I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 245

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 244 Red Gate (1)

The day before the joint guild mission, around midnight.

Park Sungjae was re-confirming the dungeon to be targeted by the members of Nine under the instructions from Yoo Seongeun.

“Yes, Representative, there’s nothing unusual with the dungeon. I think you don’t have to worry too much.”

He was on the phone with Yoo Seongeun, providing feedback after double-checking if there were any peculiarities with the dungeon.

Although Park Sungjae had already completed the task of classifying the difficulty level of the dungeon, Yoo Seongeun believed it was necessary to verify again just in case of any possible issues.

Park Sungjae agreed, too.

There were problems related to dungeons being discussed in the news recently.

The emerging beasts from the gates were of concerning grades, making it nerve-wracking regardless of how many times he checked.

‘Still, it shouldn’t be dangerous. It’s definitively grade C.’

Relieved, Park Sungjae wrapped up the remaining reports smoothly.

[Thank you. I can’t help worrying since it’s a dungeon that the kids will be entering.]

“Don’t mention it. It’s just what we ought to do. Just tell me whenever you need it.”

It seemed Yoo Seongeun, on the other end of the phone, also felt relieved and let out a sigh.

Park Sungjae then hung up the phone and got into his car to head back.

He was thinking of going back to the main guild building to finalize the detailed plan for this dungeon expedition.

The dungeon was to be tackled by minors, colleagues of Jaehyun.

It would be problematic if any mistakes occurred.

For the sake of Jaehyun and Yoo Seongeun’s relationship, Park Sungjae knew he needed to do well.

That’s when he was checking the dungeon’s safety measures again.


Something unusual caught the eye of Radar, who was returning after inspecting the dungeon with Park Sungjae.


‘What’s that?’


He had just finished checking and saw a creeping red shard rising up through the gate.

The eerie dark-red light was emitted by fragments of energy that seemed to unravel, then slowly began to spread to the other side of the gate.

However, it disappeared quickly, and the gate regained its original blue hue.

Radar watched this with a dumbfounded expression.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, no. I must have seen it wrong.”

Radar shook his head to Park Sungjae’s question.

He rubbed his eyes, thinking he must have been mistaken.

Fatigue from recent late nights seemed to have gotten the best of him.

Park Sungjae and he had checked the gate just before.

He wasn’t sure what that impurity entangled in the gate was, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to cause any issues with conquering the dungeon.

Yeounghwa Guild was composed of the nation’s top-ranked individuals.

Nothing was a concern.

* * *

“I told you not to mess up the Red Gate expedition.”

The day of the dungeon raid, in front of the Red Gate.

Lee Jaeshin was speaking in a chilly tone as he looked at his two sons who had finished their preparations for the gate raid.

Both Lee Jaehoon and Lee Jaeyoung kept their mouths tightly shut, avoiding eye contact with their father. Blue bruises littered their bodies.

They had received treatment at a hospital for a while, but the injuries from that time had not yet fully healed.

‘Damn… All because of that damnable guy, what the hell happened?!’

The start of the issue was a few days ago.

The brothers had peacefully gone to find Jaehyun, only to get beaten up in a scuffle with him, which ultimately made their father aware of the incident.

As a result, right before the gate raid, they were being humiliated in front of the guild members.

‘Son of a… It still hurts.’

‘That damned bastard. You just wait…’

Almost simultaneously, these thoughts clenched the brothers’ jaws.

A sharp ‘crack’ sound echoed. The image of Jaehyun then vividly came to mind for both of them. It was almost demonic.

The image of him, ignoring their pleas to stop and raising his fist…

For the two, under the guild master of Pungshin, it was fear like they had never felt before.

As their spines grew unnaturally cold, the scolding continued from up front.

“Don’t disappoint me during the gate raid, either.”

Lee Jaeshin’s heavy words made the two brothers tremble.

Choo Gyeyeol, watching from the side, sighed.

To him, assisting Lee Jaeshin by his side, the two sons had skill but were not at the level to become first-class.

Both had passed their twenties without reaching the realm of S-class.

And it wasn’t as if they had the leadership qualities to rally people behind them.

In effect, once Lee Jaeshin retired, who knew if they could ever get Yeounghwa to surpass its current state?

Of course, Choo Gyeyeol did not show this outwardly.

He only gave his sons a pitiful glance, then turned to follow Lee Jaeshin who was walking away.

Meanwhile, in Lee Jaeshin’s mind, there was only one thought.

“Min Jaehyun.”

Just how strong is that guy?

His sons were outstanding Radars, approaching A-class.

Merely in Lee Jaeshin’s view, it was regrettable, but nowhere near the level to be dismissed elsewhere.

Yet, it is said Jaehyun overpowered them and easily secured victory.

Lee Jaeshin pondered.

Could this all be a coincidence?

Moreover, could he be certain that Jaehyun will not become an obstacle to the future of Pungshin?

* * *


Shortly after, the scene at the Red Gate was just as immense as Jaehyun had seen in photos.

A huge, blood-red whirlpool of a gate was swirling away.

Overwhelmed by its grandeur, Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel dominated.


Jaehyun stepped out of the car and casually scoped the surroundings. Before embarking on a dungeon raid, it was best to investigate anything beforehand.

He glanced around and a thought struck him.

‘This gate is of a colossal scale compared to any I’ve seen before. Red Gate… I never thought it’d be easy from the start, but this is beyond imagination.’

Jaehyun realized that what Yoo Seongeun had described about the gate was no exaggeration.

The whipping, clockwise motion of the unstable magic energy surpassed even that of an S-class gate.

The energy flux was also irregular and unrefined.

Like waves crashing onto a shore without breakwaters, the gate’s energy looked ready to surge at any moment.

This caused a vague anxiety to rise among the other Radars.

Of course, this applied only to ordinary Radars. To Jaehyun, who had grown stronger through three trials, this level of energy was not shockingly overwhelming.

Even when fighting Nidhogg, Jaehyun had withstood greater energy and proved his strength.

Nevertheless, Jaehyun was feeling an unprecedented anxiety.

More intense than ever. A deep unease that seemed to consume him.

[Something is strange about this gate. I can sense a familiar energy.]

Jaehyun immediately communicated with Hella through telepathy. Currently, she was transparent and perched on his shoulder.

For reference, Hella had been absent attending a regular meeting in Helheim during his red mission but had recently returned.

Jaehyun had asked Hella to stay inconspicuous during this dungeon raid and to use magic to hide herself and follow him, along with Papi.

Although Hella complained, she agreed to his request.

She glanced around and nodded.

[I too have faintly sensed it.]

[Do you know anything about this energy?]

Jaehyun didn’t expect Hella to have an answer as she was a manifestation of Hel with many restrictions on her memories. Mimir’s record or Idunn’s recollection, didn’t she have none?

However, his expectation was completely off.

Hella now mumbled with an almost horror-stricken expression.

[Red energy… I suspected it when I first heard about it, but to see it has actually come to this…]


When Jaehyun once again pressed harder, Hella startled and continued speaking.

[Sorry. I will tell you. About this energy.]

She glanced briefly at Jaehyun, then with a strengthened voice, spoke out.

[Did you call it the Red Gate? It is composed of ‘Primeval Magic.’

The power of the past that has crumbled numerous worlds. One of the forces possessed by Odin.]

* * *

Primeval Magic.

Jaehyun momentarily tilted his head, unfamiliar with the concept.

Hella continued with a trembling voice.

[Primeval Magic is the source of all magic energy. A wondrous power used only by Odin and Loki, two beings in the world.]

[Is it those two again?]

During the showdown with Nidhogg, Jaehyun had heard about the powers of Odin and Loki.

After them, someone talented like himself was said to be the first, perhaps.

By now, Jaehyun was curious about the extent of these two gods’ powers.

[Yes, those entities lead the Aesir and the Vanir respectively. Naturally, they’re incomparably powerful against other gods.]

Jaehyun nodded and asked again.

[So the magic constituting this Red Gate… is made of Primeval Magic, which only they could wield?]

[Correct. I’m not sure why you feel familiar with it… but it may be related to those two gods.]

Odin and Loki… Why does he feel familiar with the powers of these two gods?

What exactly is the source of Primeval Magic, and how does it contain such raw, vast, unrefined force?

Jaehyun had his questions, but now was not the time to answer them. He decided to put those thoughts aside.

The nation-shaking Red Gate expedition was imminent.

There was no room for distractions here.

“Jaehyun, let’s go. The raid is about to start.”

Yoo Seongeun tapped on Jaehyun’s shoulder and spoke. He nodded.

Following her for a bit, familiar faces came into Jaehyun’s view in an open landscape.

Song Jiseok and Park Kyunghoon. Members of the Radar Administration Bureau.

‘The bureau will be in charge of managing the dungeon this time. It seems to be true.’

Song Jiseok stood on a makeshift platform to explain the operation.

He cleared his throat before starting to speak.

“Hello. I am Song Jiseok from the Radar Administration Bureau. Thank you all for gathering here.

Now, I will explain to you the plan for the Red Gate expedition in detail.”

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