I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 238

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 237: The Master of the Corrupted Spirits (3)

As the system sound echoed, the screams of the boss monster, “The Master of the Corrupted Spirits,” filled the dungeon. Jaehyun observed the movement of the boss monster that had just begun to act. The face that had been obscured by other ents now became clear, and the features of the creature slowly came to mind.

‘The Master of the Corrupted Spirits. It’s a monster leading the forest ents and demonic beasts. I’ve seen it before in the Radar Encyclopedia.’

This was also a memory from before his regression. Entities like ents or the Heavy Plant he had faced before were not easily found in the current Radar system.

Unknown demonic beasts that had yet to reveal themselves to the public. Jaehyun was likely the only one with detailed information about them at this current time.

While focusing on the enemy ahead, Jaehyun recalled the monster’s characteristics one by one. ‘First and foremost, the most significant feature of the creature is its endless recovery of health. Regeneration. Not to mention, it’s troublesome because it uses a variety of crowd control (CC) abilities.’

Of course, all sorts of demonic beasts existed in the world, but among them, few were as tenacious and ingenious in causing Raiders pain as this one. It was problematic enough that it was strong, but the variety of attack patterns it had was an issue. They had to be cautious of poison, paralysis, and even the vines the Heavy Plant had used earlier. The monster’s combat style was to find an opening and quickly attack and devour its prey. Jaehyun had only encountered such a diverse array of attacks on a few occasions.

“Be careful. It would be bad if you got hurt…” Just as Jaehyun was about to say that, Kwon Suyul poked him in the ribs and smiled.

“After all, you’d save us if it gets dangerous. You did before.”

“…I won’t save you this time? That was a special case.”

Jaehyun felt awkward and responded in this manner. Kwon Suyul was referring to the time when he had saved his comrades from Heimdall. But Jaehyun had no intention of helping his comrades like that time.

Of course, if it really was a dangerous situation, that would be different… but he didn’t think that would happen. In any case, he decided not to intervene in this battle. If he kept helping his comrades out of habit, their growth might halt. ‘I need to create a situation where the kids can play an active role and watch over them. …If I defeat that thing myself, the grand plan of sitting back and harvesting stats would collapse.’ Jaehyun thought that while smirking to himself.

For a Raider, the most important thing was not to overestimate one’s abilities and to keep moving forward. Always keeping in mind that you are the lowest of predators in this dungeon.

Jaehyun believed in his comrades. Moreover, if they leveled up diligently and increased his stats, that would be even better. Jaehyun stopped talking and began to observe his comrades, not forgetting to keep an eye on whether Jeong Chan was trying to escape. He needed to manage Jeong Chan properly so he wouldn’t run away, as he intended to extract various benefits from Mayor Koh Pil-Seong.


Flames spawned from the tip of An Hyeon’s sword flew accurately toward the enemy. Cheonghwa possessed massive destructive power and purity. Purely in terms of mana operation, it was almost on par with the Formless Sword. If the sword’s form was completed, it would be a swordsmanship technique that even Jaehyun would covet for its potential. That was Cheonghwa Baekgeom.

“Here I go!” An Hyeon shouted and stomped the ground. He played a kind of free role, unbound by specific positions, freely switching between offense and defense.


His sword danced in the air, and the blue flames cleanly sliced through the monster’s branches and torso. Simultaneously, the monster retaliated with force.

Whip-like vines from the monster lunged to ensnare An Hyeon. Amidst this, a very foreign scene unfolded. Seo Ina brandished her Alfheim sword to block the monster’s vine attack aimed at An Hyeon.

‘The formation has changed again.’ Jaehyun instantly recognized their movements. ‘Formation E. That’s an unconventional tactic used during battle, changing positions based on specific conditions to confuse the enemy. I wouldn’t have expected them to execute it so well.’

It was a movement seldom seen from his comrades. They were used to adopting defensive and counter-attack strategies, but when had they become so adept at this fluid switching?

Jaehyun now just purely enjoyed watching their battle, forgetting to analyze. ‘Ina, who has great destructive power, is focusing on defense. Hyeon is taking the offensive… and Kim Yujeong delivers the final blow.’

This tactic would be many times more effective against a sentient demonic beast. If the enemy roughly understood their positions and formations. It was a tactic that could cause multiple times more confusion.


Jaehyun saw Kim Yujeong move behind the distracted monster to attack the Master of the Corrupted Spirits.

—Active skill [Wind Edge] activated.

Her hands touched the ground, and from there, a pillar of magical power surged up, accurately targeting the huge body of the Master of the Corrupted Spirits.

Kim Yujeong did not stop there. She retreated immediately after and activated another magic skill.

—Active skill [Air Blast] activated.

Compressed air in her hands exploded with mana, precisely piercing the enemy’s head.


With the sound of an explosion, the monster’s body began to crumble. It was still alive but had undoubtedly suffered a deep wound.

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yujeong with a sense of surprise. Her attack power had demonstrated significant destructive power. ‘Was Kim Yujeong’s magic originally this powerful? …That’s probably not the case.’

Just consuming the Golden Apple would not result in such destructive force. It must be the result of her considerable contemplation and training. Even though he hadn’t witnessed it directly.

—Active skill [Overflow] activated.

—Active skill [Giant Growth] activated.

The comrades’ attack did not end there. Following Kim Yujeong’s supportive skill was Papi’s growth skill. Papi, now enlarged, blocked in front of the boss monster. Although his rank was considerably lower, Papi was strong. His scale hardness was unimaginable.

Now, he could perfectly perform the role of a tank.

Still, Jaehyun was well aware that Papi’s value wasn’t just that.

‘The comrades have become stronger. But without Papi’s help, they could never have defeated it.’

Jaehyun knew it. No matter how much his comrades had grown in strength, it didn’t matter. The Master of the Corrupted Spirits. To confront it, one very important element was needed. That was something Papi possessed.

Perhaps the members did not understand this well yet, but soon they would. There was no need to tell them as their combat senses were sharp and would quickly grasp the situation.

Just then, quicker than Jaehyun had expected, his comrades began to target the boss correctly. They cleared a path by defeating the lower demons and struck the boss monster, accurately severing its arm. However, it was too early to consider it a turning point. They were not dealing with an ordinary monster.

The arm-severed Master of the Corrupted Spirits manipulated mana and began recovering by absorbing all the mana in the surrounding atmosphere. The severed arm reattached, and the volume of mana it could use increased dramatically.

In other words, ‘It’s become stronger than before.’

Now, what would they do? Could they overcome this sudden situation and defeat the boss monster?

Jaehyun looked at his comrades with an intrigued expression.

* * *

The first to notice something was wrong immediately after cutting off the arm was An Hyeon. He had thought that despite the enemy’s excellent defensive power, they had improved significantly. If they combined forces with Kim Yujeong’s buff and Seo Ina, they could bring down the enemy—even if it was an A-rank boss monster.

However, his expectation missed the mark.

The enemy’s regeneration outpaced even the Troll, known for being the strongest in that field. A situation beyond everyone’s prediction unfolded.

“…Everyone, stay calm!”

Seo Ina shouted. It was rare for her to raise her voice so loudly.

An Hyeon quickly regained his composure. Kim Yujeong was already calmly reassessing the situation. Kwon Suyul and Lee Jaesang prepared traps nearby and got potions ready in anticipation of an emergency.

“…The biggest problem is the enemy’s regeneration.”

Seo Ina started with these words and then swept away an enemy in front.


The body of an ent split in half, and her gaze turned towards An Hyeon.

“…We have to do something about that. Do you have a way…?”

“I have a method! Or well, not me but…”

Kim Yujeong interrupted, pointing in one direction and grinning.

“Papi has a really useful skill. Papi!”

At her call, the enlarged Papi let out a massive roar.

Simultaneously, white flames slowly rose from his mouth. This was what Kim Yujeong had absolute faith in.

—Active skill [Dragon Breath (White)] activated.

Papi’s Dragon Breath – the kind which spewed white flames – had the effect of burning away the enemy’s life force and rendering its regeneration ability useless. Kim Yujeong had noticed Papi’s new skill while gathering essence from spirits with Jaehyun earlier. She had considered using Papi’s white flames against such an enemy ever since.

An Hyeon’s Cheonghwa and Papi’s white flames moved at the will of the user. Unlike typical fire spells, they could precisely target and burn only what they wanted, given precise control.


A loud sound exploded, and several ents along with the Master of the Corrupted Spirits were struck and pushed back. Seizing that moment, An Hyeon and Seo Ina did not hesitate to dive into the swirling battlefield.

Together with the rising blue flames and the sword tinged with invisible mana, they created an eerie afterimage as they danced.


Both swordsmen remembered the sensation of their blades slicing through the enemy and smiled. This attack differed from before; it hit its mark. They were certain that this time the creature could not withstand their attack.

And that assumption was correct.

—You have successfully defeated the dungeon’s boss monster, “The Master of the Corrupted Spirits.”

“We did it!”

An Hyeon clenched his fists tightly. They felt a rising sense of self-worth and wore happy expressions, reveling in victory.

Meanwhile, as the system sound played, a wide smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips as well. The reason was simple.

—The level of each party member has risen by 1.

—Due to the effect of the passive skill [Idun’s Grace], the user’s free distribution stats have increased by 5!

The one who gained the most from this was none other than Jaehyun.

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