I Obtained A Mythic Item

I Obtained A Mythic Item Korean Novel

In “I Obtained a Mythic Item,” the protagonist, Min Jaehyun, unexpectedly acquires a mythic-grade item, “Odin’s Lost Eye,” known for its rare and powerful abilities. Jaehyun, a struggling D-class Raider in a world where humans fight monstrous beings using powers granted by the Aesir System, faces constant challenges due to his martial faction affiliation. Despite his exceptional magical aptitude, he chose the less favored martial path, leading to a life of hardship and regret. The sudden acquisition of the mythic item presents a turning point, offering him a chance to escape his dire circumstances and achieve unprecedented power. However, as he navigates through dangerous dungeons and complex relationships within the Raider community, Jaehyun must decide how to best utilize this extraordinary item amidst the perils and politics of his perilous world.

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