I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 252

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 252: The Alchemist’s Circumstance (3)

“We’ve encountered the dungeon’s boss monster, the ‘Adumsini’.”

“This is… a new type of magical beast, merged with native mythology. Everyone, be cautious.”

As the system message rang out, Kwon So-yul warned the party members.

Just as she said, the magical beast Adumsini that appeared before them was indeed based on indigenous mythology.

It was a difficult adversary, particularly because there was almost no comprehensive report on it at the academy.

It was a similar case to the Yamata no Orochi that Jae-hyun had once faced in Japan.

However, there was unlikely anyone among the group who was well-versed in Korean native mythology. Compared to Greek, Norse, or Japanese mythology, Korean mythology wasn’t as well-known.

It would have helped if Kim Yu-jung, who was well-versed in theory, had been with them, but the current situation was far from favorable.

They had no idea what this enemy was capable of.

It was during these moments of unknown dread that the three of them felt profound fear.

“Be careful not to look up at it. Adumsini. The beast becomes stronger when humans view it with fear, and even more so the more they look at it.”

The source of the voice that spoke beside them was a very familiar one.

All three party members simultaneously turned their heads toward the direction of the voice.

“President Yu Seong-eun!”

There she was, Yu Seong-eun, the guild master of Yeonhwa.

“We don’t know what led you to be swept into this Red Gate, but it appears that the dungeon you were tackling is connected to this place. Looks like it’s bad news.”

Kwon So-yul asked, startled.

“Wait a moment! You’re saying this is a Red Gate?”

“Yes. It seems that the dungeon you’ve been challenging got linked with this Red Gate. It’s definitely not good.”

Yu Seong-eun replied to Kwon So-yul, who had asked with terror-stricken eyes.

Moments before, while trying to rescue other members of the Yeonhwa alliance who had been separated, Yu Seong-eun found herself here as if drawn by an unknown force upon wide-eyed discovery.

And that’s where she ended up encountering it.

The dungeon’s boss monster, Adumsini.

‘Adumsini. I already know this creature.’

Typically, Adumsini feeds on the fear of others to grow, and infrequently, associated information gets reported to the academy. The beast in front of her eyes belonged to the same kind.

The stronger the fear it senses from those looking upon it, the more it grows.

A monster that gets larger when looked up at and smaller when looked down upon.

To anyone who feels no fear, it might be considered a C-class beast; however, anyone who gazes into those abyss-like eyes is bound to feel the terror.

Therefore, in most countries, there is even a rule that Adumsini must not be tackled unless by a group of S-class rank hunters at a minimum.

This is the adversary they now faced.

Moreover, the conditions were optimal for the creature to grow.

‘Numerous guild members from the alliance are trembling with fear. The monster’s size grows continuously. Dangerous!’

Yu Seong-eun thought, grinding her teeth together.

Nearby were the members of the alliance that she had rescued.

They were at risk for being wiped out if they separated again, and there weren’t enough people to help others escape using warp stones to get out of the dungeon.

In a way, those alliance members that remained showed great courage.

They chose not to use warp stones to leave at once but voluntarily stayed in the dungeon to help their fellows.

But Yu Seong-eun had not foreseen that this decision could also become a poison.

“President! Then what should we do? Should we fight here?”

An Ho-yeon asked, but Yu Seong-eun shook her head.

A direct confrontation with Adumsini, already empowered to its limit, was exceedingly treacherous.

Now was not the time to confront it head-on; they must seek an alternative.

‘If I rush to judgment here, we’ll all die. I need to think. There has to be a surefire way to defeat it.’

Adumsini was a dangerously high-caliber magical beast that indiscriminately cast powerful spells. Even for S-class Yu Seong-eun, it wasn’t something she could endure being bombarded with repeatedly.

She didn’t have much time to ponder.

A clear method to defeat Adumsini had finally struck her mind.

Determined, Yu Seong-eun was about to issue her strategy when suddenly…


An overwhelming surge of magical power burst forth from Adumsini.

An intimidating presence overwhelming even for an S-class like herself.


Yu Seong-eun shuddered involuntarily, her body quivering with fear that swept through her.

‘This is… far more powerful than what was reported at the academy.’

She forcibly calmed her trembling hands, then shouted.

“All the hunters present, follow my instructions! Avoid looking directly at Adumsini and try to prolong time as much as possible!”

“But, even if we do that, there has to be a limit, right? We must find a way to defeat it….”

“To defeat the magical beast, we will. But for now, please follow my commands. It is a decision to save everyone.”

Responding calmly to another fearful hunter’s question, Yu Seong-eun managed to regain control of the situation.

Fortuitously, the hunters complied with Yu Seong-eun’s instructions.

Some had already used their warp stones to leave the dungeon, but that wasn’t something to be rebuked.

Nothing is more important than one’s own life. If their decision is right, then so be it.

Meanwhile, Yu Seong-eun focused her thoughts one more time.

There was only one way to defeat Adumsini that she could think of.

It was simple.

‘Magic nullification… If Jae-hyun doesn’t arrive here, there’s no chance of victory.’

* * *


A blade grazes delicate flesh, and blood spurts out.

A mock battle using wooden swords.

Yet the impact and tension were nearly on par with a formal duel.

Watching the sparring between my father and brothers, I stood gazing through the window of the room.

“You’ve improved a lot. But still, you must delve deeper.”

“Yes! Thank you for the compliment, Father!”

Father’s way of guiding my brothers was nothing like the way he treated me.

While the lack of warmth was consistent, at least he didn’t scorn them.

He never criticized them for being weak; he simply gauged them by their achievements, rewarding accordingly.

That was the Lee family’s, a martial arts clan, method of disciplining its members.

As I watched their fighting, my thoughts drifted.

They were, indeed, from another world compared to me.

I, the runt who had not inherited even my father’s unique skill, while my two brothers had awakened theirs at the mere age of twelve.

The prodigy, Baelock, and even if not as renowned as Yu Seong-eun, no one doubted their talents.

Yet I stood far apart from them.

Lee Jae-hun and Lee Jae-young.

My brothers tread a different path from mine.

And they disdain my way.

Clashing swords, insisting it is the right thing, and contesting everything I do.

I think, was I born to live with rejection?

Or else, where is my destiny?

In the throes of disarray, I recalled my father’s words.

“Your mother died because she was weak.”

Weakness leads to death.

Father was absent at her last moments, my mother’s demise. If there was a reason, I never heard it; I only knew that anything concerning mother would collapse Father’s emotionless, cold veneer.

I pondered momentarily.

I already knew this was but an illusion of the dungeon, born from my trauma. If I couldn’t escape this delusion, I’d never return to reality.

Or even if I could, it’d be impossible without someone’s aid.

But… will I continue like this?

As if he was speaking to me, Jae-hyun’s face floated into my mind.


The first to recognize my worth, stirring my heart.

Should I stop here?

Even as I viewed my brothers sweat and fight in the practice ground, did I feel nothing?

Not seeking change?

“…No, I can’t.”

Upon that realization, I stood up and ran down the stairs of the building.

I reached the training ground. Facing my back to my father, I asked.

“Please, tell me about Mother.”

As those words left me, Father’s pupils contracted like never before.

I didn’t miss the subtle shaking of his shoulders.

* * *

“She died because she was weak?”

“Yes. My wife was weak. She was torn to pieces by a beast, so much that even her body was unrecognizable.”

Lee Jae-shin said, then seemed oddly buoyant afterward.

“I didn’t want to lose anymore. I didn’t want to go through the pain of losing what was mine again.”

So, I decided to become strong.

Everyone around me too.

Lee Jae-shin added, his powers surging uncontrollably.

His usually calm demeanor flipped completely. Why?

Jae-hyun felt compassion there.

The desire not to lose what one holds dear. Where does that stem from?

The answer was simple.

Affection for someone. The greater it grows, the stronger—or weaker—it makes people.

Jae-hyun knew this well.

During his fight with Heimdall, he had given up.

Although he had returned, he thought there was nothing to change.

He thought no one recognized him and had let himself go.

But in that moment, he heard the voices of his comrades and broke through his limits.

Lee Jae-shin’s methods were undoubtedly wrong.

Even if it was for his son’s sake, there was no reason to harm and knock him down.

“That method only breeds resentment.”

“That’s only possible while still alive. Hatred, enmity… Once you die, it all disappears.”

Jae-hyun felt a suffocating sensation upon hearing Lee Jae-shin’s words.

The presence of his father, Lee Jae-sang, always recalled the worst memories for him.

Before his regression, Jae-sang’s appearance, believed to have fully overcome his TV trauma, was seen by Lee Jae-shin. What did he feel?

Was he happy just because his son had survived, or did he harbor a bitter sentiment looking at his son who despised him?

“Lee Jae-sang… That kid is too frail. Tender-hearted and too trusting of others… Just like my wife used to be.”

“Your wife and Jae-sang might resemble each other, but they are different people. Do not equate them.”

“Cut it down.”

Lee Jae-shin grabbed Jae-hyun’s sword with his hand and placed it against his own neck.

He still thought Jae-hyun saw him as an enemy, a dangerous foe who could take his life at any time.

But Jae-hyun sheathed his sword and sighed.

“Make sure to deliver that message to Jae-sang.”


Lee Jae-shin asked back as Jae-hyun turned and proceeded.

“That’s why I’m sparing you.

Also, I’m not your enemy so relax and follow me. We have to save people, and we need all the manpower we can get.”

Jae-hyun shrugged nonchalantly, hand in pocket. It meant he was done fighting with him.

Jae-hyun knew.

It was possible to right what was thought to be an irreversibly twisted father-son relationship.

Lee Jae-sang and Lee Jae-shin. The pair had the strength to do it and likely would.

With just a little help, they undoubtedly could.

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