I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 253

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 253: Lee Jaeshin

Eyes imbued with a transparent blue hue, like that of a lake.

They were the eyes of my wife, and also the eyes of my youngest son, Jaesang.

Every time I gazed into those deep, cerulean eyes, my wife’s last moments would resurface in my mind.

As usual, after completing the dungeon attack and dealing with the gate, I received a missed call on my phone from the communicator. The caller had been my wife.

It was strange.

My considerate wife never made repeated calls if I didn’t answer. But for some reason, that day was different.

Suddenly gripped by a sinking feeling of anxiety, I entrusted the clean-up of the gate to my colleagues and rushed home.

And there…

I was confronted with the sight of my wife’s body, torn to shreds.

At the time, the Pungshin Guild wasn’t as big as it is now, and our house had been turned into ruins by the attack of monsters that emerged from a dungeon break.

We weren’t in a position to afford guarding personal residences.

My wife was dead.

I met the gaze of the demon that killed her, with eyes of a complete antithesis to hers, red in color.

I felt as if something deep in my chest had snapped.

The demon that killed my wife was a mere D grade. The kind any Awakened, even a novice, could handle easily, but it had been too much for my un-Awakened wife to bear.

In that moment, wails filled the air from the embrace of my dead wife. They were the cries of my youngest.

That child, Jaesang, possessed gem-like eyes resembling his mother’s. He had witnessed his mother’s death and was so traumatized that he completely lost the memory of the incident.

I thought to myself it was perhaps for the better.

To carry such a traumatic memory would be too much for my son. He was far too frail.

* * *

My wife had held Jaesang tightly in her last moments.

Her hands, even on the autopsy table, refused to unclench, such was the strength of her will to protect our son.

Why did this have to happen to me?

It was a question without an answer, yet it was all I could think about.

My wife was no longer a part of this world.

All that was left was our youngest son, a spitting image of her. Good-natured and fearful, he was far more fragile than his older brothers.

I decided then.

I wouldn’t lose anything more.

I would raise my son to be strong, to be capable of protecting himself.

* * *

Fortunately, my first and second sons inherited my unique skills and grew strong quickly.

It was not surprising for those who had already shown talent with the sword.

But the youngest was different.

He had neither the minimum talent for swordsmanship I possessed.

Nor the tenacity to overcome this lack.

Had he inherited even a unique skill, perhaps he could have fled from the attacks of the monsters in the worst-case scenario.

But even that was not granted to the fragile boy.

Why was the weakest of them all left with nothing?

I cannot lose another loved one.

I don’t ever want to experience placing another family member on an autopsy table.

So I called the youngest to the training yard.

I handed him a wooden sword, and looking at my trembling son, I spoke in a colder voice than ever.

“Take the sword.”

Even if it hurt him, my resolve wouldn’t change.

He had to grow strong enough to protect himself.

But my son didn’t live up to my expectations.

He struggled with merely holding the sword.

Maybe because he was like his mother, who detested harming others.

When I told him to take the sword, the youngest only said this:

“I want to be a Lader who helps other Laders…”

* * *

“What are you thinking about for so long?”

While walking through the dungeon, Jaehyun suddenly asked me this.

Lee Jaeshin opened his eyes that he had briefly closed and shook his head.

“Nothing. Let’s move faster instead.”

He said in a blunt tone and looking at the sword he was holding, he thought of his son.

Lee Jaeshin’s pace was becoming faster.

He felt more anxious. According to Jaehyun, his youngest could be inside this dungeon as well.

Earlier, Jaehyun used a ring that seemed to be an artifact and said this.

[It seems this dungeon… is connected to another place.]


[Yes. And it seems to be connected to the dungeon that Lienhua and our circle members had planned to tackle.]

[That means…]

[Your son might be in danger. We need to hurry.]

Jaehyun’s words were a shock.

He tried to communicate with his colleagues using the spell of binding, but it failed.

However, he was at least able to ascertain their location. And so, he learned that his partners had been swept into a red gate.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected.

From the beginning, the Aeshir divinity had targeted his colleagues to bring him down.

The reason Jaehyun trained them rigorously was with the hope they would be able to protect themselves.

‘I have to break through this maze as quickly as possible and regroup with my partners.’

After finishing his thoughts, Jaehyun hastened his steps.

A familiar life force within his mana detection indicated the presence of one of the students.

“It seems I’ve found one person. Let’s hurry.”

Lee Jaeshin nodded at his words.

There was no choice but to trust Jaehyun here.

After all, he had the power to crush Lee Jaeshin in an instant. Even if he challenged Jaehyun again, the result would be the same.

Right now, Jaehyun was keeping him alive purely out of whim.

* * *

“Please, tell me about mother.”

Standing in front of my father, I summoned the courage to ask this.

Where this burst of courage came from, I couldn’t say.

But one thing was certain: cowering and hesitating changed nothing.

I had to keep moving forward, just like Jaehyun had told me when we first met.

[You want me to talk about your mother?]

The fact that my father had hesitated for a moment was apparent, even to someone as dense as me.

He was deliberately keeping the stories of my mother a secret.

From me, from the other people.

But now, I needed to know. Sometimes, ignorance prevents change.

In that moment, I reinforced my resolve and spoke again.

“Please, tell me how mother passed away.”

A spark appeared in my father’s eyes at my words.

It had been a long time since I had spoken with determination, especially in front of my father…probably only a few times before.

Perhaps surprised by my demeanor, my father nodded.

[I understand. But if you want something, you must show your sincerity as well.]

“What should I, I do?”

[Face me in a spar. If you can touch me even once, I will tell you the story of your mother.]

At my father’s words, it was difficult to maintain any expression.

The grueling spars in the training yard, where he had again demanded a match with me.

I thought to myself.

I had to decide whether to progress or to remain content here.

And naturally, my answer was to proceed.

“I will try.”

To move forward was the path I chose.

* * *

My father’s sword was as fast and fierce as I remembered.

Truly befitting of the guild master of Pungshin and one of the world’s top Laders.

It was a realm far beyond my reach.

My father was strong.

Up until a moment ago, I never even considered facing him with a sword.

But now, I had to.

If I backed down here, I felt certain I would lose something irreplaceably precious.


With every swing of my father’s sword, my clothing was cut, exposing my skin.

Beneath the fabric, I could feel my flesh bruising and breaking.

Even more than I remembered, my father’s sparring was merciless.

No, it wasn’t just a feeling.

My father had decided not to tell me the tale of my mother.

He was driving me harder for that reason.

Stop now.

You have reached your limit.

His sword seemed to speak those words.


My body rolled pitifully on the ground, the voices of my brothers who were watching started ringing in my ears.

What’s that guy trying to do?

Can we really say he carried the blood of our father?

I can’t believe that trash is part of our noble Pungshin.

Their words layered upon one another, drawing out the trauma buried deep within me.

Trauma… What is that?

Suddenly that thought crossed my mind but I had no time to dwell on it.


My father’s sword targeted me again. I rolled my body with everything I had.

His sword cleaved through the air and crashed into the ground, its force beyond imagination.

[You never once showed interest in that story. Why suddenly ask me about your mother?]

As my father paused, his voice flowed.

I looked up at him, strained.

“You, you seem to be in so much pain.”


Amazement narrowed my father’s eyes. Why would I say such a thing?

He looked at me with those eyes.

I continued.

“Whenever you talk about, about mother, your eyes look so, so sad. I, I want to help in any way I can.”

[Is that so…]

My father said and raised his sword again, aiming at me.

Then, the sword sliced through, stabbing and pushing me aside.

I wanted to scream.

It’s painful. Please, stop here.

But I had resolved not to do so.

[You will never reach me that way…]

As my father was about to continue, I quickly took a potion bottle from my inventory and threw it above his head.


It was an obscuring mist potion.

Recently cultivated from a plant given to me by Jaehyun, it was used to hide from monsters’ detection.

I didn’t stop there and threw another potion.


This one had the property of lightning, a paralyzing potion.

It exploded, electrocuting and inflicting paralysis on the enemy.

[Do you think such tricks will work against me?]

Of course, my father wasn’t perturbed in the slightest. He quickly recovered from the status effect.

An S-rank Lader would naturally have such recovery and resistance.

But I wasn’t charging at my father thinking I could win from the start.


Within the thick fog, I crouched, leaping and charging my wooden sword with force.

Then I heeded my father’s words, channeling strength to my wrist and slashing the sword through the wind’s path.

[This is…!]

Father, caught off guard by my sudden charge, reacted too late.

But even then, he was far too quick.

His sword perfectly deflected my incoming strike.

Finally, my body tumbled to the ground.

[The outcome is clear. I…]

My father gazed down with a gloomy look.

Abruptly, he spoke.

[I lost.]

That was indeed the case.

My sword never reached my father’s neck or torso.

But at the last moment, I put all my strength into changing the sword’s trajectory.

The pain felt as if my wrist would tear, but I clenched my teeth and managed it.


Lying on the ground, barely extending my arm, my sword had finally touched the tip of my father’s boot.

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