Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 108


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 108 of “All Might Magician”: Postponed Team Battles

Three days had passed since the match between teams 1 and 31 concluded. By that time, the individual matches were over, with only the team battles remaining. However, the team battles didn’t proceed as planned. And the reason was clear.

“Is Maltive absent again today?”

“Yes, Captain. He woke up this morning with a severe cold…”

“The day before, it was lower back pain. Yesterday, a headache. Today, a cold? Pathetic. What excuse is he planning for tomorrow?”

“I, I’m not sure…”

Team 1’s key members – Maltive, Mikel, and Jachil Gerihil – had all been skipping the lessons. Visibly frustrated, Sir Gultair asked, “So Maltive has a cold… What about Mikel and Jachil Gerihil? Are they sick as well?”

“I heard Mikel has a headache, and I couldn’t find Senior Jachil Gerihil in his room. According to rumors, he hasn’t been seen since last night…”

“This is too much. Are they taking turns falling ill? I should go drag them out by the hair…”

“Please, let it be.”

“Pardon me? Professor Haidel, did you just say to leave it as is?”

“If they’re missing their lessons despite this affecting their grades, it means they’ve already given up. So just let them be.”

“Understood. Tch, these pitiful fools. Skipping classes because they’re sulking from a defeat…”

Moreover, Jachil Gerihil, who was the team leader for Team A as well as a proud alumnus, was absent, bringing the team battle lessons to a halt.

Their sudden avoidance of lessons wasn’t difficult to guess. It was the overwhelming defeat of Team 1. The future rulers of the kingdom, defeated by country nobles and commoners… They were too ashamed to show their faces.

“Professor Haidel!”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s Senior Jachil Gerihil. He’s gone from his room. With his belongings missing, it seems he’s fled the Academy during the night.”

Indeed, he had packed up and gone in the dead of night. And now, Professor Haidel’s lips quivered as if suppressing laughter. Had I seen that wrong?

“Really? Senior Jachil really fled? You’re joking, right?”

“No, it’s true. I also had doubts, so I asked the gatekeeper. Gerihil’s carriage arrived at the Academy last night.”

“That’s impossible…”

Some of Maltive’s supporters, who placed their trust solely in him, mumbled in disbelief. This, in turn, emboldened the ‘Ruin faction’, led by Jason.

“I knew this would happen. Did I not say? All Gerihil does is boast. They’re weak and don’t have any fighting spirit, so it’s no surprise they’d flee.”

“But you fainted the moment the duel started…”

“Hey! That, that was because I let my guard down… Hmph. Anyway, don’t try to cozy up to Ruin now. It’s too late.”

Jachil Gerihil, who delighted in creating factions, had run away, abandoning the juniors who followed him alone. Apparently, his shame was too great. It figures – he bragged loudly but was still defeated, despite using six artifacts. Somewhat understandable, but still an immature attitude.

Fleeing was a personal right, but it caused disruptions in the collective lessons. I raised my hand and asked Sir Gultair, “With the Team A leader gone, what happens to the team battle lessons?”

“We must carry on. We’ll elect a new leader.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Right. But you, take a break.”


Sir Gultair pointed behind me. “The Dean is looking for you.”

I turned to find the Dean gesturing for me.

“Go on. With Ruin involved, the balance would be off. Let’s take this chance to elect a new leader for Team B as well.”

As a result, I was also excused from the lesson. I wondered why the Dean needed me. The reason was not too hard to deduce.

In the duel with Team 1, I’d revealed the ‘Ogre’ on my back to the world. But the Dean didn’t mention the ‘Ogre’ as we walked the corridors. Instead, he started with a light-hearted joke.

“So you’ve even overcome a graduate senior now. How do you feel after defeating the kingdom’s youngest top Archmage?”

“You didn’t expect it? Oh, come on, you’re lying.”


“Dean, you were the one who invited Senior Jachil to the Academy. Didn’t you anticipate this outcome from the start?”

The Dean smiled mischievously at my question.

“Oh dear, I’ve been discovered.”

“Ha, it was obvious from the start.”

“I see. Well, you’re right. I thought it would be a good opportunity for you and for Gerihil as well. I hoped they would learn something from this.”

“Learn what?”

“I wanted to teach them humility. But, contrary to my hopes, they seem to have failed to learn, instead nurturing a desire for revenge.”

“Desire for revenge?”

The Dean paused for a moment, then continued gravely.

“The news of the duel has spread to the capital. There’s widespread talk among the nobles that Gerihil’s defeat at your hands means their downfall.”

“I see.”

This was somewhat within my expectations. But the real concern was what came next.

“Josch Gerihil will use whatever means to defend their honor. There may be danger coming your way, even attempts on your life.”

Danger. Assassination attempts.

If I were gone, Gerihil would once again be the strongest.

Understanding the implication, I nodded, prompting the Dean to drop his playful demeanor and turn serious.

“This situation arose due to my own greed, so I cannot allow you to be put in harm’s way.”

“Because of you, Dean? You only made a suggestion, I’m the one who accepted. And… I’ve managed to beat them. It’s not your fault, Dean.”

“Even so, I won’t shirk my responsibilities. As the Dean, I won’t let anything harm my students.”

“So that’s why you’re here.”


We stopped in the corridor, before a restricted area guarded by mana spirits— the staircase leading to the Academy’s underground.

What’s beneath the ground? An artifact.

The living artifact, ‘King Gram.’

“A few days ago, King Gram awoke from his slumber. The first thing he said was, ‘I smell one of my own kind.’ It seems related to you, doesn’t it?”

“Go down and see for yourself. King Gram has a gift and is waiting for you.”

King Gram. I hadn’t heard that name in a while.

The ancient Ogre I met shortly after gaining my abilities – the one who directly interacted with the world destroyer, Draka.

The same King Gram who rated me a unique ‘100 points’ on the test and then went into hibernation, sleeping for a long time.

It seems he’s woken up because of me. Because I gave off ‘the scent of his own kind’…

The Dean asked, “Why don’t you question it?”

“Question what?”

“That out of nowhere you have an ogre latched onto your back. There’s no such magic in this world that can turn a human into an ogre. Aren’t you curious?”

“I am curious. But I’m also not.”

“What do you mean?”

“If there’s such a thing as an ogre that speaks human language, somewhere there might be humans commanding the illusions of ogres, could there not?”

Ah, I see.

But I understood the Dean’s sentiment better than anyone.

“Whether you come with an ogre in tow, or a goblin head… The Ruin Ardel I know is always a student I can trust. That’s reason enough.”

“…Thank you.”

The Dean continued to trust me.

“Go down quickly. King Gram eagerly awaits you.”

With a nod, I descended the staircase to the underground of the Academy, where King Gram, an entombed artifact, slept.

Upon seeing me again after months, King Gram bluntly exclaimed. [Little destroyer, just what has happened?]

His abrupt inquiry startled me, and I hesitated. Noticing my pause, he materialized from the platinum statue, physically appearing in front of me.

“You exude a mighty scent of power. You’ve become much stronger during our time apart. Unbelievably and rapidly so! Even Draka didn’t grow this strong so fast.”

“I’m human, and my time is limited. So I need to grow stronger faster. Still many out there detest me.”

“Hmm, such a dense scent of power… And this? The scent of my homeland’s Sky Mountain, and… the scent of my father, the clan chief Kunkan.”

King Gram’s gaze settled on my gauntlet, his eyes lighting up as he asked, “Where did this item come from?”

“I received it from the Tower of the Empire. It was the fang of the first clan chief, Kunkan. Holding it, I ventured to Sky Mountain. There, with the help of the ogres, it was crafted into this knuckle.”

“You visited Sky Mountain?!” Shocked by the name, King Gram asked, “How is it? Is it still the same?”

For an artifact alive yet confined within the Academy without stepping outside, news of his homeland must be deeply desired.

I replied with a wide smile, “Yes, it’s safe.”

We then talked about my experiences in Sky Mountain – a sanctuary untouched by human footsteps, encased in a barrier. I shared stories about the life of the ogres I met and even about my arm-wrestling matches with 100 ogres.

Listening quietly to the tales, King Gram’s expression grew heavy with sorrowful tears or beamed with hearty laughter, filled with the joy of hearing about his homeland.

Feeling content after all my stories, King Gram wiped away tears and spoke.

“I never imagined I’d hear of my homeland again while I’m trapped within this artifact until my demise. Little destroyer, you’ve been my blessing, my savior.”

“It’s nothing.”

Then, a notification chimed.

[You have achieved an achievement.] [The title ‘Friend of the Ogres’ has been upgraded to ‘Ogre Sovereign’.]

An achievement accomplished and the title ‘Ogre Sovereign’, curiously updated.

King Gram declared, “Ogres always repay their debts, even in the face of pain worse than death.”

“You are my benefactor. As a token of my gratitude for sharing stories of home, I will give you a gift.”

With those words, a plethora of notifications appeared before my eyes.


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