I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 245

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 245: Red Gate (2)

“I will now explain the plan of attack for the Red Gate in detail.”

Song Ji-seok began the briefing for the gathered members of the guild alliance. His eyes narrowed for a moment, scanning the surrounding raiders.


Unintentionally, I swallowed my saliva.

The individuals present were each members of top-tier guilds.

The atmosphere and mana they exuded were on a completely different level compared to lower-tier raiders.

‘…This is tense. So these are the elites from the top guilds within the country.’

It was, in a way, to be expected.

Renowned guild leaders had gathered here to conquer a dungeon.

This was an unprecedented event in the history of the association. It was certainly not a gathering for the mediocre.

Furthermore, this was a stressful matter for Song Ji-seok.

No matter how skilled a raider he was, these individuals were from a different league.

Although they were participating in the Red Gate raid under the pretext of serving the community, they would immediately stop the assault and turn their blades towards the association if it proved detrimental to them.

Song Ji-seok was a veteran who had been through all kinds of battles, and he knew of no raider guild that operated without profit.

This occasion would likely be no different.

This was what he concluded just before diving back into the plan.

“First, I will discuss the roles that each guild will assume.

The 20 top-tier guilds, excluding the Wind Gods who have decided not to join the alliance, will split into four teams for this raid.”

His words bore no hesitation, as if rehearsed many times.

Jae-hyun, too, was attentively listening to his story.

Song Ji-seok continued with the detailed explanation, observing the listeners’ reactions.

“The four teams will have different roles and entry timings to the dungeon.

The first team comprises members from Yeonhwa and Curator acting as the vanguard.

The second, the supply unit, will support those entering later, responsible for supplies and safety equipment installation.

The third, the scouting unit, will defend and survey the dungeon’s interior structure.

Lastly, the assault unit will be sent to conquer the dungeon.”

Song Ji-seok’s planned operation was meticulous, befitting the unprecedented situation. The split positions aimed to minimize potential damage by preparing for various contingencies.

After detailing the guilds’ roles, he shared the information they had on the dungeon.

Jae-hyun nodded in admiration for Song Ji-seok and headquarter’s judgement.

‘Logically, the hardest task is to forge a path into the dungeon, so the number one guild Yeonhwa takes the lead. Then for supplies, the potion-skilled Suryeon guild. The martial arts rising star Haesin will handle defense and scouting. Lastly, the whole guild will form the assault team to target the boss. That’s the key to this strategy.’

Jae-hyun, a veteran raider himself, quickly grasped the strategy laid out by Song Ji-seok and the Raider Management Headquarters.

There was no need for clarification from Yoo Seong-eun.

“We will now commence the genuine Red Gate raid.

Members of Yeonhwa and Curator guilds, please gather in front of the dungeon.”

Though not exactly friends, Yeonhwa and Curator had joined forces.

Curator’s leader, Baek Ji-yeon.

With her immense capital, she decided to participate in the Red Gate raid, also agreeing to support the installation of various supplies and watchtowers.

Following Song Ji-seok’s guidance, Jae-hyun and Yoo Seong-eun headed toward the gate.

The vanguard, typically known for their low survival rates in a dungeon raid.

For Jae-hyun, undertaking such a crucial role was a first.

In his life before regression, during school events, he was always assigned to supply or scouting units.

Although these roles were not unimportant, it was also a fact that they required relatively less martial prowess.

After taking a light breath, Jae-hyun positioned himself upfront, and voices in conversation buzzed nearby.

Shockingly, they were discussing him.

“Hey. Who’s that? Never seen him before.”

“Whom are you referring to?”

“That guy over there with the white robe, next to the Yeonhwa guild master.”

“Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen him before… Is he really skilled if he’s accompanying Park Sung-jae Raider himself?”

“Oh, and look at that outfit. Seems like someone full of vanity. He’s proudly wearing Yeonhwa’s emblem. Tsk tsk… isn’t he ashamed?”

“In any case, that’s young people for you.”

Jae-hyun didn’t like the way they spoke about him, but he didn’t show it.

The reason Jae-hyun wore the white robe was simple.

‘Legally, it’s very difficult for minors to enter a gate. There’s a lot of red tape. Revealing my identity here could land Yeonhwa in the midst of public fury.’

For Yoo Seong-eun, losing Jae-hyun’s ability to nullify magic would’ve been unacceptable.

However, she wouldn’t want to tarnish Yeonhwa’s reputation either.

So, creating a new identity and hiding his was the better choice.

……As a result.

Jae-hyun ended up wearing the ornate white robe with Yeonhwa’s guild emblem.

Of course, hiding his face all the while.

“Don’t you have any other clothes? Everyone seems to be making fun of me.”

Jae-hyun let out a sigh while looking at his flowing white garment. Yoo Seong-eun chuckled and replied.

“Don’t worry. You’re good-looking, so bright colors suit you well.”

“You did this on purpose.”

Though Jae-hyun grumbled, he did not take off the robe.

“…Shall I make you a black one next time?”

“Forget it.”

Jae-hyun answered brusquely, but Yoo Seong-eun kept a cheerful face.

“Members of Yeonhwa guild! We will now enter the Red Gate!”

Just then, the raider in charge of gate guidance called Yeonhwa and its members for entry.

The moment to start the genuine assault on the Red Gate had arrived.

‘I will definitely survive this time too.’

As he always did, Jae-hyun reminded himself of his goal as he headed into battle.

A whirlwind of dark red mana gushed from the gate, and with it behind him, he took a resolute step forward.

That’s when he felt it.

Jae-hyun couldn’t help but furrow his brows as the gate’s mana twisted around him.

‘…What’s this? Is this really just one dungeon?’

He felt a fierce sense of incongruity, and his hands trembled briefly.

The Red Gate.

It was filled with an overwhelming amount of mana that was hard to believe belonged to a single dungeon.

It almost felt as if various dungeons had been fused together.

* * *

“Everyone, step back!”

“Those under debuffs, come this way! I will cast status removal magic!”

“Switching! Everybody, change your positions!”


Indeed, the magic wielded by the creatures within the gate was formidable.

Jae-hyun began to analyze the spells they were using with narrowed eyes.

‘Wind Edge, Dark Spear… and even Chain Lightning. The magic of these creatures is incredible, not something you’d believe of beasts. I see why the teacher brought me.’

The magic typically wielded by beasts focuses primarily on destruction.

Boss monsters may readily apply debuffs, but that’s something only possible for boss monsters.

It’s very rare for regular monsters to properly wield magic, with the exception of Dark Elves.

Even then, from what Jae-hyun had experienced, their level wasn’t very high.

‘But the beasts of the Red Gate are different. They’re beyond what I thought.’

Jae-hyun was momentarily distracted by the sense of incongruity he had been feeling.

The sheer volume of mana that the gate itself radiated.

It was on a scale that was unfeasible for a single gate’s mana.

‘Well, I should probably put those thoughts aside for now… Anyway, there’s not much for me to do at the moment. The teacher told me to just stand by.’

Yoo Seong-eun didn’t yet know that Jae-hyun could destroy magic that he fully understood without expending any mana.

Therefore, unless it was truly a critical situation, she hoped Jae-hyun wouldn’t partake in battle.

After all, she was responsible for bringing a trainee into such a hazardous gate. It was natural for her to be concerned for his safety.

Jae-hyun also had no desire to show off his abilities unnecessarily.

At the moment, the vanguard was hunting the beasts efficiently without any significant difficulties. There wasn’t a great need for Jae-hyun to join in.


The beasts melted under the Yeonhwa guild members’ assault.

Truth be told, although they didn’t want to admit it, Yeonhwa and Curator’s combined power was beyond imagination.

Yeonhwa showcased their top-ranked guild prestige with force, healing, and stability.

Curator was proving what kind of power a guild that climbed to the top with capital alone could wield.

The two guilds had not faced much difficulty since entering the Red Gate and were progressing smoothly through the dungeon.

About an hour later, when most of the monsters near the entrance were taken care of, a brief break was called.

Jae-hyun drank his water with an uncomfortable expression, still with his face covered. Next to him, while Yoo Seong-eun was also resting, Baek Ji-yeon approached and started a conversation.

“I never thought Curator would join hands with Yeonhwa to raid a dungeon like this.”

To her words, Yoo Seong-eun shrugged her shoulders.

“I feel the same. Well… now that it’s come to this, let’s do our best.”

“Agreed. Of course, Curator will be the protagonists of this raid.”


Yoo Seong-eun’s eyes narrowed as Jae-hyun also turned his gaze to Baek Ji-yeon.

Spotting Jae-hyun’s attention, Baek Ji-yeon smiled slyly and continued.

“We’ve recently acquired a new top-class raider at Curator. She’s definitely one to watch in this dungeon raid.”

Intrigued by Baek Ji-yeon’s statement, Jae-hyun’s interest noticeably piqued.

Right then, a woman approached from behind Baek Ji-yeon.

Before he could wonder who she was, the newcomer thrust her face towards Jae-hyun.

“Hello. Nice to meet you! I’m a raider, Lina Meyer, with Curator! Are you the new face… a new member of Yeonhwa?”

“Ah… Yes. Something like that…”

It wasn’t a lie.

After all, wasn’t Jae-hyun also a new recruit in Yeonhwa, not even six months in?

…Even if the treatment he received as a rookie seemed somewhat superfluous.

“So. What does a Curator raider want with me?”

“I’ve been watching, and you haven’t joined the battle… are you concealing some great skill?”

‘Why does she talk like that? Isn’t the Translator Artifact at fault here…?’

“…That’s not the case…”

“Exactly as I thought!”


Noticing Jae-hyun’s unpleasant mood, Helra joined the conversation.

[…Seems like someone who doesn’t listen much to others.]

[Seems so. Kind of tiresome if you ask me…]

Jae-hyun sighed appropriately and withdrew his gaze. Such a person was not extraordinary.

There were plenty of those who wouldn’t heed what others have to say….

That’s when it happened.

Lina Meyer stretched her waist forward slightly, conspicuously displaying something.

Without wanting to pay attention, Jae-hyun inadvertently let out a wry smile, the object at her waist was something one couldn’t ignore.

“That black sword on your waist…”

“Oh! Do you recognize it?”

She pulled the sword from her waist and showed it proudly to Jae-hyun.

“This sword is an S-grade artifact given to me by the Curator’s guild master… The Fang of Nidhogg!”

The surrounding Curator members shook their heads in dismay.

There she goes again, showing off, they seemed to think.

Despite knowing he really shouldn’t, Jae-hyun couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

A familiar looking blade and hilt, a machete-style knife.

It was blatantly inferior to his own.

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