I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 246

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 246: Red Gate (3)

Lina Meyer.

As Jaehyun admired the woman boasting Nidhogg’s Fang, he recalled a memory from before his regression.

‘Lina… Now that I think about it, I’ve heard her name. She was often on the news, a genius raider. A prodigy raider at the pinnacle of A-grade, nearly reaching S-grade. I remember she was also quite young.’

At the time Jaehyun had heard the news, she had been just over thirty years old.

At this point, she would only be around twenty years old at most.

Of course, Jaehyun couldn’t remember the name and appearance of every single raider, especially foreign raiders.

So, why did he remember her, Lina Meyer?

The reason was simple.

“I am the lone disciple of the leader of the European Union, Balak! My skill level is at the top of A-grade, almost touching S-grade!”

Yes, Lina Meyer.

She was indeed the disciple of Balak, the leader of the European Union.

A gifted one at that.

‘Of course, she’s not as strong as Balak without his unique skill, Sword Garden… but still, it’s rare to come across someone with this level of skill.’

Jaehyun cocked his head in wonder as he looked at Lina Meyer.

Then, Lina scrutinized Jaehyun from head to toe and asked,

“Are you… a true dweeb hiding your strength?”

“…That’s a bit harsh of wording, isn’t it?”

“Oh! I’m so sorry…! My Korean is still not good, I don’t understand well!”

‘…That’s suspicious. A foreigner knows the word ‘dweeb’?

Even knowing people often learn swear words first when learning a new language… Isn’t this a bit much?’

Jaehyun watched Lina with a skeptical look.

Despite his gaze, she was sparkling with excitement.

She was Lina Meyer.

“It’s an honor to work together with you this time! I look forward to your success! Of course, the honor will be our curator’s!”

“…She does not seem quite sane.”

Jaehyun shook his head as he watched Lina Meyer walk away briskly.

He could understand why the curator’s guild members showed such a reaction just now.

Having good sociability and being talkative was one thing, but to abruptly curse him as a ‘dweeb’ and then show off an item before disappearing?

What kind of hybrid creature was this…!

Though frustrated, Jaehyun decided to focus on conquering the dungeon, as their rest time had come to an end.

* * *

After the break, the vanguard led by Yeonhwa and the curator headed deeper into the dungeon.

Jaehyun had paid close attention to Lina Meyer’s combat style.

He recognized that she truly had the skill befitting a disciple of Balak, and though her skills were not as impressive as the Formless Sword, they were still useful.

After all, the Formless Sword was a skill derived from Balak’s unique Sword Garden.

It would have been strange if she, not being his bloodline, used the Formless Sword.

Nevertheless, Lina’s swordsmanship was not to be underestimated.

The blade was incredibly sharp, and while not completely hiding its presence like the Formless Sword, it had the effect of blurring the sword momentarily.

For Jaehyun, there was no reason to covet such a skill.

He already possessed the original skills of Balak.

He had even successfully reached the third form, ‘Extended Sword’, which Balak himself had not yet unlocked.

Moreover, he had two swords more excellent than the one he used.

All things considered, raiders like Balak or Camilla, who were at S-grade level, were no match for Jaehyun anymore.

Jaehyun casually used a few B-grade spells to keep up appearances, as doing nothing at all might raise suspicion.

While Jaehyun was assessing the surroundings after dealing with the demons of the gate, Lina Meyer once again approached him and struck up a conversation.

“I saw you…! That was impressive magic, low grade but… the refinement was astonishing! You really are a hidden power…!”

“Stop there.”

Ignoring her, Jaehyun continued toward the interior without a pause.

Eventually, as they reached a deep part of the dungeon, Yu Seong-eun voiced a concern.

“This is strange.”

“What do you mean?” Baek Jiyeon asked as she walked past the surrounding raider guards toward Yu Seong-eun, sensing that something was amiss.

“We’ve gone quite deep, yet the dungeon is still less than half conquered. It seems like there’s going to be… a variable.”

The expressions of the raiders, who were in the midst of their dungeon raid, darkened at the mention of a variable.

For raiders, that was the most frightening term.

Normally, as a raid clears, the dungeon’s magic should gradually diminish.

The more the raid progresses, the more the dungeon loses its power.

When the boss is finally defeated, it collapses completely.

Baek Jiyeon tried to hide her unease and said,

“I don’t want to admit it, but we’ve gathered here with the elite raiders from both Yeonhwa and the curator. There’s no need to worry that much….”

It was at that moment that she spoke.


A chilling sound whipped through the air as something flew out from the dark cave.

It was an attack at a speed Baek Jiyeon could not have anticipated at her level.


Yu Seong-eun shouted, sensing the attack; a blade of wind narrowly missed Baek Jiyeon’s neck, all thanks to Yu Seong-eun pulling her back.

“What’s happening…!”

“There’s a monster. The ones we’ve encountered so far were nothing in comparison.”

“It seems magic won’t work on it! We’ll have to face it with blades!”

Voices of other raiders rang out beside them. They were researchers investigating the monsters emerging from this Red Gate.

“Magicians, retreat to the back! Combat-capable raiders, advance!”

Yu Seong-eun issued orders swiftly.

Then, a woman burst from the crowd, flaunting a sword.

The owner was none other than Lina Meyer, the curator’s secret weapon.

“Lina has stepped forward! We can trust her skill! With her, we’ll be alright!”

Baek Jiyeon smiled as she shouted this. Indeed, Lina’s skills were trustworthy; not only was she at the top of A-grade, but she also wielded Nidhogg’s Fang.

And with the unique distinction of being Balak’s disciple, it wasn’t unreasonable for her to think that Lina could annihilate the enemy.

But Jaehyun knew.

They drew too easy a conclusion because they didn’t know enough about the enemy.

‘I’ll stop it here!’

Bent at the waist, Lina Meyer charged towards the enemy, wielding Nidhogg’s Fang in a reverse grip, headed straight for the Night Mage.

The Night Mage, a monster possessing strong magic, wasn’t very fast.

In this situation, it seemed likely that she could simply thrust her sword into its critical spot and claim victory.

A smile crept onto the face of the apparently winning Lina.

‘Got you!’

But life seldom goes as planned.

Always in dungeons, variables can come into play, and Lina Meyer, for all her skill, had not prepared for such contingencies as a novice.



Suddenly, the beast before her accelerated, its body enhanced. It had cast a buff spell on itself to temporarily maximize its abilities.

Consequently, Lina Meyer’s strike aimed right at the monster’s neck, but the creature remained unharmed.

Only a ‘ting’ sound followed as the sword was repelled.

Lina Meyer stumbled back in shock.

‘Self-buffing and blocking an attack? That’s a move I’d never expect from a mere monster….’

But by the time she came to a conclusion, it was already too late.

Right before her, a massive surge of magic power began to unfold.

It was enough power to tear Lina Meyer apart.


Baek Jiyeon’s scream rang out.

As all the raiders held their breath and were unable to move,

“It seems blades don’t work on it.”

The voice that suddenly spoke belonged to the man she had conversed with earlier.

In an instant, Lina Meyer’s pupils dilated.

‘How did he get behind me so fast…?’

She was horrified. The man from Yeonhwa, who she had talked with just a moment before, had already circled behind her to confront the enemy.

When had he gotten behind her?

But there was no time to think deeply.


Jaehyun, with a sword suddenly in his hand, slashed and pierced the monster’s neck accurately.

“A monster’s neck I couldn’t pierce… he pierced it?”

Yet Lina Meyer’s astonishment did not end there.

The reason was simple.

The sword Jaehyun used to pierce the monster’s neck…

It was, though slightly different in appearance, exactly like the one she wielded.

‘Is that… Nidhogg’s Fang?’

* * *

Meanwhile, about 400 kilometers from the Red Gate, the members of Nine gathered in front of a C-rank dungeon.

They looked somewhat gloomy as they glanced around.

“Min Jaehyun entering a different dungeon by himself… Does that mean there’s that big of a skill gap between us?”

Kim Yujung pouted as she spoke.

Of course, she knew how strong he was from previous experiences.

Yet, she hadn’t imagined the difference would be so great that they’d end up with completely different raid dungeons. She had thought they would go together, but things didn’t turn out that way.

“…It’s true we’re significantly weaker. Of course, I do think we’ve become quite strong thanks to diligent training in tutorial dungeons.”

“We’re just missing the timing. I thought we were ready.”

Seo Ina and Ahn Hoyeon agreed with Kim Yujung’s words.

Kwon Soryul shrugged nonchalantly.

“It’s best not to die needlessly. And don’t forget, you’re still freshmen. You won’t gain anything by pushing yourselves too hard.”

“That’s, that’s true…”

Lee Jaesang agreed.

The two preferred to avoid situations where fear was a constant companion.

To ordinary people, their reaction may have seemed the most normal.

“Hello there. It’s been a while.”

“Oh, Manager Park Sungjae!”

Kim Yujung greeted him with a smile as Park Sungjae walked up to them. It seemed he would be taking command of this dungeon raid.

“We should probably head in soon. The clear is expected to take about four hours… If we finish early, I’ll treat you all to meat.”

“Wow! Meat!”

Kim Yujung muttered happily.

Park Sungjae observed their reactions with a contemplative look.

‘Although I’m worried about CEO Yu Seong-eun and Jaehyun… there’s nothing I can do right now. Even with my A-grade abilities, my contribution to the Red Gate raid would be minimal.

Ensuring the safe clear of this dungeon with the members is my priority.’

That was why Park Sungjae did not participate in the Red Gate raid.

He was responsible for Jaehyun’s colleagues. Considering Jaehyun’s personality, if anything happened to them, his relationship with Yeonhwa could become strained.

For Yu Seong-eun’s sake, a safe clear of the dungeon was the most important task.


‘The aura surrounding the Red Gate I saw that time… It was far beyond the total amount of mana I possess.

We should be grateful that the Red Gate has not appeared simultaneously in multiple places.’

Park Sungjae had been one of the first raiders to investigate the Red Gate.

During this investigation, he learned one certainty.

‘If three such gates burst forth, the nation of Korea might be wiped off the map.’

The power of the Red Gate, exuding a red aura, was immense.

Park Sungjae calmed his breathing lightly and shook his head to clear his thoughts.

He announced,

“Let’s head inside then. Many raiders from Yeonhwa are already waiting inside, so there’s no need to worry about any danger.”

“Ah, yes!”

At Park Sungjae’s words, Kim Yujung was the first to step into the dungeon interior, followed closely by her comrades.

Suddenly, as she was about to step in, Seo Ina noticed something and muttered,

“…Huh? What’s this red mark on the gate?”

At her words, Park Sungjae felt a chill run through his body.

A red mark?

Realizing what was happening, Park Sungjae shouted desperately,

“No, stop! Everyone, get out of the dungeon now…!”

The edge of the dungeon portal, which just barely emitted a red light, expanded swiftly, engulfing them in an instant.

The magic, turning an area of about 5 meters in diameter blood-red, puzzled the group.

“What’s this…!”


“Something’s gone terribly wrong.”

The group also noticed that something wasn’t quite right. The magic power pouring out from the gate they had just entered was definitely not that of a C-grade level.

One thought crossed everyone’s minds at the same time.

There’s been… a variable.

“Be careful everyone!”

As Ahn Hoyeon uttered those words, he completely disappeared beyond the gate.

More accurately, he was sucked in. That description seemed more fitting.

The rest of the group was no different. The gate voraciously devoured them in an instant.

Park Sungjae’s hands trembled as he watched the spot where the members had disappeared.

He still had not grasped the current situation.

The red mana. Why was it found here?

And that wasn’t all.

The confounding gate had swallowed the rookies.

As the red light that had shrouded the gate lifted, its true blue color, like the clear sky, reappeared.

“I have to take action immediately.”

Park Sungjae swiftly grabbed his phone, connecting a call to someplace urgently.

The reddened gate and the vanished students.

There was one thing that stuck out to him now.

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