I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 240

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 239: A Hint of Fortuitous Encounter

A miracle that every single awakened being in the world fervently wishes for—Fortuitous Encounter (기연).

Among the awakened, this term signifies obtaining an exceptional artifact or manifesting a unique skill, causing one’s prowess to skyrocket.

Though not easily found, with a stroke of good luck, one could monopolize multiple encounters and grow rapidly. That was the fortuitous encounter as described by the awakened.

Those who gained such encounters leaped far beyond their original ranks.

The improvement varied, but on average, one could expect at least a two-tier rise—an almost life-changing event.

However, such opportunities are granted to an extremely small number of people.

Raiders focused solely on luck eventually fall behind and meet untimely deaths.

Fortuitous encounters are not named so without reason.

But there was a method to forcibly create such encounters.

That is, by ‘returning to the past.’

Seeing the future and using that knowledge.

‘Well, I suppose I’m the only one who can do something like that.’

Jaehyun chuckled to himself.

The process of obtaining the aforementioned fortuitous encounter posed no issue for Jaehyun.

Knowledge of the future.

With this alone, he could monopolize fortuitous encounters with ease.

The lease of this inferior room was also a stepping stone for securing one such encounter.

‘To foster the growth of my comrades, obtaining this inferior room was essential. It was costly, of course, but it’s an expenditure that is far from regrettable—if only they knew what’s hidden here.’

Jaehyun nodded as he surveyed the surroundings.

Contrary to his confident look, his comrades bore worried expressions.

Kwon Sooyul frowned and asked,

“I can understand acquiring the room, but… why choose a place like this? It’s almost like a ruin.”

As she spoke, the others nodded in agreement as if to say they shared her concerns.

Lee Jaesang, looking frightened, glanced around like a meerkat with ears perked up. Most of the others exhibited similar reactions.

‘True, their worries are somewhat justified.’

There were several reasons for his comrades’ concerns.

The biggest issue was the location where the inferior room was to be built.

“I too am curious. Why did we have to get an inferior room near a danger zone? Isn’t that too risky?”

An Hoyeon’s question was filled with concern that their comrades could be injured in an emergency.

The location of the new base was truly the worst in terms of safety.

Since it was adjacent to the boundaries of the abandoned city of Daegu, they would be in immediate danger if a calamity struck and they were attacked by monsters.

Of course, Jaehyun had also considered this aspect.

He had decided on the location of the room after much contemplation, concluding that the benefits outweighed the risks.

Moreover, the monsters in the shallow areas of the abandoned city were not of a very high grade. With his comrades’ current levels and stats, escaping the worst-case scenario would not be difficult.

Regarding safety concerns, everything had already been addressed.

However, the comrades’ questions persisted.

“Even if our safety is assured, still… Why not rent a room previously used by seniors? Why choose this location to build a new one?”

That was Kwon Sooyul’s question.

As she pointed out, there were many vacant spaces previously used by seniors within the academy.

Nevertheless, Jaehyun had chosen to set up a new space and build a room there. Given that Jaehyun was always thoughtful, there surely must be a reason.

Even if they didn’t say it out loud, all his comrades were thinking the same thing.

“There is something here that will be very helpful to us.”

This was the very fortuitous encounter that Jaehyun had been considering from the start.

The best way to accelerate the growth of his comrades was right here, which was why Jaehyun had chosen this place.

‘With this, it’s possible. I can elevate these kids to S-rank. No, even beyond that.’

Jaehyun recalled his conversation with Kim Jiyeon from moments before.

She had asked the same things as his comrades.

[It’s good that you are leasing a room… but this isn’t a great location. Do you have something else in mind?]

[Of course.]

Although Jaehyun answered her, he hadn’t fully explained his reasons to the other comrades.

Since they didn’t know all his thoughts, it was natural for them to be worried.

But Jaehyun knew.

With time, his comrades would come to praise him.

‘The hidden piece within this inferior room’s site is invaluable beyond words.’

“Anyway, it’s just like Milles Academy to provide such a vast plot of land for renting a room, right?”

Kim Yoojung looked around, sticking her tongue out in awe.

Her remark was justified.

The space Milles Academy provided for its circle members was not just a single room but included a significant portion of land for the circle.

In other words, with the new room lease, the nearby land was now at the disposal of his comrades.

With a look of satisfaction, Jaehyun smiled.

“Well, we’ve briefly checked the site. Let’s move on and find the hidden piece below.”

At his words, his comrades opened their eyes in panic.

“Hidden piece?”

* * *

The central conference room of the National Raider Association was bustling for the first time in a while.

The large rectangular table and the chairs lined up on both sides were occupied by top-class raiders renowned nationwide.

Representatives of major guilds, including Yoo Seongeun of Yeonhwa.

They had all gathered for a clear reason— a situation unprecedented in the guild’s rumor mills that required their urgent attention.

As the sound of the alarm announcing the meeting’s start filled the room, conversations came to a halt.

Simultaneously, a man stepped forward.

Song Jiseok—a raider affiliated with the Raider Management Bureau and the overall responsible individual for this incident.

Pointing at the whiteboard in front, he began,

“Thank you all for gathering here. As you may already know, we’ve convened you to discuss the strategy for the super-sized gate.”

“Are you talking about the one we received an official memo about recently? Just how dangerous is it to summon all major guilds here…?”

An Jiseok, the guild master of Haesin, asked with a worried look. His guild had been growing smoothly, and as such, he naturally felt burdened by this conversation.

He didn’t want his guild to be caught up in such a dangerous affair.

Song Jiseok nodded and signaled his colleague.

In response, waiting Park Kyunghoon shifted the scene displayed on the screen to the next one.

“As you can see here, the difficulty level of this dungeon is at least S-rank.”

The screen showed an analysis of the dungeon’s magical barrier, with its intensity presented in a graphical format.

There, information about the super-sized gate that had been causing a stir in raider circles was disclosed.

The guild masters wrinkled their brows in confusion at seeing the data.

‘This is nonsense…! A gate beyond S-rank?’

‘If this report is accurate, this isn’t something a single guild can handle…’

‘Why did such a thing suddenly occur?’

Even amongst these guild masters, only a very few had ever challenged an S-rank gate.

Apart from Yoo Seongeun, the others had only done it once or twice at most.

It was more than natural for them to be frightened.

“If that’s true, it’s not something a single guild can handle. It looks like there’s another reason you’ve called us here.”

The owner of the next voice was Baek Jiyeon.

The head of Curator, she had been recruiting powerful raiders at astronomical expenses after failing to recruit Jaehyun. This strength had allowed her guild to reach its current position.

She had now grown her guild to be acknowledged as one of the top five in South Korea.

Baek Jiyeon, true to her businesswoman nature, was accurately analyzing the situation.

Song Jiseok nodded in agreement.

“That is correct. As soon as the super-sized gate emerged, we received an emergency summon from the Yeonhwa guild.”

The representatives’ gazes all turned towards Yoo Seongeun at Song Jiseok’s words.

The government’s emergency summon order.

This system allows significant guilds to enjoy tax benefits in exchange for being on stand-by should a national crisis arise, which requires their collective mobilization.

Milles’s emergency summon order was modeled after this.

Fundamentally, both orders shared the same essence.

“Upon examining the request, the government and Raider Management Bureau determined it was necessary to formulate strategies before the situation grew uncontrollable. Therefore…”

Song Jiseok slowly scanned the audience before continuing,

“For the first time since the inception of raider guilds, our bureau proposes the formation of a Guild Alliance. That is to tackle the super-sized gate.”

This declaration was shocking.

A Guild Alliance?

Since the establishment of raiders as a profession and the creation of guilds, the bureau had never suggested such a proposal before.

This decision made the gravity of the current gate crisis immediately apparent.

Uniting individual, self-interested guilds into one alliance was a move bound to draw opposition.

Indeed, as soon as these words were spoken, a man stood up, interrupting the meeting.

“I apologize for speaking out of turn. I rise to speak with reluctance to deliver a message. Please bear with me.”

The guild masters showed signs of displeasure at the interruption.

Which guild did this man belong to, engaging in such impolite conduct?

Even they, prominent guild masters nationwide, strived to maintain friendly relations with the Raider Management Bureau.

However, they could not recall ever seeing this man’s face.

These thoughts weren’t isolated; soon, explicit murmurs filled the room.

“Who is this guy, disrupting the meeting with his ruckus?”

“That’s what I’m saying… I don’t think I’ve seen his face before.”

“Well, who knows? He probably just greased someone’s palm to get in here. Nowadays, any insignificant person rushes into these bureau meetings.”

Nonetheless, the man remained unflustered by the commotion.

Calmly, he stated,

“I am here as the representative of Pungshin’s guild master, Lee Jaeshin.”

At these words, the previously dismissive looks were retracted, and surprised voices erupted from all corners.


“Ah… that’s why I haven’t seen Lee Jaeshin here today… he sent his representative again, it seems.”

Pungshin was a raider guild ranked alongside Yeonhwa as one of the best.

Lee Jaeshin, the guild master, had a poor relationship with Yeonhwa and typically avoided public appearances.

An S-rank raider with a strong but uniquely outstanding reputation had led himself to his current position.

That was Lee Jaeshin.

“May I continue?”

The representative asked coldly, silencing the audience in one breath.

Just moments ago, those same people were speaking ill of him, but now not a murmur was heard—a testament to the formidable authority of Pungshin.

“Please proceed.”

With Song Jiseok’s permission, the representative spoke in a neutral tone,

“Our guild master of Pungshin had this to say.”

He raised his head and declared,

“Pungshin has no intentions of cooperating with any other guild, and we will be the ones to contend with the gate. Do not interfere.”

Hearing this claim, every guild master in attendance could not help but frown.

Arrogance has its limits.

A super-sized gate. This refers to the worst kind of gate – one surpassing S-rank with no historical precedent.

And they think what?

That Pungshin alone can handle a super-sized gate?

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