I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 62

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 61: Hidden Piece (2)

“What? Cadet Min Jae-hyun went out?”

“Yes, he came by last evening and asked for a leave permit because he had something to do tomorrow. I granted permission, thinking he might have some family issues. Oh! Is there a problem?”

“No, it’s nothing. Thank you for your continued hard work.”

Instructor Kim Ji-yeon was greatly flustered by the words of the hotel manager where Jae-hyun was staying.

‘Why would he go out at this time? Does that even make sense?’

According to the manager, Jae-hyun had received permission and gone out a little while ago.

However, to Kim Ji-yeon, this seemed clearly unusual.

‘Of course, it’s not a problem in terms of the rules…’

In principle, the cadets of Miles Academy can freely go out on weekends or holidays, provided they have permission.

But what was yesterday?

It was the day of the mock dungeon raid.

Especially Jae-hyun, who had bad luck, had to catch a stronger Kobold Lord than the others, so it must have been several times more difficult for him.

‘I’m sure the analysis team said so yesterday. The boss monster that came out of there would be at least B-rank.’

Of course, she didn’t believe everything the analysis team said. It defied common sense.

A B-rank dungeon is a place where at least six B-rank or C-rank raiders are needed to form a party for a raid to be possible.

It was a dangerous zone where even those couldn’t be assured of their return.

Two cadets cleared such a place?

It would be harder to find someone who believed it.

Of course, it wasn’t that they were lying.

It was just that Kim Ji-yeon believed there was a mistake in the analysis.

Nonetheless, having gone through such an ordeal, she thought that Jae-hyun would undoubtedly be resting. Fortunately, it was Friday yesterday, so she assumed he would take a rest over the weekend.

But unexpectedly, the manager’s answer had been surprising.

Jae-hyun had gone out, and he would not return until Sunday evening.

It was definitely a baffling situation.

‘If things had gone slightly wrong yesterday, both Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ee-na could have died! It was an incredibly dangerous situation!

And at this point, he casually decides to go out?’

Instructor Kim Ji-yeon chuckled in dismay.

She came here to obtain information about yesterday’s mock dungeon incident by looking for Jae-hyun.

But going out?

It didn’t seem like something someone who had faced the brink of death would do.

Taking into consideration that even professional raiders rest for a couple of days after a dungeon raid, it was an insane recovery rate.

Both physically and mentally.

‘The cadet has guts to match his skills. Min Jae-hyun, I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow.’

Most cadets who first experience a dungeon usually hide at home, shaking in fear.

Very few come to school the next day for private lessons, but even these few suffer from the trauma of the dungeon raid for several days.

They suffer from mana rebound or are unable to concentrate on lessons due to fear.

It was only natural.

They are students before becoming raiders, still minors who fought with their lives on the line for the first time.

Those who recover quickly and look forward to the next challenge are very rare.

‘And those who overcame trauma so quickly became A-rank, S-rank raiders.’

Kim Ji-yeon lightly bit her lower lip. It was a habit she had when her curiosity was piqued.

‘Perhaps Milles will produce the second S-rank mage after the company representative.’

Kim Ji-yeon remembered all the dismissals that the magical realm had suffered at the hands of the martial realm.

Those who lacked the skills to be judged by the martial realm became mages, hiding in the rear. “They are not qualified to enter the dungeons,” they were sneered at, and Kim Ji-yeon remembered their names.

And then.

She had thought that someday a mage would appear who could break such prejudices…

‘It seems I’ve found one.’

A tingling sensation seemed to prickle her entire body, stimulating her skin vividly.

A faint smile spread across Kim Ji-yeon’s face.

“Could you please tell Cadet Min Jae-hyun to come find me when he returns?”

“Yes, of course. But couldn’t you just call or leave a message…”

“There are reasons for that.”

On Kim Ji-yeon’s face was a look of curiosity.

Of course, she could call or leave a message as the manager suggested.

‘But if I do that, all the records of contact will remain. Chairman Koo Ja-in is dangerous.’

After the mock dungeon incident.

From the story of another instructor and investigator, it was clear that there was something odd about this incident.

For example, Chairman Koo Ja-in, who usually focused only on external activities, directly directed the cadets’ event.

In all mock dungeons, the boss monster Kobold Lord appeared.

In the dungeon where the number one and number two freshmen hunters, Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ee-na, were present, a much stronger monster appeared than in other areas.

It was all very strange.

However, when she asked other instructors, they kept quiet, pretending they didn’t know the details.

‘Perhaps Chairman Koo Ja-in deliberately caused this incident. And… Min Jae-hyun probably already knows about this incident.’

Jae-hyun was always composed.

Both in the previous freshman hunt and in the mock dungeon that occurred this time.

That meant there was a strong possibility that he already knew about Koo Ja-in’s schemes.

‘I need to approach him and find out the truth.’

Kim Ji-yeon nodded slightly, then left the hotel lobby.

* * *

Oh! The mystical land, Neverland~!

As the woman’s voice, often heard in his childhood, reached his ears, Jae-hyun finally realized that he had arrived in Neverland.

‘It sounds three times more cheesy now…’

The song he had heard a little while ago was the title(?) song of Neverland.

It was a song contributed by indie singer JN for a TV commercial, and he remembered listening to it often as the quality of the song itself was quite high.

Of course, to Jae-hyun, who had lived in the future ten years later, it sounded a bit old-fashioned, but it also had its vintage charm, which wasn’t too bad.


Jae-hyun bought only the admission ticket and entered.

After all, this entire area would soon be devastated. There was no time to indulge in rides.

To add, this was a place that was not only going to form a themed dungeon but also closed down due to consecutive water tank explosion accidents.

Needless to say, risking to ride any attraction was out of the question.

“Besides, after becoming a raider, there is no chance I’d feel any thrill from amusement rides.”

Raiders are professionals who must enter dungeons and risk their lives every day.

It’s normal for them to not even flinch at common stimulations.

Jae-hyun took a step forward and entered.

The atmosphere of the amusement park matched the memories he had in his mind almost to the brim.

On the weekend, there were lots of people: cheerful staff, couples on dates, middle and high school students on an educational trip.

Each of them seemed utterly joyful.


‘Soon, the people in this area… will all die because of the dungeon.’

Jae-hyun was well aware of the impending disaster.

He walked straight ahead.

After a moment, his eyes caught sight of an employee managing the queue.

Jae-hyun approached and started to talk.


“Ah, hello~ If you want to ride the attraction, please wait in line for a moment.”

It was a cheerful and bright voice.

Jae-hyun took a deep breath and whispered to her with the best acting he could muster.

“I am Min Jae-hyun, a cadet from Miles Academy. Very soon, a 《Theme Dungeon》 will be formed here.”

* * *

It didn’t take long to convince the employee.

After showing his academy cadet card, she immediately took him to the broadcast room.

With a nervous look, the employee bit her nails. It was indeed an urgent situation.

Jae-hyun had informed her that a theme dungeon was about to form in Neverland, which would result in the deaths of at least thousands of people.

As an employee, she had to believe it.

The cadet ID card that Jae-hyun brought with him belonged to Miles Academy.

It was an item that cannot be forged.

Certainly, if someone played such a prank from the outside, they would surely face expulsion.

‘It’s dangerous. I have to get the citizens ready…’

The employee first tried to request support from the National Raiders Association but failed.

The National Raiders Association is a public institution directly managed by the state, but to officially make a request, legal procedures are needed.

Even the president would find it difficult to summon them arbitrarily.

“That… are you sure this is okay? That a theme dungeon would appear in an amusement park?”

The employee asked with a worried voice.

Jae-hyun kept a blank face and nodded.

“Please evacuate quickly so nothing serious will happen. Don’t worry too much.”

After all, the future is known to Jae-hyun.

In a short while, this place will be turned into a sea of blood.

The only one who survives is a single person.

Strictly speaking, Jae-hyun didn’t actually have a reason to get involved in the death of others.

If someone who was meant to die survives, who knows how the future will variate again.

That could become another serious variable.

‘But… I can’t just leave people to die before my very eyes.’

Jae-hyun helping them was more of a moral choice rather than a self-serving one.

If he watched other people die and did nothing?

For now, it might be okay, but he would later suffer from significant trauma.

Hadn’t he been greatly shaken by Lee Myeong-ho’s death before he returned to the past?

As he was pondering, the employee, not knowing what to do, asked him.

“What should we do now?”

“We’re in an emergency, so please evacuate everyone in here outside. At the very least, they need to get 5km away from the amusement park premises. Please.”

“Okay. But are we alright without any other raiders?”

The employee asked looking somewhat worried.

Jae-hyun made his face as kindly as possible and nodded.

“Don’t worry. Although I might not look it, I’m quite strong.”

It was a reassurance but inside, Jae-hyun’s thoughts were simple.

He would be infuriated if other raiders came to the scene to steal the items.

“Let’s start.”

The employee nodded with a look of determination.

Crackling… crackling…

Amidst the noise of the mike, the announcement reached the ears of the people enjoying their time in the amusement park.

[Attention everyone visiting Neverland. Due to an urgent situation, we must close the amusement park immediately.

Please evacuate the premises right now. We announce again…….]

* * *

Everyone hurriedly left the amusement park.

Because people are always under the threat of monsters’ attacks these days, persuasion was not particularly difficult.

‘In the past, people barely followed safety protocols even when an earthquake occurred.’

Gates bursting open with monsters pouring out on the streets and roads is the current state of South Korea.

In such situations, any emergency announcement meant impending disaster.

Jae-hyun, standing alone while everyone evacuated, glanced briefly at the clock on his smartphone.

2:58 PM.

“It’s about time to start.”

He relaxed his body thoroughly, performing a kind of stretching.

He had bought more mana potions from Lee Jae-sang, having over twenty now, and he also equipped the 《Shadow Armor》 and 《Apprentice Valkyrie Set》, ensuring full readiness.


As he let out a light breath, the awaited voice finally came.

―A Theme Dungeon《Ruined Neverland》has emerged.

―If you clear five consecutive dungeons, a special item will be awarded.

―The special quest《BIG 5》has been accepted.

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