I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 255

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 255: The Way to Wield a Sword (2)

The Way to Wield a Sword.

It was something I had heard countless times during sparring sessions with my father.

Even I, who was once thought talentless, could remember it.

My father’s teachings were deeply ingrained in me.

Yet, they were still not enough.

The demon’s strength was beyond what I had anticipated.

The gaping maw of an A-grade demon, drool dripping from the opened jaws of a wolf.

The hideous and yellowed teeth that seemed to threaten to gobble me up made my body tingle with fear.

Back, keep moving back.

I could feel my body being pushed backward, retreating—it was far from a pleasant experience.

Am I going to die here?

Despite my efforts to advance, will it all end here, unable to reach my goal?

Just as I thought this, someone’s rough hand was placed over my own.

“Were you not told how to wield the sword like this?”

It was my father’s hand.

His tone was as indifferent and cold as I remembered.

I nodded and squeezed the hilt of my sword with renewed strength.

I recalled the way my father had taught me to wield a sword.

You hold the sword and recognize your enemy precisely.

Aimed at the most vulnerable spot, you sharpen the edge and force it into the opening.

It was something I could never do alone.

But with my father by my side…

I could do it.


The blade with its ancient decorations thrust forward.

Blood spurted as the demon staggered backward.

The massive body of the demon with its shadow-like form began to collapse slowly.


I had slain an A-grade demon with my sword.

I was overtaken by a sense of exhilaration, like a dam bursting within my heart.

It must have been an unusual and unsightly sight.

Tears burst forth from my eyes as I dropped my sword to the ground.

“Sob… Aaah…”

Even though I knew my father was there. Although I knew he despised seeing me cry, I could not help myself.

But why?

After crying for some time, my father did not say a word to me—no scolding, no calling me pathetic rubbish.

All he said was,

“That was your fight.”

When I looked up in disbelief, my father was looking down at me with a warm expression.

It was a face I had never seen before.

At least not since my mother passed away.

* * *

‘The illusion of trauma. It was something that the youngest couldn’t escape with his strength alone. It’s hard to tell, but… the magic here in this dungeon is nothing like that of others.

Yet, the prime minister was the first to escape the illusion, protecting his fallen brothers. Even though they always tormented him, even though he could have run away on his own.’

Lee Jae-shin lay there, watching his son cry, having these thoughts.

He truly takes after his mother.

Although he did not voice it, Lee Jae-shin realized his son had grown and that his own perspective had been too narrow-minded.

He realized how cruel he had been, unknowingly breaking the child in his obsession with protection.

Of course, he wouldn’t change his treatment of his son overnight.

There were too many atonements he had built up over the years to be corrected in a moment.

He would need to gradually improve.

Just as the youngest had done.

And so.

“That was your fight.”

I decided to acknowledge my son’s struggle.

The words of Jae-sang, who wanted to be a helper to others.

I now firmly realized that it wasn’t impossible.

“Ah, father…”

“You are strong. No, you’ve become strong. I acknowledge that you have a fight of your own.”

As Lee Jae-shin spoke, Lee Jae-sang wiped away his tears with his sleeve and got up with a trembling body.

“More, and more…”

Jae-sang steadied his quavering voice and then stated with clear articulation,

“I’m going to get even stronger.”


Lee Jae-shin simply replied, wearing a faint smile.

* * *

Watching the scene from behind, Jae-hyun soon joined Lee Jae-sang.

Lee Jae-shin, Lee Jae-sang, and now Jae-hyun formed a party of three.

However, the party did not last long.

Jae-hyun had sensed through his magic detection the presence of someone else deep in the dungeon.

“It seems all the other alliance members are together. The people from Yeonhwa, the members of the Curators, our Nine look the same.

The boss must be facing Representative Yu Sung-eun. I wish I could go help right away… but there are survivors on the other side too.”

“You can’t choose who dies.”

Lee Jae-sang said with a firm expression. He no longer stuttered, but his warm heart still cared for others.

In a moment where no one could make an easy decision.

That’s when Lee Jae-shin spoke up.

“I’ll go help Yu Sung-eun with my son. The one left alone is your comrade, right?”

“That’s correct.”

Jae-hyun replied respectfully.

Lee Jae-shin nodded immediately.

“Go save them. You look strong enough to do so.”

“But even if it’s you, the demons in the deep parts will be hard to handle.

You know, the structure of the magic that makes up this dungeon is completely unlike the usual…”

“Let’s try to hold out as long as we can until you return.”

Jae-hyun’s eyes narrowed.

That proud Lee Jae-shin was volunteering to play a supporting role?

But there was no time to contemplate.

Jae-hyun grimaced and sprinted in the opposite direction.

“It won’t take long. Please pass that on to everyone.”

“Of course.”

Jae-hyun said and soon disappeared using magic.

Left behind, Lee Jae-sang asked with concern,

“But… even if it’s Jae-hyun, will he be alright? If he somehow gets injured…”

“No, that boy will be fine.”

Lee Jae-shin sharply contradicted his son’s worrying.

“He is a stronger seeker than I am. In every way.”

It wasn’t just about physical strength.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyun, running deeper into the dungeon, felt an unprecedented deep unease after his return.

‘…Kim Yu-jung. Damn it, it seems like that person is wandering alone in this dungeon.’

It was a dangerous situation.

Kim Yu-jung had a terrible sense of direction. She had a dreadful trauma about being left alone.

She might have been fine from a physical standpoint, but if she panicked from being left alone…

She would surely die.

At that thought, Jae-hyun remembered something from the third trial.

Back then, Idunn had said,

The challenger of prophecy will open the path with the blood of a comrade at his side.

But Jae-hyun had no intention of sacrificing a comrade just to kill Odin.

He was becoming stronger to protect what was his.

If Kim Yu-jung were to die here.

If that happened, Jae-hyun would have lost the meaning of his return.

‘I must stop it. I absolutely cannot allow it.’

With that thought, Jae-hyun rushed towards the deeper parts of the dungeon.

A girl with orange hair was writhing in agony.

To anyone looking, it was clear she was suffering from a terrible nightmare, evident from her troubled expression.

* * *

The girl was watching a boy and another girl with their arms linked, walking together.

From a very far distance.

It was an area she could not reach.

The other girl with the boy was a familiar face, and in her opinion, they were starting to deepen their relationship.

There was no space for her to interject.

For some reason, the girl felt a pang of pain in her heart, and she felt her consciousness sinking below the surface.

What is this feeling, and how do I explain it?

Why do I feel this anguish?

At that moment, a clear message resounded in the girl’s ears.

―Re-initiating user’s deep-seated trauma!

* * *

[Everyone going out for the relay, gather up! Teacher is calling!]

[Kim Yu-jung, come quickly too. Don’t be late for no reason.]

On one afternoon under the scorching sun.

A bit past noon, the elementary school playground was crowded with students.

Some familiar, youthful students sat there.

Kim Yu-jung sighed and lined up.

She was the final runner for the girls’ relay team.

Her physical abilities were exceptionally good for someone from the magic world.

A rare awakened amongst her peers, her ability itself was quite notable.

Thanks to this, she had been assigned the relay race at the sports festival.

[It’s you again?]

“What’s wrong? Are you bored?”

The one talking to her was also a familiar face.

Jae-hyun, a childhood friend she had stuck around with for years.

[Be careful not to trip while running. If you lose, people are going to blame me.]

“Don’t say things like that. Instead, you better not fall.”

As they prepared for the relay, suddenly the sunlight felt unbearably hot.

The teacher in charge of the event gathered the children.

[Please wait a moment for the heat to subside before we start the relay race.]

[Oh, it would be better to finish it quickly and be done with it.]

Jae-hyun grumbled.

“It’s better than collapsing from running.”

Kim Yu-jung murmured covering her face with her hand.

“I’ll be back in a bit, going inside for a moment. If the relay starts, come find me. I’ll be in the class.”

[What am I, your secretary?]

Ignoring Jae-hyun’s complaint, she took refuge in the classroom for a while.

Certainly, it was cooler inside than outside.

With that thought, she opened the classroom door, and immediately her eyes landed on a couple of unwelcome students.

[Ah, it’s Kim Yu-jung, right?]

[Hey~ Today’s finally the day when your great parents are coming, right?]

[Of course. She made such a big deal about it before~]

They were female classmates.

Ever since a presentation about the admirable work of Kim Yu-jung’s parents and finding out about her abilities as an awakened, they started picking on Kim Yu-jung.


Kim Yu-jung replied, trying to suppress her discomfort.

She was not too friendly with other students, excluding Jae-hyun.

She didn’t want to have a long conversation in such an uncomfortable atmosphere.

‘But today will be the end of their teasing.’

Kim Yu-jung thought as she closed the classroom door and went back outside.

She remembered the phone call with her parents from the night before.

[Sure. If our daughter tells us to come, we must! Don’t worry! Since our daughter is running in the relay, we’ll definitely come and watch.]

[And I’m coming too~ Make sure you do well and don’t get injured~]

Her parents promised to come this time.

Though they had missed several school events before, they had made a promise this time.

If her parents showed up even once, she wouldn’t be ridiculed by the others anymore.

In that moment, however, a buzzing noise came from her tracksuit pocket.

The phone was vibrating.

Somehow, she felt an ominous feeling about the vibration.

Kim Yu-jung took the phone out to check the caller.

It was her father.

With an unexpectedly sharp edge to her voice, Kim Yu-jung answered the call.


[Oh, Yu-jung, it’s dad… I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to your sports day today…]

Kim Yu-jung hung up the phone without listening any further.

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