I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 244

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 243: Lee Jae-sang

A few days prior to the guild’s joint mission, Lee Jae-sang was troubled by a terrible nightmare in the dormitory of Milles Academy.

Gasping for breath, he sat hunched on his bed, his body shaking in tiny convulsions. He was still feeling the aftershock of the dream he just had. His body was drenched in sweat, and his mind was dizzy, probably due to shock. Clutching his heart, Lee Jae-sang looked over his body with empty eyes.

“Not again, the same dream…”

His weak murmur filled the room. The content of Lee Jae-sang’s nightmare was always the same as his past. His father, Lee Jae-yi, would appear and spar with him. He would coldly say to his son, covered in dirt:

“Grasp your sword.”

That sentence triggered the trauma deep within Lee Jae-sang, pulling him further into a quagmire of despair. He had heard those words countless times before. This phrase, in the end, revealed Lee Jae-sang’s inherent weakness.

Fragments of the past floated through his mind. During his younger days, his father demanded strength from him—to become a powerful rader like himself and his brothers. But the talent wasn’t there for Lee Jae-sang. During daily spars with his father, he never lived up to expectations, and over time, it broke him down.

At ten years old, when he first started dueling, Lee Jae-yi told him, “You are of my blood, you must have great talent.” But it didn’t take long for hope to turn into disappointment. Lee Jae-sang had not a speck of talent with the sword and didn’t inherit any unique skills.

From that point on, Lee Jae-yi stopped expecting anything from him. Rather, he belittled his son as worthless for not meeting expectations. Following his mother’s death, his father’s cold behavior and neglect forced Lee Jae-sang to hide away like a mouse.

It was since then that he began to stutter. Not that it mattered; his father’s gaze only grew colder.

Thereafter, their interactions were scarce. Managing barely to afford his tuition, expecting anything from his father was difficult. His siblings had become the pride of Phungshin Guild, but not him—he was unloved and uncherished.

All he had left were his tools stained with the smell of chemicals and a small laboratory where he further fortified his walls and hid away, making himself unreachable.

* * *

The next day, after classes at the academy, Jae-hyun was accosted by two men he had never seen before.

“Who are you guys?”

The two men scowled and replied with evident displeasure, “I am A-Class Rader Lee Jae-hoon of Phungshin.”

“I am Lee Jae-young, same rank.”

Jae-hyun paused, trying to recall—Lee Jae-hoon and Lee Jae-young seemed familiar, but he couldn’t be sure. Fortunately, they revealed their identities on their own.

“We are the sons of the Guild Master Lee Jae-shin. We’re Jae-sang’s brothers.”

It then clicked for Jae-hyun. They were indeed Lee Jae-sang’s brothers, three and two years older respectively, known for their brutal nature, and likely to become notorious in the rader world.

Feeling a foreboding sense that they were up to no good, Jae-hyun asked calmly, “What brings the brothers of Jae-sang-hyung to me?”

“You think you can be insolent to our father and get away without reprisal?”

“Oh. Right, that incident.”

Jae-hyun sighed, recalling a minor conflict with Lee Jae-yi from a few days ago. He’d likely thwarted the elder’s magic back then.

The two men before him must’ve been agitated that a mere student defied their great father.

Shrugging off the ridiculousness, he had to deal with what seemed to be an important issue for the brothers. They cornered Jae-hyun to continue, “You must be feeling quite proud, being the direct disciple of Yoo Seong-eun…”

“I’m neither proud nor is there a reason to discuss this. If you’re looking to pick a fight, leave before you get hurt.”

As Jae-hyun waved them away, the brothers’ faces crumpled in anger. Just as Jae-hyun turned to leave, they uttered something he couldn’t ignore.

“We heard you’re looking after our worthless little brother.”

Jae-hyun’s steps halted upon the harsh words. Perceiving their provocation as successful, they wore smug expressions.

“He might be useless, but lucky for him, he turns out to have a talent for alchemy. Though you probably approached him to use him from the start…”

“It seems you brothers aren’t too fond of each other. So, what’s the point you’re trying to make?”

Jae-hyun calmly opened his mouth that had been tightly shut, prompting the siblings to exchange bewildered glances before regaining composure.

“You’ve been close to Jae-sang to use Phungshin, haven’t you? We’ve heard you supported him even when he had no standing.”

Jae-hyun sighed. The brothers had clearly researched Jae-hyun’s and Jae-sang’s past encounters.

It became only too clear that to Lee Jae-hoon and Lee Jae-young, their sibling was nothing more than a stranger.

Bluntly facing the pair, Jae-hyun took a step forward and released a faint hint of his power.

The siblings responded in kind, shouting, “Even knowing who we are, you dare show such insolence? We simply called trash what it is, no?”

“There’s no need to get so upset, right?”

“But I have a good reason to be upset. Jae-sang-hyung is part of my family, but also an essential member of my city. If you talk about him like that…”

Jae-hyun smirked.

“It reflects poorly on my circle.”

Whoosh! In an instant, Jae-hyun’s form vanished, and he seized the napes of the brothers, slamming their foreheads together.

The sound of impact echoed and the brothers’ minds were dazed, their vision spinning, not quite comprehending what had just occurred.

“One thing is clear,” Jae-hyun stated, curling his lips and raising his fist.

He had intended to give the brothers a chance, as they were family to his comrade, but it seems that was not possible.

“Even if you bring your father, I am not afraid.”

Gagging and coughing, the siblings were taken aback to see Jae-hyun already behind them. Apparently, they misjudged who they were dealing with.

Almost simultaneously, they both thought they had picked the wrong target.

* * *

Having sent the siblings away, Jae-hyun was left in thought.

‘So that’s why Jae-sang-hyung stutters.’

He had seized the opportunity to beat and question them about several things.

They had revealed that it wasn’t just because of a lack of talent but also the pressures and disappointment from Lee Jae-yi that broke Lee Jae-sang.

Jae-hyun hadn’t known the whole story and felt more compassion for Lee Jae-sang. He knew what it was like to be suffocated by feelings of inferiority, looking up to the greatest raiders and feeling despair with his own limitations.

It’s a slow poison that eventually breaks a person down.

“Jae-sang-hyung must’ve felt that way too.”

Jae-hyun wanted to help him return to his true self, even if he hadn’t seen what that was like. He could picture moments when Lee Jae-sang talked about alchemy or provided potions, but he knew he couldn’t fix everything.

‘But it’s not something I can fix. It’s up to Jae-sang-hyung to pick himself up.’

Sadly, Jae-hyun knew his influence was limited. If one doesn’t rise on their own, they’ll just fall again. It’s simply how humans are.

Yet, Jae-hyun believed in Lee Jae-sang. He had the strength to step out from his father’s shadow and move forward, not from regressed memories, but from the time spent together.

* * *

Meanwhile, at the subway station serving as their hideout, Nine’s other members discussed Lee Jae-sang and Lee Jae-shin.

“Never thought Lee Jae-sang’s dad was that Lee Jae-shin of Phungshin…”

Kwon So-yul shook her head, and Kim Yu-jung nodded. Without Lee Jae-sang’s disclosure, how could they know?

To them, Lee Jae-sang was not the son of someone significant, just a stuttering but kindhearted comrade.

* * *

The next morning, the day of the joint guild mission, Jae-hyun greeted his comrades before boarding the vehicle prepared by Yoo Seong-eun.

Destination: the Red Gate—the most disastrous gate to have appeared in South Korea to date.

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