I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 47

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 47

Episode 46: First Class (4)

“What will the Yeonhwa Guild offer me in return?”

Jaehyun initiated the negotiation conversation with a relaxed tone.

For him, the growth of Yeonhwa Guild wasn’t a bad thing.

As the guild grows, so does his share, which means a broader influence for him in the future.

But guild matters are strictly guild matters.

Moreover, now becoming a rising star from his success in hunting new students, he could easily switch to another guild if he so desired.

There was no particular reason for him to exert effort for Yeonhwa.

‘Of course, the teacher must know this as well.’

Jaehyun was aware of Yu Seongeun’s greedy nature, as cunning as his own.

Driven by an almost instinctual greed to acquire what she desired, it was this nature that propelled her and the guild Yeonhwa to the top.

And that meant she brought an offer that could potentially turn Jaehyun’s head.

Yu Seongeun spoke in a seductive voice, a faint smile on her lips.

“It seems we can talk. You truly are my student.”

“You flatter me.”

The conversation made Park Hana, sitting beside them, slowly turn pale with astonishment.

Although Park Seongjae was familiar with Jaehyun’s rhetoric, having seen it multiple times, it came as quite a shock to Park Hana.

‘…To act this way in front of Yu Seongeun, the representative of Yeonhwa? Is he really just a high school freshman?’

She couldn’t take her eyes off Jaehyun, nervously biting her nails.

At just seventeen, Jaehyun confidently made his proposal without being intimidated in the slightest by Yu Seongeun sitting before him.

He seemed to fully understand his own worth.

‘A frightening guy…’

While she gulped, trying to process it, the sound of a voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Seongjae oppa.”

“Yes, Representative.”

When, Yu Seongeun motioned lightly, Park Seongjae handed Jaehyun a metallic document file. Inside was a thick stack of A4 papers.

Yu Seongeun smiled slyly.

“The terms will surely interest you, so no need to worry.”

She confidently urged Jaehyun to read the documents.

Jaehyun took the file presented by Park Seongjae and began to scan through the characters quickly.

The title was ominous.

<Regarding the Contract Renewal Initiation>

After a while, reading through the content, Jaehyun’s expression gradually turned pale.

He looked at Yu Seongeun and asked in a tremulous voice.

“…Are you serious about offering me these terms? Giving me a 2 percent stake in the Yeonhwa Guild starts now?”

“Yes. As you can see, depending on your performance after your Raider debut, the percentage of the stake could increase.

Simply put, by accepting this offer, you are joining Yeonhwa’s ranks immediately.”

Jaehyun’s lips curled up.

‘I see how Yu Seongeun brought Yeonhwa to be the best guild in South Korea.’

She was a born Raider and a capable dealer.

Otherwise, it would not be easy to lay down such a generous bet.

‘A 2 percent stake in Yeonhwa Guild amounts to at least several billion won. She’s betting that amount on a mere student who hasn’t even graduated yet… I cannot afford to turn her into an enemy.’

Jaehyun thought to himself, trying his best not to show his excitement outwardly, he asked,

“Why are you offering me such generous conditions? I’m just a student right now.”

“I know that later on, even offering double or triple would not tempt you to come over.”

The greed in Yu Seongeun’s eyes glimmered as she spoke, like an eagle swiftly swooping not to miss its prey.

“So, let’s not haggle this time. Just sign it, shall we?”

“Okay. I will.”

Jaehyun immediately accepted.

Yu Seongeun had come close to her limit with the offer.

Backing down would not only damage her pride but significantly affect his future prospects.

It made no sense to oppose Yeonhwa Guild at this time.

The offer was too good to refuse from the start, and there was no need for hesitation.


‘I need to focus all my time on becoming stronger for my revenge. Struggling over money would be idiotic.’

Simply graduating from the academy ensured life free of monetary worries.

Getting greedy and disrupting this would mean losing everything.

Before even signing, Jaehyun leaned forward slightly, interlocking his fingers.

“Then, I’ll tell you.”

He started speaking with a relaxed smile; all three of them held their breath to listen carefully.

He paused a moment, then continued with a look of leisure.

“Magical Society Seo Ina, Magical Society Kim Yujeong, Martial Arts Society Ahn Hoyeon. These are the three talents worth recruiting for Yeonhwa. And…”

“And?” Yu Seongeun prompted.

Jaehyun added, “There’s also someone among the current students worth considering. How about that?”

“…Extremely welcome.”

A faint smile spread on Yu Seongeun’s lips.

This was the plan all along.

Seo Ina, Kim Yujeong, Ahn Hoyeon were talents coveted by any guild, not just for Yeonhwa’s recruitment list.

‘But with Jaehyun’s eye for talent, I figured he would have already found a hidden gem.’

Yu Seongeun’s presumption was not mistaken.

The three looked at Jaehyun, eyes wide with surprise.

“Lee Jaeshin, the youngest son of S-Class Raider Lee Jaeshin. You must recruit him.”

The unexpected name caused a bit of confusion among them, particularly for Park Hana.

‘Isn’t he considered a disgrace to that family?’

Lee Jaesang, when scouting new students last year, seemed to lack combat talent.

So why bring up his name now?

As if to answer the unasked question, Jaehyun quickly added,

“That person, Lee Jaesang, will become Korea’s top alchemist in the near future.”

As he said this, light smiles appeared on their astonished faces.

* * *

“As for the contract payment, that will be 1 million points. The monthly rent will be 40,000 points. You can earn additional points by hunting monsters in authorized dungeons or fields or by participating in classes.”


Right after visiting the guild.

Jaehyun immediately stopped at a real estate agency to check for accommodations.

The real estate services at Milles Academy were much like those outside.

There were two types of housing contracts:

One could pay a deposit using points and then pay monthly rent, or one could lock in a substantial amount of points upfront, only paying for utilities and taxes, known as a jeonse system.

Buying property was out of the question.

Eventually, one would graduate from the academy and move on to society, and with each new academic year, incoming students would need accommodation, all in a limited land space.

“Then it’s registered. You can use your student ID for door lock authentication. If you prefer iris or fingerprint recognition, that requires separate setup.”

“Thank you. Well then.”

Jaehyun nodded to the real estate owner and stepped outside.

Used to dreaming of a plush bed, Jaehyun settled for a suite room, not the highest grade, but the next best one.

Admittedly, he had to spend nearly half of his points to secure it, but with a monthly rent of just 40,000 points and the rest refundable, there wasn’t much to fret over.

‘I’ll have plenty of opportunity to earn more points anyway.’

Jaehyun planned to start conquering low-level dungeons from next month, April. To that end, he had built connections like Ahn Hoyeon and Seo Ina.

Students aren’t allowed to enter dungeons alone; magical students must form parties including at least one martial artist.

This is where people like Ahn Hoyeon and other martial or magical acquaintances would become invaluable.

‘For now, I’ll save as many points as I can through class presentations and various events. If necessary, I can move to a lower-grade room.’

Jaehyun was intent on moving methodically, with a detailed plan.

Living comfortably at Milles Academy was vastly more viable with assets on hand, along with a sharp mind and the wit to navigate unexpected crises.

Milles was a place akin to a jungle, unpredictable in every way.

‘Good. All is proceeding smoothly.’

Jaehyun, content, made his way to the hotel lobby where his new rented room was located.

Twenty minutes later, upon arriving at the hotel, his lips naturally curved upwards.

‘It’s better than I expected, close to the lecture building, too.’

He had requested a room close to the main building to avoid tardiness and potential loss of points or assigned after-school services.

There seemed no point in agonizing over remote accommodations, as those weren’t necessarily superior.

“Sure, the remote hotels are cheaper, but it’s better than wasting time.”

With many complications ahead, every day spent not improving was a loss.

Wasting points on truancy was downright poisonous.

Room 802. Jaehyun’s suite was well-situated, neither too high nor too low. The interior was more comfortable than he expected, with a double bed, expensive massage chair, dry footbath, and accessible computer with grey-toned blackout curtains.

Above all, no need for household chores such as cleaning or laundry.

This was a hotel within the academy grounds with excellent room service.

“Money is good… or is it points, in my case?”

Deeming it unimportant, he let it slide.

Jaehyun delved into the bed, then sat back up.

“Dinner time already… Oh right! There’s a restaurant here, isn’t there? Might as well give it a try.”

There was little debate.

No need to economize on points, and earning more with Jaehyun’s skillset wasn’t difficult.

He had leveraged his performance in the ‘new student hunt’ and Mana Room tests to amass significant points.

He changed quickly and took the elevator up.

The restaurant was already about 70% occupied, exclusively by students.

These were the elite, predatory circle of Milles.

Among them, Jaehyun’s future opponents, no doubt.

Then, the whispers of the students reached his ears.

“Hey, isn’t that nameplate color for a freshman?”

“Yeah. How did a freshman manage to get a hotel contract?”

“Ah, that one’s Min Jaehyun. Topped the new student hunt.”

“That’s why, without such a record, freshmen wouldn’t be inside the hotel already.”

Jaehyun chuckled upon hearing the gazes and voices.

Once taunted for his inadequacies, he had now become a subject of interest.

‘You can never really predict life.’

“Can I show you to a table?”

A middle-aged man in a black suit, greying hair apparent, inquired.

“Yes, please.”

Briefly replying, Jaehyun followed the host to his table overlooking the window, a two-seater, with white tablecloth and silverware, and an introduction to seasonal dishes, extra points on ordering.

Under the soft orange glow,

students chattered amiably at their tables.

Jaehyun ordered the main dish that arrived – a starter of pickled tomatoes and salad.

With a forkful of tomato, bacon, and greens, he tasted it.

And it was delicious.

The dish’s blend of acidity and fresh ricotta cheese met harmoniously.

The appetizer rivaled that of a main course.

A marked difference from surviving on instant noodles and triangular kimbaps in the past.

Lost in the moment, the main course arrived.

Wagyu beefsteak.

Freshly grilled sizzles seduced his taste buds.

Jaehyun sliced the tenderloin, took a sizable bite, and was momentarily overwhelmed with succulence and umami, triggering an electrifying fullness.


It was all he could express.

The hardship he had faced seemed to melt away with the delicious food and the breathtaking view.

He realized anew the magnitude of his achievements, the skill-driven nature of Milles Academy.

His gaze briefly wandered outside to the dimly lit structures amidst the night landscape.

After his meal,

Jaehyun pondered with a smile, considering tomorrow’s breakfast and planning for the upcoming physical test.

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