I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 256

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 256: The Lost Girl (1)

“Hang in there, everyone! Just a little longer, just hold on a bit more!”

A rugged voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

The voice of Yu Seong-Eun, laden with magical power, resonated through the darkness-shrouded cavity.

Just moments ago, numerous Raiders had used their items to exit the dungeon. Now, it was crucial to have as many remaining capable fighters as possible.

“It’s unconscionable—using A-grade and S-grade magic so excessively… This is unheard of. The Red Gate… What on earth is this thing?”

It was a question from Baek Ji-Yeon, but Yu Seong-Eun could only shake her head in response.

She herself knew very little about the Red Gate.

Only that it was a gate of unprecedented scale, and the demonic beasts inside utilized high-ranking magic.

That was the extent of her knowledge.

“Calmness is key… is what we need now.”

Rina Mayer spoke while gripping the Fang of Nidhogg in reverse grip.

Behind her were the stu­dents from Circle Nine.

They did not directly participate in battle, but they supported other Raiders by casting buffs and distributing potions, helping them fight under better conditions.

Yet the progress of the battle remained desperate.

The leaders of various guilds.

Even with the Guild Masters from the Path of Training and the Ocean Deities all gathered, the enemy in front of them was overwhelmingly powerful and fierce.


The creature was gradually growing in power by feeding on the fear of others.

That was when it happened.

“What a disgraceful sight. Yu Seong-Eun.”

“… You are…!”

The indifferent eyes that loomed below the cavity suddenly vanished.


Splatters of blood from the shadowy figure of the demonic beast as a man appeared, blocking the hand that was about to strike a Raider from the alliance.

Lee Jae-Shin. He had arrived in the cavity.

“From here on, I’ll fight alongside you.”

Though, of course, I’m not an ally like you.

Lee Jae-Shin declared, gripping his sword tightly.

The cadet Min Jae-Hyun, whom he had just regarded as an enemy.

This guy was weaker than that.

Even if he couldn’t kill Odduckshiny right now, it should be enough to buy some time.

“Yu Seong-Eun. I need your help.”

Yu Seong-Eun’s pupils constricted. She was about to chew over the words she’d heard but immediately ceased to think further.

The onslaught of the demonic beast continued, and the cavity was still filled with darkness.

The shadow grew deeper and endless.

* * *

Jae-Hyun kept running toward the deeper parts of the dungeon.

The cavity Lee Jae-Shin had headed to was likely not the deepest point.

It was a rookie mistake to assume the deepest part of a dungeon was where the boss monster resided.

It was typical for a dungeon to have a deeper place concealed even from the boss monster.

And that exact location was where he was headed now, where Kim Yu-Jung was trapped in her trauma.

Jae-Hyun intuitively knew this.

‘Kim Yu-Jung.’

He momentarily repeated her name to himself, cooling down his emotions.

Brief fragments from before his regression momentarily crossed his mind.

The girl who had sacrificed herself for his sake in the past.

She had saved him from an attack by an enigmatic, robed figure of indeterminate gender.

Thanks to her, Jae-Hyun had lived nearly a decade before his regression, entrenched in guilt.

The self-reproach of not saving Kim Yu-Jung, and the despair he felt toward his weak self.

It was a dreadful memory that had nearly driven Jae-Hyun to become a shut-in.

But he wouldn’t let it be that way again.

He knew.

Kim Yu-Jung had a terrible sense of direction. Even if she had been to a place before, she could lose her way multiple times—it was that serious.

However, it wasn’t intentional.

It stemmed from her own trauma.

And he knew her trauma better than anyone.


At that moment, numerous shadow soldiers blocked Jae-Hyun’s path as he charged ahead.

Jae-Hyun, wielding the Fang of Nidhogg in reverse grip, did not slow down but cut through his enemies as he advanced.

Sshhk! Sshhk! Sshhk!

The demonic beasts were no match for him.

Likely, neither would the boss monster pose a great challenge.

But he couldn’t protect everyone alone.

As he cut down dozens of enemies approaching him, Jae-Hyun earnestly hoped that Lee Jae-Shin, who had gone to the cavity, would hold out, as he headed toward the dungeon’s depths.

The real battle started now.

For Yu Seong-Eun, for Lee Jae-Shin, for Circle Nine.

For himself as well.

And for Kim Yu-Jung herself.

* * *

There are countless ways to bully, but one of the most common is whispering together until the victim approaches, then abruptly changing the topic.

They would feign ignorance and indicate they do not wish to speak to you.

Pretending that their trivial conversations were of great importance.

Thus, they gradually ostracize someone from the group.

And when the exclusion reaches its climax, they touch upon the deepest wounds.

“Your parents didn’t come again today.”

The voice from behind belonged to the kids who were bullying Kim Yu-Jung.

Kim was already in a poor mood, and their words stung like thorns.

“Do you even have real parents?”

“Didn’t your parents abandon you? They don’t seem to care much for you, do they?”

In that moment, Kim Yu-Jung felt her heart shatter completely.

The saddest part was that she could not immediately deny their words.

Was it true?

Had her parents really abandoned her?

Sometimes, barely one or two months a year, there was barely any conversation between Kim and her parents.

Am I worthless?

Is that why they abandoned me?

The song of trauma that lay deep within Kim Yu-Jung,

in truth, was something she couldn’t overcome on her own.

Without answering, Kim Yu-Jung put strength into her legs and began to run.

There was no destination. She just ran.

The relay and everything else now meant nothing.

The most significant part of her life felt like a keystone was removed, leaving her unable to hold together.

* * *

Aimlessly wandering without a specific destination is harder than one might think.

And it’s especially difficult when ditching school during a sports day to wander.

The feeling of anxiety, emptiness, and palpable fear can be suffocating.

Kim Yu-Jung thought about her family as she walked for a long time.

She loved her parents; she believed they must love her too, albeit vaguely.

However, when she heard what those people had said to her earlier, a small doubt crept into her mind.

If they really loved me, wouldn’t they come to see me?

No matter what the situation, shouldn’t they rush to my side?

But her parents didn’t come.

Though she knew it was a childish thought, she couldn’t help but doubt her parents’ love.

It was sad.

Just as she found herself sinking in the morass of sharp emotions…

Suddenly, her steps halted somewhere.

It was near a dilapidated playground in an old apartment complex.

‘Where am I… exactly?’

Kim Yu-Jung was notoriously poor at finding her way.

How did she end up here?

In that moment, Kim Yu-Jung felt utterly abandoned by the world.

There were no mom or dad around.

There was no police station nearby, and it was frightening to consider going there. Hadn’t she left school to come to this place?

She’d probably be scolded by the teacher if she went back.

Realizing that no one would come looking for her, Kim Yu-Jung sank into deep despair.

Somewhere inside, she sensed her mind beginning to break down.

* * *

“Yu-Jung disappeared all of a sudden?”

“Yes. It seems like it.”

After Kim Yu-Jung vanished out of thin air, the three students who had been tormenting her went to inform the teacher.

The teacher immediately instructed one of the three to run the relay in Kim Yu-Jung’s place and, along with other available teachers, began searching for her.

They found that she was nowhere to be seen—not in the girls’ restroom, not in the classroom.

It was strange. She had always been diligent and good at her studies.

She wasn’t the kind to disappear so suddenly without a word.

Finding her wouldn’t be easy. They’d have to contact the police, and the situation could become quite cumbersome.

As the teacher contemplated this, the three culprits remained tight-lipped, not uttering a word.

Jae-Hyun, who had been watching, approached them as they were avoiding the heat.

In a secluded spot away from the eyes of the teacher and other students,

Jae-Hyun stopped in front of them and spoke.

“Do you really not know where Kim Yu-Jung is?”

The girl in the center, who led the nasty kids and had a bad reputation, scowled and snapped back.

“I don’t know. Why are you asking me about her?”

“I thought I saw her with you. You really don’t know?”

“I said I don’t.”

As they adamantly denied knowing anything, Jae-Hyun sighed expressionlessly.

“Got it. Sorry for wasting your time. But you three…”

Jae-Hyun looked behind for a moment.

“Never mind.”

He had something he wanted to ask, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak. Wrongly pressing the issue might backfire on Kim Yu-Jung.

Recently, Jae-Hyun had noticed that these three were oddly ostracizing Kim Yu-Jung. But bringing this up could potentially make her situation worse.

There were more pressing matters at hand.

Jae-Hyun walked past the three students without another word.

He too did not participate in the relay.

* * *

There are a few traumas that instill fear in me.

Among them, the deepest is related to my sense of direction.

I can’t recall the reason.

It’s just the act of getting lost. The sheer terror of that alone makes it impossible for me to think clearly.

Like most traumas, my reason for fear might not be so grand.

It might just be that getting lost, the inability to find my way back, is terrifying enough.

I was now sitting on a rusty swing, wearing slightly worn gray P.E. clothes with three stripes and stained white sneakers.

In theory, I could ask someone else on the street for directions back to school.

Even if I got told off, it wouldn’t be a significant issue as long as I could return.

But at that moment, inexplicably, I didn’t want to go back.

That thought lodged itself in my heart, gradually expanding.

Do I have a place to go back to?

Doubts about it kept surfacing, sinking me deeper.

As time passed, dusk settled in completely.

The roadside was covered in darkness. Only a rusty swing and a jungle gym were visible in the flickering lamplight.

“The sports day must be over by now. Someone else probably ran in the relay….”

Without me, the sports day went on uninterrupted.

I had no place in the class or at home, always left on the fringes.

It felt like hell every time I thought I was going to be left alone.

Maybe I shouldn’t go back.

While I was lowering my head with that thought…


Suddenly, someone sitting on the swing next to me shook the chains and abruptly intruded into my space.

“What are you doing here?”

As I turned my head in the direction of the voice, the person who appeared in my eyes…

It was Jae-Hyun.

Unlike others, he didn’t scold or berate me.

He simply said,

“Let’s go. Home.”

Jae-Hyun’s clothes were soaking wet. There was a slightly sour smell of sweat from his body, and his gym clothes were a bit torn.

The fleeting feeling that crossed my mind about him…

What was it?

Before I could figure it out, another message plunged me back into the mire.

― The user’s trauma deepens even further!

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