it. Stop there.”

“Playing around.”


Considering those perverted manners, it must be Strang.

But the awkwardness was inevitable.

The Strang I knew was just a little bear cub who, except for meal times, slept on my shoulder.

As I gazed at her awkwardly, Strang asked with amusement on her lips…

“Could it be, you’ve fallen for me?”

“Shut up.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Kinggram and the Reunion.

Here, I received an unbelievable ‘gift’.

‘I can summon ogres?’

I’ve been entrusted with the authority of the chieftain and given the power to command ogres as their ‘lord’.

Moreover, I have the special privilege to summon Kinggram, who is confined to spending his life within the academy, to my location just once.

As we parted ways, Kinggram told me to summon him if I ever find myself in danger that threatens my life.

It’s like gaining a solid ‘trump card’ to save my life.

And isn’t that all?

With several effects, my strength enhanced significantly, allowing Strang to become a 5-star.

Strang, now a 5-star, could transform into a human form…

“Ruin boy.”

“Yes, dean.”

“Who is the lady standing next to you?”

“…You can see her?”

Nod nod.


I had forgotten.

From the moment Strang becomes human, others can see her too.

As I hastily tried to hide Strang behind me, she unexpectedly opened her mouth to speak.

“Even though you don’t know me, I have seen you a lot. Academy Dean Tirion Ignite. I am Strang. I’ve been looking forward to finally having a conversation face-to-face… uh uh!”

This kid.

What is she talking about?

I covered Strang’s mouth, and the dean asked with a somewhat confused expression.

“…Certainly, one person entered the underground, but to re-emerge as two. Could you please explain this situation, Ruin boy?”

I nodded weakly, my face drained.

Oh no.

This is a disaster.

My and Strang’s footsteps to the dean’s office took a completely different context.

“This is the feeling! This is why one transforms into a human!”

Walking on her own two feet.

No, prancing through the corridors with mischievous movements and relishing her small happiness, Strang was enjoying herself, quite contrary to me.

I felt like I was being taken to a slaughterhouse, with my footsteps heavy.

How should I explain this?

Dean Ignite is indeed a trustworthy person.

Even so, it doesn’t mean I can openly share everything about my abilities with him.

However, despite my worries,

the conversation took an entirely unexpected turn.

“Based on my limited insight, I can only assume she is a spirit… Am I correct?”

“It’s close. More precisely, an incarnation.”

“…I see.”

The dean was more inclined to accept than to question.

“Then, Miss Strang, you must never be apart from Ruin boy, is that right?”

“That’s right. We are in a symbiotic relationship. Ruin is the chef responsible for my meals, and I assist him in his every action.”

“Hey. You keep being rude to the dean…”

“I’ve lived dozens of times longer than the dean, even bordering on quasi-immortality. Who’s to say who should be showing respect to whom?”

And so it went.

Having just transformed into a human, Strang refused to go back to a life as a ‘baby bear.’

Asserting that she should remain by my side in her human form, if the dean’s stance was that an unexpected teenager girl, who claimed to have lived thousands of years, suddenly appeared at the academy and insisted on staying…

It would be quite a maddening situation.

However, contrary to my concerns, the dean wasn’t a conventional thinker.

“Should I arrange for you to stay at the academy?”

“As expected, a man of understanding. That’s exactly what I want.”

“…Wait a minute, please.”

I was the one surprised by this response.

“Are you really going to let Strang stay at the academy… No, how can you believe such an outrageous story?”

“Of course, it is incredibly surprising and incomprehensible, but… surely, Ruin boy, you didn’t hide your girlfriend in the underground artifact room, did you?”

“…That, that’s right?”

“Then, it only leaves one explanation: this invaluable relationship you formed through Kinggram. Besides, as she is a transcendent being, my role is simply to acknowledge and accept it.”

The wisdom of years, it seems, was not for naught.

Just like that.

He understood and accepted this unbelievable situation in no time.

The dean began to draw up some documents, saying…

“I’ll arrange it as if you’ve transferred to the academy. But since we can’t say you came from the underground artifact room, we need to finesse the story a bit… The farther the better, I suppose. We’ll say you came from the easternmost Mazeros Sea. Would you like to use your real name?”

“There is no need for me to hide my name. I have nothing to hide.”

“Alright. The name will be Strang. Last name ‘Ardel’. How about being Ruin’s distant cousin?”

“Sounds perfect. It’s great to find such reasonable humans.”

What kind of situation is this?

Suddenly, why is Strang becoming my cousin?

Am I the only one who is not adjusting to the situation?

The dean wrote down the documents with utter seriousness, while Strang reviewed them by his side.

“Strang Ardel… I quite like that name. Could you make her one year younger than me? I’ve always wanted to call someone ‘older brother.’”


“Hohoho. I’m looking forward to this.”

Strang giggled as if something was extremely amusing, while I could only watch them with a dumbfounded expression.

A teenage girl commanding a man over 60 using informal speech.

Is this a dream?

It must be a dream, right?

The idea of Strang attending the academy!

After pinching my cheek, the reality was exceedingly clear.

The dean might accept it, but…

How am I supposed to introduce her to my friends?

What should I say?

My profound dilemma couldn’t produce a satisfying answer.



“Who is this person beside you?”

And so, I was soon confronted with reality.

“My name is Strang Ardel. A charming 15-year-old girl… uh uh!”

Instinctively attempting to introduce herself, I quickly clamped my hand over her mouth and said…

“Ah…well, you see…”


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