I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 250

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 250. The Circumstances of an Alchemist (1)

To sever one’s weak past and move forward.

This is a dream many harbor but, in truth, only a chosen few can accomplish.

Everyone has potential and can overcome it… or so they say.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

At first listen, it may appear to be a story that can inspire hope in people.

However, we already know that reality is not so sweet.

For example, in sports where physical prowess is deemed important, athletes with a small stature manage to survive, but they only constitute a very tiny fraction of the whole.

What this suggests is that, while the notion of possibility and talent may hold some significance to those lacking confidence, generally it doesn’t have much practicality.

Without talent, you fall behind.

I, Lee Jae-sang, was one of the individuals who realized this harsh truth since childhood.

I lacked talent.

There was nothing exceptional about me.

As my siblings grasped swords and blossomed their talents, I couldn’t even properly hold one.

I naturally had a body that rarely gained muscles, and I was not accustomed to wielding a sword.

My father compared me to my brothers, always chastising me.

In the eyes of the guild master of Pungshin, Lee Jae-shin, my talent was utterly insignificant.

Despite repetitive training, I couldn’t achieve any noteworthy success with the sword.

Eventually, a few years later.

My father’s expectations of me completely vanished.

Unlike my brothers who continued their sword dueling training, I was no longer required to come to the training grounds.

With a voice devoid of highs and lows, my father told me that.

And for some reason, upon hearing those words, I ended up crying.

Even though I loathed the training at the martial arts field.

Even now, I’m not sure why I reacted that way.

* * *

“Your mother also died because she was weak.”

My father always said that whenever I showed a pitiable performance during sparring.

Because mother was weak, that’s why she died.

I was far too young when my mother passed away.

With no memories of that time left in me, I couldn’t comprehend my father’s words.

What exactly happened to my mother?

Why would my father say such things?

Amidst a situation where I couldn’t understand anything, one thing was clear.

“Take up the sword.”

The sparring sessions with my father continued.

There was no luxury to delve deeper into my questions.


My father’s sword was swift, always targeting my vulnerabilities.

Where I was weak, what my habits were, how quickly I moved.

My father knew everything about me.

I arrived at a conclusion.

I could never defeat my father.

* * *

“You’re a trainee. You owe us an explanation for why you’re here.”

A dark cave.

A subtle tension flowed between Lee Jae-shin and Jae-hyun in the middle of the dungeon.

A relationship of mutual distrust.

There was no better way to describe their situation.

Jae-hyun responded to Lee Jae-shin’s words with a laugh.

“By all means.”

He shrugged offhandedly.

“There seem to be too many ears around right now, how about we evacuate the people first?”

“Let’s do that.”

Lee Jae-shin agreed without hesitation and looked back at the survivors.

He handed out the warp stones he had to them.

A device that could transport them out of the dungeon.

It had been confirmed long ago that it even worked in a Red Gate. In the worst scenarios, the fact that such escape items could be effective was somewhat of a relief.

“Th-thank you. I’m alive because of you!”

“I don’t even know how to express my gratitude…”

The survivors, each trapped in their trauma and struggling, had been attacked by demonic beasts.

They were members of the Curator’s guild, and fortunately, they were able to escape outside thanks to using the warp stones.

This was, in many ways, a fortunate occurrence.

Had they died here, their bodies would have become impossible to retrieve.

A death in the Red Gate is nothingness itself.

The moments they die are usually at the hands of demonic beasts, and naturally, the situations are dire.

There was hardly ever a time when their companions could collect their bodies and belongings.

Instead, they worked hard to save those who were alive.

That was the essence of raiding.

Jae-hyun looked around and fell deep into thought. The current situation wasn’t bad.

Just the ability to use warp stones already implied that the raiders’ survival rates in dungeons would improve.

‘But this doesn’t solve the problem. Even if I have warp stones, one must escape the trauma to use them.’

This needed to be made clear. It would be ideal if others could overcome their traumas as quickly as possible, but the likelihood of things resolving that easily was slim.

No matter how strong one believes themselves to be, it’s impossible to save everyone alone.

‘Besides, right now, I’m in a situation where I must defeat the dungeon’s boss. Trying to save everyone while fighting could lead to even more deaths.’

The recent combat confirmed this.

An entity with the power to trap even him in an illusion, if only for a moment.

It would likely be at the end of this dungeon.

Even if others stepped in, the chances of success were extremely low.

‘Although, seeing Lee Jae-shin shake off the illusion so quickly, maybe S-rank raiders and above won’t have much trouble breaking free.’

In a situation full of uncertainties, this was at least a somewhat positive possibility.

Jae-hyun guessed there were two conditions to escape the illusion.

First, to have a very high rank capable of persistently resisting magic.

Second, to calmly fortify one’s mind and based on that mental strength, shatter the illusion.

In Jae-hyun’s case, he had met both conditions, so it didn’t take him long.

Likely, Lee Jae-shin was similar.

‘But with Lee Jae-shin here, things should get easier moving forward. He’s someone with proven skills.’

Though he considered himself lacking compared to him, Lee Jae-shin was one of the strongest forces in the Red Gate raiding party.

With his power and swift movement, any situation would be more manageable.

After reaching this conclusion, Jae-hyun nodded and rose to his feet.

“Let’s move. There’s still many people alive in the dungeon…”


That was the moment.

A long sword suddenly flew towards Jae-hyun’s nape.

The fierce slash carried no mercy.

Jae-hyun had unsheathed Nidhogg’s Fang and blocked the attack.

Having just helped injured people, he had turned his back, and the stealthy ambush came at just the right time.

The intention behind the blade was clear.

Without turning around, Jae-hyun asked the person attacking him.

“What is this treachery?”

“Keeping up with the speed of my blade, you’re certainly no ordinary trainee.”

The cool and level voice floated from behind.

Of course, it was Lee Jae-shin.

* * *


As the portal activated, three raiders emerged from the Red Gate.

These were survivors who had received help from Lee Jae-shin and made it out alive.

“Everyone, evacuate! Inside there is… hell!”

The raiders who were still waiting outside were truly shocked by their words.


How grave was the situation inside the dungeon for them to describe it in such terms?

“What exactly happened in there?”

“I saw the face of a dead comrade inside.”

“I saw a giant spider monster!”

The narratives of those who escaped varied, puzzling the awaiting raiders.

Could everyone experience something different inside a dungeon?

But their questions couldn’t be clear cut. Even the raiders who had escaped the dungeon didn’t know why.

The information about the dungeon showing trauma was long erased from their minds.

If one doesn’t overcome it themselves, the dungeon conceals its data. Since these individuals didn’t clear the dungeon’s illusion with their own strength, all related memories were completely wiped.

“Excuse me! I need to hear in detail what happened inside the dungeon.”

At that moment, a man’s voice came from behind.

A familiar face, it was Park Sung-jae, the secretary of Yoo Seong-eun.

“How did the manager of Yeonhwa end up here…”

“Please, there’s no time to explain in detail. What did you see in there? Tell me what happened!”

Park Sung-jae’s voice was uncharacteristically raised.

It was a natural reaction. Inside the Red Gate were still young trainees trapped, including Jae-hyun’s colleagues.

‘Just now, I confirmed with other Gates within the country. The only active Gates are this one and the C-rank dungeon where Nine’s members began their raid, just two places.’

It was no relief.

After all, the wretched Gate was swarming with raiders, each in a life-or-death situation.

Even the narratives of the raiders who had escaped from the dungeon were all differing. There have been several accounts of raiders escaping the dungeon, but their testimonies were consistent.

Encountering fear and barely escaping with someone’s help, using a warp stone.

The one who provided help varied, including Yoo Seong-eun and Lee Jae-shin from different guilds.

Park Sung-jae was piecing together the testimonies, slowly iterating his thoughts.

What on earth happened that spurred such statements from the dungeon?

Time passed briefly. Eventually, Park Sung-jae succeeded in understanding the reason.

“We need magicians skilled in dispel magic to prepare to enter the dungeon immediately!”

“Wait, why do we need people who can cast dispel magic to go into the dungeon?”

“Exactly! This decision doesn’t make sense. Please explain properly.”

Despite their puzzled response to Park Sung-jae’s words, his determination didn’t waver.

He had realized something.

The recountings of the survivors. The tales of facing their greatest fears.

By combining this information, he reached a conclusion.

“There is definitely a demonic beast inside the dungeon that shows hallucinations. And one that uses very potent magic at that.”

* * *

“It seems we should pay more attention to eliminating dangers now.”

Jae-hyun spoke with an expressionless face.

Nidhogg’s Fang. Despite the short reach of the dagger, Jae-hyun precisely parried Lee Jae-shin’s longsword.

With a stance unshaken by a fraction.

This sent shivers through Lee Jae-shin’s entire body.

Jae-hyun pushed the sword away and turned around slowly. As the balance of power that was tense began to tilt, Lee Jae-shin’s longsword started to be pushed back.

In that moment, Lee Jae-shin affirmed something.

“It’s clear now.”

A bitter smile crept onto his lips.

“The most significant threat to me right now is, indeed, you.”

Lee Jae-shin erupted with the full force of his power that was approaching S-rank.

“Answer me. Just what—what are you really?”

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