I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 251

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 251: The Circumstances of a Certain Alchemist (2)

“…I wonder if the others are alright?”

One of the three people walking through the dungeon, shadowed with dimness, spoke.

Seo Ina. She was currently with An Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul.

They had just been separated by a sudden rising partition in the dungeon that turned the place into a maze.

It should be noted that the three had initially fallen in the same place and had already escaped the phantoms of their traumas.

All of them had once broken through their own traumas thanks to past replays.

Seo Ina and Kwon So-yul had liberated themselves from people who had tried to use them.

An Ho-yeon, as a radar, had grown by finding the direction and reason she needed to move forward.

The presence of the replays had transformed them.

Re-hyun, though appearing indifferent, had precisely pointed out their pain.

Every moment, he looked out for his comrades, helping them overcome their walls.

Even if he did not always show them the way when they were lost, he did teach them vaguely how to overcome, guiding them in the right direction.

It was undeniable that this was the driving force behind their growth up to this point.

At times, Re-hyun guided them even more harshly than an instructor might.

To the members of Nine, Re-hyun was one of the few comrades they could trust to have their backs, no matter what the situation.

Indeed, the members of Nine had received a lot of help from Re-hyun.

Therefore, they thought:

They wanted to grow stronger and stand by Re-hyun’s side one day.

And that had materialized in the dungeon, overcoming the phantoms of their traumas.

However, aside from their successful escape from their traumas,

The three were currently walking with worried expressions due to Seo Ina’s concerns about the other comrades.

“Coldly speaking… Lee Jae-sang has practically no combat capability, so it’s hard to expect anything in battle.

As for Yu-jeong, she’s fine in combat but… she’s terrible at finding her way. If she’s left alone in this dungeon, it could be a disaster.”

Everyone, including Kwon So-yul, knew Kim Yu-jeong’s biggest weakness.

That was her horrible sense of direction.

Those with terrible direction sense can find it difficult to survive long in the radar field.

At any time, they might find themselves alone while hunting monsters.

Their raiding comrades might die beside them.

In such cases, the most rational decision a radar can make is to abandon their dead comrades and find a way out to safety.

Because that’s how they can stay alive, even if it means facing blame.

The textbook of Miles Academy too, rather than teaching how to save people, is more detailed about surviving oneself.

First aid? The number of people who can perform it properly is minimal.

Before his return, Re-hyun also had to abandon Lee Myung-ho and many other radars to save his own life.

Regrettably, that too is the essence of a radar.

After a moment of silence, Seo Ina’s voice, full of resolve, could be heard.

“…But I trust our members. They will definitely find a way to survive. If they follow what Re-hyun taught us, there’s a good chance.”

The other two agreed with her words.

That’s right. Re-hyun had foreseen such situations and had already taught the comrades a lot.

The tutorial dungeons they had recently been raiding. How much stronger had they become there?

They had grown to a point where they were on par with, if not superior to, active radars.

Fear could be an obstacle. Being overly fearful could prevent one from achieving what they are capable of.


At that moment, as they collected their thoughts, the steps of the members walking inside the dungeon halted at once.

An open place, yet heavy with darkness.

“What on earth is this…?”

The pupils of all three constricted at the sight of the enormous entity before them.

In a breath-taking atmosphere of indescribable magical power, Seo Ina murmured softly.

“…It’s dangerous.”

“A giant… shadow?”

Kwon So-yul too murmurrd to herself.

What lay before them was an extremely terrifying and massive shadow that instilled unspeakable fear.

At that moment, they received a message.

―You have encountered the dungeon’s boss monster, 《Eodukshini》.

* * *

“The biggest threat to me right now is you.”

“Answer me. What… what exactly are you?”

Re-hyun smiled faintly at Lee Jae-shin’s continuous questioning.

Thinking about it, it made sense for him to be wary.

Re-hyun’s name had been making waves, but after all, he was still a cadet of the Academy.

For him to have such power now?

Lee Jae-shin had no choice but to be suspicious of this.

Not only that.

With Re-hyun’s recent emergence, South Korea’s youngest radar records had all been shattered, hadn’t they? The freshman hunt, the mock dungeon affairs, and even the Gu Ja-in incident.

Re-hyun had been at the center of all the recent events.

Furthermore, that meant.

‘Min Jae-hyun may soon bring turmoil to Korea. Moreover, there’s a high probability that he’s our enemy.’

This could be inferred by his participation in the Red Gate strategy.

Re-hyun had already surpassed the level of a cadet, and he might be stronger than Lee Jae-shin himself – potentially even vastly so.

“I need to know right now whether you’re an enemy or not.”

“You sound just like Balak.”


Re-hyun scoffed and deflected the man’s sword completely.

His strength and agility stats were on a level that even Lee Jae-shin could not handle.

He had already begun the climb to see the views from the summit. For a human restrained by the limits of growth set by the system, Re-hyun was monstrously strong.


Lee Jae-shin immediately attacked with all his might.

The sword cleaving through the wind, rushing towards Re-hyun.

―The active skill 《Path of Swiftness》 is activated.

‘He’s using that from the get-go?’

Path of Swiftness.

Lee Jae-shin’s unique skill was also the one that had taken him to the top among S-rank radars.

It allowed its user to read the unseen directions and paths of the wind, enabling faster attacks and nimble movements.

It was a cheat-level skill in terms of versatility.

Re-hyun, lips sealed, raised his sword upright. He had no intention of harming Lee Jae-shin, even though the man attacked him.

Lee Jae-shin was here inside the Red Gate.

He hadn’t thought for a second that Lee Jae-shin was unaware that something unusual had happened here.

That meant, ultimately, that he had entered the Red Gate voluntarily.

‘Moreover, Lee Jae-shin’s behavior a moment ago… that was surely for saving others.’

Re-hyun knew.

Lee Jae-shin might be brusque and willful, but he was indeed acting to save people.

That was an aspect Re-hyun could not overlook.

‘Lee Jae-shin might be unemotional, but he’s not villainous.’

Re-hyun concluded that internally, allowing a slight favor towards the man to develop.

…Of course, Lee Jae-shin seemed to think entirely differently.

‘If there is a threat, it will be eliminated.’

Lee Jae-shin’s eyes flashed, and his body shot out like a flash of lightning.

The strongest trait of successful radars is exactly this.

If there is anyone who could negatively affect them or their guild, they remove them without hesitation.

This was the driving force that had brought them all the way to the top without faltering.


Feeling the enemy’s sword crawling upon his throat, Re-hyun inhaled lightly.

Dodging the incoming sword by slightly tilting his head, he moved diagonally.

Re-hyun punched precisely into Lee Jae-shin’s solar plexus with the hand holding the dagger.


At that moment, Lee Jae-shin twisted his sword trajectory to block the attack.


A spurt of blood cough erupted from Lee Jae-shin’s mouth.

Even though he controlled his strength, the level of force, which far exceeded that of an S-class, caused damage.

Despite this, Lee Jae-shin’s movements remained sharp.

No other radar he faced boasted such swift swordsmanship, not as powerful as Balak’s but certainly faster.



Re-hyun perfectly deflected the enemy’s blow with the dagger in his hand.

Lee Jae-shin’s sword, unleashed continually.

The technique was incomparable to other radars, but not a single strand reached Re-hyun.

Lee Jae-shin’s brows furrowed, and his head chilled.

Min Jae-hyun… he’s strong.

Much more than I thought.

“You should realize by now. You can’t beat me.”

“Do you think I would acknowledge that?”

Even with Re-hyun’s words, Lee Jae-shin was still filled with venom.

He was flustered but not wavering in his determination to defeat Re-hyun.

In his mind, Re-hyun was an enigma.

He couldn’t let him go until he figured out his intentions.

Strength surged in Lee Jae-shin’s sword-wielding hand.

He couldn’t let him leave here now.

His firm will permeated the blade, aiming precisely at Re-hyun’s neck.

Resignedly, Re-hyun too readied himself for the confrontation.

He slowly drew in the residual magic around his body, amplifying his strength and condensing the magic existing in the air and objects around him, transforming it into a new form.


He had no plans to use it on humans, but he needed to wield some of it to subdue Lee Jae-shin without harm.

After all, Lee Jae-shin was a strong adversary among humans.

Re-hyun thought.

He would show the difference in strength with this one strike.

Then, even he, with all his pride, would have to accept defeat.

But before that, there was one thing he really wanted to ask.

“There’s something I want to ask you. It’s about your son, Lee Jae-sang.”

It had been a question of curiosity from the start.

Lee Jae-shin. He knew that he had always been strict with his children.

But even so, he wasn’t this harsh with his other sons.

From his fight with Lee Jae-shin just before, Re-hyun was convinced that there’s a reason, although unclear…

That was the conclusion Re-hyun had come to.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-shin had no choice but to frown at Re-hyun’s question.

Was he not an enemy of the alliance or the government?

Why was he suddenly asking about his youngest son?

However, Lee Jae-shin was not dishonorable enough to break a promise once made.

After a while, he spoke slowly but clearly.

“…There was a woman who I couldn’t replace with anything I owned.”

“…What are you talking about all of sudden?”

“She’s dead. Killed by a monster attack.”

Lee Jae-shin clenched his jaw and fist tightly.

“Because she was weak. That’s why I think she died.”

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