I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 249

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 249: The Fathers’ Story

The dungeon’s field magic, “The Illusion of Age-old Despair,” unfolds!

It replays the user’s deepest traumas from within!

As the system message echoed, Jaehyun opened his eyes.

Moments before, the dungeon was dank and muggy.

Yet, that scene vanished, and he found himself in a place vivid in his memory.

‘It’s from my past—a pretty distant one at that.’

Jaehyun had faced memories of his past a number of times before.

When he first met Hela and Hugin.

And more recently, when he passed through the prison of Nastrond, Jaehyun confronted his grotesque and weak self from before.

It was a shocking experience.

‘Idun said something after that third trial ended. It was all about whether I, as a person, could move forward. Whether I was content with the current state or stuck in place.’

Jaehyun had learned much tending to Idun’s golden apple tree seed.

It was the same with the defense game.

In the process of learning to move forward, he always faced his past.

‘The past it’s showing me this time… seems like it’ll be hardly worth mentioning.’

Jaehyun muttered to himself in the oppressive silence of the darkness.


The memory he was about to see seemed unlikely to shake him.

[You’re nothing but trash.]

A voice came from somewhere.

Standing before Jaehyun was a man with a familiar face.


The being he long cursed, thinking of him as father.

His eyes glared at Jaehyun coldly, as if they could consume him whole.

An intense sensation covered his body, enough to make his skin crawl. In the past, such a scene would have made him shudder in terror.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

“Trash? That would be you.”

[You’re not perturbed in the slightest.]

“Adolescence is behind me,” Jaehyun replied after realizing he could once again speak.

He reminisced briefly about his past.

In truth, the first time Jaehyun had experienced turmoil after his return was when he encountered Hugin.

In the moment he faced Odin’s raven, which had killed his mother, Jaehyun couldn’t contain his rage and attacked Hugin.

Despite knowing he shouldn’t, he had no other choice.

The situation left him no chance to cool his head.

After his mother’s death, the betrayal of the only blood relation he thought he had.

That was a pain too great for Jaehyun to bear.

But not anymore.

Hugin, the trash who killed his mother and even tried to kill him.

After making him believe he was his father, the same being deceived him for years.

To the current Jaehyun, that no longer mattered.

The Hugin in his memories spoke to Jaehyun, who was not trembling in fear, as if it was something strange.

[…You don’t feel fear.]

“Strange, you think? Well, the reason is simple.”

Hugin looked displeased. Jaehyun just smirked.

“After all, why fear someone I’m about to kill?”

In that instant.

Something started to rise in Jaehyun’s eyes, followed by an explosion of divine power.

Then with a clanging sound, the illusion shown by the dungeon shattered.

Jaehyun had become tougher after experiencing the hells of Nastrond.

This level of mental attack didn’t leave a scratch on him.

* * *

In the damp interior of the dungeon.

There sat Hugin alongside a great shadowy beast.

Hugin was peering into a crystal before him, stealing a glimpse into someone else’s trauma.

Reflected within the crystal was Jaehyun. His son who had become an enemy.

‘The growth rate of the adversary. It transcends human boundaries.

Even with the help of Hela and the other opposing Aesir… it’s inconceivable.’

Jaehyun’s growth rate was being compared to Odin and Loki.

Even if Mimir interfered with the system to assist Jaehyun’s development, Loki, who was imprisoned in Asgard, could not aid him.

The current growth and persistence shown by Jaehyun were hard for even Hugin and the Aesir gods to comprehend.

Hugin observed Jaehyun caught in the illusion.

He was facing his past self, back when he still played the role of his father.

Hugin reminisced for a moment.

In the past, every time his son Jaehyun saw him, he trembled, always wrought with fear.

Verbal and physical abuse. They had been quite effective in handling the child.

In the past, when raising Juwon as well, he employed the same methods in an orphanage.

Hugin was one of Odin’s ravens.

Among them, he dealt with emotions, manipulating them.

Breaking a human apart wasn’t difficult for him.


‘I thought the adversary had indeed broken completely.

But it wasn’t so.’

Last year, the last time he’d observed, Jaehyun was weak.

Merely a trash that could do nothing but comply or grumble.

A being that lowered itself by constantly comparing itself to others.

But at some point, Jaehyun began to change.

Since when? The memory wasn’t clear but… yes.

It was around the time he enrolled in Miles Academy.

Hugin stroked his chin, not taking his eyes off the crystal.

“There had to be some change in between… Still, he wouldn’t escape this trauma.”

Hugin knew Jaehyun was emotionally sensitive and inherently weak-willed.

That was why he had prepared a dungeon like this. With it, he could easily deal with an adversary whose mental strength was in shambles.

There was nothing left to worry about.

And so.

Just as Hugin was about to stop looking into the crystal, to deal with the remaining enemies with the shadow beast,


The crystal abruptly changed.

Frowning, Hugin hastily looked into the crystal.

Beyond the glinting crystal, the field that was crumbling apart unfolded before him.

A small sigh escaped Hugin’s lips as his brow furrowed.

‘…Destroyed the field magic with that person’s power?’

Not long ago. Hugin had sought “his” assistance, Odin’s that is, to create a dungeon of this magnitude.

Primordial magic.

It is a transcendent force fundamentally different from other magics.

Wielding this power enhances the effects of spells or swordplay far beyond ordinary magic.

That is the power of primordial magic.

Hugin had thus believed that Jaehyun could not escape the illusion he had created.

Even though Jaehyun had grown stronger after slaying Heimdall, it was still only with a third of his power.

He never imagined Jaehyun could resist the magic of Odin, who reigned on the pinnacle of Asgard.

But he was wrong.

His assumptions had been utterly off the mark, and Jaehyun had successfully broken through the illusion.

He had declared,

[“After all, why fear someone I’m about to kill?”]


Hugin felt goosebumps all over.

A chill ran down his spine.

Min Jae-hyun… The adversary grew to that extent?

Why did his last statement feel as if it was particularly directed at him?

* * *

In a secluded corner of the shattered dungeon, Jaehyun was deep in thought.

Nearby, Hela and Papi were present, whom he had woken from the illusion just moments before. It seemed they, too, had confronted unpleasant memories, evident by their sour expressions.

Jaehyun quickly understood.

‘Well, it was field magic meant to show one’s trauma. It would be strange not to be painful.’

Of course, the illusion magic no longer posed as a significant threat to Jaehyun, whose mental fortitude had solidified.


Jaehyun cautiously surveyed the musty interior of the dungeon as he started moving forward.

The people from Yeonhwa that he was traveling with were nowhere to be seen—seemingly scattered due to the sudden appearance of partitions that rose from the ground.

His robe, which had concealed his face throughout, was now torn.

Jaehyun picked up his pace and shared his thoughts.

“It seems the dungeon itself has become a maze. I should be fine, but others might have fallen to the illusion magic. We should hurry.”

“The field magic here appears to show one’s trauma, and if you can’t overcome it, you won’t break free. A typical human would struggle to resist,” Hela said, nodding.

Papi was busily scouting ahead. No formidable enemies had emerged yet, but situations can always change.

As Jaehyun stepped forward, suddenly, a desperate voice called out from somewhere.

“Sa, save… save me!”

“This way!”

Jaehyun, who had kept his mana detection active, sensed the survivors first.

They were close.

Quickly using Wind Boost, Jaehyun moved toward the direction of the voice.

And there.

Jaehyun encountered someone he had not expected to meet.

“…Why are you here?”

“Rather, that’s what I’d like to ask.”

The man who answered Jaehyun’s question with another question had a familiar face.

Lee Jaeshin. The guild master of Pungshin was standing there.

And, it seemed, he was in the process of rescuing someone caught in the illusion.

Lee Jaeshin asked again.

“Explain why a student like you is here.”

Jaehyun chuckled in response.

“With pleasure.”

* * *

Lee Jaesang was recalling the most nightmarish memory of his life.

Just moments ago, having become isolated from his group, the field magic showed him his trauma.

It was much like the nightmare he faced every day.

[Take up the sword.]

And so, it was the same dream again.

“Ha… Heugh…”

Lee Jaesang’s eyes were tightly shut, but the dungeon didn’t just share visual memories.

Sometimes, it dug deeper, directly affecting the brain. No matter how tightly one closes his eyes and blocks his ears, it’s inescapable.

Out of options, Lee Jaesang trembled and opened his eyes.

The familiar scent of dirt and steel wafted in the air.

It was the memory of the training grounds. His father stood before him, just as he remembered.

“Fa, Father…”

[I told you to take up the sword.]

Lee Jaeshin’s words weighed heavily.

Unbeknownst to himself, Lee Jaesang reflexively stood up and took up the sword.

It was due to the ingrained effect of past repeated learning.

However, Lee Jaesang’s posture was unsightly.

Despite having held a sword for a long time, his posture hadn’t improved much from the beginning.

At best, he understood how to differentiate the hilt from the blade and knew which attacks were effective against an enemy—all in theory.

It was due to the lack of innate talent he was born with.

On the other hand, the father in his memories frowned upon seeing Lee Jaesang take up the sword.

His face was etched with deep disappointment.

[To think you’re my son is beyond belief.]

“Fa, Father…”

Lee Jaeshin held his sword unwaveringly pointing at Lee Jaesang.

He spoke with an icy voice.

[Your mother was weak, too. That’s why she died.]

Thump. Thump.

Upon hearing those words, Lee Jaesang’s heart began to pound faster than ever.

Finally, a trauma seated deep within Lee Jaesang began to unfurl its tale.

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