Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 10


Chapter 10

“That, that’s…”

When the dust clouds had filled the evaluation hall, everyone watching Luin’s assessment was speechless. Only soft gasps could be heard. All eyes were focused into the dusty haze. And finally, as the dust settled and Luin’s figure came into view at the center, a cry of astonishment burst forth.

“It can’t be!”

Every candidate is provided with 30 identical straw dummies for the assessment. The standing record was set by Mikel Gerihill at 13. But…

“No way… Only 3 left?”

It was simpler to count the dummies that hadn’t fallen in front of Luin. That count was much quicker.

“What? 27?”

“27! That’s the highest score in the history of the ‘Multiple Target Hitting’ test!”


That’s the number of straw dummies Luin had taken down using “Time Refraction.”

Luin took them down… no, he obliterated them to the point where it was hard to make out their original shapes. The reactions among the students who had witnessed Luin’s test were mixed.

“What in the world did I just see?”

“He grabbed the magic in his hand and hit with it… right?”

“You saw that too? I’m sure I saw it clearly… But why was the movement so fast? I thought he was a sword master or something…”

“Is that really magic though?”

The professors shared the sentiment. They seemed quite shaken by a performance never before seen since the academy’s establishment.

“This is… remarkable. To use magic in such a way.”

Dean Tirion let out a pure exclamation of admiration, and Haïdel, who had been quietly observing Luin, suppressed a smile about to leak out and said:

“That’s true. It really is surprising.”

Naturally, not all opinions were positive. Professor Elik couldn’t shake off his shock for a long time until regaining his composure, he said:

“Dean, that won’t be reflected in the grade, will it?”

“What do you mean, Professor Elik?”

“Can we even consider that magic? From what I saw, it looked closer to an Aura Blade used by knights.”

“Did you not see the fireball levitating above Luin’s hand?”

“Of course, I saw… but in my life, I’ve never heard of such magic. A sorcerer grabbing magic and hitting with his fist? What absurdity…”

As Professor Elik’s lengthy rationalizations unfolded, Tirion’s brow furrowed slightly, a clear sign of his desire not to hear any more.

“Let’s talk about the evaluation later. For now, shouldn’t we congratulate Luin? It’s a moment he’s been waiting for over the last six years.”

At this point, even Professor Elik couldn’t continue to argue.

“You did well, young Luin.”

Dean Tirion stood up and began to applaud, and Professor Haïdel quickly joined in.

This wave of applause spread throughout the entire examination hall.

“Fantastic, Luin!”


Whistles and cheers sporadically burst out.

Seeing this, even Professor Elik had no choice but to join in the applause, though grudgingly.

♦ ♦ ♦

During the test.

How many dummies he had struck was unclear. He simply smashed whatever he could see, and this continued even after “Time Refraction” ended and his movements returned to normal.

When the siren sounded to signal the end of the exam time, Luin only felt disappointment as he saw several dummies still standing.

But… What’s this?

‘Only 3?’

There was no denying it; this was the highest record since the academy was founded.

‘I never expected this…’

Bewildered, as he looked around, the shocked cries of the students reached his ears. In tandem,

“Is that really magic?”

Doubts poured out. But Luin did not avoid them. Hadn’t he anticipated this? How they would perceive his magic, the envy, jealousy, and prejudice his different appearance would evoke. So instead, he chose to face it head-on.

Whether I knocked down 27 or all 30…

The image I showed must be recognized as ‘magic.’

And with that conviction, he faced the professors with his shoulders squared.


The approval of these professors was the ‘grade’ he needed, the ‘obstacle’ he had to overcome to eventually graduate.

But could he relax a bit now?

“Young Luin! Well done.”

The reaction was unusual.

Dean Tirion laughed heartily and led the applause, while Professor Haïdel silently smiled my way.

The applause spread across the hall, and all 110 of my peers clapped for me.

“Fantastic, Luin!”


It was the first time he received such recognition at the academy in a ‘practical exam’.

His heart, once heated, now warmed differently. It was touching.


Perhaps it was this sort of acknowledgment he had needed all along.

And then.

Seeing the sour expression on Mikel Gerihill’s face.


Finally, he allowed himself to smile.

♦ ♦ ♦

After the “Multiple Target Hitting” test, all the examiners gathered in the conference room.

The topic was one and the same.

‘Luin Ardel.’

Could the performance shown by this student truly be acknowledged as magic?

Ten professors sat at a round table, with Dean Tirion at the head.

The first to speak was Professor Elik.

“Respected Dean Tirion, and professors. As you all saw today, Luin Ardel made a mockery of what should have been a fair examination. Every student faced the test in the same way, and he alone chose a different method. This surely merits a failing grade.”

At Professor Elik’s words, several professors nodded in agreement.

However, Professor Haïdel was quick to counter:

“Failing grade? To a sorcerer who achieved the highest score in academy history? I cannot accept that.”

“A spell clenched in the fist? I’ve never heard of such magic in my life. Have you seen such, Professor Haïdel?”

“I saw it for the first time as well. But clearly, what Luin showed was truly magic. You won’t deny that, will you?”

Professor Elik hesitated for a moment, and Haïdel stood up to continue.

“Luin followed the test rules within the time limit, creating dozens of fireballs with a single cast.

And yes, he used these fireballs alone for the test. Luin did not break any rules. He clenched and struck with magic in hand? What is the problem there? Does magic stop being magic when grasped? Luin has an issue with his magical release. But rather than giving up, he overcame his weakness by physically training for months. We witnessed the fruits of his labor today. In fact, we should be praising him, right?”

Most of the professors nodded, sending Haïdel affirmative responses.

Yet, Professor Elik remained obstinate:

“Did you see Luin’s casting speed?”

“Of course, I did.”

“He’s still a student; how can he cast so quickly? He’s completely disregarded the Three Principles of Magic: Gathering, Heating, and Releasing. Even high-ranking magicians, including myself, can’t do that! There’s got to be some trickery involved.”

Many harbored sympathy for such views. There were too many odd points about Luin’s magic and movements to simply brush aside.

But Haïdel wouldn’t be easily swayed.

“We need to reconsider what is taught as the first lesson in magic.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Magic represents infinite possibility, a domain without limits. That’s why it remains fascinating and entertaining, isn’t it?”

“We’re not here just to toss around baseless opinions…”

“Unforeseen scope always exists. If everything proceeded exactly as predicted, would that be magic? Or would it be mathematics?”


Most magicians think they know magic well, but this is merely a repetition within a known realm.

Dragons are the true owners of magic.

Humans, merely borrowers, still have much to uncover. Occasionally, astonishing spells emerge that can shake the heavens, and sometimes, dangerous magicians arise.

Magic also serves to highlight unique individual traits amongst magicians.

Above all, Dean Tirion of the Academy places utmost importance on the endless learning, individuality, and research of magic.

Tirion spoke up.

“That’s right, as Professor Haïdel said. Magic is always a mystical realm. Don’t all magicians possess at least one secret technique?”

While Luin’s magic was something unheard of before.

It does not fit the order of magic to interrogate him over every little aspect of it.

Sometimes, it’s best to let things happen as they will.

In that respect, today was a very good day for Tirion.

“I witnessed a student create a miracle today, a clean and pure miracle of magic. Yet, it seems our fellow professors don’t agree.”

The last pride of the Radiant Kingdom.

A 9th class grand sorcerer and head of the Academy, Tirion Ignit.

His question carried this meaning.

‘Keep opposing, and see what happens.’

Familiar with this implication, several professors began to speak.

“The dean is correct. It’s a miracle, a miracle of magic.”

“Yes, indeed. Despite his difficulties with magical release, it’s inspiring to see such an accomplishment.”


Tirion’s gaze landed on Professor Elik.

“Ah, yes.”

With an air of resignation, Professor Elik had no choice but to agree.

“…You are correct, Dean.”

Tirion smiled slightly and continued.

“It appears all the professors agree. Very well. Let’s conclude today’s meeting.”

This exchange made Professor Elik swallow his thoughts.


Dangerous, indeed.

An unpredictable element has emerged and may just prevent the Gerihill family from graduating top of their class.


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