Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 101


Mightiest Melee Magician

The Full Power Wizard Chapter 110

The next day.

Approximately 110 academy wizards and about 40 Foldren trainee knights.

Everyone had gathered in one place.

Was it because of yesterday’s commotion during their first meeting?

“Man, this is really awkward…”

Among the 160 gathered individuals, antagonism rather than interest in each other prevailed.

Suspicion dominated over curiosity.

It was at that moment of appropriate tension spreading across the sparring ground when:

“Attention, everyone!”

The two professors leading the main lesson stepped forward.

As it was a joint lesson for wizards and knights, naturally, there were two instructors.

Professor Heidel of combat magic and Sir Guelter Pirante, the leader of the Foldren knights.

The lesson had begun.

“Before we start the main lesson, let’s decide on partners. As you might have heard, there are 114 from the academy and 48 trainee knights, making a total of 162. We will divide them into two large teams and further into 54 groups of three people each.”

The first part of the lesson:

The forming of two teams and groups of three.

The two teams were to prepare for a joint mock battle later, and the smaller teams were for convenience in various duels and training activities.

“First, we must divide the teams… Zacil Gerihil, the graduating student representative, and Ruin Ardel, the student representative, will serve as the captains of the two teams. Everyone should move to the team captain of their choice.”

As Zacil Gerihil and I stepped forward, the other students split into two distinct teams.

Two teams of 81 members each.

The academy, already at odds over who was better or stronger, had split itself right down the middle.

“The teams have been divided, and next

is forming the groups. With two wizards and one knight per group, we’ll split into a total of 54 groups. When the trainee knights come forward, students who wish to join them should raise their hands.”

Next was the process of forming groups.

Two wizards, one knight.

54 groups of three.

The wizards would seek out trainee knights to form groups, where Zacil and Maltive’s ‘network of connections’ started to come into play.

“Bro, I really didn’t want to come to this sort of thing. Interdisciplinary lessons with wizards, what a joke… What’s there to learn from them? Just came for nothing and got an earful from the captain.”

“I graduated a while ago… I don’t know what I’m doing with these juniors. It’s so annoying.”

“Haha, really though, bro. How about we just partner up and get it over with quickly?”

“Oh, good idea. Let’s get Mikel to join us and form a team of three.”

“Sounds good.”

Zacil and Mikel Gerihil brothers and Maltive Gegen.

The three of them decided to form a team and proceed with the lesson.

Of course, for me, it couldn’t have worked out better.

After all, I bore a grudge against all three of them.

At that moment, Jason asked me,

“Ruin, who are you going to team up with? Do you already have a trainee knight in mind?”


“Oh, really? Who is it?”

“You’ll see soon.”

Just as I had finished speaking, it was Hanson’s turn.

“Next! Hanson!”

“Yes, sir!”

Hanson seemed very nervous as he walked forward, his eyes flickering.

“I am… I am Hanson, a trainee knight from Foldren. If anyone wishes to be in the same group as me, please… please raise your hand…”

That’s when it happened.

“Ha! It’s commoner Hanson, right? The one who’s last in the training academy’s rankings?”

“If we end up in a group with that guy, the results are crystal clear.”

“Oh, the bottom ranker, confirmed. Hahaha.”

“Quiet everyone!”

The trainee knights, who appeared to be Maltive Gegen’s cronies, started mocking Hanson, and the atmosphere instantly turned frosty.

It was obvious bullying.

In such a situation, who would want to group with Hanson?

Naturally, no wizard raised their hand, and Hanson’s flickering eyes lost their sparkle.

That’s when I raised my hand.

“I’ll do it.”


Students who hadn’t seen yesterday’s commotion questioned my unexpected choice.

Jason, who was by my side, held my arm and asked,

“Hey, they’re saying he’s the worst in the training academy. Are you really going to be in the same group?”

“Yeah, he’s a friend.”

“A friend, really?”

“Yeah. I don’t expect you to make the same choices as me, Jason. So you should do what you want.”

“Man, I’m hurt… If he’s your friend, then he’s my friend too.”

Jason quickly stood up and raised his hand.

“Me too! I’m in!”

“Good. Ruin Ardel, Jason Damon, Hanson. You three are Team 31.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hanson, whose spirits had been flagging under Jason and my selection, seemed to revive a bit.

He then bowed to me and Jason.

“Thank you for choosing me, Ruin… Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it. I wanted it.”

“My name is Jason. If you’re Ruin’s friend, you’re my friend, so let’s drop the formalities, okay?”

“What? Uh, sure.”

My reason for choosing Hanson as a teammate.

It wasn’t just simple sympathy.

Although I wasn’t devoid of a feeling similar to pity, seeing a reflection of my past in the situation Hanson was in…

I believed in the enormous potential Hanson held.

The first day I met Hanson, I had a hunch about this young boy, and it wasn’t wrong.

Hanson possesses the highest potential among the trainee knights.

If he could just overcome his timid nature, he would surely blossom in skill.

And if possible, I wanted to be the one to help him spread his wings.

After all, we had a common enemy to defeat together.

And the humble meal I had enjoyed thanks to Hanson’s sister was quite to my liking.

“Our goal isn’t just to achieve good results.”

“What, then?”

“To trample over Team 1.”

Team 1.

Zacil, Mikel, Maltive.

A group that stood out with individuals of exceptional individual power.

Jason clapped his hands in amusement at my word.

“Oh! I like the sound of that.”

“Hanson, are you confident?”


Startled by my statement about trampling Team 1, Hanson quickly firmed his gaze and said,

“I’ll do my best.”

“Don’t get discouraged. Saying you were stronger than Maltive wasn’t a bluff.”



“Ruin has an eye for people. Winning 4th place in the grand competition with us who always came in last has already proved his judgment. So, Hanson. Even if Ruin says orc intelligence is higher than humans, you can trust it.”

“Oh… Okay.”

Alright, it seems we Team 31 are sufficiently united now.

What’s next?

Time to focus on the lesson.

The first class was offense and defense training.

Sir Guelter Pirante taught how to suppress a wizard’s critical weakness by exploiting the timing of spell casting.

Professor Heidel taught knights how to predict movements and effectively escape the range of attacks.

“Now, let’s start the practical training.”

The groups proceeded to train in the same manner as instructed.

Wizards, of course, could not use lethal magic but defended themselves using non-lethal magic.

Knights wielded wooden swords in place of real ones.

But if they can’t even protect themselves properly, how could they understand the roles of knights and wizards and train effectively?

“Wait a sec! Ouch, I’m hit.”

“Again. Let me try attacking one more time.”

Such disorganized groups littered the field.

Our Team 31 was no different.

“…Are you sure it’s okay for me to attack?”

“Of course, it’s training, isn’t it? Go ahead and attack comfortably. I’ll dodge everything.”

“Alright, here I go.”

Hanson attacked, and Jason defended.

However, Jason’s understanding of a knight’s movements was woefully inadequate, and due to his timidity, Hanson couldn’t mount an effective offense.

“Ow! It hurts…”

“Sorry, are you okay?”

I began to correct the movements of Jason and Hanson.

“Jason. If you only react after the knight charges, it’s already too late. You have to predict movements in advance by watching the shoulders and feet.”

“…Like this?”

“Much better. Hanson, you can’t give any openings. Don’t hesitate and strike since it’s just a wooden sword.”

“Got it!”

Slowly, a pattern began to form in Jason’s defense.

Hanson, now less tense, gradually revealed his true abilities.

Ten minutes after the lesson started, our group was the only one among the 54 that maintained a decent form in the offensive and defensive exercise.

“Heh, hek… Ruin. It’s your turn.”

I stepped in to swap places with Jason, now facing Hanson.

“You don’t need to rest?”

“No. I’m starting to get into it.”

“Good. Let’s begin.”

Facing Hanson, I prepared a casting pose.

A duel against a knight with a wooden sword, haven’t I experienced it countless times?

Stronger than ‘Bengrass Gegen,’ the knight rated to be the strongest in the kingdom.

The unofficial number one knight, the Tiger of Ardel, Sir Bolvar.

Based on my experiences of facing his sword, I evaded Hanson’s strikes.

“Move quicker, Hanson.”


“You’re too slow. If you were trying to target my lower body, the move was too obvious. You need to deceive me.”

I could see it.

To exaggerate a bit, it felt as if it was happening in slow motion.

This wasn’t to say that Hanson’s performance was particularly poor.

While Hanson, poorly rated as the worst trainee knight, was showing increasing proficiency and grasping the offensive and defensive lesson quite well…

It’s only because the sparring with Sir Bolvar was so harrowing that everything else felt slow in comparison.

Truly, an overwhelming movement.

Hanson, with his nervousness fully dispelled and composure completed in the duel, even broke into a smile of enjoyment.

“Ruin. I’m starting to get fired up… Can I go all out?”

“Of course.”


Hanson’s wooden sword took on a fierce edge.

But still, it was nowhere near enough.

♦ ♦ ♦

Team 1.

Zacil, Mikel, and Maltive.

Since the start of the lesson, the three had behaved indifferently.

“This is so irritating…”

“Let’s just not do it. We’ve learned all this stuff already, haven’t we?”


They decided not to train at all and sat down to rest.

But there was a reason for this.

“…But why isn’t senior Zacil training?”

“You idiot. Do you think someone like our senior needs such trifling training? He’s a man who’s seen real combat.”

“Ah, right. That’s true.”

Too many eyes were upon him.

‘Damn it. It feels like a scene. Why are they all looking at us like that?’

Zacil Gerihil, the youngest senior court magician—a prestigious title won under a different name.

If he revealed his true skills unrelated to his magnificent records, the belief in ‘Gerihil’ would crumble to dust.

So, he chose not to train at all.

While they were resting,

“Look over there!”

The movements of Ruin caught their eyes.


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