I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 61

I Obtained a Mythic Item Chapter 61: Hidden Piece (1)

Before his regression, Jaehyun remembered a particularly outstanding item among the hidden pieces. It was an artifact every martial artist coveted and relatively easy to obtain at this timing—an item he must secure now. It was none other than “TRP’s Thunderous Steps.” These were the swift boots known to be used by Thor’s servant TRP, and they were one of the few S-rank items in the world. The artifact insanely boosted the agility stat by over 100 upon equipping.

“For someone like me, who’s been investing most of the stats from leveling up into mana, this item is a necessity,” Jaehyun mused, nodding to himself. In reality, to establish himself as a Battle Mage, he needed not only magic but also martial arts stats—simply put, strength and agility as well. However, fundamentally being a magician, with mana as his primary stat, neglecting it would make proper growth impossible. Considering how challenging it is to raise a primary stat, it felt regrettable to invest painstakingly earned points from leveling up into strength or agility.

“That’s why I’ve been ignoring strength and agility until now… But I’ve realized through this opportunity that it’s dangerous to continue like this. I’m not powerful enough to handle the unexpected future variables that lie ahead,” he thought, acknowledging his strength in a hybrid combat style that required extreme ‘item dependency’. “It’s true that the EX-grade skill allows me to grow faster than others. But that alone only gets me halfway. To reach the apex in both areas, I need more stats and to resolve the imbalance.”

Hence, Jaehyun intended to acquire “TRP’s Thunderous Steps” to bridge that gap. As it was an S-rank item that adjusted strength and agility stats, it should effectively compensate for his martial arts stat deficiencies. “Not to mention… this will be my first time tackling a theme dungeon.”

Theme Dungeons were generally hard-to-find rare dungeons. Unlike other dungeons where it’s enough to defeat the boss monster, the strategy for these is very unique, and they reward “hidden pieces,” S-rank items comparable to the weapons of gods. For this reason, people referred to theme dungeons as “God’s Arrangement.”

“A-rank dungeon, complacency is forbidden. It would have been better to get stronger before coming… but if I delay, I’m sure to miss the timing and have the item snatched away. There’s no choice but to take the risk,” Jaehyun knew well that it was a dangerous endeavor, but the item was worth it. Speed was one of the most significant factors in combat, and Jaehyun’s speed and strength were currently lacking compared to others in the martial world.

Jaehyun lightly rested his chin in his hand while looking out the window, thinking, ‘Neverland… It’s been quite a while since I last visited that place.’ Neverland was an amusement park of moderate scale near Pangyo in Seoul. A very long time ago, before his regression, he had visited this place several times, though life became too busy to come back after growing up. However, he recalled visiting Neverland fairly frequently during his school days—either dragged along by Kim Yoojung or coming together with friends on his birthday.

As he reflected on how lightly he had taken the job of a raider back then, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, realizing he could have made more effort. Shaking off these memories, he deemed that dwelling on the past was meaningless in his present urgent situation. Moving forward mattered more than clinging to regrets.

Jaehyun then pondered the appropriate distance between himself and Seo Eina. During the mock dungeon test, Seo Eina had risked her life to save him, overusing her magic to the point of risking mana poisoning. However, in the end, he had pushed her away, creating a wall, increasing the distance. For Seo Eina, there was nothing to do but retreat.

“Sigh,” he sighed, knowing her feelings must be complicated. Even though their time was short, Jaehyun, as one of her first friends, displayed such an attitude that could anger her, or worse, she might already be hurt. But that was inevitable. Kim Yoojung was inevitably a part of his life due to an upcoming tragic event she would face. However, Seo Eina was different. Her life ahead was smooth sailing, with a bright future in store. Intervening in her life too much might lead to dangerous situations, like during the mock dungeon.

Despite initially approaching her with ulterior motives, this wasn’t the right way. If nothing changed from his powerless past self, it would be pointless. This time, he planned to move forward in a different manner. “I don’t intend to climb up at the expense of others. I’ll just aim to obtain as much as I can within my power. Being greedy will only attract enemies,” Jaehyun contemplated and shifted his gaze to his inventory.

[Consumable Item]

Name: Idun’s Golden Apple

Grade: Mythic

An apple cultivated by Idun, the caretaker of the gods’ immortality.

Consuming it immediately slows aging and dramatically increases natural healing ability.

Permanently increases magic aptitude significantly.

Aging Speed – 50%

Natural Healing Power + 50%

Vitality + 20

Magic Power + 20

*This bound item cannot be transferred or sold to others.

It was the golden apple Jaehyun obtained from clearing the quest “The First Branching Point.” Reading the item description, the corners of his lips quirked up.

* * *

“Hey! Hey, Min Jaehyun! Aren’t you in there?” Kim Yoojung and Seo Eina approached Jaehyun’s hotel room and knocked. Having failed to reach him by phone, they came in person. “Where on earth could he be wandering after what happened yesterday?”

“…Yoojung. Let’s just go back. We can talk next time,” Yoojung grumbled and Seo Eina held onto her sleeve, suggesting they leave. Yoojung looked bewildered, arms crossed, facing the unyielding door. ‘Strange. Is he really out and about? …That can’t be right.’ Jaehyun was known to be a recluse, unpopular due to his solitary nature despite his attractive appearance. It seemed improbable to Yoojung that Jaehyun wasn’t home. ‘If he was at home, he would’ve opened the door long ago because of the noise. …Could something have happened?’ After thinking for a moment, Yoojung nodded. “Okay. Since Min Jaehyun isn’t here, let’s ask him tomorrow.”

Relieved, Seo Eina nodded vigorously. ‘…Thank goodness…’ She had shown her frustrations to him yesterday, but now, unsure of what to say, she stewed alone. Even now, she likely couldn’t articulate her feelings.

“…But Yoojung. I have something I want to ask you.” “What is it?” Yoojung watched Seo Eina play nervously with her hair. “That… how long have you and Jaehyun known each other? For a long time?” “Well, yeah? Our parents know each other too, so it’s been over ten years?” “Is that so…” Reacting curtly, a sly smile crossed Yoojung’s lips, tinged with mischief. “Why? Don’t tell me… you’ve developed feelings for Min Jaehyun?” At that, Seo Eina’s eyes widened. “No, no! That’s not it… you two just seem so comfortable with each other.”

“Of course. We’ve been friends for a long time. It’s natural,” Yoojung said, and Seo Eina wondered with a somber expression, ‘Jaehyun treats me and Yoojung quite differently… Is it just because they’ve known each other for a long time?’

Seo Eina mumbled almost inaudibly, “…Sometimes I’m envious. Having someone to be so carefree around.” “Hmm? What?” Yoojung didn’t know how to respond to Seo Eina’s honest confession. Though Jaehyun was shy, he didn’t openly show it to others. That Seo Eina, usually distant, would say this was unusual.

After contemplating for a while, Yoojung laughed. “Eina, I’m hungry. Let’s forget Min Jaehyun for now and go eat, okay?” “…Okay!” Seo Eina’s face clearly brightened more than before.

* * *

“Crazy. If this was sellable, it’d completely break any balance.” Jaehyun muttered as he stared at his status window, seemingly lost. Indeed, “Idun’s Golden Apple” had fantastic effects. While items that prevent aging or enhance natural healing exist, those on the market only offer a few percent at most and sell for hundreds of millions. However, “Idun’s Golden Apple” provided a staggering 50 percent correction for both. The boost was shockingly significant. “The more I look, the more insane it gets,” he couldn’t help but admire.

Taking the golden apple from the inventory into his hand, it was an item granted by the Nornir system. Items like these were on a different level from those commonly sold in markets. For instance, “Odin’s Lost Eye,” a mythic-grade artifact, was instrumental in making Jaehyun who he was today, and the newly equipped “Mistilteinn” had effects that needed no explanation. “Idun’s Golden Apple” was along the same lines.

“Well, the system’s motives are clear.” The excessive generosity to Jaehyun had a simple reason: to grow him as an adversary to the Aesir. Of course, Jaehyun had no reason to refuse support now, so he was currently taking advantage of this.

“What’s with the system giving me bound items, though?” He was not planning to sell, but it was still slightly disappointing. If they granted sellable items, he could use them for urgent cash when acquiring some items later on. “Well, it’s the system’s goal to foster my growth, so what can I do.”

“Let’s see.” Jaehyun wiped the apple on his sleeve and bit into it eagerly. Crunch. Jaehyun’s brow twitched slightly. “Hmm… This is less tasty than I expected.” He anticipated something special from Idun’s apple, but it wasn’t particularly distinct from a regular apple. Though refreshing and crisp… it was ordinary. That was Jaehyun’s verdict after tasting the golden apple.

Nonetheless, the system promptly responded:

– The effects of Idun’s Golden Apple start to permeate your body.

– Your vitality stat permanently increases by 20.

– Your magic power stat permanently increases by 20.

– Your body’s aging speed decreases by 50 percent.

– Your natural healing power increases by 50 percent.

– Your magic affinity is substantially permanently enhanced.

“Ah!” The apple’s power swiftly spread through his body, bringing vitality. His complexion changed instantly, skin becoming as smooth as a newborn’s, and the dark circles under his eyes vanished. Life surged through him, and his motivation surged as well.

“Is this… like a drug?” Feeling thoroughly cleansed inside, Jaehyun beamed with a broad smile.

With a refreshed body, he nodded in satisfaction with the results. But then—

Screeeech! The bus he was on suddenly stopped. The passengers were disgorged at their destination.

Through the window lay the amusement park filled with dreams and hope, “Neverland.” Jaehyun took a deep breath. He was ready to put his life on the line to obtain Neverland’s hidden piece.

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