I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 254

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 254: The Way to Hold a Sword (1)

“I understand. I’ll do it. I’ll tell you the story about your mother.”

As I managed to hold onto my fading consciousness, my father replied with those words.

And at that moment,

Fragments of memories I couldn’t remember began to burrow into my brain.

It was then finally that I realized.

I did remember my mother.

I had just forgotten.

* * *

My mother’s last moments were truly horrific.

On the day of that tragedy.

A sudden dungeon break occurred, and the house collapsed under the attack of a demonic beast.

The incident happened so abruptly.

In fact, the beast that appeared wasn’t very strong. It was just that my mother and I were too weak.

That was why we were overpowered.

Watching the house crumble under the monster’s attack, I felt the worst fear of my life.

Death. It was an indescribably close sensation.

“Don’t worry. Don’t be too scared. Close your eyes for a moment, and it’ll all be over.”

Father will be here soon.

My mother said so, holding me tightly in her arms.

In the background, I could see a beast wielding a massive axe charging towards my mother.

Even in that moment, I couldn’t say a word.

Why was that?

Even as the beast’s axe came chopping down on my mother’s back, my lips did not move.

I remember the last moment, the face of my mother, who resembled me.

The memory of her blue eyes dimming and slowly losing their vitality.

That had become the deepest-seated trauma in my heart, something that couldn’t be erased by anything.

That was when I knew.

Why father never wanted to tell me the story about my mother.

I saw my mother’s shoulders crumble in my fragmented memories.

Her hands tightly embracing me and her cooling body temperature. My mother.

She died like that.

I thought to myself.

This dungeon illusion. It is designed so that one must overcome their trauma to break through.

Then, what should I do here?

Should I sit down and despair over past helplessness?


What’s passed cannot be reversed.

But at the very least, I can change the person I am now.

Hadn’t Jae-Hyun already told me this?

I made up my mind.

I will no longer run away.

Even if only in my memories, I confronted my father and overcame him.

I’ve also regained my memories of my mother.

Moving forward was no longer impossible for someone like me.


As I thought so, the sound of glass shattering was heard.

It was the moment when the enormous illusion surrounding me shattered into pieces.

* * *


Lee Jae-Sang gasped and sat up quickly.

He immediately examined his body. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and he was breathing normally.

The surrounding area appeared to be deep within the dungeon. It was dark, with pitch-black forks in the path everywhere.

‘I have to somehow survive and get out of here….’

Lee Jae-Sang quickly scanned the surroundings to grasp information.

Then, two familiar faces caught his eye.

Faces that resembled his own… His brothers?

Lee Jae-Sang tilted his head, looking at his brothers who were sprawled on the ground.

Lee Jae-Hoon and Lee Jae-Young. They were unconscious in the middle of the dungeon.

‘But… my brothers were supposed to be attacking the Red Gate with father….’

As that thought crossed his mind, a chill ran down his spine.

Something was off. What could it be?

Why were his brothers here at the C-ranked gate they were meant to attack?

That moment, an unsettling thought crossed Lee Jae-Sang’s mind.

The beast they had encountered before being separated from the others. It was too strong to be in a C-ranked dungeon.

That wasn’t the only strange thing. The brothers who had set off for the Red Gate with father.

Why were they here?

Thinking back, the red shards that Seo Ina had observed at the gate were also suspicious.

Putting all these together.

Could this dungeon actually be the Red Gate?

Maybe the C-ranked dungeon they were trying to clear was connected to the Red Gate?

It was a plausible hypothesis.

If so, it also explained why his brothers were abandoned here.

‘My brothers must have been separated from their attack team due to the labyrinthine nature of the dungeon and ended up here with me.’

After drawing his conclusion, Lee Jae-Sang nodded slightly.

What he needed to do now was clear.

‘I have to move to a safe place first.’

Lee Jae-Sang exhaled and hoisted his brothers over his shoulders.

It seemed his brothers were also trapped in a trauma illusion, judging by their expressions, which looked tormented, much like his own moments ago.

Lee Jae-Sang grunted as he set his brothers down in a corner of the dungeon.

It was particularly hard to move them due to the longswords they had at their waists, and he struggled more than expected.

Exhausted, Lee Jae-Sang flopped down on the spot.

Now, what should he do next?

He had no comrades by his side.

Their location within the dungeon was unclear, and his brothers could not fight yet.

Even if they could fight, he had abandoned any notion that they would be of help.

But at that moment, fortunately or unfortunately, he couldn’t follow his thoughts for long.


Lee Jae-Sang immediately held his breath.

Chills ran through his body, making his hearing many times more sensitive than usual.

Something… was approaching.

He quickly fixed his gaze on the pitch-black cave he had seen earlier.

Something was slowly making its way through it.

From the sounds of it, there was no doubt it was a beast—a very troublesome type to face.

Lee Jae-Sang opened his inventory and grabbed potions in his hands.

Without his brothers’ help in this situation, he had no choice but to protect himself.

‘I have to… somehow.’


The beast kept approaching. Lee Jae-Sang observed its form carefully.

An A-ranked beast. Among them were wolf-type beasts, which he had seen his comrades handle a few times in the past.

Of course, Lee Jae-Sang had never hunted them before.

Facing them alone was too much for his basic strength and skills.


Yet, Lee Jae-Sang didn’t retreat.

He had only just overcome his trauma and could confront himself.

He was finally able to remember his mother, and he was at a crossroads where he could move forward.

He had no intention of dying here.


In that moment, the wolf beast pounced towards Lee Jae-Sang and his brothers.

Lee Jae-Sang quickly threw the potion he was holding at the ground. It was a paralysis potion with a paralytic effect.


‘I can’t hold them off for long with this. There are… three wolves!’

Lee Jae-Sang focused without losing concentration and pulled out another potion.

Next, he held a potion containing liquid explosive, which would explode with a bit of magical energy—a substance similar to dynamite.

Lee Jae-sang waited for the right timing.

He still had many potions, but they were not infinite.

Moreover, he was facing A-ranked beasts. Any hesitation or mistake here could certainly lead to death.

Including his brothers.

Finally, the moment he had been waiting for arrived.


All three wolf beasts suddenly charged at Lee Jae-Sang together.

They instinctively knew that Lee Jae-Sang was a more troublesome opponent than the fallen brothers.

Their plan was to quickly finish off Lee Jae-Sang, then move on to the other two.

But as the wolves approached him, Lee Jae-Sang threw the next potion.


The explosion caused by the powerful potion.

It had enough force to blow away the three enemies at once.


The wolf beasts that were charging at Lee Jae-Sang were instantly reduced to pieces and tossed backward.

“Huff… Huff…”

Only after confirming that the beasts attacking him had all fallen did Lee Jae-Sang finally collapse back to the ground.

Truthfully, the explosive potion was not potent enough to deal with A-ranked beasts.

Originally, it might have been useful against C-ranked beasts, not of the water attribute.

But Lee Jae-sang was an alchemist.

An alchemist knew all the ingredients, including the herbs and insects that went into potion-making.

‘The first paralysis potion I threw was made using particulate butterfly excreta.

The second potion was the explosive. When it comes into contact with particulate, it amplifies the explosion several times over.’

With the right combination of these two,

Victory was achievable.

Lee Jae-Sang quickly thought of this and succeeded in his action.


He had managed to protect himself.

As this feeling of relief washed over him, he felt his body relax.

But he still didn’t know.

The dungeon, a place where variables could arise at any moment.


Suddenly, from the darkness, a wolf with a bigger build than the ones he had just fought sprang out.

In that moment, Lee Jae-Sang felt his thoughts freeze.

He had thought all the enemies were defeated.

He had not taken out any more potions.

Yet another beast appeared?

Should he take out a potion now?

No, it was already too late.

But surely he couldn’t just die without doing anything, right?

There was a slight delay in retrieving items from the inventory.

If things continued this way, he would likely be taken out before even getting his potion.

Lee Jae-Sang’s perception narrowed, and his thoughts intensified to their limits.

Time seemed to stop, flowing slowly. Nothing could be heard in his ears.


In a split second of crisis,

Only one sentence came to his mind.

“…Hold the sword.”

As Lee Jae-Sang repeated that command, he drew the longsword from his fallen brother’s waist and stabbed upwards towards the beast.


The sword precisely sliced across the mouth and snout of the beast. Lee Jae-Sang’s heavy breathing continued.

* * *

The sensation of the sword piercing through the enemy. It was something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Since his childhood, when he learned how to wield a sword from his father, he had never thrust a sword into anyone.

It was not in his nature, nor did he have the talent for it.

But could this be fate?

At the most critical moment, possibly facing death, I had grasped a sword.

Clumsily, but as I had been taught, I pierced the enemy accurately.

“I can… change too…”

He asserted as he exerted strength into the sword.


Suddenly, the beast’s strength grew stronger still, and I began to be pushed back.

My back hit the wall, and my heart pounded wildly.

That was right. I lacked basic strength and skills.

Despite accurately targeting the enemy’s vital spot, I was being pushed back.

‘Is it… really over now?’

As a sense of deep disappointment spread through me for being overpowered despite my best effort,

A hand layered over mine holding the sword.

“Didn’t I tell you that this is how you hold a sword?”

In that instant, my pupils contracted as my gaze shifted to one place.

There he was. The person I so longed to reach, to be recognized by.

Father. Lee Jae-Shin was there.

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