I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 260

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 260: Freesia (1)

The next day, amidst an all-white landscape, a girl opened her eyes.

She was a girl with thick orange hair, Kim Yoojung.

Squinting due to the bright fluorescent lights pouring down, Kim Yoojung wanted to cover her eyes with her hand, but it seemed her body wasn’t functioning properly as she couldn’t move.

A faint voice escaped her lips, “Where is this…?”

“You’re in the hospital. Rest a bit more.”

It was a voice from beside the bed where Kim Yoojung lay.

Turning her gaze, she saw Jaehyun.

Flushed with embarrassment, Kim Yoojung asked, “What happened with the Red Gate? And the others…?”

“Don’t worry about that now. Focus on getting better. Everyone’s fine.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Kim Yoojung let out a sigh of relief.

The Red Gate had led to a massive and unprecedented event. It was connected to the dungeon they were supposed to conquer, causing them no small amount of trouble.

She had seen a terrible trauma deep within the dungeon, her own memory of being lost and wandering.

She had also seen Jaehyun and Ina standing side by side.

And… she remembered Jaehyun saving her in the end.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

With a mischievous expression, Jaehyun asked. Kim Yoojung ducked her head.

“Th… thank you.”

“Yeah, feels good to hear that. But don’t stay like that, it’ll make me feel depressed too.”

“Got it.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung nodded faintly.

According to the healer-type raiders, Kim Yoojung’s physical condition wasn’t too serious.

She had collapsed due to immense psychological shock. Most raiders who escaped the Red Gate were experiencing similar symptoms, so it was not surprising.

Trauma resides deep within a person, consuming oneself.

It was no wonder Kim Yoojung was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Take a break for a while. The chairman will take care of things.”

“No, I’m okay. I came to Milleus to become a raider, after all. I have to overcome this.”

“Well, if that’s what you think.”

With those words, Jaehyun got up and began to arrange flowers in a vase that had been placed on a chair next to the bed.

Thanks to Yeonhwa Corporation’s consideration, she was in a single room without having to worry about prying eyes.

“But don’t collapse like you used to. You always did, even during the athletic festivals. Was it in elementary school? After running around all day, you’d be sick for days. You’re always such a handful.”

“Those flowers…”

“This? You like them, right? Cheer up a bit, don’t get all droopy. It’s too bleak here with nothing around.”

The flower Jaehyun placed in the water bottle was a bright yellow freesia.

It was a flower that Kim Yoojung had liked since childhood. After arranging the flower neatly, Jaehyun said,

“I’ll go outside to make some calls. I need to let the others and the teachers know you’re awake.”

“Oh… okay.”

Kim Yoojung nodded, looking a bit awkward.

Shortly after Jaehyun left the room, Kim Yoojung gazed at the freesia in the water bottle.

Jaehyun usually seemed indifferent, but sometimes he showed such delicate care. He had helped her in the past as well.

Yes, even during that sports day.

He had remembered that day, too.

In fact, when she was lost and wandering, she had thought to herself that Jaehyun would never come looking for her again.

That she couldn’t go back to how things were before.

“But it wasn’t like that…”

When she was in the most danger, on the verge of losing herself, Jaehyun had once again come to find Kim Yoojung.

She now felt she understood a little why the dungeon’s trauma had shown her that final scene.

As she was immersed in that thought:


The door to the hospital room swung open, and several panting people rushed in.

At the forefront were two people Kim Yoojung had never expected to see.

“Mom… Dad? What about work…?”


“It’s a relief… really a relief!”

Around them were her colleagues and the still injured members of Yeonhwa.

They were trying hard not to tear up as they watched the reunion of a parent and child.

‘Once again…’

Kim Yoojung realized.

Jaehyun had known all along what the dungeon illusion would show her.

The reason he had called her parents was probably to help her overcome her trauma.

“You’re all late?”

Kim Yoojung said as she warmly welcomed her parents and colleagues with open arms.

* * *

The news of the assault on the Red Gate and the first-ever guild alliance spread quickly across the country.

The event was too big to hide, and with many people having witnessed the overgrown gate, there was no benefit for the government to create urban legends by not disclosing the event.

And now.

The government, Yeonhwa, and the guilds in the alliance had gathered once again.

They were discussing a major topic concerning the future gate conquests in Korea.

And at the center of this event was none other than Jaehyun, the person who had single-handedly defeated the Red Gate’s boss monster, known as the Black Robe.

“It’s unbelievable. The Black Robe is a direct disciple of Yeonhwa, and he alone defeated the boss of the Red Gate…”

“But we saw it with our own eyes. There’s no mistake. He is the Black Robe.”

An Jiseok nodded in agreement. Standing with crossed arms, Shin Jihun also consented.

“The Black Robe appeared and nullified all the magic from the creatures. At least, he’s beyond any S-grade raider present here.

Now that his identity is revealed as Min Jae Hyun, we might as well call him that instead of Black Robe. Regardless, it’s certain that he showed a more excellent performance in this Red Gate than anyone could have combined.”

No one who had participated in the assault on the Red Gate denied that statement.

For raiders who hadn’t participated, the news was shocking. How selfish raiders can be. They’re known to fight among themselves, claiming they’ve made more contributions during joint missions.

Yet, they’re all recognizing a single raider’s contribution, with no one speaking against it?

Among the top guilds that hadn’t participated in the Red Gate assault, Lee Donggyeong reflected on the fact, looking at a particular person.

‘Not to mention… Lee Jaeshin. Even the guild master of Pungsin has nothing to say. This is something remarkable.’

At that moment, Jaehyun, who previously kept to the side, stepped forward.

“Hello, my name is Min Jaehyun. I am a cadet from the Milleus Academy and a raider belonging to Yeonhwa.”

“Ah…! That’s him…!”

“But he’s only seventeen! Is it really possible to have such power?!”

“I know right… if anything happens…!”

Murmurs were spread around, but Jaehyun simply nodded, “I’m aware of the controversy surrounding me. However, I can assure you this much: I’m not an enemy to you all. I may not be a saint, but I also want to be clear that I’m not a villain.”

With a startled look, the assembled raiders gulped and trembled. They initially couldn’t fully trust Jaehyun when they heard he was the Black Robe.

But now, it was different. They were chiefs of guilds that were reputed even within Korea.

Could a cadet, who doesn’t falter here and who can convey their thoughts accurately, truly exist?

Moreover, Yoo Seongeun and Lee Jaeshin, as well as Song Jiseok, remained silent.

This indicated that An Jiseok and Shin Jihun’s statements were true.

“There’s a lot you must be curious about. Why I raided the ancient relics, why I defeated Yamata no Orochi. But there’s only one answer I can give you all,” Jaehyun spoke earnestly.

“A greater threat is approaching. A massive danger is looming, one we can’t face by splitting up into factions.”

“Wait, what do you mean?! You’re saying something worse than the Red Gate is coming…?!”

“That’s possible.”

“I lost my only brother to this Gate! What are you saying… do you know anything about the Red Gate incident?”

“I do know. But I won’t tell.”

Jaehyun was clear in his delivery. There was no need to lie here, fortunately, no one in the room pressed him for answers.

If the person in front of them truly alone defeated that Red Gate.

They knew if they weren’t careful, they could all be annihilated.

Prudence was required in these circumstances.

“Then, for what reason did you organize this meeting? There must be a reason you’ve brought us all together.”

Lee Donggyeong cautiously asked, and Jaehyun nodded, “Please join the guild alliance. It’s a matter directly tied to your lives. All guilds must unite to stand a chance.

Though, even that may not guarantee victory against the fight ahead.”

“Is the coming enemy really that strong?”

“Yes. And one more thing, if you would kindly keep my identity a secret from other countries for now.”

Upon Jaehyun’s words, all guilds nodded.

However, there were some who were resistant to the prior statement.

“Forming a guild alliance to face an unknown enemy… Ha, it sounds fine superficially. I almost fell for it!”

A hotheaded raider seated next to Lee Donggyeong exclaimed, “What it comes down to is that the state will end up managing all the guilds once the alliance is formed! If that happens, the smaller guilds will starve!”

“Exactly! The astronomical amount of raider insurance claims and costs will become difficult to support!”

Others raised their voices too. They had their reasons for speaking up.

Raiders, by nature, have low survival rates and due to their hazards, insurance companies hardly cover them. So, if there are casualties or disabilities, the guilds are responsible for all the costs.

If they are not sure they can make greater profits from dungeon conquests, then in reality, they must stabilize their profit structure through operations.

But now, large guilds and the state want to control it?

It was an untenable proposition in a free economy system.

“Given the situation, anything’s better than death,” Jaehyun replied curtly, and unease began to spread across the seated individuals.

They didn’t want it to come to this, but there was no choice.

Here, it was his power that he needed to show and to draw out the guilds’ persuasion.

Just then, at that moment:


“I can’t afford that. We, Pungsin, will join the alliance. And we will not claim any profit arising from the alliance activities. I’ll leave it to you to decide what to do with that.”


“Father, but!”

Lee Jaeshin’s two sons protested, but they closed their mouths at the imposing look in their father’s eyes.

“Don’t make me say it twice.”

With that, Lee Jaeshin turned to look at Jaehyun, ‘That’s right. This is my way of repaying the one who helped straighten what had been twisted. It might be a bit rough, but it’s the surest method.’

“If Pungsin is participating… then we’ll join too.”

“We’ll join as well…”

“We’ll participate. None of us want to die, after all.”

“Of course, Yeonhwa will join the alliance. Furthermore, we will distribute all profits from alliance activities to small and medium-sized guilds.”

Song Jiseok was amazed by the decision of Lee Jaeshin and Yoo Seongeun.

They were believed to be adversaries, yet they united for a common cause.

There was no trace of the usual raider only seeking personal gain to be found there.

* * *

After Jaehyun had left.

The commotion in Kim Yoojung’s ward gradually subsided as people left one by one.

Now, they had to prepare to return to their new routines. Although Jaehyun promised to come back in the evening to check on her, she would essentially be alone for a while.

Her parents worried until the end before leaving for other countries to take care of work.

Only Seo Ina remained. She was slowly getting up from her seat.

“…Still, you’re lucky it wasn’t worse. Eat well to recover quickly. I have to go now.”

“Yeah… thank you.”

After Kim Yoojung received her farewell, she briefly gazed at her interlocked fingers with an empty look.

Upon the white hospital blanket, her delicate hands were laid on top of each other.


Just as the door opened, Kim Yoojung suddenly spoke to Seo Ina.


“…Yes? Do you need something?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Seo Ina looked at Kim Yoojung, whose eyes seemed fiercely determined and blazing with intensity.

As she was pondering, Kim Yoojung continued,

“It’s about Min Jaehyun.”

At her words, Seo Ina’s pupils contracted.

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