I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 248

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Shadow of Continuation (2)

“Is the entrance finally secured with this?”

It didn’t take long for the members of Circle Nine to hunt down the demon.

Just a moment ago, they fought against an A-rank Night Mage.

However, for the members of Nine who had grown stronger through dungeon expeditions with Jaehyun, the Night Mage wasn’t a particularly difficult enemy.

In Nine, there were two excellent mages who could counter enemy magic, as well as a born gifted swordsman.

No matter it was an A-rank, it couldn’t match those who had breathed in sync for months.


That didn’t mean there were no problems at all.

The biggest issue was not knowing the danger level of the dungeon they were in or their current location.

As An Hoyeon looked around, he sighed and said,

“We should at least figure out where we are first…”

“I agree. It’s too dark and damp here, not to mention the shadows cast by the torches are scary.”

Kim Yoojung wrapped her arms around herself as she responded, albeit with an unnecessary addition to her reason, her words were undeniably true.

The dungeon they had been swept into emitted an eerie atmosphere like no dungeon they had ever raided before.

The rank of the monster that appeared at the entrance was A. Although not dangerous yet, the ranking of the dungeon was still difficult to gauge.

The only certainty was that it was at least A-rank. Whether it was higher was unknown.

‘It looks like we won’t make it out easily…’

Kwon Soryul unconsciously clenched her fist as she thought.

The current situation, regardless of how you looked at it, was not good.

The radar from Yeonhwa or Park Seongjae weren’t present. They could only rely on each other for protection.

Among them, Kwon Soryul had a heavy responsibility.

Although not a combat specialist, she possessed the crucial skill of mapping to gain important information about the map, and she was the oldest in the group.

‘Of course, Lee Jaesang is the same age as me, but… he’s not exactly reliable.’

Kwon Soryul couldn’t help but feel the weight on her shoulders increase.

Experience was essential for a radar, and she had skills and experiences not possessed by her teammates.

They had to find a way.

With that thought in mind, Kwon Soryul nodded and opened her mouth.

“First, we need to understand the layout of the dungeon. I’ll handle the mapping, so Hoyeon and Ina, survey the surroundings. Just don’t go too deep.”



Pleased with their responses, Kwon Soryul turned to another direction.

“Yoojung, protect me and Lee Jaesang. Being weak in combat, if our skill gets interrupted, it’ll take more time.”

“Yes! Sister, I’ll protect you for sure.”

Kim Yoojung replied energetically with a light salute.

Lee Jaesang also nodded, placing various potions on the ground.

“Aaah, got it. Before that, take these… It’s a potion to boost your overall stats. I’ve just recently made them.”

“Thank you.”


“…I’ll gladly accept it.”

The party each took a potion and drank it down.

If it was made by Lee Jaesang, its effectiveness was certain.

If used properly, it could boost the party’s abilities by at least 1.5 times.

The cost of such potions… was hardly speakable.

“Then, I’ll start the mapping now, everyone to your positions…”


Suddenly, a loud sound echoed from the underground ceiling, stopping Kwon Soryul mid-instruction.

‘…What’s this? This energy…?’

A strange energy began to spread from somewhere.

It was something none of the party members, including Kwon Soryul, had ever experienced before.

‘It seems like some sort of magic, but it’s many times more condensed than anything we’ve known. This is dangerous.’

Kwon Soryul noticed a faint smell of blood mixed with the energy she felt.

It was a dangerous power. It didn’t take long for her to realize this.

As all the members of Circle Nine began to feel this force, another boom rang out, and the ceiling and ground seemed to collapse, shattering the floor they stood on and raising partitions that scattered their positions.


With Kwon Soryul’s voice as the signal, urgent cries from her companions followed.


“…What in the world…!”

“This is danger!”

“Everyone, stay calm!”

An Hoyeon’s shout was the last to be heard.

Suddenly, the voices could no longer reach each other as the walls separating them absorbed any sound.


In the outskirts of the dungeon that had torn Circle Nine apart, a man emerged from the pitch-black darkness, muttering,

“You’ve gathered quite decent comrades. Opponent… show me an amusing picture.”

There stood Huginn, one of Odin’s ravens.

He lightly stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

―Dungeon 《Shadow of Continuation》 absorbs the target!

―The dungeon’s field magic 《Ancient Illusion of Despair》 begins to unfold!

* * *

Meanwhile, at that moment, Jaehyun also felt the sudden surge of energy inside the dungeon.

Unlike his companions, he knew the nature of this incomprehensible power.

[Prepare yourself. Odin’s hound has begun to move.]

Hela raised her claws and warned Jaehyun.

Jaehyun inhaled deeply, then slowly released his magical power.

[Is this power… the ‘Primordial Magic’?]

Upon Jaehyun’s question, she immediately nodded.

[Right. It seems a subordinate deity of his, or someone of that stature, is managing this dungeon.]

[Understood. Let’s see what we can do.]

As Jaehyun responded, just like what happened to his comrades before, the ground broke apart, and walls rose up.

The allied members scattered in chaos, their voices bursting with shock.

“What the…!”

“Everyone! Calm down!”

Yoo Sung quickly grasped the situation and called out to Jaehyun.


“Don’t worry about me!”

Jaehyun, already aware he couldn’t stop the rising partitions, reassured her with his response.

In truth, he had already acquired the means to protect himself.

No one present could protect Jaehyun.

If that were possible, they’d probably be busy demolishing a god instead.

Furthermore, Jaehyun’s power had risen significantly compared to just a while ago.


Papi, who had concealed herself with silence and stealth magic, alongside Hela, was now ready to fight with him.

Jaehyun clenched his fist.

“Whatever stands before me… I’ll put an end to it right here.”

There was not a hint of faltering in Jaehyun’s eyes as he muttered to himself.

At that moment, the Nornir System responded, delivering a message.

―The dungeon’s field magic 《Ancient Illusion of Despair》 begins to unfold!

―The deepest traumas within the user’s heart will be recreated!

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘Recreate… traumas?’

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, his vision went completely dark as if a blackout curtain had fallen.

* * *

“They really went in.”

Shin Jihoon murmured as he looked at the Red Gate where Lee Jaeshin and Pungs

hin had entered.

He had a shock-stricken expression on his face.

“That’s right. Considering it’s Lee Jaeshin, there won’t likely be too many problems… But his last words are troubling to me.”

Song Jiseok chimed in, his face also clouded by the recent events.

In truth, he was one of the people who doubted Lee Jaeshin’s righteousness.

He didn’t participate in meetings, and looked at this instance, he avoided the union for his benefit.

From any perspective, he wasn’t considered cooperative with headquarters.

However, Song Jiseok realized that could just be his prejudice.

The courage Lee Jaeshin had shown earlier was not something driven by personal gain.

He valued the lives of those inside – Yeonhwa and the curators – over his own life.

Shin Jihoon and Song Jiseok observed the Red Gate in which Lee Jaeshin had entered, sharing a moment of silence.

An emergency meeting had just concluded, and their code of conduct was decided.

Taking a deep breath, with his resolve firmed up, Song Jiseok climbed the stage once again. Addressing the awaiting radars, he shouted,

“This is Song Jiseok. To all radars present at the site.

Despite the extraordinary circumstances we face… it has been decided that we will also enter the Red Gate.”

Sighs could be heard from various places.

They were already part of the worst gate event, and now another variable had occurred, with the decision to re-enter the dungeon made?

For them, it was equivalent to a death sentence.

But the guild masters and Song Jiseok had decided on this for a clear reason after their meeting.

If those who entered the Red Gate lost their lives and caused the dungeon to break, this location would turn into a sea of fire anyhow.

Although the guild masters could seek asylum abroad, the choice to abandon their foundation in Korea wasn’t easy even for them.

Moreover, it was not safe in other countries at the moment.

Red Gates weren’t just happening in Korea; similar events were simultaneously occurring worldwide.

It was an unprecedented event in the history of radars.

Therefore, they collectively decided to confront the Red Gate here.

If they couldn’t survive this moment, it was merely prolonging their inevitable demise.

After all, there was no escape.

“Fine. Since it’s come to this. Yoo Sung, we also must not fail to rescue Guild Master Baek Jiyeon.”

Shin Jihoon braced himself and spoke.

Song Jiseok also intended to enter the dungeon interior, deciding to leave the command here to Park Seongjae, who had contacted him earlier.

As Yeonhwa’s manager, he could take proper control in an emergency.

With most guild masters diving into the dungeon, his presence would be a big help.

“Then, let’s go. Make sure you’re ready. Where we’re headed could be worse than hell itself.”


“Let’s go!”

The union members rose from their seats and headed towards the Red Gate.

They didn’t say it, but they all knew.

They might truly die in this raid.

No one wished for their own demise, but they had no choice but to move forward.

If they failed here, their loved ones would perish.

No one at the site wanted to behold such a miserable outcome.

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