Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 104


Mightiest Melee Magician

The 104th episode of “All Might Magician”

This year’s knightly training program hosted by the Academy has garnered significant interest throughout the kingdom, far beyond the Academy itself.

Here’s the reason why it couldn’t be helped.

“Sir Vengrass!”

“No, what brings you, Commissioner Zorsc, all the way to the royal palace?”

“What brings me here? My head has been a mess dealing with my children’s issues, so I came to seek advice from you, sir.”

“For the wisest sage in the kingdom to seek advice from an ignorant brute like me in swordsmanship? That cannot be. Ha! Please, come inside nonetheless.”

Zorsc Geryhil, the leading councilor of Radiant Kingdom’s Tower of Mages and the kingdom’s Guardian from the Geryhil House.

Not to mention the children of the Golden Knights’ commander, Vengrass Gegen.

Jackil, Mikel, Maltiv – they are all present at the Academy.

“I have heard the news about Jackil. He’s been invited to give a special lecture at the Academy as a representative of the graduates, hasn’t he?”

“Yes. This year, we assumed that Geryhil would be entirely excluded from the special lectures, but surprisingly, Dean Tirion Ignite personally invited him.”

“It’s a matter that doesn’t even merit concern. Without Geryhil, who could the Academy find worthy to give a special lecture on magic? Even that fastidious dean had no option but to recognize this. Sometimes, I think our guardian, who seems to have the magic world at his fingertips, is overly modest.”

“You flatter me. And Maltiv, is he doing well?”

“Yes, he is. But he’s been such trouble, with all his mischief. In fact, I had already sent a request to Gulta Pirante to tame him, sending him to Foldown. Hmm… he might even be at the Academy by now.”

“Actually, that is why I’m here.”

“You mean because of the Academy?”


The capital of the Radiant Kingdom.

Even within that city, the two sat face to face in the most secluded part of the palace gardens.

One represents the sword.

The other represents magic.

Two absolute powers dividing the kingdom, having a private meeting in the palace, was an unusual occurrence.

What could this be about?

What matter of importance could have brought these two together?

But to anyone who delves into their conversation, it would seem laughably trivial.

Still, the two of them maintained an unnecessary seriousness.

“So, this concerns the Academy… Yes. I can guess what it might be. It regards that magician who has garnered favor from the princes, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. No need to discuss it further.”

“He’s been the talk of the town to such an extent that I even remember his name. Ruin Ardell. The bumpkin who won the Grand Tournament and attracted the attention of the empire.”


When Vengrass Gegen referred to Ruin Ardell as a ‘bumpkin’, Zorsc Geryhil smiled, seemingly pleased, as if he thought the conversation might go swiftly.

And this expectation turned out to be accurate.

“If a guy who had nothing to his name starts to hold something, he tends to jump around even more presumptuously, not knowing his place. It must be especially troublesome since he’s in the same graduating class as Mikel.”

“If only my children were more remarkable, it wouldn’t be a problem… but the situation is indeed a headache.”

“It’s not just a problem for Geryhil. It concerns the entire kingdom. Some country bumpkin suddenly appears, stirring up filthy water like a slippery loach.”

“I appreciate your saying so.”

Both of them wish to maintain their positions of power.

Nor do they want to see the rise of a new third force.

That’s why Vengrass Gegen expressed what Zorsc Geryhil had in mind.

“The princes are completely taken with the fellow… What is this country coming to… Tsk.”

“Yes. I’ve also been losing sleep, worrying about the state of the country. That’s why I sought you out in person.”

“Oh, do you perhaps have a good idea?”

“We must stop him. Shouldn’t we prevent him from causing more trouble and stealing the princes’ attention, as he has been doing? As loyal servants truly concerned for our nation, we must.”

“Indeed. You couldn’t have spoken better. I’ve heard talks of appointing Ruin Ardell as the next guardian of the kingdom… No honest noble who truly has the kingdom’s interests at heart would acknowledge such an upstart as a guardian.”

“So, I do have a good idea.”

“…What would that be?”

“In the knightly classes, there is a group duel assignment, isn’t there?”

“That’s true.”

“It happens that my children and Maltiv are in one group and will confront Ruin Ardell.”

“Oh, is that so? But how did you come to know so quickly?”

“I sent word by mana train and keep abreast of developments through the crystal sphere connected to the Academy. But I’ve heard a peculiar tale that even you might find interesting.”

“Peculiar tale?”

“Yes. But I’m wondering where to start with this story…”

“What’s the nature of this story…?”

Zorsc Geryhil’s expression grew solemn and Vengrass, growing anxious, urged him to continue.

“Get to the point. Please tell me.”

“Bolvar Fenton. You’re familiar with that name, aren’t you?”

At the unanticipated mention of the name, Vengrass Gegen’s face hardened like stone.

“Why do you bring up that name all of a sudden?”

“They say he’s alive. And in Rodel.”


How could he not know the name?

Bolvar Fenton.

His fellow trainee from the Royal Academy and comrade in the Golden Knights.

Yet despite being peers, they weren’t of the same ‘class.’

Bolvar Fenton was always several steps ahead.

He excelled in all Academy achievements and progressed at a rapid pace.

No matter how hard Vengrass tried to stand out, Bolvar Fenton was firmly in his way.

Vengrass could only lurk in the shadow of the knight known as Bolvar Fenton.

That had been his dark days, practically a nightmare.

“I thought he was dead when you said he had passed away.”

“But I was certain he was dead…”

Vengrass Gegen asked, his voice quivering as though he had seen a ghost.

“Why is he in Rodel?”

“He’s serving as a knight commander there. Why someone so distinguished is rotting away in the countryside, I’m not sure. But listen to what’s more concerning:”

“Ruin Ardell was taught the sword by Bolvar Fenton. Apparently, his talent is remarkable—he even managed to fend off and dodge Gulta Pirante’s sword.”

“Gulta’s sword?”

To parry the sword of a 6-star knight?

This was a matter of a whole different level.

On top of that, Ruin Ardell was trained by Bolvar Fenton?

Although initially inclined to just humor Zorsc Geryhil, the situation now called for more than a mere show of support.

It had to be stopped.

Anxious, Vengrass Gegen asked:

“How do you plan to stop this fellow? What is this good idea you mentioned?”

“I’ve heard that you possess a remarkable artifact, Sir Vengrass…”

“…Are you referring to my Amulet of Fortitude?”


The Amulet of Fortitude.

An item that strengthens and sharpens a weapon, fashioned as a necklace for easy carrying.

When wielded, it fortifies the weapon’s material.

Transforming wood or copper into steel.

And in steel, it enables aura to be absorbed more solidly.

“Pass it along to Maltiv.”

If Maltiv carried the amulet even with a wooden sword, it would possess a solidity beyond a metal cudgel, capable of breaking bones at the slightest touch.

“…Are you suggesting we cheat?”

“What’s important isn’t the method, right? We need to catch the troublesome loach before the whole kingdom falls prey to him. We must stamp him out now, before we have to step in directly. It’s an excellent opportunity for your children to win back the princes’ attention.”

“Though I know you to be one of the most upright nobles, just think of the kingdom’s future. I have already sent artifacts to Jackil and Mikel.”

Vengrass Gegen.

He took off the necklace around his neck and handed it to Zorsc Geryhil.

“For the sake of our kingdom.”

The decision was made quickly, without much hesitation.

My ear is itching.

Is someone talking about me?

Well, considering those currently in front of me, they probably spent the whole night speaking ill of me.

But what’s this uneasiness?

“Ruin. Have you prepared well?”

Until yesterday, my senior graduate, who was always boastfully showing off, took the trouble to come and ask me how I was doing.

And not just in a relaxed manner, but genuinely, his face full of ease.

“What’s this? Why the sudden concern for me?”

“Hmm. It seems our junior is a bit too full of himself… I was going to go easy on you until yesterday, but that has changed.”

“So you’re going to show your true skills? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Right. Get ready. It would be terribly embarrassing if you messed up in front of your friends, who think you’re the strongest in the continent.”

“Hey, Ruin. You dared to insult me and my father? Be ready. I won’t let it end with just the duel.”

I knew.

If someone with the name ‘Geryhil’ was acting this confident, they must be hiding something dirty behind it.

I can already smell the stench.

“Is everyone ready?”


And the reason why Jackil is so relaxed.

The reason why Maltiv Gegen reveals such confidence, almost absurdly so.

“Start the duel!”

At the start of the duel, I could tell immediately.

Swoosh! Swoosh!


Maltiv Gegen charged, his simple wooden sword emitting a heavy swoosh sound that should not have been possible.

And behind him, Jackil Geryhil, at an incredible speed, completes his incantation, casting a binding spell on my ankles.

《Jackil Geryhil》

《5th Class Mage》

《Potential: High》

《Note: Carrying 6 concealed artifacts》

“…Artifacts, huh?”

Including the artifacts revealed by player sight.

All doubts turned into conviction.

And my intention to ‘play it by ear’ vanished.

“With six artifacts… How desperately did they want to win?”

It’s utterly ridiculous.

Artifacts, all six…

It’s clear they gathered every available artifact they could use.

No wonder he was loaded with all sorts of stuff… Tsk.

But those are mere magical tools, pale imitations of true ‘artifacts.’

The real ‘artifacts’ are here, separate.

I raised my fists in a guard stance.

And as Maltiv rushed towards me, I lunged at him.


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