I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 257

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 257: The Lost Girl (2)

A tender story of a couple’s first encounter unfolds before my very eyes.

Min Jae-hyun. And Lee Na.

They had become lovers and were walking with happy smiles, sharing delicious meals and engaging in silly conversations that made them laugh.

They spent all those times, laughing and crying together.

I watched them from a distance, as if a colossal glass pane blocked my approach.

I couldn’t join them inside.

I sank down, gripped by an unfamiliar sensation that I had never experienced before.

Why was I feeling this emotion? It dawned on me.

‘But now, these feelings are meaningless.’

I knew it was too late to turn back.

I lacked the courage.

I didn’t have the confidence to lose a friend or to face rejection.

What did it even mean to yearn for someone when all I had left was my pride?

I had to let go.

Give up. That place was not meant for me.

As that thought spread like deadly poison, I realized this:

This trauma was the dungeon’s challenge, and I had to overcome it to advance.

But in that moment, another thought struck me. Does it even matter to turn back?

Family ties. Even though I had restored them, the trauma from my childhood lingered.

And if, somehow, the reality turned into what I had just seen with Min Jae-hyun and Lee Na, could I stand by and merely watch?

My life was wholly my own, yet I’ve always been adrift like a ship on the waves.

My heart was continually tossed about in the stormy sea, breaking and rebuilding amid vague and dark uncertainties.

But here, I could put a stop to it.


My collapsed body surprisingly rose on its own.

Though I had not woken from the illusion, my body, independent of my consciousness, started moving toward some destination.

What awaited at the end were the distant abyss and a cliff.

I had heard about it once—the heart of the dungeon. A place where not a monster, but the dungeon itself devoured raiders in its abyss.

I seemed to be heading there.

I tried to exert strength belatedly, but my body would not budge.

The moment of choice had passed, and here…

I would die.

‘If I were to lose my way again…’

I thought of Min Jae-hyun with a smile in my last moments.

‘Would you be able to find me again?’

At that moment, someone suddenly snatched my wrist as I walked towards the edge of the cliff.

I was spun around and fell precisely into the sturdy embrace of someone. The familiar scent of a man’s cologne wafted to my nose.

Somehow, I felt I knew who it was. And I desperately hoped I wasn’t wrong.

Slowly, I raised my head.

The person who pulled me in. There stood a boy who had grown about two spans taller than me.

His face was, of course, familiar to me.

Min Jae-hyun was there.

“What are you doing here?”

He asked me the same question he had when I first got lost during the sports day.

Tears fell from my eyes.

It was the second time I showed tears to him.

* * *


The battalion made of shadow beasts was several times stronger than when the initial Red Gate strategy had been formed.

Not only did it involve a boss monster, but also magical beasts wielding threatening spells and others with enhanced magical powers that boosted their physical abilities.

Even for the elite raiders of the Coalition, these were formidable adversaries.

Moreover, with the unexpected turn of events, many had died or escaped from this place.

The number of people continuing the fight dwindled.

Although Lee Jae-shin’s arrival had somewhat turned the tides, it was too much for him to face the boss alone.


The power of the beast that consumed terror, combined with the indigenous myth, was too formidable for even Yu Sung-eun and the key members of the Guild Alliance to handle.

Kaboom! Kaboom!

Each blast of magic shook the earth and brought down the ceiling. There were many crushed by falling rocks or struck by the swords of shadows emerging from below.

We were going to lose. Defeat was inevitable.

‘But we can’t run away from here.’

Yu Sung-eun clenched her teeth.

She had no choice but to flee.

The Gate was still going berserk in this moment. If they retreated, an unprecedented Dungeon Break, something unseen in history, would occur.

That could devastate an entire region or even the entirety of Korea.

This was a matter that could discuss the destruction of the nation itself.

“It looks tough.”

Lee Jae-shin spoke, though he was trying to maintain a calm demeanor, but he too was severely challenged.

His body had reached its limit from the fighting.

Why would he tell this to Yu Sung-eun?

The reason was simple.

“If you force a sacrifice any more recklessly, you’ll get caught in the rebound and die. You must already know this.”

Yu Sung-eun was carelessly using her healing magic.

Unlike Jae-hyun, she drained a great deal of life energy when casting sacrifice.

In fact, her body was originally supposed to have perished in Jae-hyun’s world. Meeting Jae-hyun had given her a new life, allowing her to survive until now.

But it seemed even that lucky strike would end here.

Yu Sung-eun’s magic power was already beyond the critical point and in a state of rampage.

Moreover, not paying any heed to her own state, she kept pouring out her magic, activating sacrifice.


Just a little longer… Jae-hyun will come.

She knew of Jae-hyun’s potential and had recently learned from Lee Jae-shin that his power had surpassed her own and even Lee Jae-shin’s.

If his power could break magic spells…

Maybe, just maybe, he could rid them ofAppleduskini.

If there’s a small chance and a gap to exploit, they must press on.

If not, they cannot save others.

“Father! Sir!”

Behind them, the voices of Lee Jae-sang and his colleagues were heard.

Lee Jae-sang threw potions to the two, aiding in their capability to fight.

Seo Ee-na was sweeping away the shadows with the sword of Alfheim and her divine magic.

Kwon So-yool quickly adapted, reading the movements of the enemy ahead of time.

Ahn Ho-yeon was likewise engaged in direct combat with the foes.

Yu Sung-eun saw them approaching and cracked a faint smile.

She spoke in a quiet voice that wouldn’t reach the members of the Ninth:

“We have to stop them here.”

“For the first time, it seems our interests align.”

Lee Jae-shin said, too, as he ramped up his own magic power to its limit.

Lee Jae-sang and Ahn Ho-yeon. The two who had experience with swords knew what he intended to do.


To draw upon enough magic to rob a life and strike the enemy in one blow.

Yu Sung-eun began transferring her magic to him.

No matter how strong the enemy, if the magic of two S-rank raiders is combined and unleashed, maybe, just maybe, there would be a chance.

That was the thought of the two.


The sword in Lee Jae-shin’s hand, nearing the rank of S, was vibrating as if about to shatter.

It had begun to exceed its capacity for magic.

Lee Jae-shin knew.

Even if they pushed their limits to the utmost, they could never kill Appleduskini.

This would merely buy time.

Time for others to escape and for those taking up the rear to grow enough.

It was a price too steep for the lives of two S-rank raiders, but they had no time to consider whether it balanced out.

Ahead, the battle continued with Hae-shin’s An Ji-seok and Suryeon’s Shin Ji-hoon watching them, clenching their teeth.

All S-rank raiders and, for some unknown reason, even the young recruits who were swept along were rolling on the ground.

The battle would end here.

With that thought, everyone recited the first principle of a raider’s mindset.

Anywhere, anytime, I can die.

That sentence became more vivid than ever when the shadow beasts and the boss monster Appleduskini simultaneously condensed their magic and launched it towards the raiders.

“Everyone, dodge! I’ll block this…!”


With Lee Jae-shin’s outcry and Lee Jae-sang’s scream, that’s when it happened.

Once again, the tide of battle was turned.


The noise was akin to all the stained glass in a massive cathedral shattering.

An incredible event occurred.

The magic aimed at all the raiders in the cavern was shattered to pieces.

Then a voice, familiar to some and foreign to others, was heard.

“Am I late?”

With that word, a person appeared amid the swirling smoke.

Seeing him, Lee Jae-shin raised the corner of his mouth.

“I could have lasted five more minutes.”

“Jae-hyun… Ah.”

Yu Sung-eun, having spent too much magic, collapsed on the spot.

Jae-hyun’s eyes deepened, his breathing settling calmly.

‘The teacher is still okay.’


―Activating Active Skill 《Sacrifice》.

―Restoring the condition of the designated target. The target’s state is at the level of 《Danger》.

Jae-hyun quickly began treating Yu Sung-eun’s wounds.

The eyes of the remaining raiders narrowed as they looked towards Jae-hyun.

“I didn’t intend to reveal myself… but it should be okay.”

Originally, Jae-hyun began operating as the Black Robe to protect himself. There was always a risk of other strong raiders coveting or trying to eliminate him.

But Jae-hyun knew.

‘Now, there’s no raider who can harm me just by revealing my presence.’

Jae-hyun smiled faintly as he muttered to himself and successfully completed the treatment.

With a light gesture, he activated a skill to create and equip gear.

Robe of Perception Error. It was the symbol of the Black Robe.

“Everyone remembers this, right? Black Robe… I don’t know who came up with that cringeworthy nickname. But that’s me.”

Jae-hyun smiled.

“So if you want to live, you all have to listen to me.”

“What, what? If it’s the Black Robe, isn’t he the one who raided the Great Tomb and even killed the Yamata no Orochi?”

“Could such deeds even be possible! Look at his face; he’s clearly young!”

“But… if it really is the Black Robe, maybe he can clear this dungeon?”

The voices of the raiders were confused and dismayed.

However, their discussion didn’t last long as a massive darkness approached.

Lee Jae-shin clasped one arm. Coming closer to Jae-hyun, he said,

“That’s Appleduskini. It grows by feeding on fear, and the more you look up to it, the stronger it becomes. Be careful.”

“…Even you might find this opponent dangerous.”

Seo Ee-na said that too.

“Can you do it?”

Ahn Ho-yeon,

“Don’t get hurt, and come back.”

“I trust you.”

Kwon So-yool and Lee Jae-sang also spoke to Jae-hyun.

Kim Yu-jeong, who had not yet woken from her trauma, lay asleep beside them.

Jae-hyun chuckled. His comrades would take good care of her.

Now, all that remained was to fight the enemy and to win. It was a raider’s basic instinct.

“It gets stronger as you feel fear… Huh. Pathetic.”

Unfortunately for Jae-hyun, such stories meant nothing.

Jae-hyun knew.

If I don’t feel any emotion, if I can do just that.

―Activating Active Skill 《Cold-blooded》!

―The user temporarily ceases to feel emotions.

―Activating Active Skill 《Magical Artifact Manifestation》.

―Creating the equipment item 《Magic Sword Tyrfing (Mythic)》.

The enemy had no choice but to shrink down.

Appleduskini, seeming to be around 25 meters tall, began to decrease in size until it was eye-to-eye with Jae-hyun.

Jae-hyun wielded the sword with strength in his wrist.

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