I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 247

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 247: The Sequel Shadow (1)

“Is that… Nidhogg’s Fang?”

Lina Meyer inadvertently muttered to herself as she observed the dagger in Jaehyun’s hand.

The reason was clear.

The machete knife possessed by Jaehyun was the exact same artifact as the Nidhogg’s Fang she used.

How could this be?

As questions arose in her mind, Jaehyun’s voice could be heard.

“Stand back.”

Lina Meyer immediately understood the situation and launched herself backward off the ground.

Enemies were still around them. Night Walkers and Night Shades alike.

The beasts were filling the crevice steadily closing the distance with them.

“Everyone prepare. Magic casters, prepare to cast light magic. Combat-types, get ready to face the enemy directly.”

Yoo Sung-Eun’s directives were unwavering.

Now was not the time to question how her disciple came to possess Baek Jiyeon’s Nidhogg’s Fang or how they developed such sharp judgment.

Her goal at the moment was to ensure the safe return of all the raiders here.

The next steps could wait until later.

* * *

‘What in the world is that! I’ve never heard of such a raider existing in Yeonhwa…!’

Baek Jiyeon bit her lip as she observed Jaehyun’s combat from a distance.

She was utterly perplexed by the unfolding situation.

It was unexpected.

A figure draped in a white robe. Who on earth was that person?

An exceptional raider whose stunning combat performance had never been witnessed before, even by the high-ranking A-class Lina Meyer.

A raider whose face she had never seen before, had managed to defeat such an enemy?

And in just one strike?

‘No, that’s not what’s important.’

Baek Jiyeon shook her head.

There was a more pressing issue for her.

The man in the white robe.

How did he come to possess the Curator’s item, Nidhogg’s Fang?

Initially, she thought he had used Lina Meyer’s artifact to defeat the enemy.

But the atmosphere of the man’s weapon was subtly different from hers.

Sharper, seemingly more substantial…

But could such a thing be possible?

‘I gave her an S-grade artifact! One of the finest weapons…!’

It was an artifact they had purchased by pooling all of the Curator’s funds.

Among the existing artifacts, S-grade was undoubtedly the highest ranking, not attainable without investing at least several hundred billion, and one of them was Nidhogg’s Fang.

How on earth did that man come to possess it?

Could he be an incredible talent hidden away in Yeonhwa?

Were there originally two Nidhogg’s Fangs?

‘I must verify this.’

Baek Jiyeon immediately activated her unique skill.


This was her trademark skill, allowing her to appraise precious artifacts.

It was not an overstatement to say this was the skill that had allowed her to build up her capital and rise to her current position.

It could be used against items held by others as well.

―Activating the skill 《Insight》.

‘No matter what he has, it cannot escape my unique skill…!’

She thought this when suddenly…

―Skill activation failed.

―The grade of the target artifact is excessively high!


Baek Jiyeon exclaimed aloud, her confusion evident.

What on earth had she just heard?

She hastily tried to make sense of the system’s warning.

“Artifact grade excessively high, you say?”

It was all very odd.

To her knowledge, the highest-grade existing artifact was S. She had never heard of a higher grade.

Until now, her unique skill had appraised S-grade items without any issue.

Yet, the system just declared that it was unable to appraise the item because the artifact grade was excessively high.

This meant…

Does the man possess an item of S-grade, no, higher than S-grade?

An unprecedented class never revealed to the public?

She found it hard to believe.

Baek Jiyeon shook her head and approached Yoo Sung-Eun.

As the guild master, she would likely have detailed information about his identity. There might be a chance to extract information.

Beside Yoo Sung-Eun, Baek Jiyeon glanced her way and broached the subject.

“…I wasn’t aware Yeonhwa had such a guild member.”

“Yeonhwa, you know, has always been a place overflowing with talent.”

Yoo Sung-Eun responded with a stretched back to her question. For Yoo Sung-Eun, it was a moment of pride for her disciple’s performance.

The only pity was being unable to reveal his identity…

‘But if we build up slowly, we should eventually be able to reveal Jaehyun’s identity.’

Power dictates everything in this world.

As much as Jaehyun was a minor subject to various legal restrictions, if overwhelming strength was demonstrated, any policy could be revised to accommodate him.

If that were to happen, then it would be much easier to lead him into dungeon expeditions.

‘It seems like his abilities have already reached the upper echelon of S-grade… Regardless of how he’s grown so fast, it’s a win for Yeonhwa.’

Yoo Sung-Eun smiled faintly.

Meanwhile, as she felt a sense of pride, Jaehyun nonchalantly desummoned his sword.

The other guild members would take care of the tidying up, so there were no worries.

He exhaled lightly.

Now he had to concoct a suitable lie for Baek Jiyeon and Lina Meyer waiting in the background.

* * *

“This is absolutely… The gate is expanding?”

“Researcher! Where is the researcher?! What on earth is happening right now?!”

At the entrance of the Red Gate, the voices of bewildered raiders could be heard.

The reason for their commotion was simple: the Red Gate had undergone a change.

Moments before, what had been a gate with a diameter of merely 4 meters had expanded to 6 meters.

The problem was that the timing of the gate’s expansion coincided precisely with Yeonhwa’s and Curator’s entry into the dungeon.

It was difficult to pass off as a mere coincidence, and they couldn’t help but be disturbed by the situation.

“Everyone stay calm!”

Song Ji-seok, who had been on standby, called out. He was just as surprised.

‘Why is this happening all of sudden… Why!’

The Red Gate was threatening enough on its own. Without any additional variables, it was already a dangerous dungeon with no guaranteed survival.

And now that its size was expanding, it was hardly a situation to be taken lightly.

Song Ji-seok was lost in thought when the voice of a researcher was heard from behind.

“This is dangerous! The gate… It’s going into overdrive.”

“What do you mean the gate’s overdrive?” asked Shin Ji-Hoon, the Guild Master of Sunyeon, who had been on standby from behind.

Likewise, Ahn Ji-Seok of Haesin, sensing the urgency of the situation, quickly positioned himself next to him.

Both experienced raiders made an effort to grasp the situation.

The researcher, dripping with sweat, continued.

“Just as I said. The magical energy within the gate is surging out of control. Its range is expanding rapidly! If we don’t deal with this immediately, the entire area will be devastated!”

“The entire area… will be devastated?”

Song Ji-seok muttered, his face reflecting his shock.

Shin Ji-Hoon and Ahn Ji-Seok awaited his directives.

After all, it was the duty of the Raider Management Headquarters to lead a coalition in such crises.

His decision was crucial in such times.

“… We will decide on how to handle this through a meeting. It’s excessive to put everyone here in danger…”

“That’s a cowardly thing to say.”

At that moment, a familiar and dignified voice interrupted from behind.

The trio’s gaze sharpened in unison. There stood a familiar face.

Lee Jaeshin.

The Guild Master of Poongshin, standing tall on the scene.

As he approached the three, he said,

“A fool and a coward, are you really one of the headquarters’ raiders?”


Song Ji-seok tried to say something, but the words seemed to get caught in his throat.

Lee Jaeshin looked past the three of them towards the dungeon and declared,

“We of Poongshin will enter the dungeon a second time.”


Choo Kyeyul nodded, following behind him.

The raiders of Poongshin, who had decided to act separately from the coalition, now started to move.

“Ah, father. But it’s too dangerous. We should wait for the headquarters’ directives…”

“That’s right. It is too dangerous…”

Lee Jaeshin’s two sons, Lee Jaehoon and Lee Jaeyoung, urgently spoke out, but Lee Jaeshin shook his head.

“We didn’t partake in the union from the start. There’s no need to follow the headquarters’ orders. Poongshin will act independently to conquer the dungeon.”


“Follow me.”

At Lee Jaeshin’s commanding words, his sons could do nothing but follow behind him.

Shin Ji-Hoon furrowed his brow, grabbing Lee Jaeshin’s shoulder as he walked away.

“Without a proper strategy, there’s a higher chance of death. Lee Jaeshin raider. I recognize your strength, but right now…”

“True. Entering a dungeon without a plan would lead to high mortality. Even kids know that. But, remember this one thing,” Lee Jaeshin said.

Magical power surged from his body, overwhelming them.

Tssk, tssk!

His energy, resonating with the Red Gate, magnified its imposing influence.

Amid the suffocating silence, Lee Jaeshin stated with emphasis in his tone,

“If we do not act now, more people may die. Leaving them behind is not the action of a true raider.”

With that, Shin Ji-Hoon, Ahn Ji-Seok, and Song Ji-seok could no longer hold him back.

Lee Jaeshin, without hesitation, passed through the Red Gate.

The gate, engulfing him, was even larger than moments before.

* * *

Within the dark dungeon lined with torches,

the members of Circle Nine huddled, surveying their surroundings and conversing.

“What on earth… happened?”

Kim Yujeong asked with confusion. Seo Ina, Ahn Hoyeon, Lee Jaesang, Kwon So-Yul—all felt the same perplexity.

They briefly reflected on the situation that had surrounded them moments ago.

An unknown magical power had surged from the gate, which had abruptly turned a blood-red color… unable to escape the situation, and they all heard each other’s voices.

After that, they woke up here, with memories somewhat hazy.

“It seems there’s a problem with the dungeon. This doesn’t feel like the C-grade dungeon we initially planned to tackle… the magical energy here is too dense.”

“…It feels at least A-grade or higher. It feels even more dangerous than when we fought the Dark Elves before.”

“G-g-guys, then what do we do…?”

“First, keep calm. I’ll try to secure a map of the dungeon right now…”

Kwon So-Yul couldn’t finish her statement, wearing a somber expression.

“It seems we’ll have to do that a bit later.”

Suddenly, a chill ran down their spines as ominous mana was sensed from somewhere.

The monster that emerged in the dungeon interior wasn’t something that would come from a C-grade dungeon.

“A Night Mage… that’s a dangerous enemy. Everyone behind me!”

Ahn Hoyeon declared.

Regardless of the unfolding mysteries within the dungeon, there was only one choice—to fight.

* * *

Meanwhile, outside the gate, Park Sungjae was on the phone, his ear catching a panicked voice.

The owner of the voice was a raider guarding the Red Gate Yeonhwa, and Jaehyun had entered.

[Park Sungjae Manager!]

His panting voice was unstable at best, hinting clearly at some urgent situation.

“Answer me just one thing.”

Park Sungjae clenched his jaw and spoke.

“Has something happened to the Red Gate?”

[Yes. I don’t know how you knew, but… just as you said. Suddenly, the gate expanded rapidly, and it’s going into overdrive right now. Other raiders are mobilizing to contain the situation, but…]

“Damn it.”

Park Sungjae cursed as he looked at the dungeon his members had entered.

One hypothesis was chillingly wrapping around his mind, holding him in its grip.

‘The vermilion shards and the vortex I saw when the members of Nine entered the gate… they were perfectly identical to the Red Gate. This could mean.’

“The dungeon our members entered might be connected to the Red Gate.”

Park Sungjae clenched his fist tightly.

The Red Gate. And the C-grade dungeon his kids entered.

Was there a link between them?

What in the world was happening?

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