I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 243

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 242: Joint Guild Mission (3)

“An ultra-large gate. To block it, I need your help.

Will you help me?”

“I will help as much as I can.”

Jaehyun said, shrugging his shoulders. Yu Sung-eun’s face lit up with a radiant smile.

Just like her disciple, Jaehyun had given her the best answer she could have hoped for. For her, it was an occasion for pure joy.

However, there was no time to revel in happiness.

Yu Sung-eun knew that it was time to get to the heart of the matter.

‘There’s no time. If we fail to block the ultra-large gate, Korea will once again be engulfed in flames.’

Yu Sung-eun vividly remembered the tragedy that unfolded in Korea during her childhood.

People in a sealed city dying amidst towering red flames.

Shockingly black ashes with occasional spurts of blood and a crazed gaze lurking beyond the eyes of the beasts.

Everything she had seen at that time was still crystal clear in her mind.

‘We must stop it at all costs.’

The tragedy must not be allowed to repeat.

Furthermore, she had no doubt that Jaehyun shared her viewpoint.

* * *

A meeting room with an overall calm atmosphere.

In the middle of the barren space, a man was sitting.

Lee Jaeshin. The master of the Poongshin Guild and known as the fastest Rader in the world.

“I’ve delivered the message as you stated at the union meeting.”

“Good job.”

The person reporting to Lee Jaeshin was Choo Gye-yeol.

He was one of Poongshin’s managers and had recently attended the guild summons at the Rader headquarters on behalf of Lee Jaeshin.

Serving closest to Lee Jaeshin, he had become his right-hand man.

After considering the mundane response from Lee Jaeshin, Choo Gye-yeol opened his mouth again.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know that even Poongshin will have difficulty blocking this gate. Moreover, this has distanced you further from Yeonhwa.

It might have been an unprofitable decision for our Poongshin side.”

“Cozying up with competitors is an act fit only for weak trash. Yeonhwa is an obstacle we must overcome, not someone we collaborate with.”

“So you’ve declared non-participation in the alliance to push Yeonhwa aside?”

At Choo Gye-yeol’s question, Lee Jaeshin closed his eyes briefly before reopening them, composing his thoughts.

Choo Gye-yeol knew well that this was a habit Lee Jaeshin had when he was deep in thought.

Following that pause, Lee Jaeshin cleared his throat.

“That’s right. The threat is real, but if our Poongshin succeeds in subduing this ultra-large gate… perhaps we could finally surpass Yeonhwa.”

Choo Gye-yeol had no choice but to nod at those words.

‘Our guild master has always strived to surpass Yu Sung-eun and Yeonhwa. He must see this as his last chance to challenge while active.’

Yu Sung-eun and Yeonhwa.

These were names that always belittled Lee Jaeshin, who was a tyrant in his domain.

In the national guild rankings, Lee Jaeshin was always second place, eternally overshadowed by the perennial number one, Yu Sung-eun.

It goes without saying, Lee Jaeshin was not physically inferior to Yu Sung-eun in terms of capability.

The two were fundamentally divided into combat and non-combat roles, and since Yu Sung-eun was a healer, she was naturally perceived as weaker.

However, Yu Sung-eun had the unwavering trust and faith of the people.

From the first gate crisis to the present, she had saved countless lives, earning the name of a saint and becoming a mythical Rader.

On the other hand, Lee Jaeshin had reached his position based on dominant martial prowess.

It was obvious who was more respected.

Lee Jaeshin.

He was strong and an exceptional Rader, but he had never surpassed her.

And there was no guarantee he could do so in the future.

However, he never gave up.

Lee Jaeshin yearned to surpass Yeonhwa, gradually expanding his guild.

He waited.

For the chance to surpass them.

And now, he believed that chance had come.

Choo Gye-yeol could not object to his opinion.

Of course, he thought Lee Jaeshin’s judgment was not rational.

But Choo Gye-yeol knew best just how long he had yearned for such a situation.

Exactly ten years ago, when the evil beasts rampaged, he had been assisting Lee Jaeshin.

He knew the feelings and desires that Lee Jaeshin harbored.

Ultimately, Choo Gye-yeol consented.

“…Understood. Do you plan to go dungeon raiding with your sons like before?”

Choo Gye-yeol’s question was clear in its intent.

Lee Jaeshin’s sons. He had three sons, and the first two had become accomplished Raders, just like him.

Although the youngest had only just become an adult, his talent was nothing short of their father’s.

Accordingly, Lee Jaeshin often took them along on dungeon raids.

To build their achievements in preparation for eventually handing over the guild, it was necessary for him to do so, especially to eliminate any discord later on.

However, the situation with the youngest was somewhat different.

“Tell the first and second to come to the office right now. I will speak to them myself.”


After Choo Gye-yeol briefly bowed, he immediately contacted Lee Jaeshin’s two sons to carry out his instructions.

Ten minutes later.

With the sound of a knock, two young men with youthful faces entered the meeting room.

“Did you call for us?”

The first to speak was Lee Jaeshin’s eldest son, Lee Jaehoon.

Lee Jaeshin, with an expressionless face, began his formal talk.

“Yes. You might already be aware, but during the upcoming ultra-large gate operation, you two will also be joining.

You’ll participate as representatives of Poongshin, so make sure to prepare properly without any mistakes.”

Hearing this, a hint of excitement flickered across Lee Jaehoon’s face.

Lee Jaehoon enjoyed the attention of others. And now he was being given a chance to participate in the largest gate operation?

‘As long as Poongshin is involved, I won’t die. If I seize this opportunity, I could spread my name across the country, no, the entire world.’

Lee Jaehoon’s lips curled upward with pleasurable thoughts.

Then, his younger brother Lee Jaeyoung who had been listening in on their father and brother’s conversation, cautiously interjected.

“…Father, aren’t you also taking the youngest with us for the raid? I heard you were at Milleus recently.”

Lee Jaeshin’s gaze turned towards Lee Jaeyoung.

Lee Jaeyoung immediately recognized the curiosity in that stare and was puzzled.

Had there ever been a time when his father discussed the youngest with such an expression?

Lee Jaeshin replied.

“That was the plan. But I’ve changed my mind.”


Lee Jaeyoung asked in surprise, while Lee Jaehoon nodded as if it was obvious.

Lee Jaeshin lifted one corner of his mouth as he continued.

“The one called Nine… That disgraceful lot he’s crawled into, the circle leader tried to stand in my way.”

“Nine? That’s the newcomer making headlines lately, right?”

Lee Jaeyoung agreed and continued.

“Well, the media has been making a fuss, but he can’t be that great. Not in front of our Poongshin…”

“No. That guy is not to be underestimated.”

Lee Jaeyoung’s words were abruptly cut off by Lee Jaeshin.

The brothers looked at their father with shocked expressions.

It was a surprising statement. Typically, praise from the fastidious Lee Jaeshin was rare.

Unperturbed by his sons’ astonished looks, Lee Jaeshin continued.

“Make sure to conduct yourselves appropriately. This Red Gate operation is one of the few chances for Poongshin to overthrow Yeonhwa and cement our name at the very top.”


“We’ll keep that in mind, Father.”

The brothers responded to their father’s instructions and shared a glance.

Nearly simultaneously, their lips curled up. The brothers harbored malevolent thoughts, which, fortunately, Lee Jaeshin did not detect.

* * *

“The gate has two main features.

The first is a newly structured, dark red magical energy detected outside the ultra-large gate.

Researchers have been investigating for days, but we do not yet have a clear cause.”

“Dark red magical energy?”

“Yes. It was several times more condensed than the magic Raders typically use. Although we haven’t precisely compared… it seems to have at least five times the density.”

Yu Sung-eun handed over a file and gestured lightly.

Jaehyun cautiously received it.

The file had several photos attached to it, all of the gate’s exterior.

There was a whirlwind of dark red magical energy, just as she had described.

‘Normally, the color of magic in nature is blue. It can change color when it gains personal characteristics, but magic that is red from the start doesn’t exist.’

Similarly, gates were also blue by default and without exception.

Yet, what Jaehyun was looking at now…

This gate was distinctly red.

Yu Sung-eun pointed to the gate in the photo and continued.

“We’ve temporarily decided to call this gate the ‘Red Gate’ before more detailed research is revealed.”

“Red Gate.”

Jaehyun had never heard of a Red Gate anywhere before.

Although he knew the future of over a decade, he had no knowledge of this.

‘It might have been highly confidential, undisclosed information…’

Even so, the likelihood was slim.

Jaehyun thought that due to the variable of his presence, this incident might have occurred.

The mastermind was not yet clear, but perhaps it was Asgard.

Jaehyun composed himself and looked up, asking, “What’s the second feature?”

“The dungeon is inhabited by an excessive number of demonic beasts capable of powerful magic.

The magic they use is at least A-grade. Even with magic-proficient Raders, it’s too much to handle.”

“Creatures that wield high-level magic?”

As Jaehyun uttered those words, he nodded slightly.

Only then did he seem to understand why Yu Sung-eun had asked him for help in the dungeon raid.

Seeing that Jaehyun had realized her reason for requesting his help, Yu Sung-eun smiled.

“Exactly as you’ve figured. The reason I asked you to help with the dungeon is simple. It’s because of your ‘magic that can invalidate other magic’.”

‘As I thought.’

Jaehyun murmured, a wry smile on his lips.

The magic that can invalidate other magic. As far as Jaehyun knew, there was only one such skill.

Absolute Arithmetic.

Furthermore, this skill had grown even more potent after his recent duel with Nidhogg.

Perhaps Yu Sung-eun intended to use it to destroy the enemy’s magic, greatly reducing the dungeon’s difficulty.

After all, there was nothing to fear if the magic-wielding enemies could be destroyed.


Jaehyun himself had been keen on using his newly enhanced Absolute Arithmetic.

However, since he couldn’t use it carelessly and hadn’t found an opportunity to reveal it yet, he had kept it hidden.

But now the situation was different.

Together with Yu Sung-eun, confidentiality was assured, and revealing his abilities shouldn’t cause any issues.

* * *

Meanwhile, the two brothers who had left Lee Jaeshin’s office were wrapped up in a conversation with their arms crossed.

“Brother, are we really going to leave him alone?”

“Min Jaehyun… are you talking about the circle lord of Nine?”


The reason for their discussion was clear.

Recently, when their father visited Milleus on a joint guild mission, they had heard that the boy had displayed an audacious attitude towards their father.

To the brothers, their father—Lee Jaeshin, the master of Poongshin—was an esteemed figure.

A being worthy of respect!

That was who Lee Jaeshin was to them, the backdrop of their existence.

But to think that a mere student, and a freshman at that, had the nerve to defy their father?

This was something they simply could not tolerate.

Lee Jaehoon’s lip curled into a sneer as he placed his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder.

“There’s no way we’d let it slide. Get ready. We’ll go have a look at Min Jaehyun’s face.”

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