Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 100


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Power Mage Chapter 100: Hanson


Why does the name ‘Maltive Gegen’ strike such paralyzing fear into him, as if causing a seizure?

It’s probably because…

“Maltive was already a 4-star knight last year, the best knight of the academy. In contrast, I am…

The torment that’s gone on for a very long time.

The fear only felt by those who have tasted defeat.

The intense dread that your body reacts to before your mind can, the sense of being trapped alone in an inescapable hell. Overcoming this isn’t something others can find a way out of for you.

Since all problems reside within one’s own heart.

But, I know.

“You can win.”

“…Me, win?”


How brave and how strong Hanson can become in front of the person he must protect.

“Stand tall and proud. In my eyes, you’re stronger than those trash. You didn’t hesitate to draw your sword to save your sister, right?”

After my words, Hanson carefully nodded, and Maltive Gegen, who was walking ahead, responded.

“Are you having a laugh… You’re saying that Hanson can beat me? That commoner whelp who’s only good for wasting taxes?”


“Maltive? Ha. Don’t make me laugh. Do we all look the same to you just because we attended the same academy?”

That was definitely a will to resist.


I know.

“Maltive Gegen”

“4-Star Knight Apprentice – Sword Peryt”

“Potential: High”


“3-Star Knight”

“Potential: Very High”

The eyes of the player are speaking.

Right now, it’s undeniable that Maltive Gegen is stronger than Hanson.

No matter if he once killed a thug or showed hidden talents in a crisis situation…

It’s unlikely that he has grown enough to perfectly advance to a 4-star knight.

But, didn’t I witness it myself?

‘Hanson is strong.’

The blue aura that enveloped Hanson when he stabbed the gang leader in a single blow, is the mark of the Sword Peryt.

Hanson is already of 4-star caliber.

No, perhaps even beyond, given his high potential.

He simply hasn’t mastered it fully.

This realization.

“Just kneel down and call me ‘Sir Maltive’ now, you worm!”

If only he could overcome that ‘fear’ that muddles his mind, shakes his legs, and presses down on his shoulder.

If only he could break through that wall.

Hanson can win.

And for that reason, Hanson himself must fight.

To cut through this miserable chain of fate.

Hanson must break down the wall with his own hands.

Hanson looked at me.

A strange determination passed through his eyes.

The humiliation never wanted to show in front of a friend. The sense of being denied even his existence. The helpless terror that feels impossible to resist.

It’s here where the ‘spoonful of courage’ to overcome this was born.

The result this spoonful of courage brought about was truly remarkable.

For a long time, Hanson had kept his mouth tightly shut.

“…No, I refuse.”


“I will not kneel!”

For the first time, he expressed his own will.


Through his slightly trembling voice, this ‘rejection’ buzzed, enough to excite the power-intoxicated Maltive Gegen.

“What? What did you just say? Did I hear you wrong? No?

You mean ‘no’?”

“Yes, that’s right! I said no!”

“…You little… How insolent.”

Maltive Gegen.


“Come here. You worthless commoner. I’ll take care of you myself today.”

He boldly drew his sword from his belt and strode towards Hanson.

A sword.

A trainee knight draws a sword for such a matter, betraying his knighthood?

Shocked, Hanson stepped back before hurriedly attempting to draw his own sword, but I stopped him.

“Don’t draw it.”

“Eh, what?”

“You’re different from that guy, aren’t you?”


Certainly, that well-born fellow will have no consequences, but Hanson, a commoner, might be expelled from the academy.

Even without that reason, one should not draw a sword for such affairs.

“Hanson. Today is not the day for you to fight him. When the time comes, beat him to your heart’s content. So for today, leave it to me.”

I pushed Hanson behind me and, stepping forward, clenched my fist.

My reason for personally stepping in.


It brought back memories of my past when Maltive drew his sword.

Isn’t it just the same?

The guy who drew his sword to slay Hanson and…

The lunatic who cast a Lightning Bolt at me during class…

Their faces began to strangely overlap.

I’ve wanted to repay that debt, to the one who almost killed me…

Today is that day.

Repaying the thugs in his stead.

“Get out of the way, worm!”

I clinched my fist tightly, glaring at Maltive as he charged towards Hanson behind me.


Just three steps until he was within punching range.


I couldn’t attack.


No, there was no need to.


Just before I could strike, Maltive Gegen had been struck squarely by a ‘metal rod’ that flew in from somewhere and rolled on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the situation unfolded.

A visibly angry Maltive Gegen screamed.

“Who dares?!”

The metal rod on the ground was actually a scabbard, and all eyes now turned to the person who had picked it up.

“It’s me.”


The knight who was sheathing his sword into the scabbard.

It was none other than Sir Gulter Pirante, the Grand Knight of the Foldren Academy.

He was no longer the carefree man I knew, but wore a serious face I had never seen before as he glared at Maltive Gegen.

Realizing that it was the Knight Commander Gulter Pirante himself who had attacked, Maltive couldn’t speak any further.


Maltive’s face was filled with frustration as he glared at us.

To him, Sir Gulter asked,



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