I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 258

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 258: Beyond the Shadows (1)

―Activating Active Skill [Coldblooded]!

―User temporarily loses the ability to feel emotions.

―User’s senses temporarily become dull.

Jaehyun activated the skill, completely erasing his emotions.

He had acquired the Coldblooded skill, which allowed him to erase his emotions after witnessing the tale of a boy who aspired to be a hero during a battle with Juwon in the past.

Jaehyun used it now to erase his emotions once again.

It was something that other raiders could never do, something that only he could accomplish.

He thought to himself.

If the enemy grows stronger by feeding on my fear, and therefore is difficult to contend with, then erase my emotions.

Then no fear or terror will decide the outcome of this battle.

Jaehyun continued to deploy his magic power and concentrated it into his hand.

―Activating Active Skill [Manifestation of the Magic Tool].

―Crafting Equipment Item [Mythical Magic Sword Tyrving].

Jaehyun gripped the magic sword in his hand, a piece of high-tech machinery that was light yet powerfully condensed.

The Magic Sword Tyrving.

It was a weapon that constantly sought to corrupt its owner. Although Jaehyun was using Coldblooded, the duration of its effect wasn’t very long.

He would have to defeat it quickly, else he would be consumed by the sword.

Jaehyun took a deep breath.

“Adoqshini, was it? I sense a familiar magical power within you.”

Apart from the primordial magic power, there was something else within Adoqshini that felt very familiar to Jaehyun, almost as if it belonged to an entity that had been watching over him for a long time.

And Jaehyun already knew the identity of this magic power.

Without hesitation, Jaehyun put strength into the wrist that held his sword.



With a precise thrust aimed at the head, the enemy’s head burst like a balloon.

The shadows scattered, and black fragments rained down from the sky.

Adoqshini was not weak. However, it was not stronger than Jaehyun either.

It had felt no anxiety or fear from Jaehyun, which made it weaker in comparison. Thus, Jaehyun was able to defeat it effortlessly.

―Successfully defeated the dungeon’s boss monster [Adoqshini].

―[Adoqshini]’s shadow fragments permeate [Abyssal Armor]!

―[Abyssal Armor]’s rank has risen!

―Gained 5 stat points.

The raiders in the vicinity were looking at Jaehyun with expressions of disbelief and astonishment.

A Raider who had emerged out of nowhere. He introduced himself as the Black Robe.

At first, nobody believed it.

After the Grand Larceny incident, many who had impersonated him were as common as dirt, but there wasn’t a single genuine instance among them.

Furthermore, Europe, Japan, and others had ceased pursuing him to a point where almost no one knew his true identity.

But now, he had appeared in Korea.

In the midst of the unprecedented disaster, the Red Gate.

How many could believe this?

“One strike to defeat that monster…!”

“Really… Could that man be the Black Robe?”

“But why would he be here…?”

It was incomprehensible, but at least they understood he was not an enemy.

The European Union ceased their pursuit of him, starting rumors that perhaps he wasn’t a villain after all.

Yet it remained an “__if__” story, which nobody truly believed. The facilities had indeed been looted, so most people considered him a villain.

Over time, however, this prejudice began to slowly fade.

Public opinion took a sharp turn when he subjugated the Yamata no Orochi.

The head of the Japanese Union, Moriya Renki, declared to the gathered reporters and other media personnel that the Black Robe was not a villain. Without any support from the Japanese Union, he had undertaken and succeeded in the subjugation of Yamata no Orochi, saving countless lives.

Thus, people began to reconsider their opinion of the Black Robe.

Could the Black Robe truly be a villain?

Was there some underlying reason why he conquered the Grand Larceny of Iceland?

There was no Raider in the world who could singly defeat an S-class magical beast, and in this troubled world, a hero like him was needed.

And now, before their eyes lay the mangled remains of a monster.

There was no room for doubt anymore.

That man was indeed the Black Robe.

* * *

The fact that Jaehyun was the Black Robe was unknown to his companions, including Lee Jaeshin.

Jaehyun was strong. They had understood that much, at least intellectually.

But to think that the figure who had gained notoriety from all those incidents, who had attacked the Grand Larceny of Iceland, had been their friend standing right by their side.

This was beyond shocking for them.

As they were about to approach Jaehyun with questions,

Jaehyun spoke in a calm voice,

“Everyone use your warp stones and leave this place. There are more enemies remaining.”

“We still haven’t closed the dungeon. Black Robe… Do you know something?”

Shin Jihoon, the master of the training guild, asked. Jaehyun nodded.

“Yes, but I cannot discuss it at the moment.”

With Jaehyun’s words, the guild leaders suppressed their urge to inquire further.

It wasn’t the right time for them to question him. Questions only have utility when they come from a place of parity, and sometimes carry a force of imposition.

But at this moment, he and his colleagues were in a position where they were saved by the Black Robe.

It wouldn’t be proper etiquette to grill their savior with questions.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Guild leaders began to use their warp stones one by one, disappearing from the communal space.

Jaehyun’s colleagues, trusting that he could handle the situation, used their stones as well.

To the last moment, Seo Ina could not hide her concerns, but right now no one but Jaehyun could intervene.

If they didn’t stop it here, they would all be in danger.

She had no intention of holding him back.

As hundreds of light particles dissipated,

Jaehyun was left standing alone in the Red Gate’s cavern.

He closed his eyes for a moment, then spoke as he reopened them,

“How long do you plan to hide in the shadows just manipulating monsters?”

“I never thought we’d meet again here.”

Out from the thick darkness, where smoke gathered like clouds forming a tower, a figure emerged.


Jaehyun’s nemesis was there.

* * *

When Jaehyun first realized that Hugin was the architect of this dungeon, it was upon discovering that there were more than just primordial magic powers at play here.

At that time, Jaehyun thought,

‘I can feel Hugin’s magic power here. He’s present in this place.’

His motive was clear.

One of Odin’s ravens, Hugin was a magical beast that toyed with the emotions of others.

He had even once stolen Juwon’s emotions, turning him into a monster.

The illusions of trauma that had been witnessed in this Red Gate.

If Hugin had prepared them, it would explain everything.

As Hugin moved towards Jaehyun, he began to speak,

“I’ve been watching you all this time. And I’ve come to a conclusion. You are indeed a risk element.”

“Yeah, that’s right. And I’ll prove it to you.”

Jaehyun caught Hugin’s words and raised his magic power.

The Adoqshini he had just faced was a magical beast that far surpassed S-rank, but compared to the raven he faced now, it wasn’t that strong.

Hugin was notoriously powerful even among ravens.

Hela had said so.

[Be careful, Jaehyun. He has come to this place in his true form.]

[What does that mean?]

[It’s different from the Heimdall incident. Of course, there are restrictions preventing him from freely wielding power, but… there’s also a possibility that he can use more than 30% of his strength.]

Jaehyun nodded.

A god with 30% of his power was not a difficult opponent for him.

However, things were unlikely to be that simple.

They were also getting stronger.

Jaehyun knew well that the prophecies surrounding him were weakening.

When this power was finally depleted, the war would begin.

And he would be exposed to the danger of death.

‘But I have no intention of letting that happen.’

With a face frozen from drained emotions, Jaehyun unleashed divine magic.

In a mere instant. Constructing a formula, transforming it, and then bursting it forth.

―Activating Active Skill [Frozen Earth].

A skill that froze the entire field, but before it could fully expand, it was intercepted by an enemy’s attack.

Hugin, with a mere gesture while holding his sword, caused a crack in the ice.



With a blast, the ice burst apart and the attacking magic scattered.

“Is this all you’ve got?”

“It can’t be.”

Jaehyun rushed at Hugin relentlessly.

There was no hesitation. Panic makes one weaker.

Hugin, Jaehyun had no intention of letting him leave unscathed.

“Hel, lend me your assistance. Papi, you too!”


“All right.”

Hela, transformed into a human shape through Polymorph, opens the gates to Helheim, summoning her soldiers.

Papi also starts to deflect Hugin’s sword using her breath.

At last, the battle between Hugin and Jaehyun commenced.

* * *


Sparks flew.

Between the swords, the blossoming flames spread aggressively as if to devour one another.

Jaehyun twisted his sword. Changing the trajectory, he aimed for the enemy’s shoulder.


However, Jaehyun’s sword was repelled by something indistinct around Hugin, like a deep… shadow?

‘He has armor made of shadows. Doesn’t seem like the same material as mine, though.’

In the moment of that thought, Hugin’s hand reflexively swung around.

Hugin’s experience with the sword was a bit longer than Jaehyun’s. Although Jaehyun had grown quickly, the leveling of swordsmanship between the two entities was similar.

Jaehyun quickly stepped back, parrying the ascending blade.

Hugin took the opportunity to open the conversation.

“I thought you would fall to the dungeon’s illusions, trapped forever, unable to escape. That was my assumption.”

“And then?”

“But it wasn’t so.”

Hugin emphasized his throat as he continued.

“Tell me, how are you able to advance every moment?”

Hugin, clashing swords, asked.

Jaehyun, putting on a cold smile over his frozen face, replied,

“Out of resentment.”


He deflected the sword. Intellectually, Jaehyun’s left eye gleamed golden, charging his sword with magic power.

“I can’t live in debt.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Right here.”

Thin strands of magic power stretched from Jaehyun’s fingertips, expanding voraciously like tendrils.

Enchantment. A technique learned from Hel in the past, it meant bestowing a particular attribute of magic power onto an Artifact.

Jaehyun had chosen holy attribute magic power for this instance. He sustained the divine energy on the blade itself, making it spin on its own.


In a blink, Jaehyun’s sword slashed towards Hugin’s left arm, tearing through. Soon after, the shadowy mail encasing Hugin began to give way.

Hugin’s eyes narrowed. One of his greatest strengths was his shadow armor, which was robust against both physical and magical attacks.

Yet how did his opposer manage to pierce through his armor?

What he didn’t know was that Jaehyun also possessed shadow armor and had a clear understanding of its weaknesses.

‘Damn it.’

Hugin didn’t even have time to exclaim before he was struck by the attac[k.

Then, as the sound of the blade slicing through flesh reached his ears,

A high fountain of blood erupted.

Jaehyun looked at Hugin with a dry expression, saying,

“I’ll settle our score.”


“So it was the holy attribute magic that was your weakness.”

With a frosty expression, Jaehyun commented so.

There was no disturbance in Hugin’s expression, but his body responded differently.

Jaehyun quietly observed him.

Before he knew it, Hugin’s left arm had been precisely severed.

Jaehyun then switched his sword.

Fang of Nidhogg. The plan was to use an unorthodox dagger to counteract him.

With the effect of Coldblooded preventing him from feeling any emotion, if he had been himself, he probably would be smiling now.

Jaehyun thought as much while looking at the arm in his hand, severed from Hugin.

He had once said,

“You mentioned before that you would take at least one of my limbs. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.”

Jaehyun readied his sword.

“Yes, now there are three left, right?”

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