Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 105


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 105: The All-Powerful Mage

Indeed, it was just yesterday.

The first day the knight-linked classes began.

In front of all the gathered students, Professor Ha Idel posed a question:

“In a desperate situation where a mage is forced to confront a knight of 5 stars or higher at an inescapable range… what must the mage do?”

But no one readily raised their hand to answer…

So, the professor singled out one individual.

“Jackill Garyhill. What’s your answer?”

Jackill Garyhill responded:

“I would create distance with a teleport, or use a restraint spell with a short casting time to bind their feet.”

The professor replied, unimpressed.

“A textbook answer, indeed.”

“All solutions to problems are written in books, after all.”

“No. I didn’t expect a cliché answer from a book. I anticipated a response from a ‘mage’ who graduated from the academy and faced actual combat. As you know, there’s a big difference between books and reality.”

“The book does not consider the levels of knights, focusing only from the perspective of mages. But I set the condition to face a knight of 5 stars or more. Using a half-hearted restraining spell on a skilled knight might lock their feet, but their sword energy would soon have you cut to pieces. Any other opinions?”

Books and the real world are different.

Jackill Garyhill, who prided himself on his extensive combat experience, failed to offer another answer when faced with the professor’s question.

The arrow of inquiry was then passed to someone else.

“Ruin Ardel. What’s your answer?”

To me.

The answer I gave wasn’t perfect.

But I am confident.

At least.

“I would break it.”

“…Break it? Break what, exactly?”

“One of two things: the ‘sword’ or the ‘jaw.’ One of them will surely break. Maybe even both.”

It was the closest to a correct answer for me.

Absurd as it may seem, the professor seemed to like it a lot.

“…I have met many students over the years, but I’ve never heard such a bizarre answer. Yet, it’s appealingly refreshing.”

Professor Ha Idel chuckled with interest, and class came to a close.

Today, the very next day after the professor’s question, the same situation unfolded before us.


“I got it!”

Hanson charged toward Jackill Garyhill, who was casting spells from behind.

“Ruin! Die!”

Maltive came rushing toward me with the intensity to kill, completing his preparations to swing his wooden sword.

Two knights were targeting two mages.

There were two different answers to one question.

Indeed, whose answer was correct?

Though Jackill Garyhill’s answer was criticized as ‘textbook-like,’ it wasn’t wrong.

Regrettably, Hanson wasn’t a high-ranking knight of 5 stars or more, and Jackill Garyhill boasted a terrifying magic, owning no less than six artifacts.

“Is this all?”

Jackill Garyhill quickly created distance with his teleport and succeeded in tying Hanson’s feet by freezing the ground where he once stood.

If this weren’t the Arena Hall, which reduces magical power by more than 99%, Hanson might have frozen solid down to his heart.

“You made such a fuss over a training knight of this level?”

Huh? Ruin? Speak up.”

Jackill Garyhill’s tactic was rudimentary: rely solely on artifacts and simply press down with magic.

With a single wide-area restraining spell, he managed to freeze Hanson’s feet, forcefully repelling Jason who was trying to free him.

“Yesterday, you boasted so confidently. Why the sudden silence now, huh?”

And finally, Frozen Tree.

The vines that surged up from beneath my feet entangled my legs completely, restricting my movement.

Before the overwhelming magic of Jackill Garyhill, the atmosphere tipped quickly in favor of ‘Garyhill’s Side.’

“Wow! Did you see that? How super fast the casting is?”

“It’s the youngest chief court mage for a reason! He used three spells in an instant!”

A domain impossible for a 5th class mage.

Considering that he showcased even double casting, it seemed he might wear even more extraordinary artifacts than expected.

“Maltive! Hurry up and beat that annoying brat!”

Completely entwined by vines, unable to move and left helpless, Maltive seized the opportunity to charge at me.

But with composure, I raised both fists to guard.

My answer.

‘Break it.’

Whether it’s a sword or a jaw.

I was ready to break whatever touched me.

But what?

“You’re going to try to break it? Try it if you can!”

If only Maltive knew a bit about me, he’d know that such a wooden sword could be split as easily as a toothpick.

Instead, Maltive dove in headfirst as if to taunt me, daring me to break it.



“Hah, can’t break it, can you?”

When my fist met Maltive’s wooden sword, there was a sound not of wood but like steel clashing.

That’s when I understood why he confidently moved straight on.

“This is steel. Your fist will break before it does.”

That bastard.

He had brought a steel club disguised as a wooden sword.

When the professors checked it before the duel, it was made of wood.

How does it turn to steel when he wields it?

A necklace I hadn’t seen on him before caught my eye. Undoubtedly another artifact.

“Uh-ha! Did your fist break first?”

As I clenched my tingling fist, Maltive prematurely assumed I had broken my hand and raised his ‘sword’ high.

“Then get ready to be beaten!”

I couldn’t move as my legs were bound.

My right fist ‘broken.’

No way out.

Assured of their victory and my defeat, they unleashed an unpleasant laugh, and that’s when a thought struck me.

I must break either the sword or the jaw.


I dodged the merciless descent of the steel club that could have easily crushed my skull. Using only the ‘strength’ of my lower body, I ripped and escaped the entangling vines.

Clutching the iron club brushing past my shoulder, I exerted explosive force.


“…You, you… how could you T-”

As the skreeking sound of contracting metal filled the air, my skill, Steel Destruction, activated.


In an instant, the wooden sword’s blade shattered into pieces, and Maltive’s face distorted.

“Steel… you broke it!”

“I find that expression quite pleasing.”



That horrified expression.

I delivered a refreshing blow to the tip of Maltive’s jaw.


With just a touch, it explodes.

As soon as my fist met Maltive’s jaw, he was blown away, surrounded by a cloud of dust.


He flew like an arrow, crashing into the wall of the Arena Hall.

“I told you. Either the sword would break or the jaw.”

“…Cough, cough!”

Maltive spat out blood but didn’t seem to lose consciousness.

Luckily for him.

His defeat wasn’t my responsibility.

I sprang forward, breaking the ice binding Hanson, and Jackill Garyhill laughed in disbelief.

“Wow… can’t believe it? Ogre-like strength. Just as I’ve heard. You’re impressively strong.”

“But… that’s as far as you go.”


With a snap of his fingers, Jackill Garyhill sent ice arrows the size of spears flying at me.

I hastily erected a mana barrier, but his relentless magic was…

“Hahahahaha! Everyone, watch closely! See how Ruin Ardel falls!”

His madness reflected in his spells.

Ping! Ping! Ping-ping!

Abnormal ice arrows relentlessly peppered my mana barrier beyond its limits.

Hanson tried to seize the moment to attack Jackill, but the nearly miraculous double casting from the latter gave no room, pummeling magic ceaselessly.

“Uh-ha! Isn’t it incredible? Almost feels like I’m the Flame King Theron himself!”

Flame King Theron.

A borderland mage who could kill with just a glance.

Personally, not a character I’m fond of, yet not something a mage like Jackill Garyhill should recklessly invoke.

Compared to the Flame King, Jackill is simply an unworthy whelp.

However, the ‘six’ artifacts he wielded heightened this whelp’s confidence.

A total of six.

This inflated the somewhat decent talent of Jackill Garyhill into something tremendous.

6th class.

Perhaps even beyond, resembling an upper-class mage.

“Ruin Ardel. You’re known for ‘magic emission disorder,’ right? A mage who can’t attack from a distance… what will you do about this? I have no intention of getting hit by your infamous fists.”

It was dangerous to continue like this.

Therefore, I had to make a choice, and it didn’t take long.

My gaze fell to my palm.


“Uh, hm?”

“Leave this to me, go handle Maltive.”


Right, the gloves on my hand.

‘Kunkan’s Moral Knuckles.’

Yes, I knew.

Fakes can’t beat the real thing.

No matter how much those imitation artifacts struggle, they can’t win against me when I embody the artifact itself.

As I put strength into my clinched fist with the knuckles, crimson smoke billowed out, enveloping me.

Skill, Chieftain’s Will.

The crimson smoke rose behind me, forming the massive figure of an ogre.

An enormous ogre emerged out of nowhere in the middle of the academy.

“What the heck is that?!”

“Run! Everybody run!”

“An ogre! An ogre!”

Indeed, enough to shock everyone.

Not just the students watching but the professors as well.


Even the Gallant Sir Gultor instinctively drew his sword.

“What on earth…”

This reaction wasn’t exclusive to the students and the professors; even those from ‘Garyhill’ were no different.

“You… what kind of creature are you?”

Jackill Garyhill’s eyes widened as he staggered back.

The ultimate predator among monsters.


This hulking figure, easily twice the height of a regular ogre, exuded an aura no ordinary person could challenge.

Overwhelming fear.

They asked me, “Are you really a mage?”

Well then, I shall answer.

Yes, I am a mage.


…I am a mage who’s all-in on strength.


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