Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 1


Chapter 001


There is an ominous legend at the Academy.

“If you don’t practice enough, you’ll end up like ‘Luin Ardell’.”

“Hey, the seniors will hear you.”

“So what? It’s true.”

‘Luin Ardell.’

The quintessential name of a failed magician.

So ‘worst’ that it became a topic of gossip to stimulate the desire to study in the young novices…

…Damn my name.

Whenever that happened, I would place a hand on the juniors’ shoulders, smile slyly, and say to them.

“That’s right. You might end up like me.”


“…I-I’m sorry.”

I am what you might call an ‘outcast of the Academy.’

Though now I’m just a typical example of a ‘failed sorcerer’.



“May I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“…Is it really true that when you entered the Academy, you were at the top of your class?”

At the Academy, to enter as ‘top of the class’ meant that.

At one point, I had more talent than anyone.

I was once a sorcerer who was highly anticipated by everyone.

And smart enough to memorize most of the existing magical formulas in the world.

I reminisced about my rather splendid past and said.

“Yes, I was top of my class.”

Everyone probably feels this way, but.

I, too, was on top once.

When I entered the Academy at the age of 10, the name Luin Ardell was known as a ‘magic genius’ in the vicinity.

The son of an insignificant local noble.

A little dragon born in the Ardell territory, a barren land of magic that had never produced a single court magician.


A dragon had risen from the brook.

At age 6, I first felt mana.

By age 7, I had succeeded in manifesting that mana.

At 9, I was able to initiate a 1st-class spell on my own without learning magic.

In the year I turned 10, I beat numerous children of prestigious families and entered the best magical Academy in the Kingdom of Redian, ‘Ignite Magic Academy’, as the top of the class.

Top of the class.

I stood in front of the auditorium representing all students and even received many envious stares.


“Wow, I’ve been totally fooled. Isn’t that what he really is?”


The fame of the top entrance disappeared like a midsummer night’s dream.

My level was neither the top nor the second.

“Incapable of mana discharge.”


The worst.

A curse that doesn’t even allow me to call myself a sorcerer.

I could feel mana and ‘manifest’ magic.

But only to that extent.

All my magic swirled only above the palm of my hand.

It couldn’t even get outside a 1m radius from my body.

Due to a congenital lack of the ability to ‘discharge’ magic.

Diagnosis: ‘Mana Discharge Deficiency Disorder’.

“That figures. Ardell? When I heard a family I’ve never heard of before was top of the class, I was wondering what was up.”

“Magic genius, my foot… It just figures for someone from a no-name family.”

It didn’t take long to fall from a ‘magic genius’ to a ‘magic invalid.’

The local small noble who lost the glory of being ‘top of the class.’

That young child, who faced the cursed reality of being a sorcerer ‘incapable of discharge,’ what happened to him?

Did he give up?

Did he run away?


“Why do you keep attending?”

“He must be unwilling to admit he has failed.”

“He’s really persistent.”

I did not give up.

I’ve been trapped in the endlessly dark cave for six years now.

Although my magical talent has been stagnant since I was 10…

I’m still attending the Academy.

♦ ♦ ♦

A junior, who has been quietly listening to me, suddenly asked.



“Why do you still attend the Academy? A congenital issue, incapable of mana discharge. No matter how hard you try, it won’t work. Why do you keep going when you know you can’t do it?”

The junior seemed genuinely curious.


-The legend of the Academy! (In a bad sense)

-Luin Ardell, The Immortal Failing Student!

-This damn senior, who can’t become a sorcerer, why won’t he leave the Academy!

It’s understandable to wonder why I keep doing this while paying expensive tuition fees.

I looked the junior straight in the face and spoke.

“Do you really want to know why I don’t leave the Academy?”

At this, the junior nodded eagerly, waiting to respond.


“If I tell you, can you be confident you won’t gossip about me anymore?”

“Of course! No, I’ll beat up anyone who gossips about you.”

“Really? Seriously?”

“You can trust me.”

“You seem very promising, junior.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Well, let me tell you why I’ve been at the Academy for 6 years and still haven’t left…

“…why haven’t you?”

As the juniors’ faces became serious, I playfully coughed and smiled mischievously.

“The food in the Academy cafeteria is really delicious.”


“Honestly. Especially the chicken soup that comes out on Friday mornings is so good, it’s almost a specialty of the Academy. You can’t eat any other restaurant’s soup—it’s to the point where my body is already accustomed to it…

“What are you talking about!”


Their outraged cries brought forth uncontrollable laughter from me.

Truly, having a conversation with people is fun.

“It’s a joke, a joke.”

“Of course, it’s a joke!”

The junior pouted, but I patted their shoulder.

And I said with a somewhat serious face.

“You asked earlier, right? If it won’t work anyway, why don’t I give up?”

“Yes? Ah, yes.”

“I’ll give you an answer. Here’s a piece of advice from someone who has attended the Academy for a long time.”

A bit of a bitter smile seeped out at the word ‘senior.’

But the advice had to be given to the end.

I spoke with a gentle smile.

“Never give up.”


“Then you can overcome all the things that seem impossible. Miracles only come to those who persevere.”

Never give up.

Even if you’re trapped in the bleakest darkness, there’s always a way out.

The person who finds that path is the one who never gives up.

This I am sure of.

As a magician who was personally subjected to the death sentence known as ‘Mana Discharge Deficiency Disorder,’ I can attest to this.

And so.

I have seen a ‘miracle.’


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