I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 86

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 86: An Unexpected Intruder (2)

Thump, thump.

The violent pumping of the heart repeats.

Jaehyun’s pupils waver, and his vision narrows.

His gaze stayed fixed in one place. At the end of that gaze was his father, Min Seong-oh.


After Jaehyun returned in time.

He was more shaken than ever before.

This was the evildoer who stole everything from him, and who committed worse deeds than anyone else under the guise of ‘father.’

The very target of his vengeance, which had always been his goal, was now right before his eyes.

Even the always calm Jaehyun couldn’t help but be swayed here.

Tsst, tsst, tsst…!

Magic energy fluctuates unstably, cracking the barrier. Jaehyun clenched his teeth.

A taste of blood came from his chewed gums. His breathing quickened, and his head started to feel dizzy.

However, despite Jaehyun’s agitation, Min Seong-oh still had a calm expression.

Soon, Min Seong-oh’s lips parted, and an emotionless sentence flowed out.

“It’s been a long time, son.”

The threshold of irritation was abruptly raised, reaching the breaking point.

The expression he was barely maintaining crumpled as Jaehyun’s emotions shattered.

At the same time, magic surged to its limit throughout his body.


Jaehyun’s release of chains was…

almost an instinctual move.

* * *

While fending off Jaehyun’s consecutive attacks, Min Seong-oh reminisced about the past few days.

At the time, he had received a call from Yoo Sun-jae, asking him to take out a student.

Ordinarily, he would have assigned a suitable B-grade raider or two.

Sending an A-grade raider was a luxury for that fool, and at a time when strength was precious, there was no room to spare someone for such a trivial matter.

However, his thoughts changed upon seeing the target’s name.

Min Jaehyun.

The one born with the fate of the ‘great adversary’ that Asgard has pointed out.

Someone he wanted to kill a long time ago, but the guy who was born with the power of prophecy couldn’t die easily.

10,000 years ago.

The prophecy that came down from the Norn sisters. It was because of the power of that prophecy that Jaehyun was protected.

Even a god could not change a destined fate.

That was the power held by the granted prophecy, and it was the natural order.

Thanks to this, the Aesir Seat of Gods, even Odin himself, couldn’t kill Jaehyun.

To change the decided prophecy, a substantial amount of divine power was needed.

However, the Aesir Seat of Gods, which had faced the first apocalypse, did not have enough divine power left to handle it.

‘But I don’t understand it at all. Even if the child is protected by the power of prophecy, he shouldn’t be able to become so strong so quickly. Born with a human body, there has to be a limit to the growth rate.’

The power of prophecy is something not even the Aesir Seat of Gods can tamper with, but it’s not omnipotent.

It doesn’t have the effect of strengthening the flesh or granting special powers.

On the contrary, it is natural for that power to wane over time.

Min Seong-oh paused to think.

The remaining time until the power of the prophecy protecting Jaehyun would expire was 10 years.

The year he would turn twenty-seven.

Afterwards, Jaehyun could be killed without wasting divine power.

That’s why he had been waiting, hovering around Jaehyun.

To kill him without expending divine power, waiting for the right timing.


‘How has Min Jaehyun grown so quickly?’

The TV news kept buzzing with Jaehyun’s Freshman Hunting results.

A student who ranked first in the prestigious Mires event in the magical community.

A genius who neutralized a schoolmate and led to a one-on-one victory.

Articles that headline various headlines.

‘This can’t just be a coincidence.’

Therefore, Min Seong-oh sent another B-grade raider first to check Jaehyun’s skills.

And now. He has realized.

His performance in Freshman Hunting.

And the sight of him overpowering two B-grade raiders.

No doubt.

The person who deceived Yoo Sun-jae and revived the Yeonhwa Guild was Min Jaehyun himself.


“I don’t see anything wrong with a father coming to visit his son.”

Min Seong-oh was confident.

He suspected that Jaehyun had already begun to inherit the power of the anti-Aesir forces as a great adversary.

* * *

The guild members of 《Curator》 hiding in the bushes were watching the situation.

Each and every one of them stared at the fight between the two beings with astonished faces.

‘Is this even possible?’

Kang Yeon-ju bit her lip while looking at the middle-aged man confronting Jaehyun.

The mighty magical power emanating from him.

The fight between the two was already far beyond what they could handle.

A-grade raider.

Jaehyun’s attainment of such a realm, although still just a student, was surprising, but the most shocking was, of course, the magical power flowing from the middle-aged man he was facing.

A man emitting magical power beyond an A-grade, namely at the level of an S-grade.

‘…Who exactly is that man?’

He had an unfamiliar face that one would not even see on the media.

There was a moment of suspicion but no time for prolonged thought. They might get swallowed up by this vast whirl of magical power at any moment.

Kang Yeon-ju quickly used 《Telepathy》 to her party.

[Listen carefully, everyone. We’re leaving right now.]

There was no other way.

If they were caught in the aftermath of their fight, they could lose all the guild members.

Now was the moment to retreat.

[Everyone… I hope we can all return alive.]

* * *

“…Father? Don’t move your filthy mouth, and shut up. I’ve never thought of you as my father.”

“Looks like you’re going through adolescent rebellion.”

“Drop the crap. Why are you here, I asked.”

The fight between the two fell into a lull for a moment.

Min Seong-oh shrugged his shoulders and replied.

“The reason I’m here…”

Min Seong-oh didn’t answer and just quietly observed Jaehyun.

His brazen attitude.

The antagonism that prickled the skin.

Even from that alone, it was likely that Jaehyun already knew his identity.

Even if not precisely, he must have at least guessed.

‘Perhaps it’s time to end this father act here.’

Min Seong-oh’s eyes grew cold as he stared at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun seemed unable to control his fury, unable to gather the leaking magical power.

The power that flowed out relentlessly, causing pores to split and a tingling sensation to crawl up his spine.

“Umm… Raider Min Seong-oh. With that, we will take our leave…”

A little while ago, the three confronting Jaehyun asked nervously, perhaps sensing the unusual turn of events.

But Min Seong-oh, as if deeming them not even worth listening to, rested his hand on Pomel.


In the blink of an eye.

The three’s necks were cleanly severed and fell to the floor.

Min Seong-oh spoke in a tone without highs or lows.

“I don’t take kindly to having too many listening ears around.”

Jaehyun let out an involuntary gasp of shock.

‘…I didn’t even see him draw his sword. What in the world…!’

His mind became cluttered in an instant.

The Min Seong-oh he remembered was indeed an A-grade raider.

He had grown up hearing this, and after his return, he had sought the realm of A-grade to kill him.

But what was this?

The power Min Seong-oh possessed was by no means that of an A-grade.

At least a being with power on par with Yoo Sun-jae.

Jaehyun felt chills run over his body.

‘…Was I not the only one hiding strength!’

“I want to ask you something.”

Min Seong-oh took a step towards Jaehyun and asked.

Jaehyun gritted his teeth.

Could he beat Min Seong-oh now?

No, it was absolutely impossible.

He’s far beyond the standard levels.

Jaehyun quickly accelerated his thoughts and watched the advancing foe.

Min Seong-oh spread his murderous magical power around.

“Did the anti-Aesir gods… have they made contact with you?”


Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and chewed over the words he had just heard.

Anti-Aesir gods.

Why does Min Seong-oh know about the anti-Aesir gods?

“Answer me.”

Min Seong-oh placed his hand on Pomel again.

A chill went down his neck.

A sensation as if his brain was freezing over.

‘His sword is dangerous.’

The elongated longsword had somehow found its way into Min Seong-oh’s hand.

The magic energy residing in the white blade was unbelievably pure.

In that moment.


Jaehyun quickly twisted his body.

A sword strike that came in at an unpredictably rapid pace.


Jaehyun barely managed to minimize the damage to his body.

The sword briefly left a trail on Jaehyun’s cheek, creating a shallow wound.

“You’ve become stronger.”

Observing Jaehyun’s unwavering eyes, Min Seong-oh commented.

That was definitely not the weakened state he saw the last time, years ago.

He pondered for a moment.

Here, he could not kill Min Jaehyun due to the constraints of the prophecy’s power.

But leaving him crippled wasn’t against the restrictions and wasn’t a bad option.

Of course, it would require a significant amount of divine power, but if it were to eliminate a potential threat, it would be worth it.

Min Seong-oh steeled his resolve and gripped the sword again.

He would cut off both arms and legs and make sure he could never become a raider again.

To ensure he doesn’t gain greater power.

That way, at least he wouldn’t threaten the Aesir Seat of Gods.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun collected his breath and quickly spread out his magic power.

《Magic Sensing》.

First, he needs to create a gap to escape.

If he can make it inside the Academy’s facilities, even Min Seong-oh would find it difficult to attack him.

‘I need to find a way… quickly think of a solution! Hurry!’

Jaehyun moved his lips, trying to buy time.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Not now.”

“Then piss off right now.”

At Jaehyun’s rough words, Min Seong-oh calmly retorted.

“I won’t kill you. However, I’ll have to take your limbs here.”

Min Seong-oh’s sword blade was overlaid with dark energy, like refined obsidian.

The condensed magic power burst forth, unleashing a finely honed cutting force. A sword strike at divine speed targeted Jaehyun’s incoming left arm, showing no room for error.



For some reason, Min Seong-oh’s attack failed to reach Jaehyun.

It seemed as if it had been blocked by an unknown barrier, simply whisking past him.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and muttered.

“What in the world is this…”

An attack that even he, equipped with 《Tirp’s Thunder Step》, could not see.

And yet, something was here blocking it for him.

Min Seong-oh’s formerly serene face creased as he set his gaze on one spot.

Behind Jaehyun. Atop a lofty tree.

Min Seong-oh looked there and murmured as if in a chant.

“Has the treaty between the Aesir and anti-Aesir seats been broken? Or dare you climb in defiance of the great Odin?”

“Well, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jaehyun also glanced up at the tree where the voice came from.

‘…What? Did that cat just talk?’

Jaehyun’s pupils constricted.

There was only a small cat at the source of the voice.

In that instant, his head became muddled with what could be happening.

Magical power emanating from the cat.

It carried a transcendent aura, far surpassing Min Seong-oh.

The cat floated down serenely and curled its tail.

“Hello, Min Jaehyun. Nice to meet you for the first time. I am Hela, an avatar of Hel.”

Hela greeted him with a slight smile.

“I am the observer of you, the prophesied great adversary, and the guide of the five trials.”

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