I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 239

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 238: The Lord of the Fallen Spirits (4)

―You have successfully defeated the dungeon’s boss monster, “The Lord of the Fallen Spirits”.

―Each of the 5 party members has gained one level.

―Due to the effect of the passive skill “Idun’s Kindness,” your allocable stat points have increased by 5!

The system announcement rang out, and along with it, Jaehyun could see that his comrades’ levels had risen.

Allocable stat points by 5. It was a reward that spread a smile across Jaehyun’s lips.

“We somehow took down the boss. Have we all improved that much?”

Jaehyun managed to hide his joy of gaining stats, making that remark instead.

Kim Yoojung crossed her arms and nodded.

“Of course! Did you think we did nothing while you were gone?”

“Well, as Yoojung said, we did put in some effort.”

Ahn Hoyeon chimed in, agreeing with her.

Jaehyun was truly impressed.

Though they spoke lightly, it must have taken them countless efforts to reach such skill levels.

‘It’s incredible how much they’ve grown in such a short time.’

It was somewhat moving.

Of course, the main reason for his emotion was his own stat increase.

‘Lately, leveling up has been tough, and the increase in stats has been relatively stagnant.’

Jaehyun’s current level had already reached the upper echelons of humanity.

The problem was that as levels increased and strength rapidly grew, the next step became even harder.

Levelling in Ragnarök was by nature difficult. Naturally, the higher the level, the more exponentially the difficulty increased.

‘That’s why artifacts that significantly increase stats are traded at high prices.’

Artifacts were the most convenient way for Ragnars to increase their specs.

Though it was costly, the thing was that after reaching 20 years old, a Ragnar’s level would no longer increase. And without extensive levelling, it was still possible to easily advance further.

Considering this, artifacts brought Ragnars an immense efficiency boost.

Among those artifacts, Jaehyun possessed several that others couldn’t even glimpse.

‘But if the Aesir System exists to nurture Einherjars… why do they impose such a restriction that prevents Awakeners from growing after the age of 20?’

Jaehyun suddenly had that thought, but then he shook his head.

He felt it probably wasn’t for a good reason.

One day, the truth would come to light.

Now, with so many other concerns stacked up, it was better to shelve this issue and think about it later.

“Anyway, since mining is finished and the dungeon will close soon, let’s get ready to leave.”

Jaehyun led the way as he said this.

Having gained five stat points and Ark Metal without doing much, a fruitful dungeon conquest finally came to an end.

It was the conclusion of Circle Nine’s first independent mission—the end of the red mission.

* * *

Exiting the dungeon and returning to the mayor’s office didn’t take long.

Currently, the members of Circle Nine were alternately glancing at Ko Pilseong, who was sweating profusely, and Jung Chan, who was bound and cautiously looking around.

Both were seated on a sofa.

Ko Pilseong was trying to guess what had happened by observing Jung Chan and Jaehyun’s faces.

Amidst the suffocating silence, Jaehyun opened his mouth.

“I knew it from the start. That you, Mr. Mayor, and this Jung Chan, planned to use us.”

“…There might be some misunderstanding…”

Ko Pilseong quickly grasped that his situation was unfavorable and put on a front. He was uncertain why this had happened, but one thing was clear.

Jaehyun was by no means an easy opponent!

‘For now, I have no choice but to deny everything.’

But Jaehyun was not ignorant of Ko Pilseong’s intentions.

Jaehyun, with his hands neatly folded on his knees, said,

“I’m not broad-minded enough to understand people who lie.”

“Are you accusing me of lying? That’s quite the egregious statement.”

Ko Pilseong crumpled his expression, a rare occurrence for him, maintaining the poise befitting a politician even under pressure.

Reflecting the quality a politician should indeed possess.

Ko Pilseong glanced at Jaehyun, pondering over the current scenario.

‘Jung Chan is a grade A Ragnar. Even with a large number of fledglings, it wouldn’t have been easy to be captured and brought in like this.

That means… they must have employed some other tactic. And most likely, they already have something over me they can use to apply pressure. But I can’t show weakness here.’

Ko Pilseong was quick on the uptake.

He instinctively knew that Jaehyun and his colleagues would demand something from him.

And at a time like this, he understood it was necessary to acquiesce somewhat to their demands.

“Let’s clear up any misunderstandings and settle this mission amicably.

I’ll double the reward as initially mentioned, considering you’ve completed the task splendidly.”

“Sadly, it’s time over.”

Jaehyun’s abrupt words served only to further dismay Ko Pilseong.

“…Excuse me?”

“Do you think you can negotiate after trying to make us fail the mission and suck away the profits?”

Jaehyun said coldly, with an icy expression.

“Aren’t you curious? How we managed to capture Jung Chan the grade A Ragnar.”

With those words, Ko Pilseong shuddered, chills running down his spine.

At the same time.


Suddenly the entire building shook with an inexplicable power.

“Could it be…”

Jaehyun raised his head, unleashing his magical power that far surpassed A-grade like Jung Chan’s—an overwhelming level of magical power.

It was a magnitude vastly beyond Jung Chan’s.

Jaehyun smiled slightly and continued,

“Do you really think I subdued him by sheer luck?”

* * *

“Wow… extracting up to 4 million points per person! Jaehyun, your threats are the best. That’s one thing I do like about you!”

Kwon Soryeol beamed at the points deposited into her academy electronic bank.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s efforts, they had managed to extract a whopping nearly 4 million points each from Ko Pilseong.

The negotiations went smoothly. Jung Chan had already spilled all of Ko Pilseong’s plans to Jaehyun, including all the recordings Jaehyun had made in advance.

There was no escape for Ko Pilseong.

Even if there was, making an enemy out of Jaehyun was a perilous choice for him.

Jung Chan and Ko Pilseong had deep ties with the Ragnar Management Bureau.

Yet here was Jaehyun, one of their affiliated Ragnars. Moreover, he held a special agent position with deep connections to the upper echelon.

Would it be wise for Ko Pilseong, even as a mayor, to anger Jaehyun?

Should such an event occur, Ko Pilseong could be in for severe retribution. It made sense to reach an agreement even at a loss.

‘I should finally be able to afford that thing from the academy.’

Jaehyun clenched his fist as he looked at his banking app.

The amount displayed was unimaginable before his regression.

Balance: 12,150,000 points.

A total of 12.5 million points.

An incredible sum for a freshman to accumulate.

Before regressing, Jaehyun had never handled such an amount, even after three years at the academy. Just months into his regression, he had already broken his past records.

‘I really saved up a lot. Well, I did sweep up points from the new student hunt from the start too.’

Jaehyun had also gathered a staggering amount of points during the freshman hunt when he first enrolled.

Not to mention, the points he collected from various events amounted to several millions.

By the way, Jaehyun had already decided on how to use these points.

‘It’s still slightly insufficient, though.’

He chuckled at the thought and paused, turning to his comrades.

“We earned a decent amount of points this time, right? I have something I want to do for the circle. Will you guys invest in it?”

It was a compelling request.

* * *

After completing their first mission, Circle Nine returned to report on their mission performance, visiting the chairman’s office.

Ordinarily, it would have been enough to pass the report to another instructor, but Jaehyun contacted Kim Jiyeon directly as he had a few things to verify.

Of course, thanks to his connections, he could meet her without going through any other formalities.

“…I’m surprised how a mission reward can jump from 1.5 million to 4 million, but… there had to be some incident.

Let’s not ask further about that matter. It’s probably better for all of you that way.”

Kim Jiyeon smiled as she said this. Jaehyun nodded.

She was quick-witted, not pestering them about this and that.

‘This is why networks are convenient.’

Jaehyun realized anew the importance of connections. It saved him from many hassles.

Regardless, the first mission was completed successfully. A smooth situation for Jaehyun.

However, not everything was settled yet.

“Which guild will you be working with for the next mission? Connected Lotus again?”

Kim Jiyeon looked at Jaehyun and asked.

The next mission mainly involved collaborating with a guild for dungeon exploration.

Jaehyun naturally planned to work with Connected Lotus.

“Yes. We all plan to undertake the next mission with Connected Lotus. I’ve already roughly finished discussing it with the guild master, Yoo Seong.”

“I see. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Oh, and there’s one more thing I’d like to ask.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Jiyeon tilted her head slightly and rested her hands neatly.

‘Seems like it’s not about missions. What could he possibly be asking for?’

As she listened quietly, Jaehyun spoke again.

“I would like to rent a club room.”

“Excuse me?”

Even the typically composed Kim Jiyeon couldn’t help but be flustered by that.

He wanted to rent a club room?

“…You know that renting a club room requires a significant amount of points. At least twenty million to be feasible.”

“Don’t worry.”

“…Excuse me?”

As Kim Jiyeon asked in astonishment, Jaehyun chuckled.

“I already collected it all. Twenty million points.”

Jaehyun shrugged as he said this.

That was the reason. The reason he had been frugally gathering points without spending any, in order to acquire a club room.

‘Milles Academy’s club rooms are only available for rent to the chosen few.’

There was already a place for Circle Nine to stay, the Elixir Workshop, but it was too far and business-oriented.

The need for a space within the academy where they could gather, chat, and train was clear.

Jaehyun had been saving his points for that very purpose.

Meanwhile, the expressions of his comrades, who were cajoled into contributing points, were not the brightest.

Each recalled the recent exchange with Jaehyun.

Kim Yoojung was the first to speak up.

[So, you’re saying you want to rent a club room now? But it’s not a small expense, right?]

[That’s why I’m borrowing from you guys.]

[I can invest as much as needed.]

[Me too, I’m in!]

[…I don’t know what you’re up to… Yes. I’ll trust you. I want to help too.]

Ahn Hoyeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Seo Ina readily agreed to invest.

Exactly as Jaehyun had anticipated.

[…Taking back what’s given is the worst, isn’t it? Sigh. Fine. You want it, take it….]

Kwon Soryeol looked the most troubled.

Nevertheless, Jaehyun knew.

This rental of the club room would aid in the even faster growth of his comrades.

Jaehyun’s goal was clear.

‘To advance the others to grade A as soon as possible, and onward to grade S.’

Moreover, this goal was not impossible. Their effort, passion, and…

With just a bit of providence.

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