I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 261

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 261: Freesia (2)

After the Red Gate incident had concluded.

Jaehyun returned to his hotel as well, resting his weary body while immersed in thought.

The events during the Gate’s conquest and the primordial magic, the tales of Hugin. Many unsolved stories remained like a mountain waiting to be climbed.

“Are you concerned? About not being able to kill Hugin?”

Hella approached Jaehyun’s side, sitting on the edge of the bed as she spoke.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“No. Rather than that… I was thinking about what I need to do moving forward.”

He smiled faintly.

“There’s too much to do now to worry about regrets.”

After saying that, Jaehyun opened his status window.

With a refreshing ‘ding’ sound, the new upgraded description of the Abyssal Armor appeared.

He intended to check if it had been upgraded after killing the shadowy creature.

― Displaying the status of 《Abyssal Armor+》.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Abyssal Armor+

Grade: Mythic

An armor rumored to be crafted from the abyss of Kings of Night.

It has been strengthened by the fragments of shadows containing primordial magic.


1. Physical/Magical Defense +750

2. Acquires the active skill 《Stealth Lv 5》.

3. The phase of the passive skill 《Shadow Assimilation》 increases to the highest grade.

Other features were within the expected range.

But what’s this?

An upgrade in skill grade?

Immediately, Jaehyun brought up his skill window to check the information.

[Active Skill]

Name: Stealth (Lv 5)

Grade: B

Stats: –

Completely conceals the user’s presence from enemy sight for one hour.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

*However, should the enemy use the 《Detection》 skill, the skill’s duration reduces to 15 minutes.

Firstly, the efficiency of Stealth had significantly increased.

Although its frequency of use had decreased as he grew stronger, being able to hide his presence for a full hour was a significant advantage.

Indeed, even during the recent Red Gate conquest, Jaehyun had used Stealth to run away from monsters that appeared in front of him.

But what had changed significantly was the next skill.

[Passive Skill]

Name: Shadow Assimilation

Grade: S

The user assimilates with shadows, creating layers of afterimages.

Randomly dodges enemy attacks with a certain probability.

1. Has a 10 percent chance of dodging an enemy attack.

2. Can evade any form of damage from an attack of a selected target once.

*However, the skill does not apply to light-attribute attacks.

It was an astonishing development.

First off, the activation chance for Shadow Assimilation had increased. It jumped exponentially from 2 percent to 10 percent.

Indeed, Shadow Assimilation was a decent skill even before, but it wasn’t something to rely on in critical situations.

The probability was too low to gamble on it being a significant risk.

But now, it was powerful enough to consider as a last resort in dangerous situations.

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