Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 107


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 107 – Sword Ferito

Sword Ferito.

It refers to a knight of at least 4 stars; a ‘prepared knight’ who can handle aura.

Once one reaches this realm, the color of the aura changes according to proficiency.

4 stars emit a blue color.

5 stars, red.

From 6 stars onwards, it approaches purple.

And beyond that realm, one is not limited by specific colors.

The aura faintly enveloping Hanson’s wooden sword now was a deep blue.


《4-Star Knight – Apprentice Sword Ferito》

《Potential: Very High》

This was evidence that Hanson had become a ‘4-Star Knight.’

“…Ha, Hanson can handle aura?”

This was enough to astonish the forty or so trainee knights who were observing the duel.

“No, it can’t be…

“How can a weakling like Hanson handle aura… Even I can’t control it yet.”

The average skill level of the trainee knights was 3 stars.

In other words, among active knights who had finished their knight’s pledge, many had not reached 4 stars.

In this sense, Hanson’s current display was.

“This is a miracle. It’s supposed to be impossible…


It was close to what they called a ‘miracle’.

However, I knew.

This ‘miracle’ was not something that had come by chance one day; it was the result of Hanson’s own brave efforts.

And Hanson.

“Don’t ever give up. Hanson.”

Could write another miracle.


As soon as I finished speaking, Maltive’s wooden sword clashed with Hanson’s in mid-air.

Despite being wooden swords, the clashing made a metallic sound due to the aura being handled by Hanson and Maltive.

Like Hanson’s blue aura, a thick aura was also emanating from Maltive’s wooden sword.

Maltive was equally taken aback by such a situation.

“Cough! You… peasant brat! What kind of trick is this?”

“…Trick? What trick?”

“You are handling aura? Impossible. Was it magic cast by Luin Ardele?”

“No, it’s not like that!”

“You really think you’re a Sword Ferito? A weakling like you, on the same level as me?”


Despite Hanson having very high potential and showing rapid growth,

Maltive had reached 4 stars a while ago and already wielded aura relatively skillfully.

Moreover, he had significantly superior physical strength.

“Peasant brat… Know your place. Who do you think you’re swinging a sword at!”


The balance broke in a duel that had been equal to that point.

Maltive quickly retracted his sword, redirecting the force of Hanson’s head-on attack, causing Hanson to lose his balance and stumble forward.

Seizing the opportunity, Maltive spun his body around and swung his wooden sword fiercely.


“Just crumple to the floor!”


Although it was a wooden sword, it was imbued with aura, and therefore, it had lethal force.

The aura grazed Hanson’s shoulder, leaving a clear wound.

Yet, encouragingly, despite receiving a sword wound, Hanson’s gaze became only more fierce.

“What’s with that look?”

The fear from years of enduring assault.

The pressure of confronting the powerful.

The slight hesitation affected by these emotions.


As if shaking them off, Hanson took a deep breath.

After casting off the remaining ‘hesitation’, a venomous intent briefly flitted through his eyes.

This venom created another miracle.

“Luin is different from you.”


“Though Luin is also a noble like you, he is entirely a different person. A selfish one like you is noble? The son of the kingdom’s most distinguished knight? Don’t make me laugh. You’re just a spoiled brat who was lucky to be born in a good family!”

He began to confront him head-on.

“What, you brat? After seeing blood, have you lost your mind now…”

“I’ve wanted to tell you this since my first day at the academy. You say Luin who hangs out with peasants lacks pedigree? No. In my eyes, it’s you who relies on your father’s background and have no true pedigree.”

Hanson said to me.

“Luin, I’m sorry I didn’t stand up sooner. I was… too afraid. But now, I’m not afraid anymore. You’re right. I resent myself for being scared of someone like him.”

And then.

“Thank you, Luin.”

Finally overcoming the emotions that held him back, I gave Hanson a thumbs up.

Nice! That’s exactly it, Hanson.

But, did we take too long?

“Where are you looking now?”


Maltive did not seem intent on hearing Hanson out.

He had already lost his mind.

With eyes full of murderous intent, he unleashed his aura with all his might and lunged at Hanson.

“Die, you bastard.”

His wooden sword aimed for Hanson’s throat.

He truly intended to kill.


The scene of Maltive’s wooden sword aiming for Hanson’s throat seemed to play out in slow motion, as if it were caught in a spell.

Ah… No.

In a hurry, I reached out to subdue Maltive, while the knight Gulte also leapt forward to block Maltive’s attack.


“It’s over.”

We were too late.

Whoooosh! Boom!

Before Gulte and I could intervene, a powerful sword wind burst forth between the two, whipping up a fierce wind.

The wind quickly brought a sandstorm along with it, and in a blink of an eye, dust shrouded the surroundings.

“Ha, Hanson!”


Within that dust cloud stood a solitary figure.

I quickly cut through the dust and sprang forward, but stopped abruptly in shock.


In surprise.

Hanson stood, seemingly unharmed.


The feared disaster did not happen.

The person standing unscathed was not Maltive; it was Hanson.

“……Cough, cough!”

Contrarily, Maltive, who had attacked Hanson with the intent to kill, lay on the ground with a serious wound in his abdomen.

I asked.

“……Hanson. Did you do this?”

In response, Hanson silently nodded.

A moment ago.

The master of the powerful wind that shook the entire arena was not Maltive, but Hanson.


A swift sword strike that had escaped my notice in an instant.

Hanson had grown several times stronger than when he had swiftly ended the life of a gang leader with a single thrust.

The speed of this growth was unimaginably fast.

“Cease the duel!”

Knight Gulte Pirante urgently ordered the cessation of the duel, and the waiting healers entered the dueling area.

At the same time, the quiet arena grew noisy.

“What, what just happened?”

“Hanson beat Maltive? That commoner, Hanson?”

“Is he really the same kid we knew?”

But Hanson, looking indifferently at Maltive groaning on the floor and his own wooden sword,

I approached Hanson and asked.

“Are you alright?”

At that moment, Hanson spoke.



“Look at this.”

Hanson indicated the wooden sword he was holding.

From the wooden sword, for a mere fleeting moment, a ‘red’ aura flickered and then faded away.

The oldest son of the noble House of Gerihill famed for magic, Jackal Gerihill.

Maltive Gegen, the only son of the commander of the Golden Knights, Benegras Gegen.

Their shocking defeats.

Such events could send all the nobles of the capital into panic, not just those at the academy.

Everything stemmed largely from ‘political’ reasons.

“…No, then what happens to us? We’re not going to end up like a dog chasing its tail, are we?”

“What’s there to say! It’s all ruined! How much money have I poured into Benegras over the years for my son… To be defeated by a commoner!”

“It’s the same with Gerihill! Even Jackal Gerihill was defeated by that Luin Ardele… Now the era of Gerihill is over!”

Gerihill maintained its ‘magic noble family’ status, and

Benegras Gegen had been worshiped as the strongest knight in the kingdom. All were bolstered by medium-sized nobles hoping for a share of their riches.

However, the tide was turning unfavorably.

They may call Gerihill the best right now, but in 10 years, or even 5 years, when their children are the center of the country, there’s no guarantee it will remain so.

The title of honor among mages has already begun to lean towards ‘Ardele,’ and

in swordsmanship, with the defeat of Maltive Gegen, once called the only hope since Gulte Pirante, the authority had crumbled to the ground.

In the midst of this, confirming the reality that this commoner knight was wholly a ‘Luin Ardele’ man,

the answer was clear.

“…We must switch sides now. To Ardele.”

To abandon both Gerihill and Gegen,

and to switch to Ardele as soon as possible was the only way to guarantee a future.

Yet, there was a fatal problem.

“Ardele? Hold on. Delin Ardele, the head of Ardele, doesn’t take money. Then how will we switch?”

Delin Ardele, the head of House Ardele, was notoriously incorruptible.

“There is no one who hates money. There is no money in a rural area like Ardele. Just shove it deep down his throat so he can’t spit it out.”

“There is such a person who hates money… And rumors say that Ardele’s financial situation has improved a lot lately…”

“Don’t talk so much! Just stuff it down his throat. Hire a thief to secretly fill his coffers, or load up a cart full of years’ worth of food and send it off to Ardele for good. Whatever it takes, just make sure to get your approval stamped! Even the twin princes are siding with Luin Ardele… There’s no future for Gerihill any longer! Get it?!”

“…Are you talking about me?”

“Hm? What do you mean? We’re discussing the very important matter of Gerihill’s downfall… eek! Jo, Jo, Jo, Jorsh Councilor!”

Jorsh Gerihill.

As the head of House Gerihill suddenly appeared, all the gathered nobles froze on the spot.

“Gerihill faces ruin… a very interesting story. Go on, tell me. I’m listening.”

“Ah, ha… that’s, I didn’t realize you were listening, Councilor, and I merely misspoke…”

“Misspoke without realizing I was listening? Had I not been there, you would have raved on about Gerihill’s downfall all night, right?”

“Everyone listen. Since the founding of the Radiant Kingdom, when has Gerihill not been master?”

“Well, never.”

“The glory of Gerihill has continued for centuries, right!”

“Yes. History speaks no lies, and this time will be no different. Don’t bother with such needless worries and go to sleep instead. Do you understand?”

“Yes, of course!”

The nobles quickly bowed and turned away, but Jorsh Gerihill spoke again.

“If I hear another story similar to this one, next time, we won’t let it slide so easily. Do you understand?”

Despite the evident threat, none of the gathered nobles dared to contest it.


They are known to always get what they desire and to erase those who oppose them.

It is well understood by all.

“Just nod yes, and walk if asked to walk.”


Jorsh Gerihill, the head of House Gerihill, clenched his fist in suppressed anger.

Luin Ardele.

Intended as a sacrifice to raise the fame of Jackal and Mikel, but now their name was dragged through the mud.

To redeem the honor that had come crashing down, he would have to act personally.

He must kill.


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