I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 259

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 259: Beyond the Shadows (2)

“Huginn must have acquired such power through some means,” Huginn thought, pressing his remaining right hand onto his left arm to stem the bleeding as he looked at Jaehyun. The attack he had just experienced was even sharper and stronger than anything he had seen before.

Jaehyun’s strength now was enough to instill fear in any being of rank, let alone himself.

Though Jaehyun hadn’t yet achieved the 3rd and 4th stages of divine power release, and thus wasn’t a threat to Odin yet, his power was already beyond the norm.

He had to be stopped here.

However, due to the power of prophecy, Huginn couldn’t kill him.

Huginn started to calmly organize his thoughts. It was a shame about his severed left arm, but it couldn’t be helped. At least he hadn’t lost both arms.

Clang! Boom!

Amidst it all, Jaehyun continued to unleash a blend of magic and swordsmanship in his assault. Sharp blades tore through clothes aiming for the bone beneath, while magic narrowed the range of movement, limiting the use of the battlefield.

Huginn had to admit it.

That he was being overpowered by Jaehyun.

Simultaneously, as Huginn continued to battle Jaehyun, he realized something clear.

It was a suspicion that was almost certain.

“I see it now.”

“What do you think you’ve understood?”

“How you could have grown this strong.”

Huginn spoke confidently as he readied his sword once more.

“The discord I sense in your mana… Yes, the causality around you is twisted.”


The foundation of the Opposer’s mana and growth was based on a distorted causality.

During their exchanges of blows, Huginn had felt Jaehyun’s power was linked to something extraordinary.

And it was not, in fact, an impossibility.

“Is it the work of the Norns? Did they send you back in time?”

“Who knows. Why would I need to answer that?”

Fortunately, Jaehyun remained unshaken. Had it been a time when emotions were apparent, perhaps he would have been more flustered.

Especially since his secret of return was nearly exposed.

But now, Jaehyun remained composed.

Even realizing the secret of his return, could they stop him?

Regardless, Jaehyun had to keep moving forward, and the Aesir had to stop him.

Within that clear relationship.

The fact of Jaehyun’s return was nothing more than a concern.

“Whatever thoughts you harbor change nothing.”

With that, Jaehyun wrapped himself in magic, the power of Divine Stage 2 flooding his body with an overwhelming aura.

But Huginn, too, had become a different being from before. Gone were his struggles against Hela; he now demonstrated more solid mana manipulation.

He effortlessly swept aside Hela’s army attacking him and charged towards Jaehyun.

Jaehyun also stood his ground, rushing to meet Huginn with sword clashing against sword.


Their ferocious swords created a cacophonous metallic sound, drawing out a spectacle akin to a massive flare of magical power.

Jaehyun questioned.

“The primordial magic. Did you borrow it from Odin?”

“I see no reason to answer that.”

“Why do you serve as Odin’s dog? Even back when I was there, you did the same. What exactly is Odin’s goal that he ruins so many lives?”

“Odin merely seeks to grasp. To have, to hold.

And to try and change things.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

“To change things?”

“Yes. The foretold fate that you would kill him.”

At Huginn’s words, Jaehyun’s expression drew into a clear sneer.


That one at the pinnacle fears a mere human—himself.

To think that to prevent the predicted prophecy, Odin had been bothering him all this time. It was truly nothing significant to Jaehyun.

Despite feeling no emotions, a smile lingered on Jaehyun’s lips.

“I’m not telling you to feel guilty, Huginn, but…”

With his sword raised, Jaehyun forcefully pushed him away.

“I’ll make sure you regret the actions you’ve committed.”

With that declaration, an overwhelming amount of magic, exceeding operational limits, surged within him.

Huginn’s eyes narrowed.

* * *

The Red Gate expedition members managed to escape the dungeon safely.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s efforts, they had kept their lives, which was the greatest fortune they had ever experienced in their lives.

Or, to be precise, the situation was not yet clear.

The gate had not closed, and Jaehyun mentioned he had things to do inside.


At that moment, Yoo Seong-eun, who had been unconscious, opened her eyes and looked around disorientedly.

Park Seong-jae, who had escaped the dungeon with her, grabbed her shoulder and yelled.

“Director! Are you conscious?”


“Yes. It’s me. Park Seong-jae.”

The members of Nine also sighed in relief upon seeing Yoo Seong-eun awake.

Just before, healers had checked her condition and said she was past any danger.

With a headache that felt like it was going to crack her head open, Yoo Seong-eun managed to calm down and then asked Park Seong-jae,

“Where is Jaehyun?”

“That guy is still inside. He says he still has work to do.”

Responding to her question, Lee Jaeshin, who was receiving treatment beside her, answered,

“Work to do…?”


It wasn’t an easy story to accept.

They had taken down not just an ordinary specimen, but a being close to a mutant, the Shadow.

And yet the dungeon hadn’t closed?

Moreover, her student was still inside?

In this incomprehensible situation, she had no choice but to accept it.

The members of Nine also tried to come to terms with the situation as they conversed.

“Jaehyun… To think that he’d be the Black Robe.”

“Min Jaehyun, I thought he was too strong, but I never imagined it was to that extent.”

An Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul made those comments, while Seo-ina lowered her head with a somewhat gloomy expression.

“…Could he not tell us? We’re teammates.”

“Don’t feel too hurt about it. Jaehyun always cared for us, after all.”

Lee Jaesang interjected, and a moment of silence followed.

Kwon So-yul stepped back as if shocked and trembled her lips.

“Why aren’t you stammering all of a sudden?!”

“It… got better.”

Looking somewhat bashful, Lee Jaesang scratched his head as he spoke.

An Ho-yeon and Seo-ina were also in disbelief.

Kim Yu-jeong still hadn’t woken up.

It seemed her trauma was deeper than expected. They say the brighter the person, the darker the inner shadows, and the group thought it was likely Kim Yu-jeong fit that case.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t an insurmountable issue.

Just as Lee Jaesang had grown in this traumatic dungeon and no longer stammered, she too would be able to move forward. Surely.

* * *

In the aftermath of Huginn’s departure, a supreme god with transcendent magical power revealed himself amidst the continuous collapse of the Red Gate.

Tyr, the god of war, stood there.

“What a miserable sight. Huginn, Odin’s raven.”

“I am without excuse.”

The god shared some of his own rank to heal Huginn.

The injuries were far deeper than expected, and complete recovery was out of the question.

“Seems it’s time to go. Let me help you up.”

Tyr commanded the beast to facilitate Huginn’s movement.

It was time to return to Asgard and devise a strategy. He thought,

“The power of the Opposer… it is already a threat exceeding Asgard. I was misguided. We must hasten to war.”

Originally, Tyr was a god who had the stance that the timing of Ragnarok should be delayed as much as possible.

He believed that since the Opposer, at best a human, would not be much of a threat, comprehensive preparation would ensure minimal loss for the Aesir.

However, after the engagement with Huginn, he had a definite realization.

If left unchecked, the Opposer would be a catastrophe. Jaehyun was indeed growing swiftly, as the prophecy had foretold.

He needed to be killed here and now.

To do so, the power of the prophecy had to be nullified.

Ragnarok… must begin.

As he arrived at this conclusion, he questioned Huginn as the latter was exiting the dungeon.

“I noticed you were talking to the Opposer. Something about causality… Is this an important matter that Odin should be aware of?”

Silence spanned a few seconds.

However, Huginn soon shook his head and replied.

“No. It’s nothing that the great Odin needs to concern himself with.”

A natural lie flowed smoothly from Huginn’s lips.

And there was yet no being who could perceive the dark and murky emotions hidden within his eyes.

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