I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 241

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 240: Guild Joint Mission (1)

“Hidden Piece?”

Kim Yoojung asked with wide eyes.

Jaehyun nonchalantly nodded his head.

“Right, that’s exactly why this site was chosen. There’s a Hidden Piece hidden beneath here.”

“…Hidden Piece hidden within the academy? I had no idea.”

Seo Ina expressed her surprise at the unfamiliar news.

“If there was something like that, you should have mentioned it sooner… But still. If there’s a Hidden Piece, you could have found it on your own. Why tell us about it?”

Kwon Suyul tilted her head curiously as she inquired.

Indeed. For most Raiders, if they knew the location of a Hidden Piece, their default action would be to keep it all to themselves.

After all, it was a chance to become stronger, and there was no need to share it with others.

However, why was Jaehyun willing to share it?

‘It isn’t exactly something that can or needs to be shared, that’s why.’

Jaehyun said this as he cleared his throat and continued.

“This hidden piece concealed here is actually a ‘dungeon’.”


“…Can you explain in detail what you mean?”

Kim Yoojung and Seo Ina both looked at Jaehyun in alarm.

To them, it was an unimaginable twist.

They expected the Hidden Piece to be an artifact or a potion of some kind.

What? A dungeon?

“You’ll definitely like it.”

However, Jaehyun ambiguously responded and simply took the lead.

His companions had no choice but to follow him, not understanding the reasons.

* * *

The members of Circle Nine, led by Jaehyun, arrived at a place filled with the rubble of ruined buildings.

It was a place cluttered with decayed, color-faded, broken buildings, boards, and signs strewn about haphazardly.

This was the location Jaehyun had mentioned, where the Hidden Piece, the dungeon, was located.

It was also intended to be the new meeting room for Circle Nine.

Jaehyun passed by his puzzled comrades and lightly summoned his mana.

Mana detection. He activated it to continue searching the surroundings. Soon enough, Jaehyun detected a trace.

It was the faintest movement of mana.

Even the academy’s instructors hadn’t noticed this presence of mana before the regression.

‘There’s a dungeon below. I’m certain. It’s the one I’ve been looking for.’

Jaehyun carefully knelt on one knee and placed his hand on the ground beneath.


―Active skill 《Earthquake Lv3》 has been activated.

He used the skill to upheave the earth.


With the invocation of the magic, the ground crumbled and slowly revealed what lay beneath.

A deep scene unfolded through the cracks of the split earth.

There was a small tunnel-like structure.

“What, what is this?!”

“This is…!”

The companions exclaimed in their astonishment.

Before their eyes, a path leading to a dungeon entrance unfolded. It was not just a hole made by Jaehyun’s force; it was an originally existing dungeon that had been uncovered.

Moreover, there was even a narrow stone staircase.

Jaehyun gestured with his chin and said,

“Here it is.”

“I’m a-a bit scared though…”

“It is quite gloomy here. Worse than the outside.”

While each of his comrades added a comment, they began to follow Jaehyun downwards.


With the eerie howling of a beast-like monster, a message resounded, sparking alertness among them.

―You have discovered a《Tutorial Dungeon》!

―Experience points gained from hunting monsters in the《Tutorial Dungeon》 will be doubled.

―The item drop rate when hunting monsters in the《Tutorial Dungeon》 will be increased by 1.5 times.

“…Tutorial Dungeon?”

Kim Yoojung cocked her head. Jaehyun replied with a smile.

“Yes. What exists here is a special dungeon known as the Tutorial Dungeon.

It’s a dungeon where, even without a raid, a Dungeon Break won’t occur, and the monsters will continually respawn.”

Hearing Jaehyun’s words, the expressions of his companions turned frosty.

They finally realized why Jaehyun wanted to construct a base in such a shabby place and the meaning behind that smirk from earlier.

“This place isn’t too dangerous, and we’ve got plenty of potions expiring. So,”

Jaehyun grinned.

“We’ll need to level up here for a while. We’ve got some time before the next mission.”

The crucial reason why he wanted to obtain this Hidden Piece.

It was for the growth of his companions. And to acquire his own freely assignable stat points.

Without hesitation, Jaehyun pushed his comrades’ backs.

“Alright, let’s go fight right away!”

* * *

A few days later, at Myles Academy Central Auditorium.

The place was bustling in preparation for the second mission.

Jaehyun and his companions were present among the crowd, their faces showing fatigue from dungeon raiding over the past few days.

Jaehyun smiled with satisfaction.

‘The construction of the meeting room will be completed in two weeks.’

The construction of the meeting room was progressing faster than expected.

In another two weeks, they could move in, with all the convenience facilities installed. He would spend most of his daily routine there, excluding when sleeping.

It wasn’t a bad outcome for Jaehyun since it meant he could observe the growth of his comrades for longer.

‘Now, let’s set this aside for a moment and focus on the next mission.’

With this thought, Jaehyun looked around.

The cadets wore worried expressions, venting their anxious hearts while sighing.

“A joint mission with the guilds… It feels like a single mistake could lead to certain death…”

“When has a Myles event ever been safe?”

“Well, that’s true…”

“Even so. This time, it’s a mid-tier dungeon raid. Isn’t that too dangerous?”

Understandably, the cadets were nervous as this was the first event involving an actual dungeon raid.

However, becoming accustomed to such experiences was a necessity. A Raider’s occupation involved battling monsters, and they were fundamentally expected to possess the ability to resist fear, despite instinctive terror.

…Of course, it was utterly unrealistic for mere cadets to overcome all these factors.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and recalled the rules of the dungeon raid.

‘This joint mission with the guilds is simple. Each Circle and Guild will pair up to raid the dungeon together.

Essentially, the guilds will do the actual raiding while the cadets learn by watching alongside them.’

Myles Academy did not take the hands-on experience of Raiders lightly.

Practical experience was essential to a Raider’s survival.

Jaehyun also considered this an aspect that could never be too emphasized to the cadets.

“Ah, hello there. I’m Kim Jiyeon, the chairman of Myles Academy.”

Chairman Kim Jiyeon, who was actively involved in events, ascended the podium.

“Now, I’ll begin explaining the second mission, cutting to the chase.”

She cleared her throat and delved into the heart of the matter.

“From now on, during the mission, you will have to carry out the task in pairs with the guilds.

The process is straightforward. Each guild will choose cadets or Circles they like. The cadets will then decide whether or not they will participate in the mission with that guild.”

After glancing around at the audience, Kim Jiyeon continued.

“Let’s introduce the guilds that will undertake the joint mission with Myles.”

The lights moved to the back of the stage, illuminating the shadowy silhouettes that had been concealed.

From the shadows tinged with murky colors, several familiar faces became clear.

Yoo Seongeun, the representative of Yeonhwa, and the masters of various large guilds were all gathered for Myles’ event.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Yoo Seongeun of Yeonhwa.”

“Hello, I’m the master of Suryeon, Shin Jihun.”

“I’m Lee Jaeshin. I believe no one here is unaware of our guild, Pungshin.”

As the guild masters extended brief greetings, murmurs arose among the cadets.

Typically, every Raider had at least one guild they aspired to join someday.

And since all those guilds were gathered here at once,

For them, it was a tumultuous moment too thrilling to hide.

Even Jaehyun had hardly ever seen such a spectacle of numerous guild masters in one place.

“Now, guild masters, please take a moment to talk with the cadets and choose those you prefer.”

With those words, Yoo Seongeun quickly walked toward Jaehyun.

The Guild Master of Yeonhwa hardly seemed imposing with his light steps.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you in such a crowded place, hasn’t it?”

“It has.”

Jaehyun responded with a slight smile, as Kim Yoojung’s eyes sparkled upon seeing Yoo Seongeun.

“I hope for your cooperation again this time!”

“That’s my line to say, Yoojung. They tell me you’ve improved a lot. I heard it from Jaehyun.”

“What? He told you that…?”

Kim Yoojung looked at Jaehyun with a reluctant expression.

Jaehyun turned his gaze away as Yoo Seongeun chuckled and continued,

“So I assume Circle Nine will perform the task with Yeonhwa this time?”


“Of course!”

“It’s an honor.”

“I al-al-al, I also…!”

As his comrades exchanged their thoughts, a cold voice suddenly interjected from behind.

“No. You can’t. You must come with me.”

Immediately, Lee Jaesang’s shoulders shrank and his gaze directed toward one point.

With eyes trembling in fear, Lee Jaesang’s body stiffened up.

In the direction the voice came from, there stood a man, towering like a great tree.

He bore a familiar face known to every Raider present.

“You are my son. Therefore, you should come with Pungshin, naturally. Isn’t that right?”


Standing beside him, Jaehyun’s eyebrows narrowed as his gaze shifted towards the man.

With his cold eyes and chilling voice,

That was Lee Jaeshin, the master of Pungshin Guild and Lee Jaesang’s father.

Jaehyun quietly scrutinized Lee Jaeshin.

Needless to say, he was acquainted with Lee Jaeshin even before the regression.

‘Pungshin. Before my regression, they were at the top of the martial guilds. Despite their rough nature, they were famous for their skills.’

Before the regression, when Yeonhwa fell, it was Lee Jaeshin’s Pungshin dynasty, along with An Jiseok’s Haesin, that quickly took the top spots.

‘To be honest, he seems even more unfriendly than on TV.’

Jaehyun placed his hand on the wilting shoulder of Lee Jaesang, passing him to stand in front of Lee Jaeshin.

Lee Jaeshin spoke with interest,

“You are… Min Jaehyun. The official disciple of Yoo Seongeun.”


“Judging from your expression, it looks like you have something to say to me.”

“Lee Jaesang senior will join us at Yeonhwa for the dungeon raid. If you’re saying you’ll take him because he’s your son… I’m afraid that’s a bit problematic.”

As Jaehyun spoke, Lee Jaeshin smirked and replied,

“It’s not your concern. Seems like a greenhorn can’t discern where to intervene… You’re going to regret it.”

At that moment.


An enormous force of mana burst forth from Lee Jaeshin’s body and began to press down on the surrounding atmosphere.

At the same time, the faces of the nearby cadets paled.

Lee Jaeshin, the massively powerful master of Pungshin Guild, opening his mana against a mere cadet. An unprecedented situation that could even cause an instructor to freeze.

“No. As the Circle Leader of Circle Nine, I have the right to intervene. Jaesang hyung is a member of our circle. It’s within my rights to get involved to this extent.”

From behind, Lee Jaesang looked on with a helpless expression, back and forth between the two.

Yoo Seongeun was gauging the timing. If Lee Jaeshin ever attacked his disciple, he was prepared to step in.

However, Jaehyun was unfazed, smiling even wider.

After taking a deep breath, Jaehyun fixed his gaze on Lee Jaeshin and slowly continued,

“A son is not a tool to be used. And one more thing, just so you’re aware.”

He lightly waved his hand, and the mana that had been overwhelming the area and belonging to Lee Jaeshin scattered into nothingness.

“I’m not someone you can look down upon easily.”

Jaehyun smiled.

There was no need to initiate Absolute Calculation. The reason was simple.

The Lee Jaeshin before him was overwhelmingly weaker than himself.

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