I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 76

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 76

Episode 75: TRP’s Thunder Step

“It seems there was no need for my help after all. Is this what they call the choice of Loki?”

Above the Viking ship of Neverland, gently bathed in moonlight, a cat with an interested expression looked down below.


The very cat whose cry was heard during the assault on ‘Planthier’s Mansion’, and an avatar of Hel.

To elaborate, it was the demigod who appeared on earth in the form of a cat.

“How intriguing. This boy Min Jae-hyun… Perhaps he really could fulfill our long-standing desires. I see why he garners such interest.”

Naturally, this was contingent on his proper growth, but the anticipation was indeed real.

Ever since receiving her orders, she had been relentlessly shadowing Jae-hyun’s every move.

Knowing better than anyone how quickly powerful humans fall and succumb to petty desires, she observed closely.

However, Jae-hyun was not like those others.

He desired only continuously growing stronger.

At this moment, having joined hands with Yeonhwa, he was on the verge of escaping the threat of his father. If he so chose, he could request the protection of a guild and lead a comfortably rich life.

As far as Jae-hyun knew, his father, Min Sung-oh, was just an A-class reider at best.

With the assistance of S-class reider Yoo Seong-eun, it wasn’t an impossible task.



His aim was not merely vengeance.

Instead, at this point.

“You seem frantic to become stronger. Wouldn’t you agree, Hel?”

[Hmph, still, he’s nothing but a vessel not yet filled. Don’t get his hopes up.]

This voice came from somewhere, belonging to none other than Hel.

Ruler of Helheim, often called Hell, and daughter of Loki.

The one who had tasked Jae-hyun with defeating Night Shade.

It was also Hel who had delegated the task of surveilling Jae-hyun to Hella.

Currently tied to Helheim, she had sent her avatar Hella in her stead.

‘If the Aesir learn that Hel has left her post, there would be chaos. That explains why she sent me as her surveillant. Hel is too transparent. Her intentions are so easy to see through.’

Hella chuckled softly as she continued her thoughts.

‘If those greedy Aesir ever learn of the ‘nemesis’ prophesied… they will never stand idly by. For now, I have no choice but to continue this cat charade a while longer.’


Though Hella pondered calmly, it was a serious predicament.

A war could erupt once more—a war that had once consumed eternity.

Even if it was a war fated in the name of destiny, it was too early.

‘We must buy time at least until the vessel is ready.’

Hel certainly shared this sentiment.

Being avatars, they could roughly sense each other’s thoughts, after all.

Hel was anxious.

But at the same time, she was suppressing her bubbling excitement.

The vessel, the potential of Jae-hyun, was indeed thrilling.

With a mischievous smile, Hella spoke again.

“Hel, after all that, you’re the one most curious about Min Jae-hyun’s news.”

Laughing softly, she expressed her thoughts.

Hel coughed slightly and then fell silent.

Hella, meanwhile, looked down below.

There, Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ah-hyun were in conversation with Brun, the dungeon administrator.

“Still, it is too early.”

Hella murmured softly as she observed Jae-hyun.

Surely he had grown stronger, but not yet to the extent she desired.

To grow as the nemesis he would need to be many times stronger.


Ultimately, he was the highest Aesir being that needed to be vanquished.


Relaxing her tense body, Hella soon got up.

The timing wasn’t right.

Jae-hyun wasn’t yet ready for the second trial.


“Perhaps it’s best to wait a little longer.”

In her opinion, Jae-hyun was a candidate worth waiting for.

Intending to nurture him for a bit longer, given the rarity of such a promising individual.

* * *

[Equipment Item]

Name: TRP’s Thunder Step

Grade: S

Shoes once worn by TRP when he ascended to the realm of lesser gods of light as a human.

When equipped, it enhances strength and agility and grants the passive skill “Light’s Stride.”


1. Strength +50 / Agility +150

2. Gain Passive Skill “Light’s Stride”

[Passive Skill]

Name: Light’s Stride

Grade: S

Maximizes the efficiency of all speed-related skills.

1. Speed-related skill efficiency increases by 200%.

Jae-hyun internalized a shout of joy as he repeatedly read the description of the item he received from Brun.

A single item that boosts strength by 50 and agility by a whopping 150.

A figure that would astound any reider.

Generally, an item that increases a primary stat by over 50 would cost at least several billions.

And what about this?

An item that raises agility by 150?

Simply putting it up for auction would bring about a cascade of zeros in its price.

‘No joke, the power of an S-class item. There are less than a dozen in the entire world. The difference in class is clear.’

Satisfied, Jae-hyun nodded.

TRP’s Thunder Step.

He had acquired exactly what he wanted.

‘It was hard, but I managed. Even found an unexpected gain.’

He looked at the items obtained from Surtur’s dust in his inventory.

Surtur’s Unextinguishable Flame.

An equipment item that enhances any gear to its limits, embedding it with a flame attribute.

Frankly, it was a cheat item.

It could be used on the longsword Jae-hyun often wielded or another suitable item.

Equipping a dagger or a handy spear when needed wasn’t a bad option either.

‘But it can’t be used on Mistilteinn. It’s fundamentally made of wood, after all.’

That was the only issue.

Mistilteinn, classified as a weapon, was primarily in the form of a bracelet.

Moreover, according to mythology, it was made from a mistletoe twig.

Resisting Surtur’s flame seemed highly improbable.

‘I’ll need to acquire another weapon at the right time.’

And it would need to be one worth investing in.

An item with the power to enhance a weapon to its ultimate potential.

Once obtained, it was only human to want to apply it to an even better item.

With a slight smile, Jae-hyun turned to Brun to express his gratitude.

After all, having received something, it would be improper to snub the giver.

“Thank you so much. Your help has been invaluable.”

“I’m so happy you enjoyed the festival! I should be the one thanking you!”

Brun was ecstatic, barely able to figure out what to do with himself.

“Embarrassed by your gratitude.”

After responding briefly, Jae-hyun looked over at Seo Ah-hyun.

She seemed startled and quickly hid her item behind her back.

Well, such is the nature of a typical reider.

It’s always advantageous to keep one’s items a secret.



“…The item I received is ‘Roskva’s Seal.’ It boosts strength by 50 and gives me access to a skill called ‘Courage.’”

Jae-hyun had no intention of allowing her to keep her cards hidden from him.

It was only logical to make use of the knowledge if he could obtain it.

She resigned to explaining the effect of the skill in detail, though her expression was sour.

The skill provided resistance to confusion, while also enhancing strength and agility.

‘No reason for me to copy that.’

Jae-hyun was already immune to status ailments due to “Hel’s Blessing.”

However, “Thought Acceleration” was a different matter.

‘Should I copy “Thought Acceleration”? It’s an undeniably powerful unique skill.’

He had witnessed its power during the festival.

After pondering for a bit, Jae-hyun shook his head.

‘No rush to decide.’

It was a sensible conclusion.

With the effects of subjugation, he had a way to summon her at any time.

No need to make a rash decision.

“Then we’ll be on our way.”

Ending his thoughts, Jae-hyun spoke while watching the collapsing dungeon.

Then, Brun suddenly dropped his smile and came closer, whispering to Jae-hyun.

“Child born with the fate of the nemesis, I look forward to meeting you again.”

“What, what?”

Jae-hyun’s eyes narrowed, his heart sinking.

How did Brun know about the term ‘nemesis’?

Jae-hyun wanted to ask more, but there was no time.

The light was upon them once again.

Spreading across his eyes, arms, and legs, the light engulfed everything.

The burning amusement park of Neverland and the remnants of Surtur.

After a moment, the two were devoured by the light.

Just like when they were first trapped in the dungeon, it was a brilliantly radiant light.

* * *

“Dungeon’s open! Everyone, weapons ready and on standby!”

“Stay alert for any unforeseen circumstances. Focus!”

The raiders outside of the theme dungeon promptly focused their eyes on one spot.


A dungeon that seemed impossible to conquer had been cleared.

Now armed, these individuals were preparing for a potential dungeon break.

“How’s the medical team looking?”

“All twenty members are on standby. They’re all healers trained by respected professors.”

Park Kyung-hoon swiftly responded to Song Ji-seok’s inquiry.

While conversing, they did not take their gaze off the crumbling barrier of the dungeon.

“I can hardly believe it… Is this even real?”

“As you said.”

Park Kyung-hoon chimed in affirmatively.

Moments later.

The dungeon’s barrier dissipated completely, and the thin blue film shattered into oblivion.

Fragments of the fractured barrier oxidized upon contact with the light.

“Look! Survivors are coming out!”

“Two of them!”

“They are walking. It seems they are both unharmed!”

Several voices filled the air, chaotically announcing the survivors’ emergence outside the dungeon.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon sprinted ahead spontaneously to the sight unfolding before them.

Who could have destroyed this damned dungeon and walked out intact?

If Park Kyung-hoon was correct, it would be Min Jae-hyun coming out after clearing the dungeon.

“Make way! There’s a protocol to follow with the survivors!”

With these words from Song Ji-seok, a seasoned raider, the crowd hesitantly stepped back.

Park Kyung-hoon, too, pushed through and dashed forward.

Soon after, the faces of two individuals began to emerge into view.

Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ah-hyun.

Apart from a few superficial injuries, both seemed remarkably unharmed.


Song Ji-seok muttered in disbelief.

They had truly done it.

These two youngsters defeated a theme dungeon that even active raiders could not guarantee to clear.

“Get ready! We’re making contact.”

“Yes, I got it!”

After giving orders to Park Kyung-hoon, Song Ji-seok rushed towards Jae-hyun.

Though he also needed to apprehend Seo Ah-hyun, Jae-hyun was more urgent.

However, perhaps overwhelmed by the gaping crowd, Jae-hyun attempted to leave the scene.

“Catch him! He’s trying to flee!”

“Yes, sir!”

And so began a pursuit that wasn’t quite one.

A moment later.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon were panting with a mix of bewilderment on their faces.

“How can he be so fast?!”

“…Sir, Min Jae-hyun has disappeared!”

Even without Park Kyung-hoon’s word, Song Ji-seok already knew.

Jae-hyun, who had been just ahead of them, was nowhere to be seen.

What had happened here?

“He probably used an assassination skill to hide.”

“‘Stealth’? But how does a mere student gain access to such an advanced skill?”

‘Stealth’ was a tough skill to master even for active raiders.

Its practical value made it much sought after.

Typically, items embedded with ‘Stealth’ sell for well over a billion.


Could it be that Jae-hyun, still an unaffiliated student, possessed such an item?

“Maybe he’s a raider trained in assassination skills?”

That could explain how he could utilize ‘Stealth’ without investing in equipment.

Among martial raiders, assassins have relatively easy access to ‘Stealth.’ A notable figure is Park Sung-jae, manager of Yeonhwa and an A-class raider.

However, Song Ji-seok shook his head.

“No. That’s not it. Remember what you said earlier. He took down thirty goblins alone.”

“Right. And wasn’t he aligned with magic?”

Park Kyung-hoon suddenly remembered and scratched his head.

Song Ji-seok continued.

“Then Min Jae-hyun is certainly not an assassin. Assassins belong to a very unique category of martial raiders. It’s not something you see often.”

“…Then what is that guy, really? I heard he was fighting on the frontlines…”

As Park Kyung-hoon looked on puzzled, Song Ji-seok wore a meaningful smile.

He patted Park Kyung-hoon’s shoulder and stared for a moment where Jae-hyun had disappeared.

“Battle mage.”


“That guy, he’s a battle mage.”

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